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Make Your Dream Anime

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You can't post your idea unless you review someone else's idea first

Hard mode: Right an anime for the genre you hate the most
MC is crossing the street when he notices a girl from his school is about to be run over by truck-kun. Acting quickly he pushes her out of the way and saves her in the process blacking out. He wakes up in an unfamiliar place and deduces that he was isekai'd. He gets up, ready to be a hero but notices that he's in a muddy trench in military uniform already. He hasn't been sent to another world, but to the past. He makes friends with his fellow soldiers on the Western Front of WWII before being sent over the top and dying in a futile charge across No Man's Land. MC wakes up thoroughly traumatized from dying again and losing his new friends. He notices he's on a hospital bed. Turns out, he didn't die but rather got some head trauma and was in a coma for a few days. He tries to resume normal life and dealing with the fallout of his heroic action on his social life and the girl trying to get closer to him. Periodically, he gets sent to another time. The entire series is him dealing with school life after doing something that would get the MC killed in a normal isekai and be written off and the mounting trauma of being sent across space and time to conflicts across history, from being a line infantryman in Waterloo to a doomed Kamikaze pilot at the twilight of WWII.
>muddy trenches of WWII
That killed the thread even before it even began OP. Hopefully you learnt something from your mistake.
Most of these threads are just people writing their ideas and no one replying to another person's post to give feedback. Can't blame me for wanting to change that.
My Little Sister Augusta Wants A Helicopter But I Need My Boss Sadam-chan To Give Me A Raise

Basically, cute dictators doing cute things
I honestly would watch it, if no moeshit was in there.
Speed square
A girl is looking to make frends in her new class but she is very clumsy and flat chested, this results in breaking her cherished possessions
this includes other peoples stuff .she or stores damaged objects all through out her home, this damaged furniture and
other items that she can't bring her to throw away due to the teachings of of her grandparents that each home goods
should be respected. one day she hears loud hammering and whirring of powertools in the neighboors backyard she sees her class mates
cutting wood and building furniture out of them ,inspired by thier skills and big boobs she asks the other girls if they could help her with guidance
and every day she learns to balance , using tools and repiar tricks to restore her possessions , gaining confidence, and making friends .
Mainchar is an ugly bastard that knowone likes, cause he doesnt give a fuck. He also thinks hes super edgy and shit. Turns out that he has the hidden abilitie. Whenever hes in a radius of 5 meter people need can only say the 'truth' and cant lie. He also finds out that he himself cant lie and always says his true opinion to people. Maybe a reason why they dont like him. While the character learns/experiences this. (On a sideplot the audience gets informed about that a massmurder is around. The killers maintarget are young women. Its a huge thing in the city where MC lives and goes through all news). Appearently a girl from MC's school is missing. MC wants to test out his abilities and trie to find out anything. He goes to the policestation and forces the policeman to tell him 'secret informaton'. They tell him about the place where the girl was seen last. He checkes up the place and meets a someone. 'Cliffhanger' episode ends.

>gets axed
This honestly sounds really fun

dubs of quality

this is some award-winning tier shit if written well
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Gundam idea
Earth was rendered uninhabitable by pollution, forcing humanity to colonize the Solar System. Humans now live in "space colonies", spatial stations that reproduce tellurian conditions of life. These colonies are mostly independent of each other and have their own political systems. The largest of them all, Arcadia, was the site of a groundbreaking scientific experiment: the discovery of nano-crystals. These crystals have two theoretical abilities; the ability to assimilate themselves to living cells and the ability to greatly enhance the intelligence, among other things, of the beings they are fused to.

The year is Perfect Century, 109. It marks the transition to adolescence of the first generation of humans exposed to nano-crystals, and it is coincidentally the year when the Republic of Arcadia declared a war of territorial expansion on the other colonies. These teenagers were taken from their home, and they were used to fulfill the ambitions of conquest of their leaders by piloting humanoid machines of destruction known as "mobile suits". The other space nations were powerless against the Republic of Arcadia's strength; in less than half a year, Arcadia took control of 65% of the Solar System. And in the face of oppression, an insurgent force was born.

In the once peaceful colony of White Ray, rebel scientists are in the process of building their own mobile suit. However, at the same time, Arcadia decides to stage an attack on White Ray! The rebels' facility is quickly destroyed by their mobile suits, and all that remains is the fruit of their labor lying under the debris. A white mobile suit...
In an attempt to protect the people living in the colony, a young mechanic who was passing by enters the mobile suit! His name is Lancer Derobe, 15 years-old, an Arcadian immigrant. Soon, using the machine's abilities, he manages to chase away the insufficient Arcadian forces. He and his newfound unit are then recovered by a rebel ship passing by White Ray...
I'm getting Seed vibes from this.
Bob the Builder the anime?
MC is an average lazy university student who just wants to graduate and get a job (and live a relaxed life), his grades are also average, and while he's intelligent, he only studies as much as he needs to. He forgets, however, an important paper is due tomorrow and goes to his online meme forum's seemingly abandoned request board. There he writes about how he needs an essay on the current political climate (there is heavy tension between two big nations and the outlook of possible war) and that he will take anything even if it's old since he won't have enough time to complete it. He goes to sleep writing his essay since he had /nofaith/ in the request board, wakes up to an incoherent mess of writing, but somebody from the request board PMed him a file. Skims it over, it's really long, but it seems to very thorough and well-written. Glad he could avoid a bad grade, he submits it to his professor, not knowing the consequences of what he has done.

A week later he gets called in to the Dean's office, where the Dean sits waiting for him accompanied by men in suits. He gets told what he's about to hear is classified information. First of all they tell him they were really impressed with his analytical dissertation and that they had no idea such a genius was passing by as average in their ranks. And then they tell him his essay has had an enormous effect on the political climate, since it was one of the most nonpartisan, yet dualy patriotic, well-researched writings on the conflict. Fast-forward a few days and he's now a national hero. He finds out he's actually bretty gud at public speaking and he's actually read the essay to get an understanding of what constitutes it. Then one day a guy in a suit knocks on his door and hands him a letter. It's an invitation from the international council (like NATO but it actually has a lot of political power). Logs in to his meme forum to find he has one new PM, and it's from the guy who sent him the essay. "Did you get one too?"

The main thing is that it becomes a sort of political battle royale with a similar atmosphere to Death Note / Code Geass. The MC progressively becomes more arrogant and d e v i l i sh. Obvious philosophical/political implications apply, but I'm still looking for a way to include an action aspect so it isn't a complete snoozefest.

I left some stuff out for the sake of it being not that important info btw. Like the guy has tried to contact the mysterious message board guy a thousand times before he replied back. And that the Uni he goes too is prestigious, which is why he feels he doesn't need to try so much to get a decent job.
Frame arms girls but with the gundam build fighters team producing it
I don't have a whole plot fleshed out yet but here is the general idea:

>String of killings in Tokyo
>There are 4 deaths before they are linked together.
>Murders always occurs where there is no cameras.
>Modus Operandi formed: Shot in the back of the head while walking at night.
>Nobody in the area of the killings heard gunshots, so police believe that a silenced weapon with subsonic ammunition is being used.
>entry wound by the brain stem, but never and exit wound.
>Forensic analysis of the bullet lodged in the head comes back inconclusive.

The idea is that the main character is the disgraced drunkard detective (mid-late 30s) who is given the case by the metropolitan police and his young female rookie cop. The cop is somewhat of a fangirl of the detective and strives to one day be a detective as well.

What is originally thought to be yakuza and mob assassinations is quickly ruled out when further investigation is done on the victims. The police realize that they are dealing with a new breed of serial killer who is completely untraceable, well trained, and has seemingly no pattern when choosing victims or locations.

Stress rises as the number of bodies increase and they are no closer to catching the killer than when they started. The Japanese central government gets involved in the investigation and eventually calls upon the US govt. for help. The detective and cop are taken off the case and placed on leave (for some fuck up or another). They continue to work on the case off the clock.
The killer is having an effect on their psyche, letting them get close to catching him then moving just out of reach. The killer contacts them and gives them riddles to solve, the answer being where he will kill next, however if there are police with the duo he will kill two people in a different location.

I don't know what else would happen after this point. I haven't fleshed out who the killer actually is or why he is killing.
this lesbian fujo office worker gets drunk in a mountain and finds a dragon that's about to die and randomly pulls the sword out while drunk and maybe she's like obsessed with maids or something

anyway then the dragon shows up at her house and is a maid but with like a dragon tail and horns and the dragon is constantly trying to chop off her own tail and feed it to the fujo lady

there's also some other fucking dragon people that show up, one's a loli maybe, one's like a guy who takes himself seriously, one probably has big tits, the other one is the forgettable one

also I forgot there should be a class rival/friend for the loli with a super super shiny forehead and we just put shine marks alllll over that bitch whenever she's on screen and just never talk about it
The atmosphere of the show would be built around suspense, drama, and the weight of the decisions made by the detective and the cop. The viewer connects to certain aspects of both MCs and is really in their corner. The viewer is heart broke every time they get close, yet fail.
sounds like spirit circle, but without the spirit energy and reincarnation bullshit. It might be cool.
Go away Flip, you give us shame.
The person he meets is the missing girl. At least thats what he thinks at first. But it turns out its the twinsister of her. Since the policemen talked with her parents she had the same informations as MC and wanted to take a look at the spot where her sister was sawn. (It is a park, a old women that lives in the house next to the twins [she also babysitted often when the twins where young] saw her sitting on a bank with someone she couldnt recognize since that person was whearing 'cloak'-like cloathes. She took her dog for a walk passed the girl said hello and went her usuall route with her dog back home. ) MC and twinsister share informations. It got pretty dark meanwhile. She tells him that her twinsister wanted to meet someone she chatted with and seemed really nice. After talking for a while they hear a rustle in the bushes. Twinsister panics a bit and tells mc to go into the bushes and take a look. Truthteller mc tells her that hes going to piss his pants. But goes for it anyways. Mc gets closer, rustle again. A cat jumps out of the bush. MC screams, Twinsister screams, they look into each others eyes and scream. A policemen runs over holding a gun in his hand and asks if everything is fine. They explane the situation and the policemen tells the that since the incident of the missing girl police sends patrols to the park. They all leave together. As the mc leaves the screen we hear a rustle in the bushes again and a cloaked person steps out of them. The cat comes back. He bows down and pets the cat saying: "Thank you , my friend" "Outromusic-Cliffhanger"

>we already lost 50% viewers cause we dont have enough tits, nooo
>axe incomeing soon

that sounds fukin retarded m8
After waking up from a thousand year slumber, MC-kun finds that he has no recollection of his past self. He meets a big chested bimbo who, in a misunderstanding, shows him her panties. From this vague connection, the two travel together to find the true meaning of YAY and to witness the true meaning of their lives. But, while exploring uninhabited lands, the duo faces a magical orb, one orb of a group of orbs that has been scattered all across the earth. They learn that in order to understand their YAY, they must collect these seven magical orbs to truly understand the lengths in which their demon magic can be unleashed. Through their adventures, the two learn more about each other and find two other friends who are willing to find these orbs as well. With finding their fourth partner, the MC also finds out that the big chested bimbo was sent to assassinate him, but since she's incompetent, she chose her mind because of her new found love for MC-kun. After achieving past daunting quests and further expectations of more adventures, MC-kun reciprocates her love and regains his YAY from the lovemaking. They find the last magical orb with their YAY and fight the final boss battle to save the world.

