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OPT - One Page Thread

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We don't constantly need your thinly veiled rec thread faggot
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Did you said two, women? And you called yourself woman? Even a virgin girl knows women have 4 mouths.
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We don't need you going off-topic trying to fit it either, faggot.
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Samefag kys
need sauce. google and yandex failed me
Recc me manga or i'll delete this thread
truly geat writing. as gods they were who lived in this era.
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that's a torture device made for anuses, not mouths
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>being this retarded
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Source? Yandex, google and iqdb find fuck all
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Why am I not surprised a newfag is browsing all available rec threads
its made for all 3 anon
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OPT is one of the few manga thread that has been consistently going for 2-3 years but you want to get rid of it because of >muc rec threads?
you fucking newfags always amaze me with your fucking bullshit, just go back to your cancerous seasonal anime generals
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l e w d.jpg
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>recs are a bad thing
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>Eyes pointing towards the tiny bit of nip slip
Is this basically Crossed: manga edition?
Cause that's what it looks like.
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Just once, I would like a series where the female human/animal hybrids are actually as monstrous as the males.

Just once. Not even for a fetish, just so I know it can be done.
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Sono mono nocho ni
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Sword Art Online.png
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don't die on me
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Despite the dialogue, it's not (entirely) hentai.
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>it's not (entirely) hentai.
I know this author. It'll go full porn in a couple more chapters. His last work literally had entire chapters where the MC just fucked his waifu, and this new guy is already demanding everyone strip at the slightest provocation.
More translations never. This is such a fun series, but translations take way too damn long.
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Thread posts: 59
Thread images: 43

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