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ITT: Write an Anime Plot

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Is your story linear or episodic? Plot-based? Comedy? Slice of life? Who is your protagonist, what sort of person are they, and what's their stake in the story? What's the focus of the central conflict? What goal are your protagonists working toward?

> Write the opening lines of your story.
> Come up with a title.
> Try drawing one of your characters.
A SoL about the adventures of Wojtek and the 22nd Artillery Supply Company of Poland.
Ok. I got the idea from the dream and have been thinking about it all day before writing it down. I know it's weird.

My Name Is Finny-chan – Will You Be My Boyfriend!?

Protag is a young post-graduate who is interning at the the Aquarium as a Nufin Trainer. As a baby and small boy, the Protag’s mother, who worked at the aquarium before him, used to bring him up close to see the Nufins. Because of this, the Protag developed a condition where he sees Nufins as people. To him, Nufins look like people that wear bathing suits all the time.
Nufins are a fictional nearly extinct species, similar to dolphins, that can be trained for shows in captivity, but in the story their actual physical appearance are never shown. (Because we only ever see them from the protags perspective and so I have won’t have to explain their weird behavior and Finny’s actions) Nufins also have their own language that’s hard to understand by normal humans. (A machine exists that can translate their language back and forth, but few exist) Because of Protag’s condition, he is able to understand them as through they were speaking Japanese/English.
On his first day or work, while walking past a glass tank, Finny-chan, who the protag sees as a young girl with blueish silver hair, comes over and asks, “Hey you! Will you be my boyfriend?!” Finny-chan was kept as an exotic pet, before being rescued, so she has been imprinted by people and thinks she human. Finny-chan has been displaying to every male human, that passes the tank, and been ignoring the other nufins in captivity. Nufins mate for life, and must conduct a complex courtship ritual a year in advance for a female to be ready to reproduce. Because of the Nufin’s low population, the aquarium asks the protag to act as Finny’s partner until they are able to artificially inseminate her.
The story follows the Protag being forced doing the Nufin’s long complex courtship ritual (and later sees Finny-chan more like a daughter to protect), while trying to make a relationship with another female trainer. Finny-chan tries to understand how she is different from the protag, (she is told by other Nufins that Protag is human and she is not), while Flipper-chan (A male Nufin who ignores all the other females, except for Finny-chan.) desperately tries to get her attention.
Cute dolphin doing cute things. there are other Nufins that try to reason with finny. Finny-chan does human stuff like walking around the aquarium, to impress the Protag and he tries to stop her from hurting herself. (Finny-chan is able to walk around the aquarium, picks things up, and use tools to people’s amazement)
Skipping to the end…
Finny-chan in one last ditch effort to appear more human to the protag somehow escapes the aquarium, steals a car and travels the city to do human stuff. (she still looks human to the viewer, but not the characters) She eats a lot of human food that gives her a stomachache and after a prolong time outside out water, she starts feeling dry. While unknowingly evading animal control she reaches the ocean, which she has always wanted to see while in captivity, but is too scared to enter as it is much larger than any pool she’s ever been in. Hurting, drying out and scared Finny-chan starts crying wishing she was back home in the arquarium.
The Protag knowing she has always wanted to see the oceans is the first to find finny-chan. Finny-chan tells the protag that she realizes she’s not human after all the human stuff hurt her and apologizes to the protag for making him go through all this trouble for her. The protag takes her back to the aquarium where she is given proper medical help. In the end, Finny-chan finally interacts with the other Nufins. The courtship fails and and finny will have to wait a few more years to ovulate. Finny decides to give Flipper-chan and chance, but confesses she still has feelings for protagonist.
Title: Ari An no o shiri


Context: Nazi Germany wins WWII, and begins a campaign of world conquest that leads to their world conquest.

MC is Hans Rupershuto, a German American in California. He gets transferred from Adolf Hitler Academy to a new school, called "Lebensborn High School."

Since he's a harem protag he's not going to want to do that. The Principle grabs him and says: "This is not for yourself, this is for your Fuhrer. Now go to Lebensborn High and FUCK!"

MC arrives to the high school, and sees that its essentially full of females. He doesn't know how he can repopulate the conquered territories with children so much, but the Reich has given him free access to shittons of women.

He goes on the usual antics of a Harem, only to find that his childhood friend is also there. She is shocked to see him, and he's shocked to see her.