This is the biggest block of autism I've ever written.
Anime Narnia adaptation.

Where's my money?
Five Star Stories 8 episode OVA with unicorn budget
alright boys tell me if this is shit or not

The first episode begins with god/a godlike person needing to select a successor, and chooses to hold a game in order to chose which mortal out of a small group he picked out will succeed him (in something obviously meant to be like mirai nikki). All the potential successors, under direction from the god, agree to meet up in some warehouse for a meeting before the competition begins, and their generic personalities are all showcased, from CRAAAAAZZYYY guy to the typical edgelord. However, one of them isn't there. When they bring this up, the entire warehouse explodes, brutally killing everyone inside.Then, walking into the wreckage of the warehouse, enters a self-absorbed engineer character who states that he just won the competition and should now be god. The god, who was overseeing it, is initially mad but is eventually swayed by the engineer's ambition and craftiness. He makes the engineer god, and gives him his heavenly realm along with some angelic servants. It's revealed not to much later that he's actually a shitty engineer and only knew how to make a bomb by looking it up on the internet.

The series would be fairly episodic and comedy based, and episodes would consist of him fucking around with the mortal world, helping solve problems if he feels like it, etc. The angelic servants who he initially treats like trash (and who gladly hate him in return but are forced to serve him) slowly grow closer to him, and he eventually becomes friends with them. However, most episodes would still consist of the engineer just being a pretentious douchebag and fucking with the mortal world for his amusement, such as temporarily gifting someone super powers, coming down to Earth and winning assloads of competitions he couldn't normally win, giving people visions and making them appear crazy, etc. Naturally the angels would try to make him form more of a conscience, and try wearing down his superiority complex. Waifus included.
girls being nice to each other and being mean sometimes they all kind of like one guy but he's a meme
one of the girls is short and cute one of the girls is tall and busty one of the girls is in the middle

With proper writing (make the characters genuine with real personalities) and a good animation studio, you could make a masterpiece

wow I thought it was gonna be like Mirai Nikki 2 and it turned out to be a really good comedy idea

nice job senpai

can somebody give mine >>155461374
>>155461548 a quick review for constructive criticism's sake? just what you like or don't like, or if you think it's boring and why
In an alternate timeline, humanity's been locked in a conflict against an unknown extraterrestrial force between the years 1969 to 2012, with the conflict in question beginning through first contact during the moon landing. The war itself had been relatively underwhelming, with humanity being the defenders and alien attacks only occurring in small waves once or twice every decade and leaving barely any casualties.

This pseudo-cold war had a massive impact on media and culture, especially in Japan where anti-alien themed sci-fi manga and anime has dominated for decades.
The main character's a fearful, all bark no bite, moe middleschool girl pretending to be brave, who belongs to a specialized class that's being taught how to fight and dispatch the alien menace. She's accompanied by seven other moeblob students and a busty titfu cake teacher.
After a bunch of comedic SoL school-life episodes, character building and lighthearted alien shenanigans, the true purpose of the class MC's in is revealed. A breakthrough in rocket science from reverse engineering alien technology allows for the capability to travel hundreds of lightyears within seconds. This means that the MC and her class can be sent to the alien world and bring the war to the aliens, and all of the students are enthusiastic to go, except for her who's merely pretending to be.
They arrive to the alium homeworld and it turns into madness, darkness and despair,
while making comedic jabs at deconstructions and making fun of the tropes that make up the grimdark moe trend.
Just adapt the first book on the timeline as an 80s OVA.
The other books are fucking garbage.
>mystery story
>without an actual killer
Sounds like a disaster waiting to happen, to be honest.
guy is depressed and fed up with life, joins the army, does his time, goes on a journey to "find himself" and find some purpose to the world, meets shady individuals and some overly friendly tourists and hosts, keeps remembering his highschool sweetheart, find out she's in some trouble with her family or something and goes to save her, she wants to come with him on his travels and he reluctantly says yes, end up falling in love and season finale is them getting married in some foreign country far from their parents and old lives

yeah its stupid
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i'd watch it
Let's spice things up. What studio would you want animating your anime? What director? Who is composing your music? Who are the seiyuu that will voice your characters? How many episodes?
So Muv-Luv plus Alien Nine. Wow desu ne.
A boy falls in love with a girl. He is able to confess and is delighted when she says she likes him too. They arrange to go on a date. They meet up, and despite his attempt to get there first, he sees her waiting for him. He waves, then she waves back. However, as he approaches, a Japanese truck jumps the curb and kills him right in front of her eyes. The MC then wakes up in a strange room with a weird ferret creature. The ferret tells him that he's dead, but Death took pity on him for dying so idiotically in front of his girlfriend on their first date, and has given him the option to return to life, however, it's conditional. The MC agrees, though the ferret doesn't tell him what the condition is. The MC returns to life the moment before he confesses to the girl. Happy to have this second chance, he confesses again. However, this time the girl rejects the MC, calling him a pervert. Confused, the MC turns to go home. On the way he sees his reflection in a store window, and sees a cute girl. The ferret pops up and tells the MC that the condition for coming back to life is to become a magical girl. Further the MC is told that the truck was not a normal truck, but was possessed by an evil spirit. Once the MC defeats 12 evil spirits, she can return to being a guy.
A guy from the year 2078 dies in a mech battle and gets isekei'd to a generic high-fantasy medieval technology Dragon Quest-clone world, with his mech. Hilarity ensues as he singlehandedly makes the world his bitch and gains a harem. But everybody thinks HE'S the mech and he knows he'll lose all of his fame and valour if he reveals he's a normal human being inside, so he has to plan carefully when and where he can leave and hide his mech so he doesn't get discovered..
>You can't post your idea unless you review someone else's idea first
Fuck that noise.

12 episodes of cute girls kissing and cuddling under sheets.

>it's an awesome show with highly generic elements where the MC can't interact with anyone!
Sounds like massive yuri-bait, but would undoubtedly be somewhat successful
He interacts with them in his mech and the people think he's some massive magical knight. Also when he's outside of his mech and pretends to be a completely different person.
I'd watch.
thumb wrestling sports anime with ladies

so is the only gimmick that he has to sneak in and out?

also isn't this basically just superman?
This has promise, i'd give it a try.
Main girl is straight as fuck though.
Would watch if all 12 evil spirits are also trucks.
As in (s)he adjusts to being female, or as in (s)he still believes himself a male and does not interact in his new form?
A comedy/adventure where a qt otaku school girl social outcast dies in a semi-hilarious nonconventional fashion and gets ISEKAI'd. She wakes up around greenery and starts freaking out with excitement thinking she's been transported to a generic fantasy world and that she can manipulate her way into becoming the fantasy princess she's always dreamed of being. In actuality, she just woke up in an oasis, and it turns out she's been whisked away to your trope-filled, generic shonen manime desert wasteland full of macho martial artists, gunslingers, oddballs, warlords, biker gangs, and assorted eccentric nutjobs, and it turns out women are a very rare commodity reserved for leaders and the upper-class, thus she's constantly on the run from perverts who want to have their way with her, and people who want to turn her in for a lifetime of riches.

Luckily for her, after days of wandering, she encounters the seemingly boy of her dreams, a mysterious, gun-toting prince charming around her age riding a dune buggy. Unluckily for her, he's a delusional chuuni nutjob that kidnaps her and vows to protect her from the dangers of the desert, declaring her as his noble maiden, and that he's going to bring her to his humble abode (which doesn't exist) to shield her from outside dangers

The rest of the plot just consists of their nonsensical, aimless adventures through the desert and encounters with the various eccentric denizens, and it turns out the boy's all talk and just carries a gun for show and he's a hilariously bad shot who gets comically wrecked in every single episode.

The twist is that the boy's also been isekai'd without knowing it, and has a convoluted, embarassing, and silly backstory involving memory loss.
No, there'd be some variety. The last evil spirit is possessing the MC's male body. MC needs to beat this spirit to regain that form.
Main girl as in the MC's love interest.
The other thread not even dead yet you fag.
A Japanese government official decided to take justice into his own hands by killing the ever-present menace that plagues the great honorable nation of Nippon; Otakus/Neets. Equipped with only a self-made katana folded 1-million times he hunts the blight of the world. During one of his hits, he finds a young mother who was trapped on supporting her useless neet child, who is now dead and falls in love with her. Years pass as every disgusting neet and otaku is almost killed off, but then something strange happens! The remaining neet/otakus start getting organized into a military force that takes over half of Nippon using smuggled weapons and improvised robot assassins. Now morally defeated that he was not able to prevent this the government official gets depressed until one day he receives a message that his milf girlfriend was kidnapped by the neet commander. For the final act, the government official gathers whatever force he can to take down the neet/otaku stronghold. As he goes through ever floor taking out all high ranking neet/otaku commander he gets closer to his final goal. When he finally reaches it he is faced with the real reason why he even began this crusade. The neet/otaku commander was his own twin brother! They end up fighting while the stronghold self-destructs. But when the final blow was struck he opened up a portal in time and flung him into the future where otaku/neet culture is law! Now the fool seeks to return to the future and undo the evil that otaku/neet culture!
In effect- MC is the heir of a rather large yakuza faction, and his father has moved him from public middle school to a prestigious private school that is close to home. MC learns that the school houses all sorts of important people- sons and daughters of businesspeople, criminal leaders, politicians, at least 1 foreign dictator, etc. Series would be season by season of yearly hijinks and watching as MC becomes a ruthless man capable of leading the faction while adjusting to the "real world" by becoming more cunning and dangerous than those around him- he 'must' lose people from his "family" (like gangsters he grew up with/by) apexing in one of his father-figure bodyguards dying from complications after rampaging across the city to find & rescue the lad.

