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Hidamari Sketch

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Hi widefriends, a long time ago I remember downloading the hidamari design works PDF from one of the wide threads, but I lost my hard drive the other day and it went with it.

If anyone still knows where to get a hold of it I'd be eternally grateful.

either way I'll post some miyako
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The show looks appealing, nice character design.
Then when you try watching it golly gee nothing happens and in the end the cute girls are better enjoyed in a jpg form, kinda like with every moe anime.
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you're supposed to watch 1 ep a night before bed so you go to sleep comfy

watching the entire thing nonstop with only breaks for sleep while i was snowed in at a hotel was fine too
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>watching more than one episode a day
Do you want your nutbladder to burst?!

my doctor did say to only watch hidamari once every two years and it was NOT ENOUGH.
did you have to get a nutbladder transplant?
I assume japs love moe anime because they work study 12h a day and afterwards want media that requires zero brain function before they go to sleep.

moe is the only brain function worth having these days, anyway
all I can tell you is it fuckin works.
during the most stressful parts of my life watching hidamari got me through
Do you mean Hidamari Sketch x Honeycomb Production Note? It's on AnimeBytes, not in PDF though.
That makes no sense, because most anime requires zero brain function. MD Geist does not require you to think at all.
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shiiit thanks brother.

I don't have an account but I think this is enough for me to snoop it out.
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post rare wides
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i fucked up
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motherfuckers don't know how to wide correctly
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where is this from?
ume's twitter
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fuck I need to spend more time on twitter.
I follow her but I just never log on so I miss gud shit.
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Ume doesn't really post this kind of stuff that often, really. There are plenty of cool people on twitter though.
How do I become a Hidamari? They have cheap rent, friends, food, and happiness, while I don't have even a single of these.
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>tfw too old to perv on girls in class anymore and had to move on to bar waitresses
Pretty sure it's somewhere on asagichou's blog, probably in the mediafire folders.

Check the pastebin in the /c/ threads too for more stuff.
Is it this one that's in the Hidamari related stuff folder?
Thread posts: 38
Thread images: 25

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