Eventually, with a plethora of sexy women throwing themselves to him, he gets stressed from their constant infighting, to the point where the school degrades into civil war.

One side, commandeered by a blonde Tsundere, demands that they get him for sex slavery. They think he should not have any freedom because he's repopulating the world. The Blond tsundere eventually gets very tyrannical.

The other side is more "humanitarian", they see him as more of a figurehead to represent their highschool to the government. This is led by a waifu level black haired yandere who loves the MC, and also the childhood friend is part of it.

Violence gets so bad that childhood friend gets injured, MC grows some balls and stops fighting. The government and Principle, who allowed this to happen. Finally intervene and transport MC out with his childhood friend.

MC returns back to normal life, and they kiss. You know, romance stuff.
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based plotposter

Mirror Mirror 鏡よ鏡 (Kagami yo Kagami)

>MC-kun is your average high schooler about to start his last year, with one fatal flaw: he loves himself far too much! His "mature" and predictable lifestyle takes a turn when he finds himself stalked and blackmailed by an unusual girl, who reveals to him an incredible secret: she is his alternate self from another dimension. Now forced to live with an eccentric and exceedingly familiar roommate, MC-kun watches as his rose-colored life spirals in a very different direction.

>series starts with comfy antics of MC-kun and MC-san getting used to living with each other
>MC-san is much more skilled at influencing people than MC-kun so she teaches him in exchange for rooming with him over summer break
>school year begins, last year of school for MC-kun
>game plan devised by MC-san is for him to make a fake school club and invite prestigious and important people to it so that he can spread his influence and make important business connections
>the "Cinema Club" grows in members throughout the year and gets into shenanigans: members include but are not limited to a muscular delinquent girl betrayed by her former banchou that likes disco dancing (pic related), a flirtatious and no-nonsense barista girl, a solitary boy that is actually an uber-affectionate cowboy freak and huge into airsoft guns, the paranoid neurotic president of the ACTUAL film club who is a master of disguise, the school council secretary who is a failed pick up artist and the school store intern who is a chubby, black otaku tech whiz


Right now I'm working on writing and getting some more character concepts drawn.
>Finny-chan in one last ditch effort to appear more human to the protag somehow escapes the aquarium, steals a car

What the fuck, it's a dolphin right? that's genius

I find disturbing that creatures that possess that level of intelligence are used as pets, but the story is really cute.
>Is your story linear or episodic?
>Plot-based? Comedy? Slice of life?
Slice of life. So it doesn't have a major plot going on. But the episodes to build on each other.
>Who is your protagonist
The viewer
>what sort of person are they
Silent, they don't talk. It's a POV kinda thing. However, he has a 9-5 job and gets home stressed out a lot
>and what's their stake in the story?
They want to spend time with cute girls.
>What's the focus of the central conflict?
>What goal are your protagonists working toward?
>Write the opening lines of your story.
[story begins in medias res, the protagonist arrives home from work]
Imouto: Onii-chan! Welcome home! Would you like your dinner? Or a bath? Or m e?
[Awkward pause]
Imouto: Don't ignore me, Onii-chan! This is embarrassing for me too!
>Try drawing one of your characters.
I literally cannot draw.
>Come up with a title.
Singular Chamber
Any /k/ommandos in here? What kind of pistol would a mob boss use
>He goes on the usual antics of a Harem
So he does nothing, and freaks out when a girl flirts with him?
not a /k/ but a revolver, play an unfair kind of russian roulette for intimidation or execution
>far in the future of Japan. everything is automated. that which isn't, is done by remote. everyone just likes to stay in their VRbed and be plugged in.
>where they live in a virtual world, and or, operate android bodies to do work in the physical world.
>our main character is Suzuoka. a female college student that keeps waking up and unplugging. though the AI, Amaterasu, keeps having robots put her back in eventually.
>during her time out she comes across others. some that just can't stay in the beds like her, or others that prefer to be outside.
>two love interests. an older man in his late 20s and a high school girl.
>an old couple that remember what it was like before the VR and Amaterasu. So they keep sneaking out
>a large group of regular side characters.
>the AI and some humans that work in android remotes. as the bad guys.
>a lot of the episodes are just comfy sol stuff, with some cyberpunk and nature scenery porn.
>though the main arc about Suzuoka and her friends rebelling against society to restart japanese society in the physical world picks up in the second cour and takes over the episodes.
First chapter is a typical high school romance with bland MC wanting to hook up with a girl in his class then some hijinks happen and now they do. It's all sappy and typical.

