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Since anime studio reps are confirmed to be lurking around here,

This is a blue board which means that it's for everybody (Safe For Work content only). If you see any adult content, please report it.

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Since anime studio reps are confirmed to be lurking around here, opportunity knocks.
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>MC lives in fantasy Arabia as a shota in a small tribe.
>Gets caught and sold into slavery, ass raped, and suffers.
>MC works as a slave for 7 years building muscle and becoming their Master's number 1 slave.
>During a raid on a neighboring tribe MC is given the right to track down the chief's tribe daughter and bring her to his master.
>MC finds the chief's daughter, but instead of taking her to his master he escapes with her, having a change of heart.
>MC begins a new life working for the chief's daughter uncle in another tribe after that, and to combat his former Master who is threatening his new home he goes out and gathers a bunch of allies.
>This gathering of allies eventually leads to the creation of fantasy Ottomon Empire as MC becomes fantasy Osman I.

There you go /a/.
A girl whose parents died in a car accident and is forced to live in the countryside with her abusive aunt and uncle, she spends most of her time reading and having chuuni fantasies and adventures and meets a boy who becomes her best friend and love interest at the end and lives happily ever after when her aunt and uncle are arrested for a crime that they uncover .
this but tragedy, main character girl dies in episode 8, assumably from abuse and love interest is now main character. Plot turns to new main character's methods of dealing with this loss and pain.
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During the late 80s, a considerable amount of the wealthy populace aren't paying their debts, causing the Japanese government to fear a financial crisis. They decide to crack down on this practice by rewriting their laws regarding repossession. Repo men are now allowed to carry firearms, and are basically given carte blanche when it comes to repossessing property.

A down on her luck girl fresh out of college decides to become a "Repo Woman." She scrounges up enough money for a .38 revolver and a 1979 Isuzu 117 Coupe, and is able to convince her unemployed sister to join her. Hijinks ensue as the two sisters try to seize supercars, priceless paintings, and more from their rich owners.

Pretty good twist, might get huge backlash though
ah fuck i forgot about backlash, I just thought it was a great way to build the male character, since the female character probably got built properly in the first 8

She deserves a happy ending don't you think?
Not him but I thought the same about that slut Kayo, now I wish she had stayed dead.
No, the characters don't "deserve" anything. They're tools. A nice slice of life can deal with tragedy really well, and it's set up nicely by abusive parents. we can fix erased
In the future, making friends normally has become difficult due to an obsession with technology. Friendship Companies have taken the world by storm. People can find other people to be their friends for free. However, certain services cost money, and some people have spent vasts sums of cash to enhance their friendship experience, even going far enough to marry their friends.

The MC is a poor young man struggling to make ends meet. Feeling lonely, he decides to take a free friend of his own, only to get a young lady not even out of college. The two are in a constant psychological battle for the safety of their wallets.
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MC falls in love with his school's slut after she does something nice for him. In order to win her heart he ends up studying the rules and lifestyle of a gentleman, and asks her out on a date.

The slut accepts dating the MC because she thinks he's only there for a quick fuck, and only after having her advances are rejected and the MC wishing to take their relationship slow does she realize the MC is serious about being with her and doesn't want to use and throw her away.

The slut then slowly begins to turn her life around in order to be with the MC, thinking it would be nice to no longer be a slut, and has to overcome her old lingering reputation as a slut and the judging views of the MCs family, friends, and her peers.

A story about unconventional love.
>Sub 100 BD sales:The Plot
>MC works on a truck company repair shop
>his dream is to become a trucker
>rival company is loaded with cash and gets all the contracts
>you have different truckers with diff abilities for special cargo in mc's friend company (and in the rival co)
>lot of road fights mad max style
>rival company always trying to sabotage their shipments
>Mc a regular dude
>mc's boss and co owner is some old dude
>boss daughter is the mc's romantic interest
>muscular cool guy
>a trap trucker
>head mechanic (mostly for comedy)
>another girl that's at the lvl of the mc
bad guys:
>Rival Co boss (kinda like a mafia boss)
>Rival co sons (girl and male)
>some twins that are always messing with the MC and his crew
Don't nips like underdog stories about cute girls turning into hot house wives?
Mc falls in love with a male cat girl but it turns out it's just a female cat girl who fell in love with MC because she thought he was a reverse trap. Everybody is playing their role not to make the other go away if they find out the truth and meanwhile they live a lot of weird and funny things, you can add a lot of other cute side characters living ridiculous situations, because not everything is what it seems
This sounds cute if it's cute
MC notices a strangely-dressed and shy girl. She has has always been an outcast and MC starts to fall for her after she saves him from a mean-spirited school prank gone wrong.

Eventually by accident, he learns her deepest secret: she has three boobs.

They grow close but she still fears others finding out her secret
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A group of friends are autistic enough to build a pirate ship.
But this and no ordinary pirate ship, this is an all terrain pirate ship! (A.T.P.S for short)
They become power hungry, defend an island from not-China and take it over, capture not-Kim Jong Un which they proceed to hold hostage and then let go, and then they lay seige on Disney World.
Cute anime girls at a rehab clinic for their crippling heroin addictions.
A young Imperial Japanese sailor washes ashore a strange land after he refused abandoning his sunken ship and is saved by the cute daughter of a fisherman who has taken over the family's fishing boat after her father had passed away. He finds out that he's in a coastal village in a world similar to the middle ages except magic exists. The poor village people are under regular attacks by pirate orcs who raid them using scary black ships equipped with magic artillery and can wreak havoc unopposed against the defenseless village people who only have some simple fishing boats. The orcs demand a tribute of people as food, especially girls who they find a delicacy. They select a number of girls and of course the fisherman's daughter is one of them. And since MC is a naval prodigy and served under a great admiral, you can see where this is going.
>MC is trying to get a job
>He falls in love with this random chic
>He dies of cancer from 2 much 4chan
Okay so I have an idea in my head for a magical girl anime and I'd like input. So basically a gritty and semi-realistic (not necessarily edgy) show where the girls transform into mecha musume based on military aircraft. Japanese and by extension American planes would be the hero faction. Chinese planes as villains. Don't know about Russian and European planes. MC would transform into a Shinshin girl. Got no idea what the premise, plot or characters would be though

Got the idea after watching this:

Any suggestions?
In WWII a Japanese soldier gets separated from his unit on some random pacific island and finds a shrine to a goddess from a lost pantheon. The goddess tell the solder that Japan cannot win the war, and will become an American puppet state, that only he can save. However, for that to happen, he must die and be reincarnated. The soldier agrees and lets the goddess kill him. 75 years later he awakens in the body of a christmas cake who is just starting to work for a Japanese politician. Can the MC make Japan great again?

