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Religious Lady

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Hi, guys! I present my comic to you.
Hope you like it.
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How do you like it?
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Hope you are enjoying it, guys!
its great, keep up the good work!
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Thanks, anon. Will keep posting some more pages. :)
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You can visit my blog:

for commisions and see other works of mine.
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You can get the full comic:

Thanks for reading!
Well this got dark quick.

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And the moral of the story is that anal is fucking trash
Nice OC OP. New content like this is always welcome.
Man, you must hate your parents so much. Hope you get better when you get older
Not liking sex how else are you going to have 20 kids?
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nice comic. have some fan art.
I liked it
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I just came to /aco/ believing this thread was already 404'd but made me happy to see more comments and that fantastic fanart. Thank you very much, good anon. I'm so glad you liked my work. Hope you decide for the complete version. Contact me and we can talk about it.

Here! One of my works.
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pleasantly surprised
my only complaint is that since she's a hardcore christian she should be quite heairy down below
other than that it's platinum
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Snuff ending prease Jappy!!!
Thank you! Hope you decide on getting the complete version. I'm sure you will enjoy it twice.

My blog: blackcatsan.blogspot.pe
I do
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Hey...thats pretty good!
wow. I didn't even think of using it as a reaction image. nice.
Mods ban this guy for advertising
Holy shit, this is great
>How am I going to explain this to my lord?

open with a joke.
ps good comic
holy shit man, i must say this is cool, i freaking liked
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Glad you enjoy my comic. Here! Some char design for a future release.
Did you make the comic? Shit's good

Even if I have to pretend that last page doesn't exist to keep my boner
Yep, anon. I made it. I'm so glad yo enjoyed it. Hope you decide to get the full version of it. I promise you will enjoy it twice.
I don't get it
the single greatest panel in all of human history
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Glad to see this thread is not dead yet!

Anyways, if you like my work, follow me on tumlr and twitter.

Image very related! ;)
OMFG make theist get raped by two dykes! I love it! Think of the hard strap-on pounds they could give her. Mmmmm.... same sex premarital sex. holy books much dislike.
It's ok
Right up till the anal, this was how I fucked a 30yr old virgin. Granted it wasn't beams, but pheromones and being blunt about what I was going to do to her.
Glad my comic made you remember that, anon. Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed my work.
That's not how cunnilingus works.
You lie
Yes, he lies! What a virgin!
The man's a revolutionary.
Both anon and the shooter I mean.
10/10 man.

Really great character design and style
Me likey
File: LEALR.jpg (451KB, 750x1125px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Thanks so much, anons! Feel free to follow me on Tumblr and Twitter for more lewd art.
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Guys, I was trying some gif stuff.
Look the monster I created.

Top kek!
Why kill her?
The comic wasn't particularly violent, so why suddenly go super dark at the end?
The artwork is pretty solid, but there is room for improvement.
Other than that, you should brush up your English a bit. I don't know what your first language is, but stuff like 'How this happened' and 'looking that weird smile' really kills the mood.
My first language isn't English either and even I notice that certain sentences are either plain wrong or weirdly phrased.
I love it OP, draw more pls <3
I think you missed some info. I will clear then for you:
The comic does not end there. You can get the full version in my blog.
About the art. If you didn't notice, this was a sketchy comic. I put plenty of my other artworks in this thread.
I know there are many mistakes in language. I made this comic in a fast and careless way.
Anyways, thank you for your interest. I will be releasing a more detailed comic of the same topic. This was just a 'pilot' chapter.

So glad you like it, good anon. Of course I will draw more of this in better quality. Follow me in Twitter and Tumblr, and stay tuned! ;)
Bumping! :)
Thread posts: 71
Thread images: 37

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