Then at the last few pages this grim reaper type loli shows up and, with her scythe, horribly and gorily mutilates all the main characters, and leaves their bloody remains on the streets as she disappears off somewhere.

The next chapter is an entirely different setting, maybe a fantasy battle shounen with magic-users competing in a tourney. Likewise, the story plays straight until the last few pages where the grim reaper shows up, gorily mutilates everyone again and leaves.

This happens again and again each chapter - sometimes it's a sports manga, then it's a isekai harem, then it's a seinen philosophical drama, or CGDCT yuri. There might even be a chapter about supernatural death games where losers suffer a violent death already. It doesn't matter what the genre of the chapter is, the loli shows up in the end every time to finish the chapter with a clusterfuck of flying body parts and blood.

The penultimate chapter is a brand new setting once again, but this time the loli doesn't show up and the chapter ends with the main characters reflecting on their own plot, unaware that they somehow survived a terrible fate.

The last chapter starts off like one of those manga-drawing manga with a successful author of a multimedia franchise as the MC. He admits to his interviewer that before writing his masterpiece, he wrote so many abandoned ideas he doesn't know exactly how many stories he just couldn't write. It's revealed that all the chapters beforehand were his ideas, and the penultimate one was his breakthrough.

Final scene is a flashback where he writes the first chapter, reads the draft unconvinced, and proceeds to slot it into a paper shredder.
> Imperial China setting.
> MC is a guard for the heir to the throne.
> He is considered a strict man, skilled and obedient to the law.
> He is tasked with guarding and assisting the prince in his residence, while his harem of wives and concubines live with the heir.
> Throughout his life, he had been a strict man, obeying the law, worked his way up to his position.
> Everything began to change when he began to fall in love with concubine that was essentially forced into the harem.
> At first, he wasn't interested in her or her looks (rather plain), but more he spent time with her, the more he fell to his sin.
> From that point on, because of one man's forbidden love, it will lead to one of greatest insurgent regimes involving politics, blackmail and espionage.
> To rebel for the one he loved.
- I swore my oath to law, but my oath began fade each moment with her. Now, my oath resides with her alone.
> The Great Dynasty Rebellion
Can't draw.
cute girls doing cute things during the kronstadt uprising.
I want an over the top curling anime.
Girls vs Boys.
Curling vs Hockey.
I want to see gang fights on the rink, cheesy action line cuts, and loads of cheering and yelling. It'd be great.
Why not just hockey?
Because fuck furpuck.
The main character has to drink a certain amount of this liquid within 75 hours or else he will die. He has to continually do this or else his body starts withering away.
>The main character has to drink a certain amount of semen within 75 hours or else she will die. She has to continually do this or else her body starts withering away.

I think that was the implication.
Ocean's 11 with lolis
slice of life moe about boys in a high school club that dress up as Maikos.
only if they are trying to heist age appropriate things. like getting the cookies from the top of the fridge, or the juice boxes in the school's kitchen.
The Turner Diaries.
>Is your story linear or episodic?
>Comedy? Slice of life?
Action, military, mecha, steam/disel punk
>Who is your protagonist
The heads of the Left Squad
>what sort of person are they, and what's their stake in the story?
Trained elite soilders and pilots of Steel giants, they are one of the most loyals squads of the Rod nation, usually are used in infiltration or assassination missions.

What's the focus of the central conflict?
centuries ago giants fallen from the sky, this giants were fighting each other for some reason. They made contact with the natives, wich were in a bronze age. They giants teached or in other cases forced the natives to advace in technology and create huge armors and weapons to defeat the other giants. Most of they died in battle or just killed by other giants, the rest got ill and died. Some people saw the giants like gods, others saw them like a threat.
Time pased and technology advanced with the descovery of a mineral that burned like crazy, this started the steam engine, and a war for territory to mine the mineral, with this the giant armors were reconstructed as steam punk mechas.
Years before, there was a rumor that the Rod nation developed a proces to change the mineral into a liquid state, wich is ten times more powerful, but that they can make an engine that uses it's full potential. Other nations are running to reacreate this liquid and create an engine for it. This is the stars of the disel punk era. The war continues as an attempt to sabotage the other nations researchs. Other reason of the war is that the nations that price the giants, belive that there will be more giants falling from the sky, and they will give the giants armors to fight against other nations. The Rod nations belives that giants could come, but they will slave them, so they want to get every single armor an mech to fight back against the giants if the day comes.
A very different kind of Kuma Arashi?