Also it turns out the MC's new body is the half gaijin daughter of Donald Trump, because why not?
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F-117 chan.jpg
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Shinshin-chan just started high school. A-10 chan is her magical girl senpai and a college student. Lightning II-chan is Shinshin-chan's rival in the next class. There are two half gaijin twin sisters that are friends with Shinshin-chan. Their magical girls forms are the YF-23 and F-22. They both have blonde hair (one has it in twintails and the other in a ponytail), are flat and are tsundere rivals.
Here's an idea. Tank girls.
Title: Ze Hat
In a nut shell: One part old Jackie Chan films and one part Lupin the Third

More detail:
MC: His name is Jun Ree (named after martial artist Jhoon Goo Rhee) which does sound a little bit like a girls name in retrospect which could be a small running joke in the series. As for martial arts he's quiet capable, but the thing is he looks and somewhat acts like a good damn idiot while fighting (hence the Jackie Chan part) so everyone initially underestimates him. Other than that the only other thing set in stone about him is that he wears a blue baseball type hat which is how we get the tittle of the series (if it sounds like a stupid reason, that's the point).

Setting: Mainly old slums of Not Hong Kong, some nice buildings here and there but generally not the type of place you want to go for vacation. Also the people living in and around the area or so densely packed together that most gangs/organizations have but a soft ban on firearms since almost every stray bullet will hit someone whether intended or not and who know when someone getting shot by "accident" will lead to all out gang war that burns the city to the ground.

Plot/Episode structure: episodic consisting of 2 or 3 episodes per story, some are original and some are heavily borrowing the plot from old Hong Kong movies. Only thing the connects them is Jun Ree is involved in some way be it major or minor whether it be because of a job in order to make a quick buck, roped in against his will, or just plain bad luck.

And that's most of what I got, still working out some things but I doubt anyone on /a/ cares enough bout this shit idea for a series to hear it
Mc is a police detective, he gets murdered one night. Somehow he comes back as a spirit and he can only interact with a total stranger who happened to be passing near the site he was murdered so he gotta make that person (that then will become the MC) to help him solve his own murder. Add some subplots and comedy breaks, some conspiracy involving the MC and the villain and then later on (second or third season) they reveal that the MC (detective-kun) was in a deep coma and somehow his unconscious did all the work trying to solve his "murder" (was not a murder tho) and then he wakes up but he's now crippled and needs a sidekick to help him solve that mystery irl. Suggestions?
>Siege Witches
Set in the same universe as Strike Witches, MC [feminine Japanese name here] from [whichever japanese city needs a little weeb tourism] tries out to be a flying witch but fails once she realizes she has a serious fear of heights. Commander [character from BW since everyone likes that kind of thing] sees her potential and has her train under [massively ripped cake] as a member of 212 mobile armor division - the Armadillos.
>tank witches get swole - lots of muscle tone
>tank witches get mad - encouraged to let their emotions run wild a little as a way to burst magical power so chuuni and genki are en-masse, and some very unwholesome use of the japanese language
>tank witches get strong - back mounted heavy artillery, heavy as fuck armor, going around brick walls and not through them is for pussies, that sort of thing
First 4 episodes are conventional training. Think MCYumi the anime with magic. next 6 are band of sisters with the Armadillos travelling notEurope taking out isolated land based neuroi assaults.
Final arc is a nest assault with Armadillos supporting the Strike Witches all while the cute and lively 501st struggles to keep their composure with the 212th barking at each other like angry saylors, smashing down buildings, and throwing cars, motorcycles, and exhausted ammo enplacements at neuroi and each other.
A boy falls in love with a girl. He confesses, but the girl turns out to be a lesbian. Unable to let her go, the boy comes up with the brilliant plan to crossdress and win the lesbian's heart. He takes his sister's school uniform and goes to confess while disguised. On the way there, he sees a young boy being bullied. He steps in to help. One of his classmates sees this brave "girl" helping the young boy and falls in love. The classmate follows him and before the boy can confess to the girl while disguised, the classmate confesses to the boy. The girl sees this and says the two of them would be cute together. As she's walking away, the boy's childhood friend approaches the girl and threatens her to stay away from the boy, because she's secretly in love with him. The girl is moved by the childhood friend's dedication and falls in love with her. Thus a strange love polygon begins.
I too enjoy trainwrecks.
Boy has dreams to become villain, works hard to get into a villain organization. He becomes their leader, doesn't fight, just has skills with people. Leads fight against good guys, who don't turn out to be so good after all.
you lost me
>tries to be a villain
>good guys turn out to be actual villains
>he was a hero in the end
Some typical light novel harem except the guy dies at the end of the first novel and the rest of the series is the girl's trying to cope.
A high school boy contracts the deadly Japanese cold. He survives. He's hit by a murderous Japanese truck, and barely gets a scrape. At that point he realizes, he really won't die, even if he's killed. The high school boy tries to become a superhero. However, apart from not dying, he's a normal high school boy. Can he really become a hero?
A poor girl wins a scholarship to a prestigious girls boarding school, known for its students going on to be some of Japan's top doctors, scientists, and businesswomen. However, unknown to our heroine, among the upper class it has another reputation, the place you send your lesbian daughters so they're out of the way and won't give you any bad publicity. Worse, the MC's name is Yurihama Yuriko. Can she find a boyfriend and protect her heterosexuality, or will these rich lesbians win her over with the power of yuri.
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A long ass time ago, an army of demons threatened to destroy mankind in isekai as we all know it. When the humanity was on the edge of total annihilation, there came a divine intervention, and defeated the demon king in a rock off. After that, it was carved in every demon's soul that it cannot reject a rock off, and if someone was to lose in a rock off, he must burn in hell forever, whether it's demon or human. After the rule was set in stone, humans started to slowly but surely triumph over demons, mostly because most demons lack five fingers.

But one day, a new demon king with all five fingers on each of his arms emerged, and started to dominate the humans, and burning down everything music related, whether it be instruments, compositions, or recordings.

Flash forward to hundred years later. Humanity is once again on the edge of destruction, and instead of waiting for another intervention, they decide to bring the finest musician a human could possibly be from a world far beyond their own. That's when MC rolls along. An ordinary high school freshman disregarding the fact that he's a guitarist for a underground death metal band. Surprised to find that his flying V still works without an amp or distortion pedals or more crucially, electricity.

Now, with the power of right hand tapping and pentatonic scale notes, MC must put his very own soul at the stake in order to save this strange new world and learn how to be a real man and a true artist, one solo at a time.

I know this totally ripping off Tenacious D
An anime where nothing cool happens at all. First episode the MC goes to the office water cooler. There he talks to Carl, a fellow office member. It appears that the jug of water is completely empty.

