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Pitch concept for a show

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>Anime about Opera and someone who starts out as a promising newbie in a European town
>Try and make the me a nip or else it won't sell
>This also forces him to be a bit out of his element despite having studied abroad
>Story is about improving in his art and learning from someone who is several years his senior and acts like his dad
>Bro tier show with an emphasis on good music
>Exposes actual operas to people and explains context so everyone can enjoy it
>Cute girls
>Good, realistic drama
>Mostly a down to earth, artsy slice of life making stuff normally seen as stuffy more accessible to the average viewer
Harem anime, but the twist is is that the male sidekick character that gets slapstick'd a lot has been depressed the entire time and kills himself in the last two episodes, resulting in the harem falling apart because it's awkward and making the MC feel like shit.
/r9k/ the animation

I like it, almost like Princess Tutu did with ballet but in a more serious way is what you're going for. I think if it had some surreal humor it might help though. Kind of how Death Note was suspenseful but had minor things like writing in a notebook and eating chips really dramatic.
>Love story
>Boy confesses his love to his crush on the phone
>Crush says yes, boy is ecstatic
>The next day, his crush says she never got a call from him
>Who was phone?
>Turns out he called the alternate universe version of his crush
>His AU crush is in-love with his AU self
>They agree to help each other get together with their crushes and whatnot
>They fall for each other anyway
>Cross dimensional romance show
>Things are completely different in both their universes and they have to try and relate to each other even though the fundamentals of their realities are entirely different
Fund it

I think I read your pitch in another thread like this. The ending seems kind of anticlimactic. What if the alternate universe MC finds out what's going on and even though he likes the love interest of the AU he is autistic and finds a small, miniscule difference and fights to keep his universe's love interest?
This, needs more development
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>Anime airs in odd, low-viewer timeslot. No publicity.
>Supposedly recovered from the network archives and just restored to viewability.
>Made in 1975. Never aired due to unknown reasons.
>Typical period mecha show. Looks like it would fit in with any other 1975 show -- Mazinger, Jeeg, Raideen, etc.
>Animation, music, plot, everything.
>Just has one credit screen at the end with a few unknown names and the 1975 copyright.
>Studio appears to have only produced this one show. Research shows nothing on them.
>Happy, early 70s vibe. Even has an animal mascot.
>Nothing special.
>Episode by episode, animation would slightly improve, get more modern.
>Same with music.
>Plot would start getting odd. More reminiscent of complex, modern plots with developments that hadn't been seen in 70s anime.
>Also progressively darker. Edging beyond Tomino.
>Character designs are slightly changing.
>By episode 12, it's resembling a mix of Ideon and Votoms.
>By the next-to-last-episode, it's gone totally symbolic and resembles EoE.
>Music and production values are almost-impossibly modern, but still under 70s technology limitations
>Final episode without explanation goes back to episode 1 aesthetics. End card pays respect to the director: "He has suddenly disappeared. We miss you and want you back."
>The end.

Of course, the whole thing is contemporary found-footage genre made by a modern studio, but it would be interesting to see what kind of shitstorms it could produce.
Glorious if you did it over a longer season
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Every fucking thread.
Already a thing.

If this happened I'd laugh myself to sleep everyday for a week
>A boy falls in love with a girl.
>The girl is actually a psychological reconstruction of the spirit of his first friend who died and became the last friend he would ever make, as a girl, no bromo.
>Cute therapists and psychologists fight over getting to have him as a patient.
>They are also psychological reconstructions of his deceased family who always doted on him.
>He meets a ghost of his friend as a male, they agree to try and get to the bottom of it and found out what happened and why they died.
>They meet psychological reconstructions of the detectives who died before they could solve the case.
>It is almost like the staff didn't realise people would want to see the truth of the killings until midway, or they died halfway through and were replaced with the audience none the wiser.
>They face the psychological reconstructions of animators, fans find it symbolic in some way they don't understand.
>After solving the mystery the ghost confesses his love.
>Also the ghost of his dad says that he actually loved his son despite abandoning him and using him for robot business.
>The main character calls them both massive faggots and makes out with the psychological reconstruction of his friend as a girl, convincing himself that it wasn't sort of gay.
>None of it matters for the MC is a psychological reconstruction of a stupid mystery series that no one will care about.
>His delusions aren't real.
>His delusion of having delusions aren't real.
>Reality isn't real, deny the obvious.
>Bush didn't do 9/11
>The Jews are nazis
>The nazis are Russians
>There is no political message
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>in the golden age of motor racing
>three siblings are bought up by the baron, a wonderful man with a passion for machines
>this aristocratic family in the last generation of nobility falls apart just a few years early
>because the head of the household died in a motor race
>the family swears off motoring except the oldest daughter, who shirks her studies to ride motorcycle and becomes professional racer with her old man's money.
>senna, but a taciturn bishoujo instead
>Has early success, since she is lighter than male racers and can afford as many parts as she wants
>struggles as she comes against more skilled opponents, but stays in the running
>family tries to marry her off for cash and status, oblivious that advancements in the motor will destroy it all in the coming blitzkrieg
>loves the guy and even fucks him, but refuses marriage because getting pregnant would stop her racing
>girl is stressed out and spills during championship race, seriously injured
>deal falls though, no one wants the broken girl
>spends all her prize money on medical bills
>tries to trap the guy who scorned her into pregnancy after all
>gets paid off in exchange for leaving country
>france now
>pops out kid
>bad leg, can't ride bikes now
>hates self
>no skills, but need money
>gets shitty car with custom clutch setup, enters local races and claws her way up to F series
>can't deal with daughter, who she barely knows and can't relate to - she spends so much time trying to make money
>but kid isn't wrong that mom loves racing more than her
>discovers daughter whores herself for money
>driving style becomes more and more reckless
>now cares only about winning
>another spectacular crash in F series championship
>wakes up in hospital
>sound of engines still rings in her ears
>looks out window
>deafening explosions
>everything is fire
i want story about anti-hero MC thats kinda just screwing around or "play villain" for the story
here is my pitch

MC is a social outcast due to his interest in mysticism and philosophy. During a family reunion one Christmas, one of MC's uncles who was missing for years showed up. Shunned by his kin, he notices MC reading a book about the origins of the mystical traditions of Judeo-Christian religions. He soon approached him and pressed him more about his interest before revealing to him the true Gnosis. The power of magecraft out of sight of his other relatives. An astonished MC soon asked questions only to be met with a hush and a promise that he will enter a world of enchantment in due time.

Six months later, MC received a letter from the Westminster Academy, a school for training apperentice mages. Thus MC's journey into an enchanted realm begins, hidden from the world

Meanwhile however bigger schemes are planned and executed within the shadows as the Evangelical wing of the Anglican Church plans out a scheme to monopolize power and take over the Anglican Communion, effectively executing an anathema on magecraft and for Parliament to make such a penalty by the state, justifying a nationwide slaughter of mages across the United Kingdom and causing two connected but distant worlds into war
Thread posts: 18
Thread images: 4

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