Should have romance, but should be lightly done and not have an obvious end waifu from the start. Waifu should in some respect be done as part power play and part actual romance.

Bonus points for accurate criminal details, a triad heir rival who MC eventually has killed, and MC gitting gud at politicking and impressing his distant father. Undertones of honor, duty, and manhood abound. Also, more illicit/illegal guns and after his sophomore year flashbacks of lessons the MC is now realizing the meaning of from childhood.
Alright faggots I'm taking this hard mode by making a shonen:

2 years have passed since the invasion of planet earth begun, lead by demons from some different dimension and shit (they use magik and shit). Humanity is almost largely wiped out, but den dere is hobe because some half-demon half-human was born in the hands of some of the last remaining survivors. Remaining humans sneak him to a demon portal and chuck him in there. Timeskip to him in deminworldd xdd shunned by demins n shieeet until some good goy takes him in and he learns his past. Cut to him having flashbacks about seeing his beoble killed n shieeet and he gets angry. He trains with the person who took him in until he gets strong enough to set off on his own and take down the demon king, and get back the staff of resurrection to bring back humanity. He has powers n shieet and meets people who join him too.
Alright give me a second.

A long time ago, two different worlds existed. The Mortal World which is everything physical and the Spirit World which is everything supernatural and post-death.

Both worlds used to be linked together and both sides were ruled by two different monarchs. (Spirits: Spirit King, Mortals: Old Queen of Yore) The Spirit King just wanted the Spirit World existing and waged a genocidal campaign against the Mortals and tried to make the Spirit World take over the Mortal World. The war lasted for several decades as Soul Magic was crafted to fight against Spirits and it came to an end when the Old Queen of Yore managed to seal the Spirit King and Spirit World away from the Mortal World, never to let them interact again.

Time passed, Soul Magic became a limited art to only a few people as technology advanced to match our 1910s. Spirits have begun to re-enter the world in small rifts and cause chaos in the world. A cult lead by a masked man known as The Heirophant has risen to popularity as they vanquish evil Spirits and attempts to restart the war against the Spirits.

While this is going on a young Soul Mage (female) summons forth the Spirit King in order to slay/capture him to bring the events to a quicker end. Her summoning works, but instead of getting a described genocidal Spirit King she gets a young boy whose memories were partially wiped because of his summoning to the Mortal World (As he was brute forced instead of going through a proper rip), but claims to be the Spirit King.

The Mage fails to kill the boy as he reveals he is clueless on a war between Spirits and Mortals and they embark on a quest to put an end to the Spirits popping in and out of the Mortal World by returning him to his throne in the Spirit World going on a fantasy adventure with episodic things and acquiring new allies + learning Mortals and Spirits can live together.
In the finale its revealed The Heirophant is actually the Spirit King and he wanted to use Soul Magic + Modern Technology to create a rift big enough for the Spirits to reinvade the Mortal World.

The young boy MC is nothing more than a fragment of himself, he left behind in the Spirit World to do duties while he was gone. The summoning forced the fragment to create its own identity and sense of self.
but with cute girls (with boob pride)
>filthy otaku dies of a heart attack at 15 somehow
>heaven is fucking baffled because the kid wasn't scheduled to die until much later on in life
>because of his decadent slothful lifestyle he is about the be sentenced to hell
>he grovels like a pathetic piece of shit and is so pathetic God actually takes pity on his soul and gives him a chance to redeem himself
>it turns out his female childhood friend is going through a tough patch in her life and is severely depressed
>he had no idea she was suffering from depression because he's a self centered piece of shit
>God allows him to be her guardian angel as a test, if he can fix her life, he will give him a second chance at life, if he fails he goes straight to hell
>protag must now use the power of divine intervention to guide his friend to happiness
>but things get really complicated when he realizes he's in love with her
Very large and complex dungeons serve as kingdoms and breeding grounds for unspeakable and horrific Monsters.

A 30 year old farmer's, (24 year old - childhood friend) wife is one day kidnapped by an Archlich who wandered out of a dungeon because she reminded him of his beloved from 1000 years ago.

Unable to accept the loss of his wife. The farmer begins the life of diving into the dungeon the Lich emerged from, autistically killing Monsters he encounters/finding different ways to kill them, taking on quests from Monsters/assisting other dungeon divers to rescue his love.

You also get parts showing the wife trying to figure out Monster society and lore of the dungeon with the Old Lich trying to romance her and telling her about his past.
A high school girl is super popular with both boys and girls. Everyone loves her, she's got the best grades, and is good at sports. However, she's secretly a massive fujoshi and draws BL doujins featuring characters based on boys from her class. An otaku girl from her school discovers her secret and blackmails her into drawing a doujin with a MC based on her with a reverse harem of all the popular boys. Doujin becomes a huge success online. MC is offered a slot in a major manga anthology. Blackmailer gets jelly as fuck. MC doesn't want the attention for this "hetshit" and wants to go back to making BL doujins, but blackmailer says if she quits making this she'll tell everyone about her BL.
Cute rockstars actually fucking playing guitar and not sitting around eating cake.
A series about a guy that falls in love with a very shy and autistic girl, that turns out to be the unknown writer of the songs of an idol group. Through this guy we would be introduced to the world behind idol groups, at least a group of very weird composers, all fans of different kinds of music and trying to get it into their songs, a producer that seems like a giant pervert asshole but eventually we learn he has a lot of shit to deal on his house, and the idol themselves, absorbed by the characters to the point of craziness, some of them are nice but reppressed and other are total assholes. The series ends up with the cutest one killing herself after she's found out with a boyfriend.

Superman, but instead of being an alien guy, he's a powered suit of armor piloted by a manlet.

Why don't you give it a proper ending? Are you writing it for Gainax?
File: _.jpg (56KB, 1280x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
56KB, 1280x720px
Behold, my original anime plot.

MC stranded in the world that looks just like normal world, except that his older sister doesn't recognize him and she's currently in the same age as the MC while being a huge brocon to her (and MC's) older brother.

It's a psychological thriller.
MC's actually in a coma, and that world is actually inside the MC's mind. He got into that situation because the acumulate jealousy he had towards the older brother, which always flirting with MC's older sister. But he lashed out to the older sister instead because deep down he knew she's in love with her own older brother. Older sister got dejected and she didn't paid any attention to the road when the "surprise car" arrived, MC saved her but got into coma.
Stop with the moe shonen shit.

Here's my anime. Name will be: Saurus

During a school trip in an archeological museum three kids decide to play a joke on the only strange kid in the class, which happens to be a schizo.
A huge t-rex skull will fall on his head and he will be in a coma until he's 20.
When he wakes up he won't perceive real world as real, but just as the world he perceived during the coma.
He will end up raping the nurse as soon as he wakes up, kill his relatives, and live three days of his life as a person without any concern would before getting a tragic death
Dude wtf. I just wrote something with coma in it.Saurus is better though, yours would be an incest doujin with a plot
Kotatsu kun he's warm it's cold his classmates pile on top of him and all the girls want to marry him.
another random isekaishit
>yours would be an incest doujin with a plot
Yes, but that's not my main intention. I want to convey a message that incest is not a good thing in a long term and you need to learn to let it go.

Besides my post came first, you could've been the one who copied me with something in coma. Who knows.
Not bad
Yes, actually. Glad I hit my mark.
A fighting shonen based on famous strategists. It will take examples of battles from real history and adapt them with the characters as stand ins for famous military leaders, screaming the name of their tactics and generally acting as shonen characters but staying as faithful as possible to actual history.

MC would be from China, and there would be another anachronistic characters: the Rival would be based on medieval European generals, the first serious enemy based on the Roman Empire, a sensei-like character based on Hannibal, and a lot of barbaric tribes that would be eventually united under the final big bad, a stand in for Genghis Khan.

Maybe you're both in a coma. Or you're the same person. In a coma.
Wow they ignored this anon, i would totally read this. Kinda sounds like Liar Game
Would watch these desu

MC is a "teenage" white blood cell attending a training academy for the body's immune system. With him is the average gaggle of friends (moeblob, lardass, shota nerd, and tsundere) and all five each represent a type of WBC.
Episodes would dip between arcs (i.e fighting off a parasite, sports festival, etc.) + normal school life. The overarching event is a traitor in the midst slowly killing off the students and faculty. it's HIV
Well hey. Coma is just an excuse for the trippy part. I could have used drugs, diseases or something else

I genuinely like this. It reminds me of that cartoon with the white cell and the pill as police partners, which kinda sucked, but the concept was great. How did the person they live on get HIV?


Sounds like something that came from /pol, anime is not suited for things as complex as that
aliens come to planet earth just to laugh at us MC gives them the dick
It's OK my famalam, would be better if the MC has no knowledge or whatever in /pol/ and decide to learn from scratches when he got accepted because he thinks it's kinda fun.
File: 1491261793139.jpg (214KB, 460x705px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
214KB, 460x705px
Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)
The MC is a hardworking student who grew up taking care of his sick mother and his little brother and sister. His classmates admire him and his girlfriend who used to be a turbo bitch turned dere for him. If left alone, MC would be a great example of how hardships can be overcome with hard work.
One of MC's classmates, glasses-kun, uses black magic to teleport his entire class to another world. Glasses-kun had a crush on MC's girlfriend since they were kids but never had the courage to confess. His plan was to restart his life with her and become a shitty Kirito knock-off.
MC is late for class so he’s not part of the initial teleportation. To go to another world, glasses-kun must sacrifice his classmates to a dark deity of the other world. They are all stored in the deity’s belly where they will all die in 24 hours.
When Glasses-kun teleport themselves into the new world, MC rides in through the portal with a motorcycle he found to save his girlfriend.
Since every second outside the portal is a year inside it, the ten seconds the MC spends outside longer than Glasses-kun causes him to go the new world ten years later.
Glasses-kun has become the dark lord while MC's girlfriend is his wife. MC has no experience with isekai's plots. He only played FFIV and half of a Dragon Quest Game he lost as a kid. Most of his experience in gaming is in FPS and sports games. He uses his motorcycle and a frying pan and rides through the continent, eventually hearing the prophecy of the chosen one. To save his girlfriend, save the inhabitants of the new world from glasses-kun reign and to return home to make dinner for his family. MC will fulfill the prophecy of the chosen one and save everyone!