"The only place I know of to get water for this jug is the bathroom sink, but how could the jug fit there?" Carl says.

MC says "I don't know. I guess I'll just fill up my cup in the sink, instead of the whole jug"

"Why didn't I think of that?" says Carl

As they both start walking towards the bathroom, MC takes a slight detour after remembering that he doesn't like walking with other people. When he arrives at the bathroom, Carl is just walking out with his cup full of water. "long time no see" says Carl. MC rolls his eyes. MC walks into the bathroom and fills his cup in the sink. Then he walks back to his cubicle and gets back to work, fully refreshed and hydrated.
On sleepless nights between fall's idleness and winter's chills, there may come a caller at your door.

You'll hear tap, tap, tapping. Maybe even a rap, rap, rapping. Something may come knocking, all the way to your bedroom door.

You may open or answer the beckoning and you might find a letter, a paper or a raven on your floor.

The letter comes from the secrets held within your lover, your friend or your enemy's deepest darkest core.

The paper bears tidings of times to comes, fates unchangeable that your future has in store.

The raven, he offers you a bargain to be taken, else he mocks you unseen and unheard by all, save for you, forever more.

Opportunity knocks with a letter, a paper and a raven. It raps and taps impatiently upon waiting doors. To know its offers and unheed it calls, invites more secrets - none more terrifying than its pen and what it's for.

I call this one "Nevermore".
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A totally new and popular weird sport about girls that battle using cats. They're special kind of girls who can summon cats out of their pussies, butts or cleavages. Each girl can summon only one type of cat and also evey cat has an unique ability.

They fight on cat-related locations surrounded by water (bacause cats hate water). If they lose conciousness, fall into the water or can't summon cats anymore, are automatically disqualified.

MC is a girl who wants to be the best at Nyajo, she has a special kind of cat that was never seen before. She was accepted in one of the most pretigious schools of Nyajo in Japan. Inside there she is assigned to a group of another begginner girls like her and a trainer who's an old old crazy cat lady who attacks using a barrage of gray cats.

And in the end I don't know, I'm bad at writing these kind of things
>lot of road fights mad max style

That would explain the high number of truck related casualties.
Normal day to day businesses doing stuff, but it's wacky because the whole world has power levels.

>courtroom lawyer versus prosecutor battle
>judge just sits there calmly because his power level just dwarfs the two of them combined

There needs to be three schools obviously, each with a best girl, tank school, boat school, and plane school. They spend the series fighting eachother as rivals and doing stuff until they realize that there is a foe they can't beat alone and they need to form a threesome and come together to win!
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these two are parts of the same story
Aren't there versions of this on 2ch? What ideas have they come up with?
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>Sengoku era Japan just after Hideyoshi has become Kampaku

>Rumors reach the court of a fisherman thought dead in a storm years ago
>Has come back and is telling stories about a mysterious land to the east, including a tribe of savages bearing eerily japanese weapons and the crest similar to that of the Minamoto
> Hideyoshi siezes upon the opportunity, halts the invasion of Korea to explore this new land to the east. Story begins

I call it Gekko: Land of the Frozen Moon.

Long story short, Alt history where the Japs colonize western america in the 1600s starting from the Aleutians and into Alaska. Following a gold rush, tensions run high and a revolution breaks out to secede from Japan (with religious connotations that the land belongs to Tsukuyomi no Mikoto).

Main story would follow one clan with a different MC over generations from the inital explorer, to the colonist, to the revolutionary
That's ace attorney. Although seeing that on a worldwide scale would be hilarious.
Anime version of the Avengers. A group of special individuals recruited by the Japanese government to deal with global catastrophes, made by stereotypes of different kinds of manga for children. A magical girl, a kid with a mon (a cute little alien to whom he shares a psychic link and can fuse with), a hot blooded kid, heir to a legendary martial arts style, an old (no one really knows how old) perverted and kinda senile swordmaster, a sentai hero in Kamen Rider style, and a mecha scientist who funds the entire enterprise, Tony Stark style, and makes mecha for the rest of the cast (plus an automated mecha piloted by an AI built by this genius that can redesign itself to get new transformations).

That sounds more appropriate for a book than an anime

Which other things could be made wacky with powerlevel antics? I'm thinking car sales, school exams (college admission being basically the Hunter Exam), any kind of job interview, politics and truck deliveries
Maybe but look at how Overlord got an anime from a light novel, many others too. Nevermind how more mundane shit like Hyouge Mono managed to get at least 40 episodes doing weird shit.
there'd be other ones too, like maybe a casino episode where they are playing poker and eyeing eachother's power levels as much as their poker faces. I dunno.
>don't open the door
>have you seen that salesman's power level? He could sell us anything
>Hyouge Mono
An ancient evil awakens
And kills all the population except for the kids from a certain classroom.
Now they have to learn to live together in an empty world.
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gary stu omega.jpg
37KB, 225x350px
>MC is a massive Francophile, can mostly speak french
>Manages to pull a few strings to get into a student exchange program with a French high school in Paris
>Hillarity ensues when MC sees the real Paris experiences culture shock and realizes the horrible (nog and durka infested) reality that will be the next couple of months

Throw in a weird host family and a french weaboo that worships MC too.

I call it "Paris Syndrome"
>teacher has a decently high level compared to his students
>except for one kid
>no one is sure if he's a genius or a school shooter
Ding! and thank you for taking my bait and proving my point that if something as ascetic and cultured as Hyouge Mono can be appreciated, so can my idea with its more low brow elements
Happy go lucky guy gets involved in a bank robbery that goes wrong, the money gets lost, and is taken as a hostage by a cynical girl robber. The police thinks he's her accomplice instead and they run away together.

Now she's stuck with him and won't let him go despite him getting on her nerves because he's the key to help her recover the money.
People trying to buy food from a conbini

Oh wait.
Even other frogs hate Parisians
>Even other frogs hate Parisians

Thats part of the idea of culture shock. Or rather realizing how everyone hates urban assholes

there are elves and... humans? and orcs.

there are wars and majik? OH and there is an episode where a pack of nig- orc bandits raid an elven village and rape the slender qt hirls. that's fucking it.
I'm sold. When are you releasing?
cute girls doing cute things

A boy becomes a man, but is fraught with peril as the evil dr. Wily keeps tempting him to the dark side.

He must fight through different locations, his house, the outside, a shed, school, train station, and a church defeating each of Dr. Wily's Android female robots to reach the final stage of adult hood
Family issues. Parents want their kid to stop being a NEET, but they don't have what it takes to stop him. Playground antics. That one kid that always has that stupid force field.
Two high-schoolers who hate each other have to take care of a baby.

