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Shakunetsu no Takkyuu Musume

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Agari's going to win at least ONE point against her r-right?
No, Kumami will have a heart attack from staring at Agari too much, and the match will be canceled.
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Bet on it. ACE always wins in the end!
Ace will win
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best girl.jpg
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I'm going to win at least ONE nationals.
And I'll post this every thread until it happens.
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I can't shake off the feeling that we have the same posts repeating over multiple threads.
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>post ace
>every thread until nationals
>spurdo edit
>pre ace
Every thread is exactly the same Not that I mind
If you want some discussion lets talk about how Hokuto knows what panties someone is using by examining their paddles and why is Hanabi just Hanabi.
We've been over it, > < is nopan.
The real question is what would happen if she touched a boys paddle.
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>thread not titled ACE

expect less than 15 replies you damn heretic
>>pre ace
I eagerly await this recurring post.

Also don't forget the lovely Wakaba Girl posters.
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There aren't any boys silly.
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When did this series became NTR and rape?
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The moment Kumami awakened.
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Why is Kumami so best girl? It's not fair to all the other girls.
A bear wouldn't even survive a day in the desert.
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A-chan's loser face.png
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Scorpion is cute and all but the way Kumami torments that pathetic """ace""" makes my heart flutter. It's not contest, really.
I'm glad we can agree they're both good girls.
If Kumami wins against Ace she will earn a solid second place for me.
>all this jelousy towards ACE
Remember 98.97% of anons love ace
So that means that less than 1.03% of anons love Agari?
Remember the page where Kumami said she wanted to discover what else fascinated her in Agari's expression in this match?
Since there are at least 2 games left, I assume Agari will score a point or two in current game and Kumami will find what else she likes in Agari's eyes (something along the lines of how hard she tries) and win the match but maybe not in the same mindstate as bully-Kumami.

You've first read it here.
I hope not, all this cliche mustering my final effort to win the final point bs.
But bully bear mode is what she's best at.
if Ace somehow beats Kumami I'll call it bullshit
If Kumami beats Ace and forces her to quit ping pong and become her housewife I'll call canon.
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Ace is useless. Kumami is mai girl
This. Holy fuck she just scored 17 points in a row, losing only one (1). You don't just come back from this.
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best girl.png
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>you will never have the biggest orgasm of your life while dominating your favorite waifu in bong bong

Why even live mates?
I marathoned this show and fell in love with the cast and the music was awesome but it felt way too short. What do I do from now on?
Was checking batoto but there is a bunch of manga chapters missing.

Also, Ace a best.
Start manga from chapter 9 and enjoy joining us on the ping pong rape train
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It's not rape if A-chan isn't screaming.
Someone please post the Spurdo edit.
>implying she hasn't been doing all kinds of moans and other slightly sexual sounds at every point she lost
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Second season never
File: 1494274332960.png (459KB, 800x1168px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>If there's a second season over half of it will revolve around Kumami having a massive orgasm over A-chan's suffering

Absolutely delicious
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With an incentive like this they should really hurry up and make season two. Oh man, all those Kumami episodes, all those scenes of Kumami being overcome with pleasure
Ace is fucking shit at ping pong and best dog takes pity on her by letting her win periodically.
This is really something that confuses me. Why is she called """ace""" when she's shit at ping pong and everyone has to take it easy on her so that she doesn't throw a temper tantrum?
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Here's the page for reference.
It'll go out like this.
I prefer the sadism but sure, whatever.
>be sadistic bear
>get off on ping pong
>favorite target unknowingly keeps insisting on playing with you
>[ZAWA SFX], shit's tense
>do bear ventriloquism to calm things down

Kumami is a smooth girl.
>everyone has to watch the episode using only one hand

Kumami is so best girl it's fucking criminal
Me too but that's what's likely to happen. But we did get a fucking ahegao on last chapter so it might still just go full sadism/dom despite everything.
Not this time m80...
>Agari loses to dog at the beginning of the series
>Agari loses to !dog at the end of the series

Fucking poetry
Thread posts: 47
Thread images: 25

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