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Durarara Thread

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Who's your favorite character and who do you hate the most?

Hate. He's a whiny crybaby in every situation and immediately unlearns the lessons of the first season. I have no empathy for shrill little pussies taking so much screen time. (Like Kirito of SAO.)

Love em. Kadota is a close second. They're the only characters who never hesitate with annoying animu whimpers. They get shit done and have concrete personalities. Best part, Shizuo actually evolves and learns over time. (Like Guts from Berserk.)
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Fat Shizuo
>Who do you hate the most
Mikado was pretty cool
>shrill little pussies
>Like Kirito of SAO

>They get shit done
Most of them do besides Shinra and the kids
What do you think about Izaya?
Kinda overbearingly shallow.

He's too everywhere and too broad in his craziness. He just exists to be basically be untouchable for no real reason when he's juggling WAY too many things with way too many dangerous factions and individuals.
So you only watched the first 24 episodes? I see. Izaya is trying to be that person you described but he's only human and he can't. That's his fatal flaw actually. That's why he ended up like that.

Actually, I like his personality. (Not him as a person but how he's written.) He is very fragile and mostly neglected during his childhood. He is hurt. Izaya is actually easy to break and he knows this. So he distances himself from people and decides to be an observer, not a human being like them. Trying to play a god to feel superior than them. But he can't run away from that reality forever and eventually life doesn't let him.

He can help seeing Shinra as a friend, he can't help wanting to protect his sisters and because of this, he puts himself in very dangerous situations, like causing Celty to realize her head might be in Izaya's hands.

I like how he tries to become something more than a human to protect himself from getting hurt and ends up not being able to. He's a very tragic character for all that arrogance.
I've watched everything you dingus.

He's gotten away with toying with dangerous people on too many levels. Vorona should've killed him on sight and have been done with him.
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Mikado was great. His descentinto insanity was one of the best parts of the second season.
But Celty had a reason to save his life, he was Shinra's friend and truly cared about him even though Shinra doesn't care about anyone but Celty.

He almost died, three times, and got away because Celty magic.
Celty should have put her head in higher priority, not Shinra's obviously unhealthy and lopsided friendship. Izaya is untouchable for no apparent reason. Hell, the yakuza or the yodogiri pharmaceutical alone should've had him iced early on.
Celty didn't put her head in higher priority even when she finally got that. She was ready to go back to living with Shinra. She loves Shinra and he's more important to her than her head. It's a story of distorted love, as the author said.
>hating on based Mootkado
I hate Kida the most. Guy just fucked off to fuck his girl while abandonning his friends. Truly the worst

As for the one I love the most, that would be either Shinra or Celty. Both are really great and charming
My favorite character is Haruna and the character I hate the most is Kida.
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