Hillarities ensue as they take on the responsibility of parenthood and slowly learn about the magic of love.
Both high-schoolers are traps
Japan becomes "soul active". This means that the souls of the dead no longer go to heaven/hell or reincarnate, but instead persist near the location of the owner's death. If you are near them and willing to, you can absorb them, increasing your human strength.

As the secular world tries to find a logical explanation through science, ambitious serial/mass killers emerge, trying to become godlike.

Indeed, many criminals end up becoming immune to bullets and form factions. While the world tries to figure out how to deal with them in a moral way, the main plot kicks in.
So Dark Souls in modern Japan?
Sounds... original!
Title: "Healthi'i Junkies"

Summary: About a boy name Kimiko Mitsuru, who was abuse by his parents and was mistaken as a girl in everywhere he went, one day after transferring into a all girls middle school by mistake he was forced to cross dress and was bullied alot, than during the same afternoon in school his mother murdered his father, and committed suicide a while the house caught on fire, some years past after the incident and now he is living with his Grandfather who owns a Dojo and his Grandmother owns a medical lab and one day after 3 years of training and being taught how to use healing Kimiko decides to drop out of school and to be the king of fighters, while 'using'. His classmate bookworm class Tsunsumi Ao. Then the next day she found out his 'using' and that he was going to drop out.
Will she convince him to not drop out and break his habit?
>MC is an aspiring serial killer
>He stalks his first victim
>After months of stalking, its finally the day
>He sees the girl getting attacked by a bunch of thugs
>They're trying to kill her
>He impulsively saves her since she is supposed to be his first victim
>Turns out the girl is wanted by a mysterious organization who's hunting her down because reasons
>one thing led to another MC gets hired as her bodyguard
>hijinks ensue as the MC tries to protect her and not kill her at the same time
This will only work as an anime if the girl also has 7 vaginas.
MC of a harem series isn't the one with the harem, his best friend is leaving him on the sidelines and to experience things such as:

> interacting with beautiful girls yet still having some form of personality besides the typical "nice guy" one which his friend has
> Micro managing the groups in and around the harem from in fighting the group of girls that are after his friend to the group of guys who want to strangle said friend
> Holding the nuclear launch codes that can (almost) always get him out of any situation aka telling everyone in the school who his friend loves.
> Always having a group to go to events like the beach, amusement parks, festival etc.
> More often than not finding himself alone at said events as the group intentional or not ditches him
> Having most of his actions/accomplishments completely ignored and or attributed instead to his friend resulting in the MC taking on a more and more self destructive personalty just to be acknowledged
> As the result of his friend attracting females due to his nature, it wouldn't be uncommon for a girl to try to sidestep the harem altogether and use the MC as a stepping stone to get to the friend which after so many times could start to affect him negatively
> Going home everyday and having lingering doubt about whether or not most if not all of the friends he has are real and aren't just friends of friend or just hangout with him since he is essentially the right hand of the king and you remove his friend they'll just be acquaintances at best or out right avoid him like the plague at worst
> And other Fun stuff
A virgin NEET waifufag gets his wish realized when his waifu materializes in front of him. However, she's but a fragile ghost that only he can see, and that becomes thinner with every second, and in order to become full and real, he has to locate other people who also got their waifus brought to the world and defeat them in combat (using their waifus somewhat like stands). Only one waifu can become real and the others will have their dreams crushed.

Some rivals will be assholes, but others will be nice, and MC will have to decide if it's worth crushing the others' dreams or if they should just enjoy their limited time with their waifus and keep going on with their lives.
With the devlopment of new engines and an alternate power source cars and other vehicles can now achieve 350 kmph with ease. This new speed meant the construction of a super highway that bridges oceans and land, connecting every country in the world. All cars come equipped with a self driving system that ensures drivers do not lose control of their vehicles that links to a central guidance system.

However there are groups of people who disable this system, giving them full control of their vehicles without any steer assistance and who compete in highly illegal races through countries called 'Gate Runs'. Each country has an electronic gate that scans a persons credentials as they pass through so each country keeps track of who is coming in and out. If a person is there illegally the vehicle is shut off and they are apprehended. The illegal races, disconnected form the system, pass through but set off alarms meaning they are not only racing each other but police agencies and even militaries.

Series would follow MC, a japanese driver who was caught during a Gate Run and recently released from jail. He tries to make it as an average joe but finds life boring without racing (impossible as he is forbidden form operating any vehicle). He discovers his young brother has gotten in deep with the yakuza and to pay off his brothers debt. He gets his hands on his old car, a modified Datsun 240z and enters the World Gate Run, a Gate Run where racers have to run every gate in the world to win. Each episode would follow MC and other racers, switching between high speed racing and slower moments where we learn more about MC and his fellows as they hide from the authorities and do repairs and maintenance on their vehicles.

Music theme would be very old school rock. Bad to the Bone, Paranoid, Highway Star, Detroit Rock City etc (this alone would kill it, licensing would be a nightmare)
>Since anime studio reps are confirmed to be lurking around here, opportunity knocks.
>Kek muh ken-sama will becum famous!

Well whatever...

Title: Isekai Dark Edge Fantasia

High school jockstrap was teleported to another fantasy world to defeat a darklord as a HERO. He does it easily. Afterwards the people decide to crown him as the new king as the previous royale senpai was all kill. However jockstrap MC is a big musclehead and sucks obamas at diplomacy and leadership. His cunt goes bankrupt and starves, while a borderlandd warlord sensing his weakness attacks his kingdom and enslaves his people. MC is too stronk to be defeated by the warlord's army but his people got fed up and drove him out. Butthurt and pissed, MC finds a devil summoning scroll and asks the devil to teleport to a parallel world just like this one. After that he decides to become the new DARKLORD because massive butthurt.
A history NEET is isekai'd to a fantasy world in the middle of a serious crisis. No one respects him because he looks weird (asians are unknown), and skinny as fuck in a world of rough and buff men.

However, the queen of the small shithole where he felt thinks he might be a blessing from heavens, and make him his counselor. Thanks to his knowledge of ancient battles and political history, by driving parallels to the real world history he manages to give good counsel to the queen, both militarily and diplomatic, but in the process gains fame similar to that of Rasputin among the nobility.

In the end he and the queen fall in love and they wrestle with the fact that she should marry with someone more important, that brings an alliance to the table, instead of someone who's not a noble, not even a native from their world. She ends up marrying another king, but they cheat on the kind behind his back. They're discovered, and he takes all the blame to save her life and ensure that there will be peace, and ends up being immortalized as a villain.

In the epilogue we see that the king, suspecting he got cucked, distrusts his son and favours his second son, which ends up leading to a civil war that undoes all the MC's achievements.