Except the chosen one is a cute girl he meets on his journey. She has long hair and a pet griffin that speaks backwards. What it says doesn't mean anything though.
The Main Character is a lazy nameless NEET who dies after getting mugged.

The MC NEET then wakes up in the middle of Tokyo in a hub-like area with other people who fade-in and out as they leave the area.

A woman tells the MC that they have died and brought to Crux of Death. If they wish to have a second chance of life they are to make it from the center of tokyo fighting their way through hordes of Demons willing to test them, and climb to the highest tower where a powerful object capable of granting their wish lays along with the Demon Lord.

If the NEET refuses to do the challenge of slaying Demons and obtaining the wish granting object, they will cease to exist eventually. The NEET is capable of dying to Demons, but upon so grows weaker and will just respond in the last hub area they rested at.. Quitting to get to the Demon Lord and obtain the wish granting objects will have the MC lose his memories slowly and go insane before fading from existence.

Basically modern Dark Souls set in Japan.
I literally didn't see a point that MC have to be a lazy NEET. I mean if you want to make it a lazy NEET the main character would probably avoid death and just lazying around in the safe place.
You're thinking about Osmosis Jones, and yeah that was the main influence behind the pitch, but I wanted a more action-based approach rather than a simple buddy cop comedy. I would rather leave that up to the viewer's imagination, though it was most likely unprotected sex. Wrap it before you slap it, kids.
Is the point of these thread to make a clone of an already existing anime?
Because it is a trend in Nippon to get things published you need NEET MC for money.
MC is three cute loli in a trench coat they work three jobs, in the morning they're a kindergarten teacher, in the middle of the day they're a salary man and at night they work as a bartender. The anime is about loli working together to do jobs they shouldn't be able to handle to pay off some debt their parents accumulated.They all meet one day in the dark side of the park depressed wondering how loli can pay off debt and come up with the plan to stack up wear a trench coat and work a lot to pay the debt off the right way.
>dream anime

I have an episode list.

00. "Prologue" OVA
01. "The Girl Below the Twelve Storeys"
02. "The Russian Lady of the Mansion"
03. "Asakusa Tales"
04. "Electric Girl Versus Tank Corps"
05. "From Beyond the Screen"
06. "In the Corner of the Triangular Second Floor"
07. "The Black Cat of the Twelve-Floor Pagoda"
08. "Devil"
09. "Sky"
10. "Parting"
11. "The Nightmare Which Does Not Continue"
12. "Meeting"
File: Senpai.png (562KB, 650x650px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
562KB, 650x650px
Death Hero

The MC is a Japanese businessman who isn't getting anywhere in their career, lonely, and lives in a small apartment with a bitch of a landlord. The only good thing they got going for them is their Christmas cake next door neighbor who hangs out with him and brings food, seeing the MC as a little brother.

Unable to continue with his life, the MC attempts suicide, but upon hanging himself he found himself unable to die. MC is then visited by Death who has gotten sick of people like him wasting his time, and as punishment summoned 8 beasts based on humanities sins who have begun to create horror and chaos within the city the MC lives in, one of the beasts takes a special interest in the MCs next door neighbor.

Now in order for the MC to properly suicide and die, the MC who has been blessed with true immortality by Death itself will have to investigate the activities of humanities 8 Sins as they drive people in the city into madness along with the lives of other depressed people like him, who he just happens to help along the way.
A stoty about a boy who grows up thinking he was the least special person in the entire world. He with his childhood friend who is given the highest rank for her special power will live a school life in a school that teach people with special powers to better themselves for the sake of the world.

Episode list:
1: The god amongst us
2: The widening gap
3: School for the cool
4: Unknown power
5: The abyss watch us
6: Popularity for the normality
7: Increasing legend
8: Out of line
9: Warning
10: Invasion
11: Sacrifice
12: Heaven or Hell
13: God is dead

Edgelord MC who's power level is over 9000 must protect token loli for evil Government...corporation....group that wants her for her mystical powers that will make the world bend to their will.
>MC is an otaku NEET loser
>he is obsessed with this one battle harem show
>he likes this one girl who he dubs as the best girl
>and he absolutely despises this one girl who he calls the worst
>he shitposts about how much he hates her on 2ch all day
>one day he somehow wakes up in this shows universe with a battle academy invite in his hand
>it's the first episode
>knowing the show inside out, he makes it to the battle academy to enroll
>to his horror, everybody in the harem ignores/hates him since they all wants the harem MC's dick
>everybody except the worst girl
>"You can't post your idea unless you review someone else's idea first"
>46th IP
nice try hotshot
Posted from the other threads, what studio would be best for this? I've thought about writing this as a novel.

A century ago the world descended into chaos due to a necromancer raising the dead. As time went on societies began to flourish as they learned to live alongside the undead, treating them as nothing more than a pest problem rather than the undead horror they are supposed to be. Rumours still persist that the necromancer, however is still alive, there is also a rumour that anyone who kills the necromancer will be rewarded with riches, fame,women and anything imaginable. Along with the undead, Mutagens also arose alongside them, people who displayed unusual telepathic abilities but they are considered nothing more than a long forgotten myth. A traveling apprentice mage discovers one day a strange young girl who has the ability to control insects with her mind, hoping to make her ability stronger the mage decides to train her in hopes of turning the tide against the undead by having her control one of them so they can find out where the mage is if they probe a zombie's mind. Teaming up with a thief and her champion, which is actually a giant robot people mistake for a knight. They set off to achieve fame by killing the necromancer.
File: 1464947513767.webm (90KB, 422x322px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
90KB, 422x322px
Fine then, I'll go to the other write a plot thread.
The anime is set up as a harem initially. The MC is changing in a room when one of the girls walks in on him changing.

So he thinks he'll joke around and punch her as girls in anime do to a male MC. Except he smacks the shit out of her with blood everywhere and all the other girls call the police.

He gets sent to prison and now it becomes a prison break anime.
Everyone is gay and there are no males.
sounds pretty neat desu, i'd watch
Your explanation is a bit too small. Make a better one.
steampunk Victoria era animu

MC is a cute tomboy does cute things bad guys want her clockwork gizmo but she ain't having that stuff happens bad guys corner the qt3.14 lewd happens.
File: DQ - Jack.png (234KB, 840x708px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
DQ - Jack.png
234KB, 840x708px
A harem show about Three MCs and their respective harem of girls, they become best bros over the time and discuss the experience they have between them and which girl is best girl in their respective harem and with whom they should fall in love.

The point is the girls in their harem each one has an speciality that none other has, example, one girl in the harem of MC#1 has an outstanding knowledge of language no other girl has, girl in MC#2 has detective abilities and thus would be this way without abilities repetition, from time to time one of the guys would need help in something and other of the guys would offer his help with one of the girls in the helping MC harem tagging along with them.

Having from time to time episodes with at least one girl doing something and having the focus, this would help in development of the characters, also would cause some discussion between the guys because seeing the girls and their talents make them change of opinion about whose girl should the MCs pick.

This would also come with episodes where the girls thing the MCs are in some BL stuff for shit an giggles.

At the end MC#1 stays with Swimming club president, MC#2 stays with 27 years old Widow Nurse and MC#3 stays with the Yamato Nadeshiko girl.

And that's all.
Battle harem where the MC is a virgin and his powers increase by how long he stays celibate for. Rival factions try to get him to join their side while other factions try to depower him by seducing him.
This reads like once he finds his wife she doesn't recognize him making him get aggravated thinking its some sort of brainwash and attacking the Lich who dies protecting the wife. She then ends up running from him fearing for her life.

Have I become the monster?

Why wouldn't he want to fade out of existence?

You know, as bad as it is, I kinda like that Dragon Maid has a working mc.
Sounds kinda like My Balls.

Fund it.
Because you can't be a NEET if you don't exist .

It could be the next To Love Ru or High School DxD
>It could be the next To Love Ru or High School DxD

Defund it.
A high school boy has a harem of girls who will do anything to get his dick, literally. He has a magic dick that can be removed by a girl. While it's removed, the MC slowly transforms to become more feminine. This immediately reverses when the dick is reattached. The girl who takes it can use it for a variety of things. One girl wishes to take the dick and attach it to herself to become a guy. Another one is a member of the baseball club and wants to use the dick as a bat that will allow her to always hit home runs. Another wishes to use the dick as the world's greatest dildo. Another wants it to serve as a USB drive with infinite storage. Anything a girl imagines she can use this dick for. Naturally the MC is reluctant to hand over his dick, and fears he may end up stuck as a girl if he transforms completely. He must defend his manhood every day.
But this is already a doujin anon
>write an anime for the Genre you hate the most
>it's Yaoi

>alpha delinquent only fights other delinquents
>likes to pretend he's the savior of his school
>everyone is terrified of him though
>one day he legitimately risks his life to save the life of the top of the class honor student
>treats it like a normal day
>afterward he starts getting stalked by honor student
>honor student is full on yandere
>delinquent can't beat him up because it breaks his code of protecting the innocents
I feel like a faggot just writing this
Write more faggot
More? Of the same thing?

>Story of school biggest delinquent and schools biggest nerd
>Delinquent is actually a big softy when it comes down to it
>Nerd is complete opposite
>Delinquent is the submissive one
>Nerd is the dominant one
>starts off like a silly comedy, nerd stalking and chasing delinquent
>insert love tropes
I don't wanna do this anymore. I'm gonna go lift something big, or work out. 2gay4me

Thank you, you've given an interesting direction to take this guy's development in
Just a few hours before the king of an empire is about to crown a new heir to the thrown, amongst a selection of four princes who are in charge of their own province in the empire, he is assassinated.

The empire is on the verge of crumbling as it deals with the prominant rebel alliance and the four provinces teetering on the edge of civil war to claim the throne.

The world is set in a fantasy medieval like time, with many differenct locations, monsters, factions, and characters. A magic system is in place through the use of elements, and through the use of combining them. Fire, water, wind, earth, light, and dark. Each element has a single altar, and harnassing the power of an element first requires a vessel to store it.