Weird? Yes. Touching? Also yes. Really, this is a pretty solid story once you get past the oddity of the premise, and there's not much substantial to critique. Nice work.

The speculative/cyberpunk side of this is nice, and I like the idea of these misfits romping around in a world of machines. Not all that much story detail here; I'd suggest taking a look at the questions in the OP if you want to expand it.

It's a decent gag, but wholly unsustainable for the length you're proposing.

Still fond of this one.

I would watch one episode of this for a lark.

That's a fair setup for an early industrial mecha setting, but less effective at setting up a story. What mission starts off this story? Who specifically is involved?
a light novel trilogy
> Returning home after a long overseas business trip, then learning my wife was hit by a truck, and my daughter is dating her brother.
> After defeating the demon king i returned home, found out my kids married each other, and my husband is missing.
> My parents unexpectedly returned after 10 years and are fucking up my marriage.
a young boy gets born with a special gift and becomes the strongest fighter in the sonic fighting academy
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I would like a more Seinen Version of Naruto. It probably wouldn't be anything Special.
Just a more serious Naruto. Maybe even a added edge for fun.

>Is your story linear or episodic?
Seinen, Action, Adventure, Supernatural, Post Apoc
>Who is your protagonist
A ninja in his 20's. Laid back lazy personality, but using that as a facade to cover his blood lust. Still not a bad guy, just loves fighting, and uses his powers to heal people.
>What sort of person are they, and what's their stake in the story?
A Ninja who left his original clan for no real reason other than to travel. In his original clan, he was was one of the up and coming, second son to the clan leaders but with no real care for politics or the clan head title. Instead, taking more pleasure in combat. All of his techniques revolving around plants (think Mokuton - Wood Style from Naruto) left him with a love of nature and uses that nature power to pretend he is someone else when his mask is off, a travelling healer. He leaves the clan to travel after slaughtering a dozen Ninja from a different clan trying to encroach on their territory.
>What's the focus of the central conflict?
Primordial Beasts (basically just generic monsters in fantasy) inhabit most of the world. For the most part, Primordial Beasts and the Ninja Clans are at war constantly. However 40 years ago, a great war was fought and the Primordial Beasts lost. With the Primordial Beasts being pushed back, the world has seen intense change with trade routes opening, and land becoming more habitable instead of just in the main cities. Even Ninja are gaining more strength by training with different clans and travelling and broadening their horizons. However, with this peace comes the realization that if the clans fight and win against another clan, they not only get their techniques, land, money and special materials, they get more power. And so, an unsteady world has slowly begun.
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502KB, 730x1080px
A standard harem comedy where all the girls are the different personalities of the heroine.

Fight-club like ending where the male MC was just an hallucination all along.
>What mission starts off this story? Who specifically is involved?
The allied nations have allegedly a prototype of an engine, that is going to be moved in a train. Mission, stole it. They go, everithing is good, but then, there is no proptotype in the train, it's an ambush. Some of the team got captured, other scaped, there is high probabilitty that there is a mole in the team. New mission, save the teammates or kill them in worst scenario, also, try to discover the traitor, if there is one of course.
MC is a rather flawed person. Despite being somewhat kind, he lacks ambition, patience for others and fights rather dirty
After his father's death, he wanted to stay and support his mother but his mother set him up under the tutelage of an expert to have him become a well-seasoned fighter like his father (master knew of his father well).
After long grueling years of training (he was pretty bad at it) and emotional pain of self-realization within himself wanting to become like his father (brave, virtuous and patient), he realizes cannot be that kind of man but with that, he also realizes this:
> So what? I can't be like him, so I'm going to go my own way to be recognized. To hell with kindness if I'm just be another copy with no individuality!
After finishing his training by ending up as a rather exceptional fighter, he enters knighthood.
His reputation as a blunt yet effective knight brings him up to the ranks. He has a rather unorthodox fighting style that makes him deadly with a sword and shield and unrefined like a beast.
One day, heroes are summoned to fight for the kingdom (multi-summoning where some Indian dude that got summoned (dead already), white dude and a friend of his got summoned (God knows what happened), a strange alien (?) that ended up dying immediately after being summoned to this new atmosphere that is deadly to its kind and finally a bunch of high school students)
By the time the students were summoned, the MC and the rest of the army did not need their help for they began to have a considerable advantage with their own strength.
Kingdom still acts foolish and put alot of troops under the mc's command under the heroes.
Kingdom falls but the mc managed to garner a great amount of support beforehand to unleash a counterattack. It is his chance to prove himself with his own power to have a name for himself through his own way (with one of the summoned people who initially refused to fight).
Title: Actual Effort and Individuality.
No art.
Nightmare Frontier
The story is split into 2 different acts.