The moral would be that cuckolding is a shitty fetish.
>MC is a janitor in some school
>when he turns 18yrs old finds out that he's part of a clan of janitors with special powers
>he gotta clean all the stuff or else the microscopic reign of terror will take over the world
>he can see the filth overlords but no one else
>people thinks he's crazy
>it's his duty to clean the world
>gets in awkward situations because he finds himself fighthing the filth people in front of other people
>they think he's crazy af
>manages to make his love interest ( a teacher) believe in him
Kinda Ecchi anime
A regular dude is sleeping in the subway on the way home, meanwhile a fight between mages is happening, so the elder white mage cast a trapping spell on the wicked wizard from the crazy realm, he has some special item targeted where he will lock the wizard but before that happens the wicked wizard casts a teleporting spell on both of them and they land in the subway car MC is driving, since they changed realms the target location changes to MC's penis so the white mage traps the wicked wizard inside MC's penis and then (the mage) gets sent back to his realm by another spell cast in the last second by the wicked wizard. So the wicked wizard is trapped inside MC's genitals and since he's in this realm he cant cast more spells and then the fun begins because he can control the erections and talk so he gets the MC in a lot of trouble with girls and stuff
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Some anime about Hanekawa
Idol Anime/Battle Highschool show in which the Battle of the Bands means real battles as Idol girls with superhuman abilities fueled by fame and the fervor of their fans duke it out to be the highest rated act in the country. The Female lead, a Pyrokinetic who generates pure heat energy which she uses to create thermobaric explosions and to generate lift allowing her to fly and gldie in her idol costume's specially designed carbon-fiber wingsuit exensions, follows her dream of becoming "Number One, With a Bullet" by defeating her competition any way she can. Along the way she does battle with other bands, fights a bitter rival, falls in and out of love, and champions the power of Rock and Goddamn Roll, all set to a fucking blistering barrage of covers of classic 70's and 80's rock tunes.

Each opening to the show would be different, highlighting alternately the MC's band, Fire of Unknown Origin, or one of her rival bands who each use different kinds of music, cold-opening into the battle proper for a few minutes, before flashing back to tell the story of how they got there. The ending theme would be Joan Jett's I Love Rock and Roll covered by Jam Project with Masami Okui on Lead Vocals.
it took you time
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I posted this softcore hentai/ecchi romance a while ago and developed it. Multiple posts in-bound

Hero-kun is the class weirdo. It's not his fault, though. There's just a lot going on at home for him and he seems to have an aura that repels his classmates because of it. Thanks to the amount of bullying he's received in the past, Hero-kun is quite sharp-tongued and brutally honest.

In his third year of high school, his class president election boils down to two candidates. The snobbish rich girl who likes looking down her nose at Hero-kun and the short, pretty, shy girl who seems to have noticeably "developed" over the holidays She's our Heroine-chan. Hero-kun votes against the rich girl who loses to Heroine-chan by one vote! Hero-kun smiles for the first time in a while. Heroine-chan seems to notice.

After school, she encounters him in the library and thanks him for giving her the winning vote. Hero-kun flippantly responds that he was just voting against the rich girl. As he's putting a book on a high shelf, Heroine-chan hip-bumps him and he falls over. She stands over his face and asks if he's okay. Hero-kun lets her know can see up her skirt, to which he responds with "Do you like what you see?" Hero-kun agrees to become Heroine-chan's "very special friend" as in "fuck buddy" minus the penetration. As their relationship develops, they both learn how to properly express themselves, love each other and make each other cum

TL;DR: An ecchi/hentai "secret" romance story which progresses into a "proper" romance
>Story arcs inbound
Intro arc:
>Includes previous post
>Hero-kun and Heroine-chan meet in various places and do perverted things to each other
>Every now and then one of them just isn't into it
>In this time, they open up to each other emotionally and share their troubles
>Over time they start acting more like lovers
>Snob-hime notices some subtle changes in both their behaviours, but doesn't connect the dots she's too furious that both the class loser AND her rival might have a significant other before she does
>Snob-hime devotes some of her time to subtly interrogating both Hero-kun and Heroine-chan but gets nowhere, since Heroine chan laughs it off and Hero-kun tells her to fuck off
>Outside of school, Snob-hime is too obvious and our two lovers are always four steps ahead of her

>Lots of under the jumper action, sexting and mutual masturbation
>Culminates at the start of the next arc
>School festival approaching
>Heroine-chan tries to get Hero-kun to volunteer in organising the event without telling him her plans
>He refuses, stating it's a waste of time
>Heroine-chan volunteers and suddenly doesn't have time to spend with Hero-kun
>She even refuses to text him as punishment for not "reading the signs"
>Hero-kun takes this badly, but keeps it to himself
>Heroine-chan starts being flirtatious with another guy in front of Hero-kun trying to get a rise out of him because she can't read his poker face
>To add insult to injury, the guy she's flirty with is the captain of the basketball team, clearly the physically superior specimen to Hero-kun, and is quite popular with all the girls
>Hero-kun takes this VERY badly, barely able to keep it together when they are in front of him
>By the time Heroine-chan notices, Hero-kun has resigned their relationship to failure and the festival is upon them
>Heroine-chan searches the festival for Hero-kun, but is accosted by Basketball-san just as she's about to approach him
>Basketball-san confesses his love to Heroine-chan in front of most of the visitors to the festival
>Hero-kun doesn't take this well either, leaving in tears before Heroine-chan tells Basketball-san that she's interested in someone else without telling him who
>Heroine-chan tries to reconcile with Hero-kun after the festival, but he refuses to talk to her at all
>Heroine-chan starts saying good morning to Hero-kun in class to win him over as in a cheery "Ohaiyooo~ Hero-kyuuun~" as a setup for the next arc

>Lots of short NTR visions from Hero-kun
>Arc culminates in another love confession in private and two virgins having sex for the first time
Blurred Lines arc:
>Hero-kun and Heroine-chan now greet each other in the mornings, eat lunch together, and secretly meet up for sex at least once per week
>Through sheer willpower, they put up a reserved and sheepish act around each other in class
>Their classmates think they would make the cutest, most innocent couple aside from Snob-hime who is still extremely salty about losing the vote to Heroine-chan
>Our lovers decide to stage an innocent relationship over their clandestine, lust-filled one, starting with a staged confession
>Snob-hime and Basketball-san both try and break them up, both commiting social suicide when their pettiness gets the better of them
>Soon the lines between the act and reality are blurred (meeting parents, having fun on dates, displaying small amounts of affection)
>Exam time rolls around, classmates think the couple studying is an excuse for them to have sex away from prying eyes they do, but not as much as their classmates think
>Both Hero-kun and Heroine-chan get into the same university

