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Ujiie Tozen

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No SYD this week due to a break, so it's just Imouto as per usual.

If edit anon shows up, last Imouto comic
I'll maybe do a chapter or two then call it a day.

Hot Spring Paradise

We stayed at a hot spring resort

"It looks like there's a mixed bath in this resort"

"Onii-chan, I brought the swimsuits, so why don't we go into the mixed bath?"
"You're prepared"

"Yeah, look"
This way, they won't find out it got bigger
Penis gourd -->
"You really think of your brother so much that tears are coming out"
Comic 1
Sheer bliss

The girl's bath in the end

"Uhaaaaah, it feels so gooood"
"A year's worth of pains just got brushed away"

"So true. It feels like the insides of my body are being massaged"

"And my urethra is unconsciously getting loose"
"Endure it"

Comic 2
A mistake which happens often


"What're you doing, Aki-chan?"
"Drinking the hot spring is good for your body, right?"

"In that case, there's drinkable spring water"
"Wha!! You serious!?"

"But they do say you'll be healthy if you drink piss"
"So you let it out!?"
Comic 1
Naked socializing

"Oh yeah"

"I've always wanted you wash my body, Aki-chan"

"Okay, I'll wash you"
"Gimme the sponge"

"No, with your boobs"

"I'm washing you with soap!!"

Comic 2
After a bath


"There's the blood rush"
"Aki-chan, your face is so red"

"And yours is real red too, Kanami"

"Looks like I just got a little turned on"
As I expected from the open air
"Enjoy the damn hot springs!!"
Comic 1
Hot spring specialty

Hot spring eggs

"These are pretty good"
"Uh huh"

"I don't like them so much. It smells of sulfur..."
"Oh, this peculiar smell is great"

"If it had no smell, it would be dull. But it would be fun if it was uncensored"

Comic 2
Night fun

The night grows late

"Hey, let's play a game"

"Alright, let's invite onii-chan too"
He's in the room next door
"I'll invite him"

"Onii-san, do you want to play with us tonight?"
"You're inviting him the wrong way!!"
Well, late and tired. No SYD tomorrow, but there's probably gonna be another Imouto thread.
Thank you Anon, you are the reason we can have nice things.
>"I'm washing you with soap!!"

Totally incorrect. ソープ here is an abbreviation. She says "By 'wash' you meant like in a Soapland!?"
Oh nice catch. Thanks. It happens when you open a thread at 2 am
Welp, thank you insomnia. Looks like I'm staying up til the sun rises.
Gonna keep doing this til I fall asleep


New Years Greetings

"Have a happy new year"
"Please take care of us this year"

"We just keep saying this every time we see someone"
"It gets pretty tiring"


"What's with the weird phrasing..." [TN: Technically 'indentation']
[Text] Kanami
Have a
care year
[TN: Technically, あけおめことよろ a common abbreviation for the standard Japanese new year greeting, she just indented it to あけ (open), おめこ (vagina), とよろ (dunno exactly, but I'm assuming either 'and come closer' (from 寄る) or 'thanks' (from よろしく). Just played with the expression a bit. Any suggestion would be nice]
Comic 1


"The oranges?"
"They're rotten"
"And we don't have replacement oranges"

"But now it looks lonely"
"So let's put one more mochi on top of it"
[Weird bubble] They say that kagamimochi is piled together because it's good luck after all

"But, let's stop withe the fried mochi. You're gonna get karma"

Comic 2
Mild Wish

First Temple Visit

"Oh, Komiyama-sensei, you're here too"
Happy new year, let's have a good year
"I was chaperoning Maria and she wanted to see them once"
"The mikos"

"And the temple visit?"
"Not at all"
"I'm not interested in that"

"I like being wished for more than I do wishing"
"Okay, here's my wish. Please stop the dirty jokes"
Comic 1
Dressed up

"Happy New Year"

"Whoaaaaaaa, amaaazing. You're so pretty"
"You really look like a princess"

"Heheh, thanks"
"It's the first time someone told me I was a princess"

"So this is your first princess" [TN: 姫初め is a colloquialism for 'loss of virginity']
"She doesn't get what you mean"

Comic 2

"Kanami, you're not gonna wear a long sleeved kimono?"
"No, kimonos take time"

"But you look like you'd enjoy being spun around"