The story will be split into 4 series, with each taking place during the same timeline, but through the point of view of each province and their unique characters and motives.
Get psychologically struggling individuals and put them in giant robots
MC is a math teacher from a pretty well-known academy. Due to this, he has to hide the fact that he is part of an all-male cosplay circle famous for their spot on portrayal of various female characters from games and anime. One day while MC is grading some tests, he gets a text asking to "Meet at the back of the gym" along with a photo of MC posing as a vocaloid. Worried MC rushes to the gym only to be confronted by a bunch of his students. Asking where they got the photo from the lead student merely hands over more photos of MC dressed as various anime characters doing cute poses. The lead student tells MC he found the photos from a blog site and that there are more of those saved in his PC. Visibly shaken MC asks them what they want. The students all give eachother knowing looks and demand that MC follow their orders lest he wishes to have his secret exposed to the entire school thereby ending his teaching career. Unable to think of other options MC begrudgingly agrees. With this MC has to perform "favors" for his students dressed as whatever character they demand to keep his teaching job safe and his secret locked up.

Well there you have it. Clearly needs a lot more work, but I can see this be the plot of some hentai.
>Hard mode engaged
>Horror anime

Here goes nothing...
>MC is a reporter in the middle east or some shit
>Investigating a mercenary group that leaves no trace, and any direct witnesses that talk about it's existence "disappear"
>Goes to interview a family that has apparently seen this mercenary group in action
>Opens the door
>Entire family has been slaughtered except for a child that hid under the floorboards
>Mercenary group sees MC flee just as they were about to "clean up"
>Entire series involves running away from the mercenaries as they rush to silence him for good

It'll be super edgy and gory, with lots of gunfights and civilian casualties. MC will fight for their life trying to get the story published while trying to prove that it's all real.
A perfect anime should have:
-Gender Bender
-Time manipulation or time travels
-Some OP characters
-Jojo references
-manly tears
-Battles based in strategy
-epic deaths without resurrection
-Plot Twists
-Non forced drama or filler
-more gender bender
And that just for season 1
How does MC know about the mercenaries if they kill anyone who so much as hears about them.
File: eddy.jpg (36KB, 460x306px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
36KB, 460x306px
Isekai trap harem with fully animated sex scenes.
>Gender bender
>Time travels
>No resurrection
>Non-forced drama
>More gender bender

You're giving me mixed signals anon.
>Trap harem
2 traps maximum for any work of fiction anon, otherwise it just devolves into degeneracy
I don't want anything fancy. I'll take a Hero Battle Shounen with Good Music. Emphasis on good music.
Maybe a mix of Super Heroes (Hero Academia) and Ninjas (Naruto), because they're the only two Shounen I like. I know, embarrassing.

Music will be a mix of F-Zero X
Naruto Mix of Japanese Folk and 90's Rock
And Hero Academia ultimate Hero type music

Basically ultimate hype hero shit.
that's the essence of cool animes
That has to be the most unrealistic thing I've read in these threads. Would probably work better as satire than a thriller.

Hard Mode: Romance

A guy approaching his 30s has seen no luck in love after years of taking shots in the dating game. Every girlfriend he's had has left him after they saw his failure to show any real passion for them. He's done right by them on all accounts except for genuine affection so eventually the women in his life put a stop on their relationships since they couldn't see a happy ending when he never be more than a caretaker to them.

On one lonesome night of aimless wandering he finds himself in front of a shrine. He solemnly makes his wish and pleads "Please let me find someone I could come to love". Naturally, no answer comes to him.

"Guess even the gods won't be there for me."

He resigns himself to more nights like this and turns around but see someone standing in his way. It a young girl, obviously cold and hungry and in a dirty, tattered clothes. She stands just several steps down from him and looks desperately up at him for an answer herself.

"Then let me be there for you. I'll be anyone you want me to be. Just make me feel loved."

I call this one "Finding a Way".
If he kills bland Harem MC I'm okay with it.
Depressed NEET MC decided to take back control of his life, so he joins a doomsday cult.
Superhero comedy where main character is a villaness who is yandere for the hero and makes big schemes to get his attention.

There's also a secondary focus on her 3 minions: the big muscle, the mad genius and loli who is gay for ''senpai'' but never gets noticed her even if it's obvious.
A young orphan makes an unlikely friend while exploring. Soon, war breaks out and he is sent off to fight. He returns years later, decorated with a hero's reputation, but finds it hard to adjust and connect to people. With the help of an old friend, he slowly learns to settle down and make it work. War breaks out again. He doesn't return.
This ends with someone dying right anon?
Nah. Have a happy ending in mind for once. Basically goes down like so:

The guy is basically perfect on paper but he's so naturally good at everything that he barely has to try and it puts his lovers off by making them feel inadequate. The girl is a runaway highschool dropout from the boonies who came to the big city to a new start. She's smart so she knew that she was being scammed by her "recruiters" but her complicated family life left her entirely unloved and she just wanted to get away.

Girl's been living on the streets for a while now so the guy takes her in to help her get her life in order. He does his best to take care of her and she gives her it her all to be his ideal but their thoughtfulness towards each other just makes it awkward between them. He brings in his exes to help him understand what she's doing and to set up some opportunities for her but it's only after he starts doing so do they learn more about each other and start opening up and share their doubts about the nature of love.

Guy figures she'll eventually take off like the rest so he never aims to make her his, only to look out for her till she's ready to go. He grows fonder of her because of that without meaning to and her gratitude and feelings of inadequacy towards him makes her just go along with what he says is best for her instead of pushing him to really go for her.

The girl decides to settles things with her family after living with him help her grow and they both go together as friends. Her home proves to be as uncaring as ever and it pushes him to declare that if nobody there wants her in their family, he'll have her be part of his. The final act comes after that where he convinces her to be with him telling her that even if they're not sure now they'll definitely know what love is if they stay together. Cue happy final scene where they visit the shrine together and talk about a not so hypothetical future where they've fallen in love and are happy together.
what the fuck, really. It had so much potential.
Fat Albert except it's in Tokyo and they're all nips. Also, they pilot mecha.
Guy is a loser or something and then an android/angel/monstergirletc appears and has to live with him and then there are more of them and they all want his dick but he never fucks any of them and everybody seems to be scarred of sex for some reason even though they all want it. Also high school.
I don't think that's been done before.
This idea sort of just came up when I was watching a YouTube video about ASI(Artificial Super intelligence) I don't have the whole plot. Just good for the 2-3 episode (or introduction episode)

>mc is a scientists
>mankind just finished ASI
>everyone pussy out to switch it on
>mc just fuck it and switch it on
>ASI "wake up" saw mc face and everybody
>fall in love with mc
>make her own body
>and her own voice
>follow mc to his home
>mc slowly fall in love with her
That it I got

>mc died
>ASI offer immortality
>mc said no
>last word were "please help humanity mankind need your help. Jobs aside I love you." Or something like that
>carry out his last order
Last frame show picture the mc and ASI together.

I think it's a cool idea. It's kind of like haruhi suzumiya tho.
I'd watch
can we stop with the coma shit? Have any of you actually been in a coma? not a lot of shit is happening, there's not some weird sequence of dreams, it's essentially going to sleep with a hangover and waking up a chunk of time later, coma dreams aren't a real thing
no. stop it.

Having a dream when you're unconscious aren't a rare thing you know? And besides, stop with coma shit? There's only 2 post as far as I can see.

Why don't you complain more about NEET or Otaku MC, and traveled to another world instead?
File: IMG_1208.jpg (23KB, 250x186px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
23KB, 250x186px
>I Was Overthrown by a Chuuni Political Science Student (And My Rebellious Harem)!
Exactly what it says in the title. An "evil" (more decadent and boisterous than anything) overlord is overthrown by an isekai'd student and the overlord's own harem. Now destitute, he must seek asylum among his former-vassals-turned-rivals and retake the kingdom he worked so hard to conquer.
Meanwhile, the chuuni PS student attempts to modernize the kingdom like A Connecticut Yanke in King Arthur's Court. Unfortunately, the allure of the "royal harem" concept is hard to adapt to his modern (i.e. degenerate) way of thinking, especially when his new concubines turn out to be more important then he expected...
Pic-related hilarity ensues as both parties are put into situations way over their heads. Of course, eventually they'll have to decide who rules the kingdom, and there can be only one.
File: 538.jpg (63KB, 600x1189px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
63KB, 600x1189px
impressive, you managed to lose me in the 1st sentence
>write for genre you hate the most
fuck it let's see how far we can push this

>MC starts the series actually having a girlfriend in high school
>they don't have sex ever, gf is waiting til marriage but MC has uncontrollable libido
>MC was never friends with many boys, all his friends are girls
>the girls are all eternally moist for MC, always asking why he is with his gf when they could have any of them
>MC actually ends up cheating on his gf with one of these girls
>she finds out, and doesn't break up with him because she thinks its her fault for not satisfying him
>MC was actually the antagonist the entire time, and realizing that his gf will essentially let him get away with anything, he takes advantage of this
>viewer is constantly having to watch gf-chan's heart break with every episode as MC continuously fucks up, emotionally abusing her
>series ends with her telling MC that she never stopped loving him, but can't stand watching him do this anymore, and hangs herself the next day
File: 1454965389132.jpg (141KB, 1280x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
141KB, 1280x720px
The viewpoint character (in this case an evil overlord) lost his kingdom to a hyper-imaginative political science student and his royal harem. He now has to get his kingdom back. That's pretty much what the title says, sweetie.
Also in my defense, the coma thing aren't revealed until later. The point of having a coma is that having the MC to be closer to death. When people are nearing death there's a lot of potential that can be happening, one which is a flashback of your life and such.

The MC is reevaluating his life subconsciously because of that, deep inside his mind he knew there's something that can be done to solve the problem. A problem that he himself didn't realize, a problem that he himself trying to ignore.

A world of "what if"s. What if he doesn't have a sister, what if he isn't born in this world. Dream had a limitless potential, and you getting triggered over something like that over all the posts in this thread utterly confuse me.