>Sex scenes
>End of the story
>Exam time
>Snob-hime and Basketball-san team up to expose Heroine-chan and Hero-kun as perverts
>Get their chance when they see the lovers walking into an abandoned wing of the school
>They hide in a dark classroom as the lovers turn around, ducking into a cramped metal locker as the lovers enter the room
>Hero-kun and Heroine-chan have a "quickie" in full view of the locker the quickie turns into multiple positions with Hero-kun finishing inside Heroine-chan
>Meanwhile in the locker, Snob-hime and Basketball-san are getting more hot and bothered, to the point where they don't realise that the lovers are long gone until they fall out of the locker
>Snob-hime tells Basketball-san that he'd better "take responsibility" for making her horny
>Another sex scene the only thing preventing it from being a rape is Basketball-san's perverse fixation on Snob-sama's body
>Snob-hime lambasts Basketball-san for his lack of girth and giving her an orgasm when she didn't expect it
>Afterwards, Snob-hime tells Basketball-san that he's her slave and they give up on trying to expose the lovers
In a world with super powered fellows, we follow the daily life of a serial murderer that targets them in sport (though he says it's for revenge, some people secretly supports him because super people are jerks). We also follow a detective trying to catch him and prevent more murders, he ussually fails not by incompetence but because most supers are jerks and refuse to think a mere human can kill them and another mere human can save them or catch him.

They also delete the replies?
They delete practically everything unless they miss a post here or there.

Check the archives.
boy gets selected for a government funded experiment that takes place in an all-girls school. he has to dress as a girl and must not let anybody know that he is a boy, otherwise he won't receive the reward for participating. government funds this project to see if the presence of a male, despite being in girl clothing and pretending to be a girl, will have an effect on the surrounding girls. the story progresses with typical hijinks, nothing special. but then the boy, succumbing to adolescence and finding first love, works up a confession despite the notion that the receiver believes that he's a girl. the catch is that the person he confesses to discloses to him that she's actually a guy... the twist being that half of the school is actually males all working under the same guidelines as the protagonist: pretend to be a girl in a school full of alleged girls.

there is no target audience for this show; it was destined to flop from the very first sentence
I swear there was a manga about this.
CyberSix but in Japan.
>it was destined to flop from the very first sentence

Impossible, it's guaranteed to be a success
Sounds similar to Maria Holic or Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru.

>Since anime studio reps are confirmed to be lurking around here

They do?
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You missed some shit.
Already a thing.
Ghost Trick?
>NTR - Netori Shoujo
The MC is a girl who cucks guys.
>The moral would be that cuckolding is a shitty fetish.
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would watch this/10
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Bring back Future Century
I'm keeping my ideas now. Those thieves can't have them anymore.
Part 4 of JoJo, but the final boss isn't a random serial killer, it's someone from the main cast pretending to be good.

First we would have some slice of life and monster of the week episodes where the main character gathers companions, then we get the revelation that there's a serial killer going around. At last, other characters from the main cast start dropping dead or just dissapearing, until the mc figures from clues every victim leaves after their fights who's the culprit. He might even get attacked by someone else who thinks the culprit is mc.
A story in the style of the original Arsene Lupin stories, but set in feudal Japan. We follow murder cases commited by a mysterious figure, who turns out to be the last member of a ninja clan that got every male member decimated by a lord. He was a child when that happened, and he was raised as a girl so he would be spared. He appears as a totally ordinary girl in every chapter, maybe in the background, we don't learn he's the murderer until the end (we see him as a shadowy ninja instead).

He uses different ninja tricks to commit every murder, and can disguise as both men and women thanks to being raised as a girl, so at the end of every chapter we would learn which people did he impersonate.
The Earth split into two halves. One half inhabited by men, the other women. The two halves will select the best of the bunch for breeding in order to keep up the population. The interactions between men and women are awkward, fearful and ignorant. Numerous stories develop between men and women from each side of the halved world and this anime follows them.
I would watch it.
A pacifist in the normal world is a victim to a murderer, who kills him quite violently.
He reincarnates.
There are 3 worlds, the holy realm, the mortal realm, and the sinful realm. MC is reborn as a god, and gods typically dwell in the holy realm. Gods have abilities based on the positive aspects of man. MC, for some reason, becomes a God whose aspect is War. Almost all the gods are confused as to why "War" is considered positive and shun him. War gods are treated almost like the demon gods of the sinful realm, and are killed at a very young age for 2 reasons. 1st reason is If there are no gods for an aspect, it is not performed in the mortal realm. 2nd reason is that Gods are compelled to gain power. They do this by pursuing their own aspect, inspiring mortals to pursue it and worship.

