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Baki Dou 153 translation

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>tacit acknowledgement of the anime's production on page like 250
yeah okay like that's totally real

On the front page of the magazine, it says "climax of the war against the nation!", to which I lend no credence, but let's try to stay positive this week, guys; okay?

>Chapter 153: Absolutely Peerless
>Musashi rejoices. Japan trembles in/with fear.
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I'm including this because I thought some of you might be amused by it. If you've been paying attention to these translations, you might remember who this is. Here's a video of him/who he is, at any rate: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yvsgixKCWg8

Itagaki Keisuke vs Nasukawa Tenshin - Talk Battle - The Strongest Talk/Interview is Happening!
Super High School Senior - Super Mangaka
blah blah blah, he's like Baki because they're both fighting at the top level at age 17, they call him "the real Baki"; therefore, a talk with Itagaki was necessary
"There's a hint to the strongest in here, pay close attention."
No idea what that means; might refer to the entire magazine or just this chapter.
Their conversation is after the chapter in the magazine. I can't possibly have the energy to translate it now, so I'll see about it later.
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>Narrator: Two-Swords Style. (Nitouryuu)
>N: That is the official name which Niten Ichiryuu has taken.
>N: It is a large, original school said to have been devised by Miyamoto Musashi.
>N: It's needless to say that he has remained the strongest throughout the generations, a swordsmaster of swordsmasters, the number one tactician.
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>N: Metropolitan Police Department
>Door: Special Tactical Assault Team Penis Inspection Room
>N: Inspector Tanuma Hikoji
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>Faggot: Should we really be going out armed to the teeth?
>Tanuma: What are you complaining about?
>F: Well, our target is just a single Japanese sword.
>T: That "single Japanese sword"...
>T: Who do you think is carrying it?
>F: Senpai...
>F: You don't really believe that, do you?
>F: That it's "Miyamoto Musashi"?
>T: Whether I believe it or not...
>T: Doesn't matter.
>T: If the higher-ups say that it's Miyamoto Musashi, it's Miyamoto Musashi.
>T: If they said he was been Lincoln, he'd be Lincoln.

Abraham Lincoln.
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shut up
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>T: Even if I doubted it, I can't do anything against any kind of authority.
>F: Using real guns against a katana...
>T: Those are our orders.
>T: And don't hold anything back.
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>N: Reliance in numbers...
>N: Relying on the strongest new conveniences...
>N: How did it end up like this...?
>N: Though already managing to deal tremendous injury,
>N: Their enemy...
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I swear on my life, I'm attaching these pictures. I don't know what's happening.
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>N: Has yet to accept a single scratch.
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>N: And,
>N: As Miyamoto Musashi,
>N: He has switched to Niten Ichiryuu.
Go on. I'm watching.

Also, I don't understand the hate for Musashi. Pickle was worse. Is it because Musashi isn't black?
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>N: The STAT, as Japanese men...
>N: Recognize that the trouble which they are in...
>N: Is too much to know!

The line is originally "They know to the point that they know too much." or "Knowing to the point of knowing too much."
Dunno a better way of putting that. The concept is like if someone said that they knew what a wet dog tasted like: in the exact moment when they came to understand the taste, they 'knew more than they should know'; it's a situation that one should never be in. Any suggestions for the scanlation?
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>N: It's that!
"bit off more than they can chew"?
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>N: On occasions...
>N: On many occasions, they had seen that portrait figure.
>N: "He's the real thing!"
>N: "Miyamoto Musashi, in the flesh!"
>Musashi: Do not dare to move.
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>M: One who would move -
>M: Or, perhaps, another - will have their head fly.
>N: Already...
>N: There is not one skeptic of those words.

That has an unpleasant irony juxtaposed with the dog example, but it works for me. Thank you very much!
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>M: Who is your leader?
>N: This is not a joke...!
It's because Musashi should've gotten killed by Motobe.
Makes no sense but ok.
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>N: Before the entire team,
>N: Those appearing as a commanding officer...
>N: Had been bifurcated, just as they had appeared.
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Forgot to add to the last post: The furigana says "those appearing as a last boss". I have no fucking clue what to make of that, nor what to do with it. So I'm going to, in traditional and solemn ceremony, ask you all: which (or what) reading of that would you like for the scanlation?

>M: There is none?
>M: Then I am without choice.
fic, mushasi
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>N: Reasons to oppose him are going without examination.
>N: Motives for anything beyond "not opposing him" do not even come into sight.
Isn't it odd how this and Vagabond's musashi ended up having to battle a large group even if that myth is seemingly bullshit?
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>N: On this day...
>N: Their motion could have been called "extremely smooth".

