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Is Akane the best Key girl ever created?
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No. She isn't even best Rewrite.
No, Kurugaya is. Akane is second best though.
Whoa OP, you posted the wrong girl.

But don't worry, I've got you covered.
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Akane ist gut zu vögeln.
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>literally worse than Hitler
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>she actually offered to let him grope her boobs
>he disappoints her by NOT

She's pretty okay. Needs to stop climbing trees, though.
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Shizuru is my waifu.
>No route
>Completely irrelevent even begore common route ends
>Needed an updated release just to even get a sprite

Why is being Inoue so suffering?
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Speaking of which, Inoue got a birthday even in the mobage. Let me see if I can do a quick translation. It's pretty amusing.
>BKG thread not starting with Rin

Fucking Rewritefags.
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Akane was okay until she turned into a depresing version of Hitler in her own route.

The girl i liked the most after her route was this poisonous cute
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This all takes place on the Moon


Kotarou: ...Ah.
Chihaya: What's wrong, Kotarou?
Kotarou: I wonder...
Akane: Is something the matter?
Kotarou: Well, not exactly, but...
Kotori: Kotarou-kun, it looked like you had a moment of deja vu. Am I wrong?
Kotarou: Yeah. It somehow felt like the sixth of March.
Shizuru: In concept, you mean?
Kotarou: Yeah.
Lucia: Is there something special about that date?
Kotarou: It's Inoue's birthday.
Chihaya: Is it? Well it's too bad she's not here...
Kotarou: It's hard to find a "connection" between me and Inoue, and even if she was here, she wouldn't be much help against Kashima Sakura's monsters, so...
Kotarou: But I think I might be able to call her over, even if it's just for a little while.
Akane: Yes, you certainly were making all kinds of "connections" with her in these simulations.
Kotarou: You're sounding a bit thorny, Prez... Anyway, let's go ahead and summon her for a bit.
Kotarou: Let's see.. gather up the memories... from that time period... I call forth the Inoue based on our "connection"...
>common route - another generic violent gag tsundere.
>her route - best girl

It really shows different writers attitude. Rarely a good thing, but i'm thankful this once.

Lucia: Hmm...
Shizuru: Ah.
Inoue: Huh? Huh??
Inoue: Wha? When did it get so dark all of a sudden? Where am I? Have I been abducted by a UFO?
Kotarou: It's a success!
Inoue: Huh? Tennouji-kun... and everyone from the occult club...
Inoue: Um... hold on, there's a lot to process in my head right now...
Chihaya: I know what you mean. it was the same for me when I first got here.
Akane: Yes, the feeling of all the memories and knowledge being shared to us through Tennouji...
Inoue: Ah, I understand now. And I understand the reason why I've been called here, too...
Kotarou: Yeah, now that you're here, we can celebrate your birth--
Inoue: Oh, darling! I'm so happy you'd go all this way just for me!
Lucia: Wha!?
Shizuru: She threw herself on him...
Kotori: So wonderful!
Kotarou: Eh!? Huh!? Inoue-san!? Were we in that kind of relationship? D-darling!?
Inoue: Huh? Was I wrong? I've got all sorts of memories of us being a couple, though.
Akane: I see. So it's that kind of "connection."
Kotori: Did that fill you with bad thoughts?
Inoue: So? Did you prepare a birthday present for me? I'd be OK with just your love, though!
Chihaya: Ahh! She's all over him again!
Kotarou: C-calm down, Inoue-san! Everyone's gazes are starting to turn cold!
Inoue: Heehee. Oh, can't you just forget about that? At least just for now...
Kotarou: Huh?
Kotori: Inoue-san's body is...
Inoue: Oh dear, it looks like I'm already out of time. I guess our connection just doesn't run as deep as the occult club's...
Inoue: But I'm happy that you called me over. And for the rest of the occult club, I know things are gonna be hard, but hang in there!
Shizuru & Lucia: Inoue-san...
Chihaya & Akane: ...
Kotarou: Inoue!
Inoue: Uh-huh?
Kotarou: Happy birthday.
Inoue: Yeah! Thanks! (fades away)
Kotori: I hope we can celebrate her birthday for real someday...
Kotarou: Yeah. That's why we gotta keep doing our best...
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Suzuki Bondo, the loli-saving hunter.
I'm pretty sure individual scenes in the common route were written by their respective character writer. Lucia became way better after she joined the occult club anyway and that was mostly Romeo's writing.
Who wrote each route?
Romeo - Kotori, Akane, Moon and Terra
Tonokawa - Shizuru and Chihaya
Ryukishi07 - Lucia
But Lucia's route made her go from bland but likeable to completely unlikeable cunt.
She literally wiped out the town because of her crybaby bullshit. The bitch killed Yoshino. I'll never forgive her.
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I started watching the second season only last week.

Episode 20 made the adaption worthwhile. I don't even care anymore that Season 1 was such hot garbage.
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Key fightan when?
Eternal Fighter Zero
Lucia route made her go from bland but likeable to a cute and fragile mass destrucion weapon.
[Spoiler]Still better than hitler[/Spoiler]
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I have high hopes for the rest of the show.
too bad Kurugaya's route is awful
>the world is breaking because dating this girl goes against the laws of nature!
what the fuck is this shit
Shake it now~
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Fornicate now~
Baby now.
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Deflowered Kotori.
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Thread images: 20

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