On the day of his execution, MC strangely resists. Having been horribly traumatised by his death he defies his own philosophy and uses a skill of war (powers exclusive to a war god, Other gods have skills exclusive to their aspects as well) to kill the angel sent to fetch him there. Usually gods can't cast skills when they are young (as they are too mentally immature to do so) but since he reincarnated he was able to use them. Even if his skills were low tier, War gods are discovered to have terrifying offensive ability, surpassing the Justice aspect. He manages to escape the holy realm and into the sinful realm, and this would be where the story would begin.
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Ditto You Whore.png
116KB, 340x237px
The whacky and semi-realistic life of a beautiful city prostitute. It would be a humor manga/anime with some heavy scenes near the end of the series.
I would say more but I know I would butcher it.
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Hate Bus.jpg
154KB, 1280x827px
Two teenage boys live in a small town taken over by Jews. They have a friend who's an older man who doesn't talk much, has a lot of scars, and gives good advice. He's never talked about it, but the boys assume he's a war veteran. One day, when walking to the junk yard this old guy owns, the boy who's the main character narrates a basic overview of their situation, where they're going (the junk yard), who's there, and why they feel discontentment. When they arrive, the old man is a little too tired to play cards or chat with them, so he tell them to go look for some good pieces from the junk yard to put at the front to attract some customers. While exploring, the two boys find an old bus (exactly like the one in the picture, only aged). They decide to poke around inside it and they find a photo album of the older man and a group of others they've never met, all younger. As they're looking, Jesus Christ appears in the bus and shocks them. They ask him who he is, and he says he's Jesus Christ, and this was the van he rode around in in Nazareth before he realized he was the son of God. Back then, it wasn't called the Hate Bus, he explains, it was the Peace Bus. But, after he was slain by the Jews, a rogue apostle that was never mentioned in the bible took the bus and decided he wanted revenge. For 2,000 years it has been passed down, each man taking it renaming it the (Owner's name) Hate Bus and then, when they die or retire, they pass it down to their protege. However, Lincoln Rockwell's friends were all killed by the zog during a brutal ambush that he never quite recovered from, and with them, his apprentice. Jesus explains to the boys that they need to take up the mantle and continue the great crusade to rid the world of the Zionists. The boys look at each-other, realizing why they've been discontent with their mediocre, multi-kulti lives and tell Jesus they can do it. Jesus tells them to slow their horses..
>MC is an otaku NEET loser
>he is obsessed with this one battle harem show
>he likes this one girl who he dubs as the best girl
>and he absolutely despises this one girl who he calls the worst
>he shitposts about how much he hates her on 2ch all day
>one day he somehow wakes up in this shows universe with a academy invite in his hand
>it's the first episode
>knowing the show inside out, he makes it to the battle academy to enroll
>to his horror, everybody in the harem ignores/hates him since they all wants the harem MC's dick
>everybody except the worst girl
I still believe that this would be a best seller.
I'd watch it just to see how it ends.
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..because he has a plan for them. First, they need to break Donald Trump out of the prison he's being kept in by the evil Shillary. The boys, again in their impatience to start their adventure, tell Jesus they can do it. Jesus just smiles and tells them that while he has faith in them, they're not strong enough yet and they need to go throughout history and assemble a team of the best leaders to ever grace the planet. The two of them look at each-other, the same name popping into their minds. They turn to Jesus to tell him, and ask if he thought it was a good idea, but Jesus had disappeared and the bus had transformed back to its original state! In addition, on the driver's seat and one of the passenger booths, two crisp SS uniforms and a bag of supplies have been left for them. Then their thoughts turn to how they'll get back in time to find this leader. The protagonist turns to his friend and says, "How are we gonna go save Hitler from the Russians?" His friend looks back at him and says, "simple, we're going to drive back" and walks over to the driver's seat, cranking the ignition and flooring it. At first, our protagonist has a moment of panic, assuming they're about to speed right into a wall, but just before they hit, the van disappears and they enter a space-time portal! All around them are stars, space dust, and twisting portals. The protagonist spots one, and out of intuition he knows that THAT is the portal that will take them where they need to go. The sidekick floors it into the portal and they shoot out, emerging in Berlin, 1945. It is the morning of April thirtieth. A few meters to the left, they spot a formation of Soviets and just as they spot them, the Soviets spot them. Little did the boys know, but the van's sudden renewal had also come with a massive swastika banner, and the Soviets immediately started firing at the bus. But, then, something strange happens, the bullets deflect off without even leaving a dent! Instead, they..
File: 1481198064103.jpg (27KB, 345x420px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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..ricochet back at the Soviets, killing a few. In the protagonist's panic to find cover, he sent the bag of supplies skidding across the floor, and spilling its contents. He spots something useful, a map. In fact, he recognizes a number of land-marks in the vicinity on the map and rips it open, yelling at his friend to start driving. As they make their way through Berlin to Hitler's bunker, the protagonist looks for some kind of weapon amongst the supplies left, finding only a luger and a spare magazine. This wasn't good, how were they going to break the Soviet line with a van and a pistol? Just then, a Soviet tank rounded the corner just as they did and slammed into the van, sending it rolling across the street into a ruined building. The boys drop onto the floor, hands over their necks hoping that the van's magic would be capable of withstanding the near-point-blank shot from the tank. But the shot never came, and the protagonist peeks his head out from one of the smashed windows, trying to get a peek at what happened. Just as he does this, he gets a view of the badly-damaged tank before it explodes, sending a spray of fire and shrapnel everywhere. Our protagonist ducks back into the van, narrowly avoiding a piece of burning metal. The sidekick, fearless and impatient jumps out and tries to urge the protagonist to help him push the van over so they can continue trying to find Hitler, but the protagonist clams up for a moment, forcing the sidekick to jump back in and slap some sense into him. He reluctantly agrees, carefully crawling out from one of the busted windows and helps tip the van back over. They get back inside and start driving again, after a few more run-ins with Soviet troopers and a field of artillery fire, they arrive at Hitler's bunker and stop, ready to meet the Fuhrer themselves. Move to ending credits, episode one ends here.
>beta MC
>his one sole power is the ability to always win against females
I leave the rest to your imaginations.
The mc of my story has the power of singles
That's funny, mine has dubs
Vandread basically, just replacing the organ harvesting by Earth with breeding.
Sounds way too much like Gunsmith Cats.
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The story takes place in a restaurant/bar where the waitress are anthropomorphic verisions of the beverages they sell in the place.
From cocktails to different types of beer.
Protagonist is Lager-tan who is also the local favorite.
>God is Missing

A man from another planet is sent to Earth to study its culture.
The moment he got there, his pocket watch (which is an alien device used to teleport him back to his home planet) was stolen from him.

He learns the local language and he decides to search for his pocket watch- but people kept telling him the same thing "Only god knows where it is."

In his planet, the concept of Gods did not exist- and so he tries to ask help from God. He sincerely practices every religion on the planet, but to no avail. He then questions where God is, until he stumbles into a temple where a ritual is being performed. He finds his wristwatch in the hands of a guru, who claims it was brought to him by God from the mountains. The MC tries to take it, but he is dragged away by the devotees.

The MC then questions the nature of religion. Why are there many religions and why do they all claim to be the one true religion? Where is God? Are the preachers of each religion telling the truth?
Make more anime with submarines. And none of that stupid ship-girl sentient AI stuff. I want some gritty war anime with dark color palettes like in Jin-Roh, with realities of war and the dangers the crew is in coming back. Also some engineer/mechanic waifubait.
lmao We're never getting something with as good an atmosphere as Jin-Roh again.
About WW2 with Hitler as MC.
I really need something like this even if it's stupid
Journey to Heaven

Have you ever imagined that Heaven and Hell were real?

Not our dear friend Tadomi Konniwa, he is a NEET who preaches to the Internet everyday that all these religous faggots online are delusional.

One day while reading works of Richard Dawkins, he is hit by a bible flying with the momentum of a truck.

He awakes in Hell, and he learns that Heaven and Hell exist as real planets, connected to Earth by the God computer and it's warp device.

Heaven has recently changed the computer to send more humans to Hell, because Angels hate humanity.

Turns out that demons also hate humanity, so they are planning to infiltrate Heaven and get to the location of the God computer so that they can send humans to Heaven instead.

Turns out your non-belief cancels out belief and your existence is invisible to all who believe in Heaven and Hell, making you the perfect candidate for infiltration.

At the end of his journey he must decide, which is more beneficial to send humanity to, Heaven, Hell.