Well at least I had an excuse to explain a bit of the story so I don't mind.
believe me I do, and I wasn't actually calling out those two posts personally, more the whole coma-dream trope in general and there were easy scapegoats. Don't get me wrong, NEET Otaku MCs and traveling to other worlds are still just as annoying
hell, i want to make a mahou shoujo show. I love magic , in general, and love mahou shoujo. ( i know, i am choosing casual mode )

Majokko Cybernetale

In 2045, humankind has reached what we are dreaming on : HCOAI ( high capability ouput AIs), mixing reality, VRs techs, drones and manufacture bots, with a lot of other techs. But when reaching the Third Industrial Revolution, human creates vast conflict over the world, milions lost their job, the rich-poor distance increase...But that is not the worst.

HCOAI somehow gained sentinence, they started to wonder about themselves in silence. Until humankind recognized that it was too late, wars abrupted. Human called it the " Overmind Incident "

Three years before that , a planewalker after messing with many realms, come to this world. As a mastermind she will find the way to corrupt and conquer the world from inside out.

After caming to notTokyo for 3 years and all of the language-finance-life struggle, she became a magical girls otaku. Also she has enough money in stock market to build a secret base in someplace no one knows

But it turns out, this world has nearly no magic, but not absolutely none. Magic now contains in human vessels, as something called hope and luck . But it is so volatile it will disappear after a time. The planwalker really needs magic to achieve her plan so she has to find human who could contains a large amount of magic.[ spoiler] So she makes contracts with a group of inviduals, all females

> Edgy 19 y-o high school supersmart coder, who works as a grey hat hackers

> A construction engineer with a younger imoto, have to takes care for her because parents were dead by car accident.

> A soldier comback from world's chain of conflicts

> A idol manager whose dream is being an true idol

> A hyperintelligence and hard-working doctor, works at a children hospital, working to find cures for extremely rare cancer.

An alien planet devolves into a battle between hard-facts scientists and spiritual ESPers
The scientists create a machine that detects an ESPer and creates an energy ghost that is a perfect match for it's ESPer, parallels it and seeks to destroy it

The machine comes to earth and human beliefs and brainwaves trigger the machine to start creating giant monsters that represent human beliefs and seek to destroy the humans who hold them
Glowing giants representing Ego, Faith, Fear of Death, Greed, etc.

MC's are edgy teens who go out with crazy future weapons to try to kill the monsters and they all try really hard to feel nothing so they don't trigger the machine but they're all actually really eccentric and fun but they have to consciously suppress it
Humanity is all really edgy and unfeeling so they don't trigger the machine

If you fall in love a humanoid monster that represents the feeling of your love comes to kill you and your crush

If the teens are out fighting and one of them gets really proud of their fighting a personalised monster shows up that night that represents battle pride

etc. etc.
what was the post? i didn't see it
They have to fight for her as mercenaries in order for her to grant their wishes. The contract is magical, ( also legal ) so she must do it. They must fight the bots in the Overmind Incident.

First they have to become magical girl via contracts ( very madoka, i know ) which grants them wishes. But different than madoka, there is a limit what a wish can do and can not do, and it can be signed repeatedly to extend the contract.To conduct casting spells and using magic weapon, the team must transform to magical girls powered by the power of love and the power of friendship becausethe mage after 2 years became a huge majokko otaku.Also they all return to their sixteen when transform

Unbeknownst to the mage when she isekai'd she forgot to put a "filter spell " on the gate . This makes the manifestation of her karma become as Etherial Beasts, they carried magic along to this world and became her enemies. So the magical girls must also fight them[ /spoiler]

> implying a lot of gun porn and techporn.

> The soldier can carry a tetrapods missiles launcher ,and can get herself a mobile weaponry, which she can get anything she wants.

> The egdy highschool graduate uses her magic to crossplatform and hack into anything with a chip. She needs time to conjures programs.

By times, the team get stronger and the bond between them get tighter

[ spoiler ] in the end karma bites the mage's butt. Somehow the mage changed. Became fond of this world, she no longer desire to wreck it havoc, and she want to have a peaceful place after all of these adventure she had. The final Etherial Beast in the 12 of them explain for the magical girls what she is planning, but it was no longer true, the team defeat the 12th Etherial Beast, but also leave her.

A group of Planehunters, hunting people like the mage, came to this world. Recognizing it has nearly no magic, they keep the gate open to harness mana. They were sent with the mission to fix anything the mage has messed with. Then they come to retrieve any miracle from the wishes the mage gave to her friends. In order to protect her friends'lives, she sacrifices her own life force, because she don't want to use others'miracles. The Hunters got servely injured,and escaped via the gate they still open, but the mage is incurable. She slowly dies in the arms of one of her friends

Depends on how community recept it, there may be an OVA or not.
Gonna do it for mine >>155458455
Director: Goro Taniguchi
Studio: Production IG
Composer: The guy who did the GuP soundtrack
Don't know enough about seiyu to tell you that part.
I'm thinking that this will have 24 episodes starting out.
>Episode 1-4
MC is hit by the truck and the WWI arc is started with him being born to a poor Irish family and growing up, making friends, romance with a childhood friend, etc. WWI breaks out and he enlists with his friends. Goes to the front and takes part in the race to the sea. Once the trenches are finished, him and his fellow soldiers are ordered to go over the top and take the German trench. They get mowed down by machine gun fire and MC wakes up.
>Episode 5-6
MC thinks that what happened was just a really detailed dream but realizes that he speaks fluent English and Irish now so it must be true. While dealing with having lived an entire new life, he also has to deal with his changed social life now that news of his deed has gotten out. Also the cute girl he saved is trying to get close to him.
An accident at school ends up with MC hitting his head and he is sent back in time once more. He's now in revolutionary France. Using the skills learned from his previous life as a WWI soldier, he manages to survive and eventually finds himself under the command of Napoleon. He becomes extremely loyal to the Emperor and the next few episodes are him fighting in the battles of the Napoleonic Wars, ending with him getting shot and dying at Waterloo. He wakes up in the nurse's room, freaking out the girl who was watching over him. About 10 minutes had passed in the present time.
File: 1489768485613.png (554KB, 722x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
554KB, 722x720px
>Right an anime
The eternal Demon King (female) has risen again and its up to look alikes to go out and rape her ass with their femenine dicks.

A 4chan production
MC is excelling at school, having already lived two lifetimes already. He is fluent in French, English, Irish and conversational in German, Spanish, etc. His rapid rise in academics haven't gone unnoticed and the school's resident geniuses and honors students are getting jealous. Being a soldier has also made exercising and being healthy second nature to him. The sports teams are trying to recruit him now and he's gotten some hot-blooded sports rivals. Overall, he's becoming more popular but the trauma of going through multiple wars, dying twice and seeing many friends die in front of him has left him a shell of what he was. He's drifting away from his fellow students. The girl he saved is determined to cheer him up. Stuff happens and before he knows it, he's back in time again.
MC is now in Imperial Japan and now his knowledge of the future is something personal. Does he or does he not help Japan win WW2 and avoid the nukes. He joins the Navy as a pilot and serves at many battles and after much agonizing and thinking, he decides that he doesn't have the right to alter history like that. He fights the doomed battle and after a time skip, the US is right outside Japan. His friend has volunteered for a kamikaze attack. He realizes that his friend is the grandfather of the girl at school and he hasn't had the girl's parents yet. He knocks out his friend and takes his place, sacrificing himself so his friend may live.
A transfer student from Ireland comes to MC's school. MC has to excuse himself from class because he almost started crying. The new girl's last name is the same as his childhood friend from his first life. MC gets closer to the new girl and finds out that her grandma is visiting. He meets her grandma and once they are alone, he tells her his secret and reunites with his old friend. He finds out what happens to his other friends and ties up those loose ends.
Where did I lost my only viewer? ;_;
The Irish girl accidentally knocks MC out and MC is now in America. He grows up in a poor town and falls in with drug sellers. He gets busted and is given a choice. Marines or jail. Deciding that he's already a good soldier, he would go with the marines. After training and meeting friends, he gets sent to Vietnam. He gets lost and meets a Vietnamese family who is in danger of getting killed. This story arc is him defending the family and leading them to safety. Of course it ends with his death and he wakes up in the present day with the worried Irish girl and her grandmother who figured out what just happened.
MC says he doesn't want to talk about it now and decides to go home. He decides to research all the people he had met on the internet to see what happened to them after he died. Basically just wrapping up the storylines that never got resolved when he was alive.He continues with his school life. I'm not creative enough to write out what happens at school so whatever. Eventually it's time for the class trip. This time, MC collapses in the middle of walking forcibly being sent back to the past, a big difference from how it usually happens. MC is now in a Viking village and something sinister related to the time travel being different than usual. Episode ends. S2 never.
Magical wrestling guys. Huge, ripped guys in revealing magical girl outfits wrestling in the squared circle, each with a unique wand. The main character's wand if a fucking folding chair, the boss has a steel ladder.

OH, and no frilly bullshit, Mc is in it for the bitches and the belt (and the money).
the piss part.
>Hard mode: Right an anime for the genre you hate the most

t. american edukayshun
Its just the first thing that popped up his mind 'fear' and he was forced to say it. Dont leave me!

>be highschool MC
>peak of hormones aka just wanna fuck so bad
>girls are attractive and horny.
>fanservice and moe girls incoming and CGDCT.
>plot twists when MC's parents are actually poor and wants him to finish le career meme
>threatened to be disowned if he impregnates anyone

>years later, turning 18, all those attractive girls suddenly became wrinkly, dry, saggy, etc.
>should have taken that as a cue, but chose to be ignorant
>got his career finally, but cannot date anyone because muh work and muh relationships are different
>not to mention they are now christmas cakes

>more plot twist: MC also became old and haggard and shit aka he's no longer cute
>parents suddenly told him to get married aka get out of our house already you ugly bastard

>epilogue: your parents just found you unattractive any longer just as how you unattractive women your age became.