Act I: Blood

The Main Character is from mid-19th Century Prussia returning from his studies at medical school and finds their home town is surrounded in constant death and a mysterious disease, with a young girl adopted into his family.Attempting to investigate the strange series of events in his town, the Main Character comes to realize his adopted sister was the cause of this disaster as she's a vampire. He then tries to rally what is left of the town to slay her.

Act I ends with the MC being unable to kill his adopted sister and failing to flee from her and her vampire children, and he is converted into a half-vampire by her giving him some of her blood. If he ever wants to undo the curse he has to find her and slay her. If he ever drinks blood between then he'll become a full fledged vampire.

Act II: Moon

Picks up a few decades since the end of Act I. The MC is still a half-vampire and a member of the Organization of the World Order (OWO), a organization that is responsible for cleaning up the horrors and mysteries of the world that threatens humanity and overseeing those who wish to defend humanity. MC is part of the Euro-Branch during the outbreak of WWI.

The MC and his team learn that the World War was caused by a group of vampires so they could use an ancient ceremony to raise an undead army in the world to push humanity to the edge of extinction and become the dominate species. Among the ranks of the vampires is the MC's adopted sister acting as their queen. The story follows the MC and his fellow OWO agents as they fight against Vampires and other horrors while WWI is going on.
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the princess.png
195KB, 850x1100px
Reposting with art for the challenge.

> "The Crossing"

For a time, the young prince was truly happy: he had his father’s love, his childhood sweetheart’s hand in betrothal, and all the luxuries the palace could afford. After ten years, even the bitter wounds from last civil war seemed to be healing, and the future looked bright. But one night, awakened by a voice in his ear, the prince strays down to the throne room, where he finds a gruesome figure waiting for him: the ghost of the king whom the prince’s father usurped in the civil war.

The scornful ghost whispers to the prince of his father’s sins: deceit, betrayal, and the murder of the whole royal family—sins which the prince has inherited as his father’s heir. There is only one way for the prince to cleanse his soul, the ghost tells him: one of the dead king’s daughters managed to escape the coup and was hidden away by his faithful steward. The prince must find her, overthrow his father, and install the rightful princess on the throne. Only then will justice be done.

As the grisly apparition fades away, the prince gathers up his nerves and makes a fateful decision in the name of protecting all he holds dear: he will go and seek out the lost princess—and he will kill her.

Meanwhile in the countryside, a girl sits at the deathbed of the man who raised her—the king’s steward—and makes a decision of her own. Though the steward had trained her in the military arts and had always hoped she’d avenge his beloved king, she has seen firsthand how the people suffer, and how impotent even a mighty lord is to improve the common folks’ lot. Taking the steward’s sword and armor, she adopts the guise of a knight and dedicates her life to the good of the people, whatever that may entail.

A prince descending into squalor and a princess rising out of it; it’s only a matter of time before their paths—and blades—finally cross.
I laughed, so you've got a pretty good joke here at least.

Sure sounds like seinen Naruto, and fair setup for it too. You've done well for what you set out to do.

That would suffice to start off the story. Is there a central main character?

What does your protagonist really struggle with here?

The first act sounds a lot like Shiki, which was an excellent story so that's a good start. The second part sounds a bit like a video game, though. Aside from the obligatory fighting, what sorts of conflicts would we see?

Kind of similar to this plot idea I had

>guy is isekai'd
>wakes up and discovers he has reincarnated...as a succubus
>is powerful, but has to seduce men and drink semen to survive in the other world
>having been a guy in the past life and retaining his memories, can he overcome his disgust and learn to sex men like a pro!?

