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Ex-Girlfriends Keep Trying To Get Back Together...

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There is something that I've been thinking about and it's kind've bothering me, recently.

A few weeks back, one of my ex-girlfriends tried to contact me on facebook. I read her message, but I deleted it and blocked her because I don't have any interest in looking back. In her message, she talked about how much she missed me and took me for granted, and how she was sorry that she cheated on me. She went on to say that she was married now, and had a kid and that she would like to see me again so that, "It could be like old times".

I've noticed that this has happened a lot. I have seven ex-girlfriends who have tried to contact me and get back together afterward. And this is something that has happened with people I used to consider friends.

>Is this some sort of personal trait that I've gained? To be a person that people take for granted. I've been cheated on a couple times, and girls have broken up with me, but they always try to patch things up a few weeks or months later.

What the fuck is that all about?
women pal, that's how women brain works, if it was you who cheated, they will never forgive you, but they expect to be forgiven, it's like their things and feelings are more important than ours
Well, what has happened to your life by the time since they cheated on you? Do you now have a high paying job and they are stuck in their ordinary life or something?
Sometimes women also want to ease their mind. They know they made a mistake and want to make that up by contacting you again.

Philanderers should be lined up and shot

its not you, its people. you are literally only seeing it from your own perspective, but right now those same girls who took you for granted are taking their husbands for granted.

people take whatever they have for granted and long for something else. in certain circumstances they long for what they once had, often because of nostalgia.
THIS. The entire time I'm reading the messages, I think about the guy they are currently seeing and I think, "You're just doing this to someone else, now".

Are you implying that I'm a philanderer? If so, what has brought you to that conclusion? I had full intentions of sharing a portion of my life with any of these women. Furthermore, I don't see why anyone should be killed for their sexual pursuits, so long as they are open with their partners. Doesn't that seem sort of immature?
No, my life is very ordinary. If anything, it's that their lives have been made worse off due to their own decisions. All of them are either married, have kids, are stuck in the same location, or are stuck in low-income jobs.

I guess I just found my answer.

There you go, guys and gals! If you want to make your previous partners jealous and make yourself more desireable, just focus on bettering yourself and not having babies.

Your philandering ex moron

How the fuck was that not clear

You make a thread referencing your cheating ex girlfriend and somehow come to the conclusion that I'm referring to you when I say philanderers should be shot even though at no point did you mention philandering yourself

Is your name Charlie Gordon by chance

PS- kill yourself
Shoot that bad bitch down. It's what Johnny Cash would done. He's the best.
Kek. I actually realized that after posting and then rereading the post I was responding to. (It's funny to think that the word philanderer is pretty much a gendered insult.)

slightly embaressed now. Off to kill self...

No worries m8 we're square

Let's blow each other

(Why the fuck is everyone so friendly and in a good mood tonight?)
Having had seven, presumably, long term girlfriends is already a red flag. The fact a few of them cheated on you is another. Cheating happens but only among young stupid people that drink too much or people in relationships they don't want to be in.

If you're not 50 years old that suggests you probably suck at relationships or you keep picking really shitty women. I don't know why they've re-contacted you. There's probably no mystery. Based on your record you pick shitty girlfriends, therefore you are likely a shitty person. These women then go on to have even shittier relationships. You are likely a shitty boyfriend in a subtle way, you're not a straight up asshole, you just don't know how to fan the flames for longer than a few months. So you look good in retrospect.
I think you may be right, Anon. I think I just gained further insight into myself.
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