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accused of child molestation

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aunt called mom this morning. mom called me asking if i molested my niece while she was staying with us 10 years ago while i was in high school. worst case scenario, she accidentally saw me jerking it while going to use the restroom late at night. what do i do?
>10 years ago
tell your mom you were jerking it in the bathroom and she may have saw
OP here

minor additional details: niece is currently seeing a psychiatrist.

that's pretty much what i told my mom. about to land a prestigious job, happily married and now i might possibly go to jail? srsly dont need this shit right now.
also called a lawyer. left 2 msgs on aunt's line asking to clear shit out. wife's behind me 100% and doing background research on the years the niece spent with me when i was in high school. going to see parents later today (only parents, wife and aunt knows of the situation to prevent negative family fallout). any advice on what i should say?

searched my memories and im 100% sure i didn't do shit to the poor girl while she and her nephew were staying with us from 01-04.

they stayed with us for about a week some years after (she slept on the couch in my room) and i didn't do shit to her. pretty damn sure her psychiatrist is fixating her onto me and she saw me masturbating at some point, drawing some freaky false memories.

srsly why does this have to happen to me now after i finally got my life together
DENY DENY DENY. Don't even mention anything remotely sexual. This is just hearsay and the delusions of a girl who clearly needs psychological help.
im currently waiting for a return call from a lawyer to advise on further action in case worst comes to worst. from what i've researched, i've already screwed myself on leaving 2 voice messages for the aunt asking if we could talk.

i've recalled the times she's stayed with us from 01-04 and the one other time she's visited and stayed in my room and i know i haven't done shit to her.

im going to visit my parents later today, i just dont know what i should say or do in my defense. im hoping this matter will be settled without a lawsuit being involved but im not hopeful on the matter, even if it involves an incident that didn't occur that could have only happened over 10 years ago without any evidence.
you won't go to jail over it, but it might fuck up your rep.

just spoke to a lawyer who explained the process of pursuit from the accuser's perspective and im feeling a tiny bit better about the odds but im still freaked out over teh matter.

from what i learned from the consultation trying to mitigate family bonds is an impossibility as opposed to maintaining my social rep. willing to take that risk if that's the case but still fuck.

based on the lawyer's advice i wont visit my family tonight as per my promise due to anything i might say to them being possibly used against me. sucks cuz i want to set shit straight before it ever escalate. srsly fuck.
I wont stress out about it dude

Chances are the girl is lying to skip over some other issues and the psych took the bait hook line and sinker and is now fixating on that

I mean it's literally the first question a shrink asks
>Were you touched as a kid

im totally stressing out about it dood. i dont know what i could possibly be told to feel better about it. i srsly dont want my life to go to shit.

lawyer told me the same thing tho, nothing's happening right now so there's nothing to freak out about. just dont say a fucking thing ala
but still i can't stand the fact that i can't even confront them and be honest since that can be used against me and they wont believe me anyway.
I didnt specify
My point is if you really really didnt do anything then the shrink will eventually figure it out

It's not like no patient has ever lied ever

If your family is automatically not even going to hear you out I don't what to say if it was me my family would be dead to me
and if i didnt do shit but the "victim" is convinced and the shrink eggs em on? how far will they go?

not gonna see the parents but they do believe me from what i've heard.

really pissed off at these accusations, wife knows about the situation and is being irate at my pessimism. not sure how to deal with things.

the lawyer has said similarly; fuck the family and what they think, they got no proof of anything anyway so dont worry about it. but still im suspicious of everything and everyone.
I wouldn't even admit to the masturbation.
Family suing family... What the fuck kinda aunt is this?
Gotta fight the patriarchy and rape culture somehow
dont even get me started. her own mother hates my dad, my brother and me by proxy because we "tainted the family blood." we go
way back in our hatred in one another and i wont even go into that because that has nothing to do with this situation.

same advice the lawyer gave me; dont admit to shit. i ended up not visiting my folks this night. no calls no nothing so hopefully they're talking each other down and nothing becomes of this shit

i honestly want to talk the girl down and let her know that whatever she's going through i feel for her but it's not because of me.
Don't say anything to family or friends. Anything you say will be twisted and used against you.

"so, do you still masturbate?" Does it thrill you that a kid could have seen you masturbate? Do your kids see you masturbate?

See where I am going?

I know you want to talk to them and find out WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON but my best advice is to cut off all contract with everyone involved.

Sucks bro. Just hang in there.
You did nothing wrong. They're just accusations. Just deny deny deny.

The niece is grasping for answers. She will get caught in her own lies. A good psychiatrist will find the real cause of her problems.
No, a "good" psych will make money, and sensational stuff like this keeps patients coming back.

That you were ~Raped As A Kid~ is ironically the laziest, most blaise answer to why someone may be depressed, so psychs take it out all the time. That some guy gets demolished for it is no bother -- that just adds to the drama.
Fucking this.

Once you win this case, OP, turn it around on your Aunt and the psychologist and sue for slander. You might not win anything, but you may as well have fun being on the other side for a change
Any judge in the west would see the case, immediately dismiss you, then have you prosecuted in criminal court for whatever crime child rape falls under in your jurisdiction.
They have no evidence. It's all literally conjecture, and conjecture is the easiest thing to defend in court. As long as you have reasonable doubt, you win.
>10 years ago
Worst case scenario some bridges get burned, but by the sound of it that's probably for the best. They have no proof, and the only thing they can use against you at this point is whatever you give them, which you have under control.
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