But I didn't post it, because I couldn't think what kind of a plot would follow and it seems the only purpose of it is to be as gay as possible
To regain back his kingdom and prove that people's own efforts and the needless model of some stock hero is not needed.
I wrote a hentai about a girl that got turned into a succubus princess. Her father made her into his concubine and fugged her.
I'll make something tomorrow for you guys, I promise.
A succubus wondering if she can become an angel, if an angel can become a fallen angel then turn into a succubus then can a succubus become an angel?

A pure love story about a succubus trying to earn her angel wings.
>The second part sounds a bit like a video game, though. Aside from the obligatory fighting, what sorts of conflicts would we see?

Mainly the questions surrounding humanity and its status as a species with cynical answers. The status of supernatural creatures and their hate for humanity when trying to either live on their own or with them, and if peace will ever happen if given enough time and technology progresses.

MC trying to understand the ideas of a vampire and their chain of thoughts. The MC trying to fight off his new nature of bloodsucking and becoming an apathetic monster with his old human nature of being empathetic with others and trying to apply human feelings to non-human creatures (Some sanity slips from no longer being classified as a human and being an outcast to his old kind.)

You also get to see some battles from WWI. The entire story is a tragedy either way.
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36KB, 360x390px
>> Write the opening lines of your story.
>“I’m late!”
>> Come up with a title.
>Working Man with Battle Companions
>> Try drawing one of your characters.

>Working rapidly middle aged teen gets sent to fantasy world due to being murd by step sister and then slowly finds out that he no only does not belong but ends up being a dungeon boss. >But being a boss is to manage the dungeon, in which is terrible.
>So he shuts the dungeon down and escapes outside with a pretty big girl merc and a foxgirl from a distant land.
>The world is yet to be fully recovered despite the God's direct cooperation to civilized society of having a pathway to the heavens and beyond.
>But can he handle the pressure of being a possible hero? Of course because he works at a secondhand clothing store.
>This is a tale, of a man, who is not using his real name, in which he is suspected to fit in too well in this new world of high fantasy.

Featuring monsters: Skeleton, Werewolf, Valkyrie, Suc Buses, Robot Battleframes (girls). and more.
Power and Duty


>Story context
Russian military dictator Viktor Tunikov discovers a powerful substance buried under Siberia and series of ancient glyphs. He uses the substance, which he has called Tacitus, to turn Russia into a military and economic superpower. However, while Tacitus provides great benefits it is also dangerous to human life. A disaster in Siberia causes Tacitus to spread across the Earth's surface slowly rendering Earth uninhabitable, the world is plunged into a bloody war for control of the substance. These events cause the ancient glyphs to activate, heralding the arrival of an alien species who have arrived to harvest the Tacitus. With humanity's very existence on the line, Viktor must the fight the aliens and find a way stop Tacitus from rendering all life on Earth extinct.....all while ensuring he is the only one left to rule humanity once it is over.
>Magical Highschool setting
>MC is an ojou-sama from a distinguished family
>Is actually a trap, considers himself more beautiful than any real girl
>MC is narcassistic, talented, attractive and spunky.

>2 types of magic: Soul and Contract
>Soul magic is innate, anyone can use. MC is very good.
>Contract. User contracts with a wandering spirit. More powerful than Soul.
>During first class, students must contract with spirit.
>MC contracts with a jobber spirit (cute, black zigzagoony thing).
>Can't figure out what power it's supposed to have.

>Ojou-sama from another family knows that MC is talented, challenges him.
>Duel. MC throws spirit at girl.
>MC's spirit is useless, goes and sleeps in audience.
>MC struggles with only soul magic.
>Wins by kissing ojou-sama and then blindsiding her.

