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Kimetsu no Yaiba 62 korean scans

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let's get this trainwreck started
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That's all for this week. Another color page next week.
Thank you for the dump, anon.
>Another color page next week
This is great.
Pretty late today, I thought I missed the thread or something

>62: End the Nightmare

thanks m8


>These outrageous death throes
>And the shaking...!
I seem to be one of the only people who cares enough to dump, idk. I don't mind but sometimes I get busy. Thanks for the translation.

>You cut his neck, so he's going crazy!
>It's dangerous

>We've turned upside down

>Are you okay

>Protect the

>I can't die

>If I die, that person becomes a murderer

>I can't die
>I don't want anyone to die

>Are you okay!?
I'm pretty sure this is Inosuke getting Tanjiro's name wrong. He had that gag, right?

>Get a hold of yourself
>The demon's body is still flopping around, so it's alive
>Do as I say
Thanks for the translating.

>Is your stomach okay where you were stabbed
>Okay, Inosuke...
>You're so close to death even catching a cold would be enough
I made my best out of that line, but I'm probably off

>I can't move at all... Go save the other people
>Are there any injuries...
>What about the driver who was close to the neck...

>I think it's okay if that jerk dies!
>It's not okay...

>That jerk stabbed you, didn't he
>That guy got his leg trapped and can't move
>His leg got crushed and he can't walk! If we leave him like that, he'll die

>Then he's gotten his due
>Let's get him out of there

>I'm begging you

>...To go and talk like that to the boss
>I'll do it because it's my underling's request!

>I'm gonna save that guy and then pull out all the hair on his head!
>Don't do that...

>Dawn is getting closer

>Let's control our breathing now...
>Have to save... the wounded...
Thanks translator-kun.

>Nezuko... Zenitsu...
>I'm sure you'll be safe...

>My body is giving in, I can't regenerate...

>I lost?
>Am I dying?
>No way...
>No way!

>I didn't use all of my power!

>I didn't eat a single person...

>My plan to unite with the train and eat a large number of people at once has gone completely to waste

>And I've become like this...! Even after all the time I spent preparing for this...!

>It's that guy!
>It's that guy's fault!

>Had I been holding over 300 hostages, it would have been the same
>No matter what, he would have suppressed me, that's the power of a pillar...

>That guy... That guy was fast too
>I couldn't figure out his technique at all...!

>And that girl!
>What the hell is a demon doing with them

>A demon siding with demon hunters
>Somehow she hasn't been killed by Muzan-sama

>Damn it, damn it!
>From the beginning...!

>This kid started it by breaking my spell
>This kid was the problem...!

>Even if it's only him, I want to kill this kid somehow...
>And the boar too!

>If only I could have killed that kid
>That boar was no ordinary hindrance, his senses were good, and he wasn't susceptible to my eyes

>I lost, I'm dying...!
>Aaaaaaa, it's a nightmare, it's a nightmare
Thanks for the dump and translation.

>It's always us lower demons that keep getting killed by the demon hunters

>The upper moons
>They're demons that haven't been replaced in a hundred years
>They've killed piles of demon hunters, even killed pillars

>A completely different level of strength

>Even after receiving the blood, I couldn't reach the upper moons...

>Aaaa, I want to start again, I want to start again

>This is an awfully miserable
>Isn't it...

>You're seriously injured, but in better shape than you could have been!
>Marvelous, you did marvelously!


>Serious injuries are the first step toward being a pillar!
I know there's only 5 pages left, but I've got to take a break to eat for a while. Don't let the thread die
Thanks anon.
this week background went back to normal, look like it really was the cover and lead CP
probably has more to do with the lack of action panels - assistants are usually the ones drawing backgrounds so I don't see why the color pages would matter
I swear this is the best series jump has had in a rather long time.
Let's not go crazy here.
I will protect this thread
last week was almost a bleach chapter referring background, basically speed lines
maybe the assistants ended up helping with the coloring?
File: butterflygirl.jpg (63KB, 520x669px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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we all will
File: C_JpdHCV0AAzV5V.jpg (173KB, 1000x1000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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best bro

>Until you become a pillar, the only thing you can do is step forward!

>I'll work hard at it...

>You're bleeding from your stomach, you know

>Focus a bit and raise the precision of your breathing
>Until you can feel it in every corner of your body


>It's a blood vessel
>A burst blood vessel

>(More gasping)

>Focus a bit more

>The bleeding
>Now stop the bleeding


>(Various coughing sounds)

>You stopped the bleeding

damn, I really want to see this guy gets some kill count since he was pretty clever and had a lot of trick up in his sleeve.

Still, he was defeated by the combination of friendship and teamwork as well as mc's plot armor.
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that's not Tomioka, anon
File: C-vl1t3UQAEm5UZ.png (345KB, 1040x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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This whole arc was unfortunately pretty underwhelming, desu. Enmu looked interesting and acted crazy but he was never all that threatening. Prior villains were fun because we got a sense of them being nasty and killing people. This guy ends up with a body count of 0.
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not a true bro

>If you hone and polish your breathing, you will be able to accomplish various things
>I don't mean to give it all away, but
>You can definitely always become a stronger person than the person you were a day before
That's how a drill works!


>Everyone is safe!
>There are a lot of injuries, but nothing life threatening! So don't strain yourself...
And there's nothing for me to translate on this page. See you all next week
Thanks, anon.
thanks anon
i will give you my first new born if you want it
but he could killed everyone on the train if it weren't for mc's sister (which he DI NOT expect since she was hiding in the box) wake her brother up.
There's also that rope thing that said to be able to force the person under the effect of enmu's power go coma if it were cut off, but was once again failed because mc's sister blood is flammable.

Enmu is seriously unlucky.
>This guy ends up with a body count of 0.
probably to show team work, but he deserved better
and is good see a demon not being "converted" by Tanjirou kindness
Nezuko save the day: The Arc

not that i'm complaining
good thing the best girl watch everyone in the back.
I like the arc,I just didn't like how it ended,I thought it wasn't over when he cut the neck,but it did,I like last chapter because he tried to cut his own neck,but I didn't like this chapter because I expect more from this lower moon
thanks anon
Rengoku, who is a pillar, was also around. The previous moon that was shown, Rui, got wrecked by Tomioka so it's not surprising that Enmui didn't get much done. Considering he almost got them all it's not too surprising.
Honestly, Rengoku could probably have told Tanjirou and Inosuke to take the back cars, and he would have fucked Enmu into oblivion in about ten seconds once he reached the front. I bet he just wanted to see if they could handle it
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4MB, 3035x2500px
Storyline-wise, it's fine and makes sense. It's not illogical or outrageous. It just wasn't effective in terms of building drama. Maybe this chapters end page means the danger isn't over, though.
Thanks OP. and thanks Translator.
This manga is really promising.
he would be stuck in his dream if it weren't for nezuko. Can you image that Enmu could easily killed him with a pistol (which exist according to the setting) or any weapon when he was asleep?
He'd just strangle the bullet in his sleep
I lol'ed
Thread posts: 74
Thread images: 25

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