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Motoko is very lucky to have her ojii-san Aramaki in charge of

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Motoko is very lucky to have her ojii-san Aramaki in charge of the place she works at. Any other chief of operations would have fired her ten times over for going rogue, faking her own death, disobeying orders, killing valuable suspects, being rude with her superiors, mistreating her subordinates and traumatizing hostages among other things.
Then she'd be forced to work as a mercenary for the bad guys.
Or worse yet, as a waitress in a coffee shop.
Well, she's a hell fucking lot competent, and when you're the only one who can do some things people tend to be forgiving and bear it.
But yeah, in the manga she's quite an asshole. Bad guys she spares in the anime would be utterly BTFO and executed by her manga self.
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1 major.png
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They're bad guys, aren't they?

It's a doggy dog's world out there.
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>inb4 mangafox
>Motoko lecturing a kid about contributing to society
Oh that's rich coming from a pawn of the government who constantly bickers her boss to go on vacations where she can have lesbian orgies with her friends.
Hey man, that top of the line deltaware isn't going to pay for itself.
>top of the line deltaware
She's built on a S2 base.
The type of body that's bought by freelance prostitutes who do it for fun.
And one of her friends works at a cyborg clinic; I'm sure she could easily get that extra dermal plating without having to apply for a job where she can get her brain fried or be forced to shoot innocents on a weekly basis.
The chassis is intentionally a run on a mill model to blend in with civies.
The rest of the ware, not so much.
>blend in with civvies
Oh she blends in with a lot of civvies alright. Several at once.
Or, she could be my wife.
Hey, maybe that sim enhancing stim has a shelf date, man. You wouldn't let it go to waste yourself if your flesh was pretty much gone, right?
this is the mangatoko thread, the movietoko thread is this way
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You stroll around the marketplace and come across what looks like a small angora animal rummaging on the ground and making loud noises.
As you get closer you realize that it's actually Motoko's disembodied head yelling for help and cursing a lot because everyone is ignoring her.

What do you do?
Pick it up.
It demands that you bring it to HQ immediately (in a very rude way) before her battery runs out.
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Put the cyberbrain in a male body.

Ask if I can get in on some of that virtual viagra.
Only Batou could get away with this shit.
You're hamburger now.

But at least you're not a replicant.
How could I ignore such an adorable fluffball?

Anon you and I both know that given we were in the situation, we'd kill to be a part of those vacations.
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They just sort of plop down on big beanbags and pillows and just lay there fully clothed while the sim gear is doing all the work.
If you didn't know better you'd think they're just having a nap after a particularly exhausting pillow fight.
The pillows sure look comfy but I don't want to spend the whole week sleeping and having pillow fights with cyborg girls.
>walking feels strange
Is that because she's lacking nerve or because the body sends signals hey cyberbrain doesn't know what to do with?
the latter; some other translations mention "that thing between the legs" (in other languages)
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>angora animal
ANGERY animal!
If the head looks like that I'm petting it.
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michael jackson.png
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Uh, so the live-action movie is taking place after the first manga. It's nice to se that they paid attention to small details like that Michael Jackson-looking cyberbody, and picked an actress who could look the part.

what if the head looks like that?
Luckily I carry an all purpose extra large paper bag with me everywhere I go.
>manga major is super funsy
>anime major is a stoic hardass

What happened?
>paper bag
As befits Worstoko Kusonagi.
Manga major is a bit of everything, sometimes she's super genki, sometimes she's super edgy, sometimes she's stoic hardass, sometimes she's clumsy, sometimes she's sad. It depends on who she's talking with.

In the movie she's sad because it's a gloomy movie so we see her at her worst mood.

In the series she's stoic because the writers sort of forgot that she can be other things than stoic and sad.
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Shh, cutetoko needs to stay our little secret.
I administer headpats.
How does she react?
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hair ref .jpg
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I saw a few examples of that hairstyle in old magazines, but they were all on blonde girls.

I think it'd look even better on brunettes like Motoko.
There are some but I don't want to post 3dpd.

Anyway, highleg + that hairstyle = winrar, that's why Motoko is the best grill.
Thread posts: 33
Thread images: 13

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