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Tsuredure Children

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>Rap chapter
This is gonna take a while
>gonna blow
makes it sound like he thinks it's going to suck

He's saying it's his first time flying, isn't he?

I know the rhyming fucks things up, but don't wanna lose meaning in the process.

Being alone is freedom, but it's lonely.
Yeah well uhh, I'm busy trying to figure out how to make these lines rhyme while making it sound good. I'll redo it I guess.
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Good luck with the TL
only you can save me from this hell
every week you make me feel swell
Yeah, I'm not trying to shit on you or anything.

It's not really your fault. It's just more I want the best of both worlds, so I'm busy racking my brain trying to make it the best as I can.
I know its not this couple but
How do you differentiate an osakan accent through japanese text?
So feedback is always good. Just help a guy out a bit.

Oh in Japanese text, there's different words and inflections used. So once you see it, it's easy to tell.
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[TN: Title is 'Alone']

Onizuka Kimihito
Year 2 Class 1
He does rap for a hobby. But it's a secret and only Yamada-san knows about it.

YO!! YO!! I'm the broken down rapper! MC Onimusha!!

The school trip's gonna start real soon, yo! [TN: Using 'yo' is cheating, but I can't think of anything better]
Everyone's off to the islands and Shuri-jou [TN: Shuri castle is in Okinawa]
As for me, my first plane ride's gonna be fo' show!
I can't wait no more! Here we go!

"Alright then"
"We're gonna split ourselves for rooms"
"So get together with everyone you like"
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"Let's go together!!"
"Huh? Do we even get along?"
"Hell yeah!!"

"Oh? Onimusha"
"You got a group already?"
"Huh? No..."
"Not just yet..."

"Tell me when you get one"
"I'll come visit"

My name is MC Onimusha
My other name...
Is Lonely Musha!!

Nobody'll ever be friends with a mean looking guy...
So I lived a simple life, unnoticeable to their eye
Since I was a kid, I've always been shy
A high five is impossible, even when I try.

But if I take my time doing this, I'll feel so ashamed.
From the looks of it, that guy's waiting to be called out, just the same!

"I'm joining too"
"Of course!!"
feels bad man
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best time of the week is here
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When they're in a group, it's hard to greet them,
And I join them, I'm scared might throw them into mayhem.
What would happen in a one person stratagem?
I can't do it alone, lest be condemned [TN: Well, 天城越え is technically a crossing between Kamazu and Izu in Shizoka prefecture believed to be the gateway from heaven and earth. I can't think of a rhyme for that]

"Oh? Onizuka-kun..."
"You don't have a group yet?"
"Huh!? No... welll....."

This is bad!!
I'm the only one without a comrade!!
I'm gonna be everyone's unwanted nomad...
[Side] Is there any opening here?'

"We got some room!!"

"Onizuka-kun still doesn't have a group"
"Okay, why don't you come here?"

"Oh, you're left out!?"
"If you're okay with it, let's have fun!"

These people are so sweet,
They're more or less heroes never beat!
I never spoke to them that much, [TN: Doesn't rhyme]
But the fact they spoke to me is so neat!

But to be honest,
This is just
File: 419.jpg (363KB, 1114x1600px)Image search: [Google]
363KB, 1114x1600px
No matter how I look at it, they're the cool group
The one with the cheerful athletic groove
In contrast, I'm in the uncool group
I just can wrap my head around this normie rule

But I can't have say it's a luxury
I have to change my personality

"If it's alright with you,"
"We're open too, okay?"

"Furuya-kun, you have an opening there too?"
"If it's alright with you, Onizuka-kun..."

Everyone there looks kinda quiet
If I had to say it, that other side's my kinda bracket!!

"Does the other group look better?"
so I guess no Sawara this chapter?
I can appreciate a bro chapter
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"You going to the other one?"
"Of course he'd go"
"He doesn't speak a lot to us"
"Uh... no....."

I really wanna go to that other side
But if I do, my intentions will be open wide
That I was worrying about their pride
I'll make a run for it, like Lupin's ride!

"I don't mind..."
"I appreciate both sides"
"But if I went with you,"
"I'd be a burden right...?"

"What're you talking about!!"
"The more the merrier!!"

"Well, it's really too bad"
"But we don't mind, so just go"

He's got a good heart...
Well, he was popular from the start...
And compared to him, I'm not so smart...

"Okay then"
"We got our groups sorted so......"

"Could I..."
"Go over to this group?"
onimusha you cuck
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367KB, 1114x1600px
"Sure, of course, but..."
"You okay with it?"
"I'm already here..."

In truth, I still have no clue
Being together with normies is the issue
But frankly, this is something I don't think I can do
If push comes to shove, I'll go to bed early and bid adieu

"Let's get along, Onizuka-kun..."
"Can I call you Onizuka?"


"S...sorry, Furuya-kun......"
"No need, okay?"
"The other side was first"

"Let's have fun on the school trip!!"
"For sure!!"
"Yeah yeah"

"By the way, Onizuka"
"You good with mornings?"

"Let's not oversleep when the time comes"
"I wanna be woken up early"
"Ah! Me too"
"I'm kinda bad with mornings though"
Thanks for the translations anon
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fuck my life.png
44KB, 446x333px
Rhyming sucks. But for some reason, I'm looking forward to a great rap party.

If there's any problems with the rhyming or translations, tell me so I can fix it before I put it up. Okay
>Rap chapter
Time to suffer like G did?
How about "real soon, bro"?
Hm, that can work
Much thanks.
Thread posts: 27
Thread images: 10

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