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Keijo thread

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where are the keijofags?
we're all dead
They don't exist
that was a very dumb and horrible show and you know it
The absurdity could only go on for so long
and here i was thinking to dump a new chapter chapter (138) and continue to TS the rest
Please do it!!! I will buy you a beer
Everybody is probably in the Digimon incest thread
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I want to fuck Nozomi
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*fangirls internally*
oh boy you haven't seen anything yet
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in other news, seems like AT-X is re-airing the show in Japan (since April 8th or something), saw more people talking about the anime on Twitter. Hopefully it helps get the manga more exposition, somehow.

Wonder when will the Sayaka and Nozomi figures be completed.
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last page
thanks to the translator anon and the previous TS's
proofreading welcome
What does the smoke actually say here?
"Ass love"
Nowhere because this a niwaka reddit meme show.
What happened with the asstronaut girl fight?
She lost
>if you lack any sensations in your body
if your legs lack any sensations
>I will replenish them!
I will compensate them!

>She caught the vacuum ass cannon...
The missed vacuum ass cannon...
>that missed me!!
she caught it!!

>You mean that force of
That force of

>"This is so I can reward my friends who believed in the potential my ass holds..."
This is to live up to my friends who believe in the potential my ass holds..."
>In one shot!!!"
with this one shot!!!

is a spread

>not with this...improvised technique...
>there's no way...this improvised technique......

>has won

> I never even thought instantly changing the trajectory... of my vacuum ass cannon"
I never even thought of... instantly changing the trajectory of my vacuum ass cannon"
>ass real well
ass well
>so my eyes
my eyes

>this was all thanks
this is
>Kaminashi-san, you and the others were there for me, and that's why I was able to try hard at ass techniques!"
it's because Kaminashi-san and the others were there for me, I was able to
>never gave up
have never given up
>so I was able
so I am able
>I was wrong...
I couldn't do it...
>to act alone
by acting alone
>>"Please let us all line our asses together and aim higher..."
Please let me line my ass with you all and aim higher together...

Needs a TLnote: The incense reads "ASS LOVE"
>This... is something I dropped..."
This... is just some fallen thing...
>"And sometimes it gets stuck..."
That just happened to get stuck on me...
>>Just as I read in Keisports!"
Just like it says in Keisports!
>"You were going around here to try the cuisine!"
So you've been going through all the local cuisine!
>they're being noisy...what happened there?
kinda noisy over there...what happened?
>I said I didn't
I said I don't

>"Everyone out east was talking about you so I came to see what kinda girl you were, but..."
"Everyone out east are talking about you so I've come to see what kinda girl you are, but..."
>>that'll fascinate people!"
that attract people!

>"Your service has entertained me"
I like you, so here's a service.
>is a spread

Oops, I mean

and are you the new 3rd TS or 2nd TS?
New one, I have the archived threads now so i'll continue to TS, thanks man
Neat! Let's Hip Party!!
I'm glad BRAAAAAAAAAAP-posting wasn't a thing when this was airing
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>everything is getting S2
>except Keijo 2
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It will if s2 ever comes

Don't forget to put it up after you're done fixing it
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Thread posts: 45
Thread images: 21

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