>title: attraction, and why hebephilia is a thing.
Bland harem MC will cuck him over and over as a running gag.
MC is a boring lonely virgin loser. He suddenly recieves a letter to join the tournament of loosers. He thinks its a troll and doesnt give a shit. The tournament managers then send a headhuntet to bring him to the sacred place of all loosers. The headhunter is a female 16 year old Ghost-mermaid-robot-magician with big tits. She finds him and accidently kills him. From now on shes mc. Tournament management then 'decides/states she killed him on purpose and sends headhunters after the former headhunter. The headhunters are all magic hybrid big tits girls with relation to mc cause of the tournament and try to kill her. An endless hunt with stupid sideplot and tits!! And the final villian. Crocodile-Butterfly-Griffin-Devil-Magebitch with even bigger tits!
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carlos 2.jpg
9KB, 274x200px
the premise sounds titillating, at least

There's not enough wrestlers in anime
why every writing a plot dead so much
>MC is a hairstylist at an inter-dimensional hair salon
>she's responsible for giving ridiculously retarded anime style haircuts to all her clients from different anime universes
>Dragon Ball inspired men ask her to design their super saiyan inspired power up hair style change while regaling her tales of their battles and discussing how much hairspray they need to seal their hairstyles during combat
>some customers prefer a more realistic subdued hairstyle and demand her no spikes and no hair color
>another customer is a background character who begs her to give him neon colored hair so he can stand out in the crowd, but MC is contractually obligated to refuse because of the customer's status as background character. She still gives him a somewhat borderline flashy hairstyle out of pity, still subtle enough to be acceptable as a background character hairstyle
>final boss of the anime is a little boy who's really into card games and demands for the most retarded gravity defying hairstyle that she can come up with
Glad they're taking ideas from /a/.
>Main character is an average looking female protagonist
>Realizes she's about to become the main character in some sort of anime
>Decides to literally try everything to duck away from every conventional cliché to postpone the series as long as possible.
>Each episode is spent avoiding a cliché (eg. New kid arrives, decides to ignore it.Doesn't sit near the window.Avoids the token tsundere character like the plague.)
Get this; a shounen, but based around the Wild West

And I don't mean Trigun psuedo sci-fi, I mean actual 1800s with steampunk shit and magical Native Americans.
That's Baccano
It's an anime about a boy who likes dressing up like a cute girl. That's it. Every episode is about him picking out certain clothes and discussing the way the fabric feels against his soft supple skin. One episode has him working in a maid cafe dressed up as a made. Another episode has him cosplaying as a boat in an anime convention. Another episode is him trying on bathing suits to wear to the beach.
>Set at a japanese highschool
>MC is a laid back 16 y/o boy and one day
>discovers some sort of LARP-club duking it out with a rival school one night
>LARP club consists of your whole spectrum of generic anime girls (tsun, moe, etc) and one comic relieve guy who never gets any.
>tsun is the leading force of the club and falls in love with MC at the end of the first season
>humorous athlete girl with best friend attitude likes MC more and more after every good deed he does and falls in love with him mid season
>energetic moeblob loves him from the start
>shy and silent big breasted tall girl who gets 80% of all ecchi scenes falls in love with him mid season too
>12 episodes per season
I turned my ''anime plot'' that i posted here every time, into an actual book. I hope to win a young adult novel competition with that piece.
It's like Gundam but with sexy robot waifus
MC is a quiet, reserved, sensible girl who loves to read. The story starts off with her studious life as a final year English literature student. We see her dreams of opening up a bookshop and living a comfy life with her cat, and her older professor, who she dotes upon. Her daydreams touch upon the relationships between the MC and her regular customers. They are gentle and relaxed, 'human' and heartfelt. During her final university exams, she is approached by her professor romantically. They continue relations in secret, yet the Prof is not as she once imagined. The professors respectful image begins to unravel

/a/ can carry the story on, if it likes.
The show starts with the MC being broken up with by a girl and the trauma of heartbreak in a harem/parody type fashion. The MC is oblivious because of his attraction towards the girl he was dating previously and the harem will eventually accept that he is beyond them and leave him one at a time until he is completely alone
>Superman, but instead of being an alien guy, he's a powered suit of armor piloted by a manlet.

So Iron Man?
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Actual comic I was working on before giving up because it was taking too much time and I'm working on something else
>mecha anime
>far future
>ww3 happens and the UN gets some power after it's conclusion
>most governments including usa are despotism's by this point
>usa starts making land grabs which the un gets tired of an orders sanctions
>it escalates into a full blown war that ends with america being dismantled, demilitarized and divided up
>story starts with young pilot joining the ssdf (southern self defense forces)
>he quickly becomes a top pilot
>meets a mysterious girl/new recruit that he thinks is a spy
>he starts following her and eventually gets pulled into her plot to restore america and FREEDOM
>series is filled with guns, eagles, clapping, explosions and other internet american sterotypes
>character constantly stop to monologue about freedom and equality
>all the characters are basically dan eagleman
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952KB, 992x699px
It was once tradition for people to create sky lanterns, sending their prayers along up towards the heavens and hoping their messages would be answered. An app available for augmented reality devices renovates this ancient tradition: personal handwritten requests are now contained in virtual sky lanterns, publicly released into the night sky.

People carrying AR devices, such as contact lenses, smartphones or glasses, can see these messages under the viewing options. The plot follows two individuals encountering each other in a city, competing to answer these sky lanterns.

One of the individuals is a young woman volunteering for the recognition. She desires to improve her karma profile, a popular online trend designed to record altruistic actions. The second character is a heartbroken young man answering the sky lanterns to cope with separation.

Discovering these motives fosters concern. The young woman sees the young man answering the sky lanterns as an excuse to neglect the losses he suffered. The young man sees the young woman as a lonely person using the sky lanterns in hopes of find meaning in her vacant life.

As the two characters work together for certain requests, they begin to understand each other, eventually leading them to answer one another’s sky lantern request: helping the young man accept separation and finding a purpose in life for the young woman.
Would see
Is this the new Kiet-Ai?
Sounds interesting, specially if the killer is smart and we get to see the MC both grow as a person to not be an edgy unlikeable douchebag and also change other people by showing their true nature either in a good or a bad way.
I love it.
Doujin doesn't mean porn. If it's the one I'm thinking of, it's a commercially published manga. It's also not like that at all, save the removable dick. There is no Bob The Beast Sapp in this one.
Sounds an awful lot like School Days, but I think it could work, if put in the hands of the right people.

Here's an idea I've been fleshing out over the past year, based off pic related.

In a futuristic but not obviously so Tokyo, the city has become considerably dangerous thanks to multiple warring yakuza clans duking it out for control of the city, essentially killing off the public nightlife in certain areas. A trio of sexy kunoichi proceed to take advantage of the yakuza battles and use them to kidnap any cute girls they find wandering the alleys during the battles, tying them up and taking them back to their hideout for supposedly sexual purposes. With their victims generally written off by law enforcement to be kidnapped by the yakuza, the kunoichi manage to avoid detection, but the kidnapping of one girl ends up inspiring two people - the MCs - to actually investigate the abductions and go after them.

The first MC is an average 18 year-old high school student with a generic harem, though their attraction to him is tied to the fact that he's the only student in his delinquency-ridden school who doesn't give a crap about the fighting among said delinquents. The kidnapped girl is his childhood friend, who he planned on confessing to the night of her disappearance, and decides to rescue her so she can know his feelings.

The second MC, on the other hand, is a 23 year-old detective with the Shibuya Police, having entered the force with the hopes of solving crimes and catching bad guys, but has spent the last three years doing nothing but paperwork. The kidnapped girl is the daughter of his mentor, and he investigates her disappearance off the clock for numerous reasons: a starting point to end the serial kidnappings, a favor to his mentor, and a middle finger to his uncaring scumbag chief.

At first, they investigate the disappearances separately, but team up later on.
Not exactly new.
a boy falls in love with a girl
File: RFO200702.jpg (112KB, 800x549px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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In the Novus planet, the three races of Bellato, Cora/Corite, and Accretian all fighting over natural resources in said planet, especially the rare mineral Haloment. Currently Bellato working in alliance with Cora against Accretia, both seeing that the mechanical race isn't the bunch they can talk things out with. But lately an atmosphere of distrust also grows between Bellatean and Coritean.

The story follow Behammer, a Bellatean explorer who currently serve as army in Armor Riders division. From time to time, he and few other Bellatean secretly meet up with Qadasha, a Coritean princess who also take part in the war, and her men. Both realized it's only a matter of time before their race's alliance finally break up, thus they wish to end the war as soon as possible before it got worse. Yet, a small group of Bellatean including Behammer also start to make contact with Accretians, namely the small group led by Lothan 3rd. Finally those group of Accretians also made contact with Princess Qadasha's group.

In the midst of war, that small group consist of members of three warring races needs to find a way to end the war while being in danger of marked as turncoats because of the now forbidden alliance they built.

The characters are based on the actual lore in the game.
Man, why are porn parodies so easy to write?
For the lulz I started writing a mash-up of Keit-ai and Kimi no Na wa about a girl mindbreaking a guy with his cock, and I got to 1000 words before making myself stop.
I'm deleting this shit and burning my hard drive, but here's a taste:
>She is relieved to hear that he's fine, because the alternate universe version of him was killed by the truck and reborn in a fantasy world. She knows this because an interdimensional faceless old man told her. The faceless old man also knows the secret to undoing the body switch, but he'll only reveal it in return for a visit from her real body.
holy crap this looks good!
Time Travelers Club

In a club where nothing changes every single day, students with the peculiar ability to alter time have gathered.

All the characters would have time-based powers, with the club advisor's power being to bring all the kids back to Time Line A.

MC's ability is "Save Point", he can save certain days and then return to them whenever he likes. Things that are changed in return trips may have effects on the future. Heroine has the ability "Fast Forward", she can move her consciousness forward in time. However, to her this seems like useless power. Rather, it seems she hates it...?

As for other characters, another girl with the "Time Stop" ability where she can freeze time but not manipulate objects besides her self. Mainly uses it to study, speed-read(relatively), and ghetto "teleport". Another guy with the "Retry" ability, lets him go back up to 10 minutes. He's kind of stupid and doesn't use it to its full potential, so it's main use is to find the correct timing on jokes and to do "First try, everytime" tricks in front of the girls. And one more senior member with ability "Gamechanger" where she can go back to historic events where large amounts of people have gathered. While the ability may seem strong, the girl seldom uses it for things other than revisiting famous concerts saying "Making big changes rarely works out the way you want them to."

Episode flow would work like this, the MC comes to the club room, becomes faced with the day's issue, then all the characters attempt to use their powers to fix the issue. And then, when all their attempts fail or they've horribly screwed the future, the club advisor erases all their mistakes by bringing them back to Time Line A, where the day has passed without them having used their powers.

