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Shieldbro chapter 31.5

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translation of the bonus chapter in vol 6 has been released while we wait for ch 32. Though it had been already translated by an anon here.

Let's see how did they handle the translation.
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Last page.

Posting anon version in a bit
What did she do with the bracelet?
She gave it to kiel.
I wanna eat that tanook!
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Sorry for the lame typesetting
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Not sure what would you like more, tell me what you guys think.

Also, isekai manga thread?
>Create an interesting setting inwhich the MC is a useless and shunned "hero" that in order to survive must enslave ans abuse a beast girl and act like a villain.
>All down the crapper to become the usual overlystereotyped isekai.
Talk about wasted potential.
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This manga is actually really good and I can relate to Naofumi a lot for some reason. Thanks for the chapter shieldbro.
Yeah no problem. The next chapter will wrap up the arc, but there will be a one month hiatus afterwards.
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Fuck... and I just got to reading it...
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A small price to pay to see best boy L'Arc in manga form.
Wow. Why did I not know about this sexy beast?
Vol 5, aka the cal mira island arc.
Oh well. Asking for no spoilers since I am still catching up to that.
Sure no problem, vol 7 is in mid-april. Maybe we'll get it early those who preordered.
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Thanks for the chapter.
You're welcome.
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Wasn't this chapter translated months ago?
>Haven't read this in forever
Has he impregnated anyone or owned one of those other faggot MC's?
Last thing I remember was some girl who was obsessed with his bird waifu showed up.
Yeah, i mentioned that before.

Thats probably in chapter 1-something. Go read up, this month's chapter is the last of this arc.
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ch32 raw is out
Oh fuck thanks anon. Wish we had a koreanbro to translate it
Look at his fucking face holy shit.
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Naofumi and many other isekai mcs should have learned a thing or two from Talese on how to properly use a slave.
Why do you feel the need post this shit in every shieldbro thread.
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>Doesn't fuck his slaves
And then there's this failure. Not fully utilizing his female slaves wholly and completely is a waste of the slave.
When is the next chapter.
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The act of procreation will only put a burden on one's stomach, decreasing one's physical abilities considerably. One can try to make a preventive measure, but that risk for simple pleasure has no benefits in the long run. Even if it's by the mouth, it's nothing more than procrastination when there's more productive activities.
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I mean naofumi said so that they'd be down one party member if he got raphtalia pregnant.

Besides why use raphtalia when he already has a tanuki hugpillow that's part raphtalia?
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One must use their slaves and resources carefully.
We await for the rant of Lynes. Ha!
Proper timing and multiple female slaves can cover that.
According to spoilers, he spends materials to raisre the quality of her fur, because he plays/sleeps with her. That's fucking silly but to each their own
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And wasting time is good for the mood, but ultimately useless in the long run. Lack of investment with no lasting rewards from hedonistic enjoyment is full of risk. Talese knows this too well. Immortality and alchemy is all that matters.
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Morale is a consideration. And so is kids that can follow in your footsteps as additional researchers. Plus sex is a relaxes you to reduce stress and improve efficiency.
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Why have sex when you can cuddle
What does a wet tanuki sound like
>reading the manga
>not reading the original WN
why are you posting a shit-tier adaptation of shield-bro?
it's even worse than the LN adaptation (I own all the volumes that are currently translated) which ruins the story starting with the spirit turtle arc (the calmira island arc was different from the WN, but it was actually interesting in its own way.
>Naofumi not doing 1 dmg
is this end of WN Naofumi (with all his god powers)?
if so, couldn't Naofumi put spearfag in shield prison until he dies?
what series is he from?
Well remember he was pounding a red baloon to no effect. I would assume he did no damage. Also the time when he punched motoyasu in the face to make a point in the ln
Just wait for vol 7, the spirit turtle arc is not yet done.
yeah but his damage is permanently 1 (not 0) because of the shield.
he was able to kill balloons after spending shit loads of time punching on 1 at a time, which is how he got money (and some exp) at the start.
the only time naofumi's dmg is at 0 is when he became shield god.
is there any online translations?
I have been buying the official (shitty) translations this whole time and it's such a long wait for a new volume.
also why is it that the official translations of the LN are somehow shittier than the fan translations of the WN?
Someone post shieldbro being carried away by the baloons
what chapter number this panel is on?
Not permanently 1, he had unlocked some needle shields that raised that stat. But remember that actual damage takes the defense of the enemy and your own attack. You could potentially deal 0 damage with low enough attack and the enemy having enough defense to ignore it.
Well i wouldn't know the answer. What with publishers sharing translators for various projects that sometimes they forget to go back and proofread shit more.

The good thing is that after vol 7 we just have to wait 2-3 months for vol 8
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Ouroboros record.
Good night tread hope you're still up tomorrow
>which ruins the story starting with the spirit turtle arc
I'm pretty sure the original did a plenty fine job of doing that itself.
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Thread images: 32

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