"If I liked being spun around (and raped), that's make me a pervert!!" [TN: Pun on 回す (mawasu - spin) and 姦す (mawasu - gang rape)]
"Ahhhhh I see. The moment you heard it that way, you became a complete pervert"
Comic 1
Dangerous new years food

New Year food

"There's a lot of meanings that comes packed with cooking New Year Food"
The sea bream means blessings [TN: たい (sea bream) and めでたい (blessings)]
"Is that so"

"Like taro is for having many kids"
"It seems to mean the perpetration of your descendants"

"Then I won't eat any!!"
"We did it in the raw yesterday!!"
"And you're a raw being" [TN: Intentional pun]

Comic 2
Snow song

"Ah, it's snow"
"I remember the Snow nursery rhyme now" [TN: The song, (雪) is old Japanese nursery rhyme dating back to 1911 and its first lyrics are 雪やこんこ. But こんこ is a highly debated word and it's a shortening of either 来む来む (komu komu - come come) or 来む此 (komu kon - come here).]

"Actually, about those lyrics"
"It's not 'come come', but 'come here' "

"What dd you say!!"

"And I finally came up with some replacement lyrics"
I'm cumming
Dick dick
It's a naked
Dick dick
I rub it and
I rub it and
It comes out with
A big blam [TN: I actually tried to translate the lyrics to the beat of the first half of the nursery song, hope it turned out okay]
"Before I comment on it, make sure to listen to everything"

Here's the song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DCCYHu_U-dA

Handmade Sushi

"Onii-chan, I wanna make sushi this afternoon"
"Is there anything you want as a topping?"

"(You know) what" [TN: なに can both mean 'what' and 'the genitals']


"You want me to grab your 'you know what'!? You're so perverteed"
"Uh.....wha? Why did you hit me?"
Comic 1
Traces of the new year

"The holidays make school so sluggish"
And it's gym class now

"You're so careless"
"How long are you gonna be in New Years mode?"

"Shouko... what's that?"
[Top marking] I am a sow
[Bottom marking] Put it in here
"The punishment game charcoal from when I played badminton with my boyfriend"
"I don't wanna be told off by you"

Comic 2
Chest and breasts
"Wanna eat something? I'll treat you"
"Oh, you sure?"

"I got my New Years money"
"And my chest is full!!" [TN: The closest English equivalent, surprisingly, to 懐 is actually 'chest', since it can both mean 'breasts' and some sorta 'bag with money']

"What's wrong?"

"But my breasts..... are empty...."
"Did Aki-san bully you so early in the new year!?"
"That's my line"
Comic 1
Four word idioms [TN: Technically, 'four character idioms']

"Maria-sensei, are you studying Japanese?"
"Yes, today it's about four word idioms"

"Learn from the past" [TN: 温故知新 (on-ko-chi-shin)]
"Mind to mind communication" [TN: 以心伝心 (i-shin-den-shin)]
"Ten people, ten colors" [TN: 十人十色 (juu-nin-to-iro)]
"There sure are a lot"

"Ohhhhhh!! Exposed thigh-knee skin!! [TN: Better known as Zettai Ryouiki (Absolute Territory) (絶対領域 - zet-tai-ryou-iki)]
"That isn't a four word idiom"

Comic 2
Maria-like explanation

"Lightning's scary"
"It isn't anything big"

"Kanami-san, yours looks nice and tight"
"Aki-san, yours looks like someone can fist fuck it"

"Hm? There's an underlined part in Maria's dictionary..."
[You have a small anus]
One who has no tolerance. A coward.
Shinji and Aki's relationship

I couldn't see Shinji-san this winter break...

"Aghhh, what if he got it on with that big boobed girl in that time span!?"
"You're thinking too hard"

"She'll never ever be Shin-chan's girlfriend"
"I...is that so"

"I heard Shin-chan's lover changed from his right hand to his left"

"I see, thanks"

"I tried asking Kana-chan about their relationship"

"She said they aren't dating, as I expected"
"That's good"

"Kana-chan expects that Aki-san is a masturbation fantasy for Shin-chan"
"It's worse than I expecteeeeed!!"
Okay, I should be done now. I'll be back tomorrow. If you see any errors, be free to point them out.
Sorry for being careless again
Thread posts: 23
Thread images: 14

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