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Masou gakuen hxh volume 10

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First chapter is out in the usual place
Just post the lewd images from within.
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Aine got completely rekt:

Terrible impact attacked her whole body. Dreadful pain caused her consciousness to be getting farther. Her body was paralyzed by impact that could break the bone in her whole body.

Something struck her? However, she didn’t remember,

――She saw a broken scenery.

She felt like she saw the scene of her Life Saver turning into pieces.

And then Odin’s spear(Gungnir) that came flying.


Aine’s body instantly traversed through ten kilo of arena and crashed on the wall. And then the strongest weapon Gungnir was stabbing on her chest.

Aine was pierced by spear and got crucified on the arena wall.

「Come on look, you turn out like this. You are still not in a level that can fight me.」

Odin too had arrived in front of Aine unnoticed.


And then Odin grasped her favorite spear that was stabbed in Aine’s chest. Fresh blood gushed out from the wound.


Aine was gritting her teeth.

「Even at maximum your divinity number is around 200000 right? I’m more than a million you know?」

Aine’s eyes opened wide in shock and despair.

Odin pulled out Gungnir from Aine’s body.


Aine spouted out blood and fell on the ground. Bright red blood was flowing out from her collapsed chest and the ground was dyed red.

Odin’s hand was grasping Laevateinn that Aine discarded.

「This is nothing great, but I’ll take it anyway.」

The sword of sun melted inside Odin’s hand and vanished. And then she turned her back on Aine with Gungnir on her shoulder.

「You look like you can still become stronger, so I won’t deal the finishing blow. If by any chance you survive, be more diligent.」

Aine’s sight was sinking into darkness.

――What are you saying after opening a hole in my chest. I’m going to die, normally.

She was unable to say even that, unable to even move her lips.

――I am, dying? Here?
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And Himekawa confess her love:

Kizuna put a distance of one person between him and Himekawa, and he sat down on the bed beside her.

「It’s nothing.」

She irritably looked upward with cheeks that were dyed red.

「So, about the talk……what is it?」


Himekawa hesitated to say.

「Actually, there is something I want to discuss a bit.」

Kizuna gulped for a moment.

「Wha, what is it, why that formal? You don’t need…….to be reserved or anything right?」

He was saying that while being unable to suppress his heartbeat that was getting louder.

「I’m not, really being reserved though……」

Himekawa fidgetingly entangled her fingers with each other and then she stole a glance at Kizuna.

Himekawa took a deep breath, and breathed out.

She turned toward Kizuna as though she was determined about something.

「Then, I’ll say it. Actually――」

Her straightforward eyes were reflected on Kizuna’s eyes.

「I, love you.」
This is brutal and I like it.
It's a shame that this will never be animated.
Belive in 5 seasons anon
The bd sales are low, we won't have neither season 2
It's actually been rather stable for the kind of show it is in this era.
>Volume 1 of 6
>Volume 2 of 6
>Volume 3 of 6
>Volume 4 of 6
>Volume 5 of 6
Was released on January 27.
>Volume 6 of 6
Release date February 24.

But it's most likely that the light novel sales have to be good rather than the anime having okay-goodish sales number to justify another sequel of the anime adaptation.
Anyway I should wait at least an hypothetical season 3 to see this fantastic scene for a ryona fag like me.>>153001747
The LN sales are pretty low(6-7k per volume) and the anime didn't boost them at all.
Better than I thought it'd be.
Why the blood is censored in the illustration?
It would have much more impact.
Because otakus are pussies
Did we ever get the cover of volume 6?
Is Odin the biggest chested now? Like those tits are explosive compared to Landred and Yurishia
Surely Aine lost many position in the chart along with half of her both boobs.
Thread posts: 16
Thread images: 3

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