End chapter, but I'm gonna post the interview pages in case anyone wants to look at them for whatever reason. There's a few photographs of Itagaki.
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this manga just keeps getting worse
what the fuck just happened
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He won the battle. They had no leader and no will to fight, so he let them go.

It's not a myth, even if it may be exaggerated. He did not kill them all, but he certainly did have that fight.
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Oh, and one more photograph of Itagaki on the cover. That's the end, I guess.
He made them cower in fear.
I kindly asked you to try to be positive
Is it now time for Musashi to wander to another area and encounter elite special forces soldiers?
You read the headline; this is apparently the climax. Given that line, I think they will recognize pursuing Musashi as "not worth", and give him a Yuujiro-type treatment. After all - Yuujiro got his treaty when it was determined that he could match an army; not an entire country. Anyway, unlike Yuujiro, Musashi likes attention. His getting extremely-public special treatment because he's strong could lead to civil revolt, or something. Who knows? THINK POSITIVE.
People that think like this didn't get what Memetobe was trying to prove.

Which incidentally this massacre shows he was utterly wrong though.
What do you believe that he was trying to prove?
>Musashi refuses to fight a frightened group of schoolgirls.
They have a 400 years old stone commemorating the massacre.
That you can win a fight by not killing, that modern martial arts > sengoku era martial arts.
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Not him but as I understood it Memetobe was trying to say that compared to Musashi the current fighters do it for fun and because of that they'll get stomped on. So Motobe being the only one that still bothered to study Musashi-era fighting took him on with all his tricks to try to prove that point.
I think this is the climax of the fight with the police, not of he conflict between Musashi and modern Japan.
Nah, doppo had 5 copies of the book of five rings and he had read them to almost break them.

Memetobe was saying that he is the only one that had trained in that kind of martial arts.
It says 対国家戦、クライマックス. Word-by-word, that's "Against-State-Battle, Climax".
I can understand that being Motobe's point, but I can't understand why he felt the need to explain that to Musashi - nor why he believes that he was "protecting" Musashi in doing all of that.

Does he believe that Musashi is innocent/pure, and shouldn't be killed because of that, or?
Well yes poor choice of words on my part but that's what I meant. I think this ties in with Yujiro calling Musashi "not pure" for wanting attention, as in the fact he was born and raised in a world where strenght was necessary for survival and looked upon by everyone makes him inherently better than modern fighters that do it for the thrill.
I think so. That's why that anon was saying Motobe was wrong since Musashi just stomped the police. But I think Musashi will end up getting himself killed and that's what Motobe wanted to avoid.
So, in that all of the modern fighters don't see an absolute need to win in their first fight because they don't intend to die, and thus don't end up using 100% of their strength?
And the police represents the state as the government, unless the kanji for state refer to the country itself and not the government.
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Who exactly do you think is going to be facing Musashi as representative of the nation of Japan, beyond legal/governmental authorities of Japan?
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I'm not so sure about Musashi dying, but he won't be able to attain the recognition he craves that's for sure.

With the exception of Yujiro that goes to warzones for fun and Gaia that is a cover ops assassin, the rest of the entire cast just fight to defeat the opponents, not for survival or to kill them, also in addition in cases like Gouki their Ego requires the opponent to recognize how inferior they are after being defeated, so there's definitely a great difference there.

That was the point of the encounter between gaia and musashi, cover ops shit like his won't work when you are used to live in a constant state of alert because being weak would mean death.

Then the point of Musashi vs Pickle was to show that Musashi really likes cutting up people and that technique > brute force.

So whoa re we left with? The only one left is Oliva, as he is an expert assassin that somehow needs to fight for survival and to keep his "freedom" and he does not play around or tries to sneak up like Gaia.

Then Baki will defeat Musashi.
To then the kanji is "vague" enough so the climax of the fight is between the government and musashi or between the country and musashi, as always itakagi can do whatever the fuck he wants.

Oh and no one will fight in behalf of Japan, the "nation" already lost, as I mention here >>155827654 I think the only two fights remaining for Musashi are with Oliva and with Baki, as I seriously doubt there will be another one with yujiro.
It's something more than that I think, all the top-tier fighters are well prepared to die once they step in a fight. I think what's different is that they have the choice of entering the fight or not.
I like Oliva but what would even be the point? He'd get killed Retsu style.
Agreed. If not worse. But, I'd like to see it.
Well we'd get a couple of good Oliva reactions for our folders but given how Musashi can cut Yujiro and it was shown that the ogre bests Oliva end in his speciality it would be sad. Maybe if Oliva learnt from seeing Motobe in action and resorts to fuckery it could be fun. Maybe tag team with Che?
>all the top-tier fighters are well prepared to die once they step in a fight
I'm not sure that's quite right. Because Retsu and, in a way, Katsumi, both acknowledged that they only *believed* that they were ready to die and weren't really, after losing their Pickle fights. Those who didn't fight Pickle probably have never had such a realization. By that logic, Doppo, Shibukawa, Baki and a few others wouldn't be/aren't steeled to truly die yet. Hell, even Retsu wasn't ready to die in his Musashi fight even though he'd had that post-Pickle realization; he still thought that he'd be able to get up and try again.

