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I AM A HERO chapter 260

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I AM A HERO thread
only 4 more chapters till its finished

i will post newest chapter
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its only been 3 weeks since ZQN happened
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last page

did he say anything important?
it looked like for sure he died last chapter
is he driving a suzuki vitera?
I read Japanese, but I haven't read I Am a Hero.

The stick man thing was talking like a guy on the streets of Shibuya, while the MC is screaming he jumped out into the middle of the road.

Then it says "XX is back" - I can't read the name.

This episode was nonsense. It seems like a one-off comedy/gag.
Thanks for making thread.
What an awkward ending/lead up to the ending for this manga.
I think many of us can agree it was great at the start, had a lot of passion and novelty from the mangaka. Could have been much much better, but still a standout.
Does anyone have the chapters before this or a link to them?
Wait wait wait, this is the LAST chapter?? fuck that
>This episode was nonsense. It seems like a one-off comedy/gag

yeah it does look like a total bullshit chapter


here is lastweeks

no, there are still 4 more to go
What the hell is going on? We just got fat man gangbang up on the rooftop, more vore and then that's the pretty much the end of the series? What the hell happened in-between the translated chapters and this chapter and more importantly how will anything be explained?
Art in this series has gone to absolute shit.
How the fuck is the author going to end this in 4 chapters?
I feel like this chapter might be a parody of I Am Legend and the GODDAMNIT FRED part
HOTD >>> Infection >>>>>>> I am an autist.
Apocalypse no Toride >>>>>>> everything else
Went to shit with aliens and across the worlds parts.
Has he got his JK waifu back yet? I haven't read this in ages.

Not at all surprised if she's gone for good.
So it is actually ending, how many omnibuses would that mean for Dark Horse?
Also the "It's a Lie-pyon" and "Suprised?" part in the end, totally a gag chapter.
Haven't read this chapter yet, but as far as explanations go, it's probably gonna be

>a) the 2ch esque hivemind exposition
>b) the random creature having a monologue like a few chapters back
>c) a+b
>d) we hardly get anymore info. We basically know what this is all about (alien invasion), and everything else is open ended.
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>everything is destroyed overgrown with weeds and shit

Didn't the aliens say that they started this whole shit so they didn't have to clean anything? And what happened to those zombies that turned in to inanimate objects to replace the broken stuff?
Thread posts: 33
Thread images: 16

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