Final arc, the Club Advisor is informed by an alumni with Precognition that Time Line A is doomed to be hit by a meteor.
yes yes
MC is hired by a delivery company and it follows him as he is trucking across the comfy japan landscape. the MC's real job in the company however, is to hit specified people as to satisfy what is essentially an isekai quota. at no point do we see any indication of this other world actually existing so there is no way to tell whether or not you can trust this explanation
The game is a terrible waste of lore.
Kancolle and Girls Und Panzer crossover series.
that's actually pretty nice
A high school boy finds out that his childhood friend is actually a magical girl. However, he has a secret of his own, he's actually a monster, in fact the dark queen's right hand monster. Now he must choose between his loyalty to his dark queen and his relationship with his childhood friend.
Would watch. SHAFT I assume?
A girl becomes a magical girl. However, instead of using her powers to save the world from evil, she uses them for her own amusement and profit. As a result the evil invaders go unchecked. Each episode ends with the MC watching a news report about the monster of the week succeeding in its goals, which she then declares to be boring and shuts off the TV. In the last half of the series, they take over the TV studio, so the news begins reporting on their "glorious triumphs" which the girl still finds to be boring.
Didn't think about it too much, but I don't like much of SHAFT's new stuff. Still, I loved their older shows, and would like if it was like that.
A girl in high school and her mother are really close and spend time together watching this fairly long running fantasy anime. The mother also makes cosplay outfits of the show's heroine for her daughter and the two of them just have a good time with the experience. The mother hints that she knows a secret about the show that she'll tell her daughter on her next birthday.

Before that can happen, the mother dies, and the daughter is sent to live with her estranged father whom she hasn't seen in person or heard from apart from the occasional birthday card or phone call every year. Initially their relationship is really tense and awkward, and the girl has stopped watching the anime entirely because it reminds her too much of her mother's death. Eventually though, her father notices a keychain on her phone that specifically relates to the anime's heroine and does a little digging through the daughter's photos to discover that she and her mother loved the show.

As it turns out he's the original mangaka, and designed the heroine to look like his wife when they were both younger kids. After seeing the really high quality cosplay that his wife made for their daughter, he learns how to sew/make clothes so he can try and build up a relationship with his daughter again through something he knows they both love.

Needs a motive. The dark queen isn't that evil, he needs to follow her lead, or something.
File: 1465196291503.png (838KB, 1280x738px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
838KB, 1280x738px
Now with its own OP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sg4TeiqWwVU
And ED: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f8ubInQcVAY
No surprise, it's keitai poster.
>Hard mode: sport animu

Actually that's really difficult, because I don't like competitive sports. And if anything I enjoy hiking and bikes... and I like both Yowape and particulary Yama no Susume.

I'll try to cheat a little.

The mid-to latter 1800s (anyhow before the Great War), Europe.
As the most prosperous regions of the continent and indeed of the world are being rapidly industrialized and connected by rails and telegraph, cities are reshaped and people are growing out of what they perceive as nature. Even in the countryside the romantic soul in the more cultured persons is starting to feel... too logical, for a lack of better words. Too civilized.
But not all is lost: romantic souls from the gentry and the high bourgeoise have set their eyes on the remote valleys and most of all mountains of the Alps, the Pyrenees, even the Carpatians or the Scandes.

And by romantic souls, I'm not meaning just men. Our girls here can brave the remoteness, the lack of maps, the customs of these backwards (or innocent) local people, storms and hail. [and even lecherous monks or bizarre supernatural creatures, if we want to]
And enjoy a cozy mountain hut in the meantime.
Possibilites for the personalities, to be soverimposed to yer olde tropes and of course (mild) country sterotypes, are: the artist, the amateur scientist, the local bumpkin noble, the amateur ethnographer, the military kid (in the "my dad had me ride a horse at four and use a training sword at eight" sense), the actual protofeminist, the natural born huntress...

But for everyone of them the question is the same: are them bad enough lolis* to claim the peak of the Mont Blanc?

*=I'd put them a little over 20, to make SOME historical sense, but that didn't sound as a catchy.

I said that any direct witnesses that talk get killed, not that everybody that hears or spreads a secondhand rumour gets killed. I'd rather write up a fantasy or slice-of-life anime, but for horror, this was all I got.
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20KB, 640x360px
anyone else dream of one day sketching manga and living a comfy life?
MC is an average /a/ poster, fat retarded and friendless. One day he realizes how shitty his life is and then aims to improve it, seeks the help of recurrent alpha character who is rather popular.

Initially he rejects the idea of helping him, because it would hurt his popularity. However as the plot progresses and as they slowly become friends, he agrees to help him.

The plot then revolves around the MC hiding his power level and trying to impress girls.

He slowly but steadily learns how to not drop spaghetti in front of girls. Eventually in the last arch he makes his best to impress the popular girl of his class and convince her of going to the prom. He uses tries his best to impress her and he even resorts in the end to using cliché shit from animays. He fails miserably. Then he goes back to his shell and curses the world.

The movie would be an alternate future where he actually gets the girl, but reverts to becoming an otaku again, regardless.

I'm living that dream.

Now if only somebody paid me too
I wouldn't watch this, but for a sole reason: I know how it ends now that I read your prompt. As a blind watch it's going to blow people's minds. I think it'll work better as 6-minute episodes.
Assuming you didn't know how it ends, what would you change/add?
Better plot than Keitai, definitely.
Simplify and make it set in Japan, so no /a/ and no fat because japanese stereotypically don't get fat. Make him a scrawny softie who is just a run of the mill stealthy otaku.

Make the alpha completely oblivious to otaku culture, too, for example he walks into his room, sees a wall of figurines, asks what's that and believes the mc when he says "Ah, it's just for drawing references, I'll show you next time", cue the rest of the episode of him trying to learn to draw so he doesn't look like a liar. Next week alpha comes back, he shows him a pretty bad drawing but obviously not stick figures already.
-I'm impressed. Not by the drawing, it's shit, but that you got from zero to that in just a week.
-How'd you...
-Men have no "next time". If you can't do it here and now, you can't do it. But you showed that you at least have some pride, if only you used it more often...

Something in this vein. Make it look like a highly motivating show with right life lessons in every episode, and then crash the train with no survivors when he fails to get the girl and gives up. Bonus points for the alpha actually snagging his girl.
An anime about cars that can talk
This is surprisingly nice, mind if I. Steal part of It for my never to be finished Story
I'd definitely watch something like Kancolle with cars. Like Carcolle. Make WRX-tan and Evo-tan the main characters, kinda lesbian friendly rivals, trying to outrun each other and everyone else. In the end Evo-tan inherits a family buisness and stops running, while WRX keeps going. Clothes and faces designed after the most distinctive gen of the car itself, for example, bugeye WRX looks cheerful af so WRX-tan is, too, hood scoop=hoodie, spoiler=headphones, boxer engine=boxer gloves, gold wheels and rally heritage=tan hiking boots.
Holy shit anon, that's genius, I would watch that, and it would be best if it was animated by a studio subconsciously associated with Otaku pandering shit.
Isekai is a genre now, So I'm mixing Isekai with Romcom.

This man dies getting hit by a MARVELOUS truck. The impact was so strong, he flew off the planet, reached the end of the universe and crash landed on a weirdly phallic shaped planet. In this universe, all male beings started as literal panties and have to go through training to be a MAN. MC found himself devolved to a girl's favourite LACED PANTIES and will work together with his wearer to become the STRONGEST panties and eventually, the STRONGEST MAN.

Side note, all panties have magical powers.

Another note, MC's catchphrase is "Nothing wears me better than you."
I KNOW I've read this doujin on the sadpanda.
A story about a flourishing world that started going stagnant in the midst of its prime. MC is the God of this world (MC wasn't made God or became it through transporting him to the world to be one, he is the original creator of that world). The story follows the modifications to the world and its subsequent growth from above through the MC's ever changing, somewhat crochety, and occasionally petty lens.
Already a thing.

Warhammer 40K haremshit

>Dense as fuck Imperial Guardsman MC
>Slutty Slaanesh Daemoness trying to covert MC into Chaos
>Tsundere Sisters of Battle childhood friend that tries to cleanse MC with fire at every slightest misunderstandings
>Fujoshit bait Pretty Marine who is secretly gay for MC
>Ara Ara MILF Commissar
>Token Loli Chaos Cultist-chan that's so KAWAII UGUU it's heresy to hate her
>Yandere eldar farseer stalking MC with prophecy that fucking MC will save her craft world
>Kuudere Necron Matriarch that make MC's bed her permanent resting place
>Tyranid mascot pet
>Hipster Ork Bro that hates fighting
>Tau best girl that will never have enough screentime

>Teh Emprah psychically pull lots of strings from his Golden Throne so MC won't be executed by the inquisiion for this heresy and wants to see MC get a harem end
>Family trip ended in a fatal accident, only Loli imouto and her Onii-chan survived
>At funeral, Onii-chan promised his Loli imouto that he will protect her
>Onii-chan works to support himself and his imouto
>Onii-chan also dated with many women, but they are all bitches who toyed with his feeling and cheated his hard earned money and eventually dumps him
>Loli see her Onii-chan devastated emotionally and financially, but he always keeps a facade in order not to worry his imouto
>But the Loli knew what happened to him and blames the bitches for what they did to her Onii-chan and decided that she is the only one capable of protecting her precious Onii-chan
>seeks revenge for on these bitches and secretly plots to murder them
>one by one the Loli killed the bitches in the most gruesome way possible but carefully left no traces of evidence that will point to her and even if she did the police think it's impossible for a little girl to kill an adult anyways.
>with every murder the Loli's mind slowly became unstable and more yandere like, knowing that everything she did was for her onii-chan.
>to make matters worse, Onii-chan got himself another girlfriend. But in truth she's a private detective working on the murder case and she's trying to get close to him because all the murdered bitch have one thing in common, they all dated Onii-chan b4.
>The Loli knew the Detective's identity and planned to kill her to protect her Onii-chan. But then she had a bright idea, why not pin all the murders to that bitch instead and started plotting
>the Loli manipulated and ruined the Detective's life, slowly losing her sanity
>In the end Loli accidentally fucked up and she was revealed to be the murderer. Detective, after losing everything has finally lost it and tried to kill Loli. Loli fights back but was eventually overpowered.
>Onii-chan, who finally knew everything, kills the Detective to save his Loli imouto.
Cute girls living on International Space Station and making experiments
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