I think that "I can try again later" mentality is, at least, a significant part of it.
Oliva has been training for one year seriously after he lost against Baki, if Memetobe could tank a Musashi slap and a slap from yujiro Oliva's muscles should be twice as strong as Pickle's.

Also Oliva knows techniques and he will fight to kill Musashi, not to just to defeat him.
The only one ready to die to give it all is jack because he is suicidal from the very start.

Baki and Yujiro don't really think they can die at the hands of any opponent besides each other, and the rest as well, "just" sportsman.
There's a difference between a strike and a cut. Musashi's hand didn't cut through Motobe's jacket, but his sword managed to tear the thing open. There's no way that he wouldn't be able to cut Oliva.
Guys what if the one to kill Musashi, and the twist of this arc, is a resurrected cyborg Retsu? would Itagaki degrade Retsu like that?
A generic knife from an escaped prisoner managed to cause Olivia some severe blood loss that his feet stumbled just from slashing his face though.

Now imagine Olivia getting slashed from a legendary swordsman who is using his legendary sword as well.
>Door: Special Tactical Assault Team Penis Inspection Room

oh you
That makes me curious about whether or not Jack would have actually beaten Musashi. He didn't go into the Motobe fight with intent to die because he underestimated Motobe, but would he underestimate Musashi? If not, would/could he win?
I'm hoping Kasumi's will make a comeback having implanted one of Retsu's arm on his stump and being able to do the sonic punch without damaging himself with said arm.
we have a stone on a hill that sings if the high king stands on it
He's not dead, he's just sleeping
Jack can't win against Bakis girlfriend at this point.


The lyric says something like

>No he wasn't dead oh no
>no no he wasn't dead
>he was drinking beer lerelele
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Thematically, that sounds like a lifting of Finnegan's Wake.

Itagaki *could* Wake Retsu if he legitimately wanted to, but I'm pretty sure that I read in an interview that he was entirely serious with killing him off.
Same type of song yeah.

Now I have to hear all the sea shanties from AC4, thank you.

What will you do with a drunken sailor?
get out of my manga musashi
He'll be a recurring character from now on.

Deal with it.
t. baki
Well then so it ends... and Musashi has not yet had a full fight using the two swords style, I wonder for which opponent is it reserved, so far the only one worth of it was Yujiro and he utterly destroyed it by a massive kick in the balls.
Not Retu, not Pickle, not Motobe were worth of the two sword style even if Musashi admitted a defeat from Motobe.

Is it reserved for Baki?

By the way chapter 257 of SoO has super shitty quality.
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>By the way chapter 257 of SoO has super shitty quality.
is this deja vu or are you just some blind guy
we literally fixed that specific chapter on request
Then it's not uploaded to the spinyback reader, check it out because it's still the shit chapter up there.
That must have something to do with when the reader format was changed; I have no involvement/understanding of that stuff. It's on batoto, if you want to read it there.

Pic related is my deja vu.
File: toshinori-17.png (88KB, 407x431px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Well that's no deja vu, we had that conversation almost a year ago, because it was me who made the request.

And you were absolutely awesome by delivering by the way.

I always check the chapters on spinyback to give visits, may I switch to batoto then?
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I'm so focused on that chapter because it' the one that best defines the relationship between Baki and Yujiro and the character of Yujiro himself, as well as being a foreshadow on the whole Musashi arc.
Do whatcha want. At any rate, I've alerted the web guy to the thing, and he'll have it fixed whenever he finds out what the issue is. No doubt that there's more than one instance of this, so thank you for pointing it out!

Always catches me a little off guard, though, when I find someone actually using the reader, instead of DDoSing us.
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Well, it is a masterpiece, does it bother you?
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>go check my raws to see if it is actually recap
>no, it's not really
>see this page right after
fuckin Motobe, made me laugh when I least expected it
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People complained about Duwang in Jojo part 4, but getting to read Baki is an even bigger adventure.
>>see this page right after
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Memetobe was a mistake
File: 1477857027707.jpg (70KB, 719x359px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Nah for me his victory and run will forever be one of the hypest of shit moments I've ever read.
>korean scan
focken plaebe
Koreans are a mistake, Motobe is not
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God damn it.
Poor fucking guy, just months from retirement
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