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Project Pasiphae

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It appears the scientists on board the Leda have found a new test subject.
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Aw hell yeah, new Mad Scientist stuff
Where can I find mad sci's full gallery?
Hentai Foundry I believe....
The door being open is a nice detail. The other ladies maybe don't mind so much if the creatures wander out.
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Here we see Dr. Nikkolina with an earlier test subject nicknamed "Triclops".
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Here she is finishing up as Sarah and the new xenoanthropologist observe.
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Sarah is orienting Ania on the procedures, "In a month this is probably going to be you."
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Triclops appears to ready for his next subject.
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Here Ania works with Tiny and Nikki to collect some samples.
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Here Sarah is attempting direct fertilization with Tiny.
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Here we see an x-ray of the fertilization. As you see one climax from this creature produces almost 4 liters of sperm.
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It appears the fertilization was successful.
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Congratulations! It's twins.
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As you can see Nikki and Sarah are the most experienced in this type of research. Here we see Nikki with test subject "Devilman".
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The gestation period with the subjects from Planet X is much shorter than one with a human fetus, as shown in this x-ray.
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Here we see the project nurses, Sarah and Natalie, help Nikki with her birth.
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"Thank God. I thought they would never leave."
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Here we see mankind's first contact with an intelligent alien species.
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United Earth Command sent Admiral Eyline Avari out to assess the situation. This was not the contact she was expecting.
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It turns out mankind's first contact of a sapient species was the result of a bunch of punk teenagers out on a joyride who ended up crashing Dad's ship. These are adult members of the race currently identified as Species 329.
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"I'll have what she's having."
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As you can see Species 329 is very happy to help the scientists of Project:Pasiphae in their research on Human-Xenogamy studies.
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While Sarah finishes with this test subject, Ania has gone to get the next one. I think Species 329 will be impressed with humanity dedication to scientific research.
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this is great
the answer is here
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Inspiration for the Project:Pasiphae.
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Notes from entomologist Dr. Serra G. to project leader Dr. Nikkolina , "Species 329 appears to have evolved from an insect life-form that were pupipara. That means instead of laying eggs that hatch into larva than pupae than adults. Female of the species carry a pupae to term like a human fetus. This will make fertilization between the species easier."
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Don't stop
Reno never continued it.
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Doing the Emperor's work, Astartes.
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