After that it's a standard battle harem. The villain might be a prince or something who wants to dick the MC.
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microwave oven.png
88KB, 332x280px
>linear or episodic
>Comedy? Slice of life?

setting is a post-apocalyptic future where humans live in a pastoral pre-industrialised society

the protagonists are three young students at the sleepy Edo University archeology department
the remaining purpose of an archaeologist in this age is to assess whether artifacts found by farmers pose a hazard to human life and if so to dispose of them safely, there is very little written record or interest of what life in the past is like.

most people at this time are pragmatic and indifferent, ignorant or even fearful of the past (technology is akin to magic)

not so these three girls

every episode the three girls are brought a new artifact and; driven by their unending curiosity, try and work out how it functions and what people in the past used it for (mostly incorrectly).

this involves trips into the crumbling ruins of old tokyo to search for evidence as well as constant arguments with their professor who hates the past and being an archaeologist.

the girls theories are told as flashbacks to pre-pre-industrialized japan
I've had this idea for a seinen-ish anime stewing in my head for a while, I think it's goodu. It's basically an homage to 70s girl gangs and the movies about them with some supernatural elements thrown in.
>Japan, nineteen-seventy-whatever
>Three female delinquents are released from juvenile detention facility, after deemed quote-unquote "reintegrated into society"
>They met and became friends in there but come from completely different backgrounds
>They form their own little gang and carve out a small territory, and go right back their old criminal activities together
>A small wing of a massive fucking delinquent gang blows into town and tries to chase them off their turf
>Gang war commences, 80-something delinquents vs. the three of them
>Gang war swept aside by the local yakuza
>They have a new boss, who apparently practices onmyodo and has a massive hard-on for Japan's history
>90% of enemy gang suddenly possessed by souls of long-dead warriors, yakuza takes over, boss intends to do this with the whole population of the city
>Now it's 80-something brainwashed delinquents PLUS the yakuza vs. the three of them
>Also all three of the girls have some connection to the yakuza boss via backstory and all of them want revenge, this is explored throughout the story
>Massive amounts of violence and a few mature themes commence.

I have characters and backstories developed for this and everything, if you're interested.
That's cute, yo.
>Is there a central main character?
ye, one of the heads of the squad would be the MC, he would take initiative in most of the cases or be some kind of mediator between the squad and the generals.
A Japanese girl moves to 1930s California to make it big on the silver screen

I call it: Loliwood
That's more or less the premise of Change 123.
Kid from america comes over to japan where anime-like monster summoning card games and monster dueling is real and both have a huge competitive scene, has it's own version of super bowls and all.
Owning these monster summoning capsules/cards is practically like adopting an animal so it's a huge privilege and requires a certain level of hierarchy, you're only allowed to own capsules and cards if you're going to use them for battle purposes, there's a lot of things you need to go by such as owning a licence, keeping the monsters locked away when not in battle yadda yadda.
Main character doesn't care about battling and just wants friends, he stumbles upon a card and a capsule that someone threw away, he summons the creatures inside and out of the capsule emerges a creature resembling an oni and out of the card is a crude black and white 2D drawing of a girl with big twin-tails and big-ol googly eyes. Initially they're dumb as shit, they just sit around until they hear the words they've learnt to respond to with an attack. He smuggles them to his rental, dresses up the oni in a floral holiday shirt and gives him a cigarette, the monster dawns it like a monkey wearing a tuxedo but later on as he gets more intelligent with social interaction it becomes his identity. MC takes them out in public to swimming pools in the city and goes to smoothie bars while everyone looks.
Episodes are self contained plots but over the course of the series the tone shifts from slice of life to action oriented as the MC's new friends go from being like pets to being like people.
Since the kid is breaching heaps of rules with the way he gives the monsters all this freedom, he, the oni and the sketch girl have become massive criminal targets so they travel all across japan to hide away, running into government assassins and mobile suite riot police.
Could have some shoehorned in themes and messages about freedom considering the concept.
Let me know if you think I jumped the shark anywhere.
You motherfucker, that's a great pun.
Panty and Stocking, but it's not really cute
Is this "the dewd"?
>TLoZ Skyward Sword-ish kinda world
>Focus entirely on the world beneath the clouds

>Come up with a title
A whole new world

Basically, MC-kun gets isekai'd without actually getting isekai'd.
an otaku NEET is transported to an alternate universe in which all men and boys have vanished overnight. He is the only hope for repopulation but... he just wants to play video games and watch anime! Can the women and girls win over the attention of their only hope for reproduction and save humanity?
You're gonna end up with a lot of retard babies in a few generations.
Nope. They're going extinct.
>implying you're going to end up with any babies
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Do they look like 2D girls? This is a game world after all. If so they might have a chance.
If they look realistic though, it'd be high time for them to start writing their collective epitaph.
Sorry, your art style reminded me greatly of his.
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