He has his own solutions, either to send humans who die on Earth to Earth and being the first species to achieve immortality or to send humans to another planet like Earth instead of Heaven or Hell
MC and his imouto find themselves on the ground floor of a curious six-story tenement. The first resident they meet formally welcomes them as Landlord and Caretaker of the place, and explains that he and four other people have been tenants/employees of theirs for a long time, taking care of passing travelers in their stead until they finally returned. Swept up in his unusual trusting aura, the two accept his invitation to tonight's communal dinner, an obligation for all tenants to attend.

At the dinner, MC and imouto are properly introduced to their employees, each of whom has a unique power based on a tenet of Stewardship (Time, Talent, Treasure, Testimony, and Temple). This group's teamwork was on the brink of falling apart when MC and imouto appeared, so it's up to them to fix this dysfunctional staff while also catering to new residents if they want answers to both this place and their missing memories.

MC pieces together that each of the temporary tenants was the last person of a failed world, and that he and his imouto died in one such world. The kicker is that his imouto, through esper powers she could not control, doomed their world directly. The five "employees" are involved in a grander plot concerning the origin of their own powers, but the MC is there simply to fulfill the wish he made as he was dying: to make his imouto happy.
___they bang, right?
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2MB, 429x338px
Okay, so the next episode of the Magic Hate Bus would start out with the bus rolling up to the entrance of the bunker after plowing right through a line of Soviets trying to advance on the bunker. Out wobbles our fateful protagonist, scarred by what he's just see and his sidekick jumps out and claps a hand on his shoulder shouting "now that's how we do it, baby!" before slamming the door to the bus. He pushes the protagonist forward and when they reach the entrance to the bunker, the perplexed SS guardsman ask them for their ID. The protagonist fumbles around in his pockets for a moment before pulling out what appears to him to be a blank card. The SS guardsman balk at it for a moment and the salute, opening the door to let the boys in. They walk through the twisting corridors, led by an SS soldier to Hitler's private chambers. They burst into the door as Hitler is speaking to Eva Braun and the sidekick starts babbling in fake-German for a moment before Hitler turns to him and says "You know, I can speak English." This relieves the boys, who proceed to tell Hitler what horrible fate awaits him and that they NEED to leave now before the Soviets advance and take the bunker. Hitler inquires as to where they would go, and the boys look at each-other, unsure of what to say before the protagonist blurts out "the future!" Everyone turns to them with a questioning look on their face, but Hitler, a good judge of men, can see they're telling the truth. They speak for a moment about the dire state of the Reich and that Hitler and Eva need to get their stuff. Just then, their dog trots up and barks playfully, the sidekick pets him in the background while the protagonist and Hitler discuss if they can bring the loyal and brave SS guardsman with them. The sidekick and protagonist look at each-other, doubting the bus's capacity to hold them all. Just then, one of the SS step up to tell Hitler that they would like nothing more than to cover Hitler's retreat..
MC fucked his mom, aunt, eldest sister, elder sister, younger sister, neighbour's wife, neighbour's daughter, childhood girl friend 1, childhood girl friend 2, childhood girl friend 3, female schoolmate 1, female schoolmate 2, female schoolmate 3.

MC fucks them all in his room one by one. As he fucks one, the other girls masturbate.

All the girls squirt... and squirt... and squirt, either from MC's dick or from masturbation, covering MC and the girls in pussy juice.

MC cums into each of them and fill them up like filling up a petrol tank at a petrol station.

One day, MC fucks his female schoolmates 1, 2 and 3 in school. A tall, busty female teacher walks by and peeks into the window. MC looks at her and smiles while the other girls are all preoccupied with diddling themselves.

Next day, MC confronts the teacher and asks if she likes it. She says yes. They go to his house.

MC then fucks the female teacher in front of his harem, and proceeds to fuck each one of them while the rest masturbate.
How would you title it?
>MC is a loser whose only joy in life is his waifu
>magically isekai'd into his waifu's anime
>doesn't look any more attractive, isn't more confident, still has his old voice instead of a dramatic anime man voice
>looks like a stereotypical creep in any world
>isn't confident enough to even talk to his waifu
>figures she'd hate him
>goes home and cries
>cut to his waifu and her friends
>"some cute boy was looking at you earlier"
>it was the MC
>he looked like a generic MC, but perceived himself as his self image
>cut to MC comitting suicide
>the end

So deep. I'm the next urobuchi anno. Throw money at me.
I Fucked My Mom Aunt Sisters Neighbors Family Friends And Their Friends Too And Then I Woke Up And Remembered That I Was Destined To Fight The Demon King!?
Shouta-kun no Nichijou
Something like this

>isekai in alternate universe with magic
>MC is a son of human male priest and female demonlord
>he has imouto and aneki, both full demons while he's only half demon
>demonlord doesn't care about her daughters
>poor priest was fooled into making babies with a woman he thought to be normal human being
>half demons also have holy powers, making them desireable for demons to breed with
>MC is raised by his grandfather who is one of the many archpriests in holy order
>father dies in fight against demons, so MC is recruited at young age to holy order to fight against demons
>MC accidentally finds out about the demonic blood flowing in his family
>MC is in hard position since he obviously loves his family but at the same time is ordered to hunt them down
>He ends up hiding the truth from the order
>now the story is about holy order fighting demons
>MC is given a small female imp familiar that is actually a demon
>Time goes by and MC is coming to age
>MC's hybrid powers of demonic and holy begin to attract demon attention
>Every demon is interested to breed a 3/4 demon with him that is even more powerful
>his familiar goes after his dick
>his family finds out about this and both his sisters and mother wants his dick
>then another demonlord wants her share from this, she's his aunt and his mother's rival
>after lots and lots of penetrations, all 5 demons end up pregnant
>"sadly" all of his children turn out to be females, hence being just normal demons
>major war breaks between holy order and demons and MC ends up jumping sides and joins demons to protect his new found harem
isn't that basically what anno did with me!me!me!?
No, because this one is going to have alliusions to today's most popular waifubait, more sepia and blur, and a soundtrack that's nothing but japanese teens singing in english.

And also giant robots and a plot that drags on for fucking ever with the MC getting closer and closer before finally going home
File: d6e.jpg (91KB, 426x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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evangelion 2.2.0 you can (not) go back home
A comedy about a cultist who summons his god in some macabre ritual to bring about the end times only to find out it's actually just a retarded genki loli.
needs more ass rape
Pair Gods

Pairs of one man and one girl are given godlike powers, however they need to gain lots of fuel to continually activate them.

One pair needs to hold hands, another needs the male to accidentally echii the female, another needs consentual sex, and a pair that needs unconsentual sex.

The pair that needs to hold hands has a male that lewds accidentally which lowers their efficiency, the second pair has a upper class male who is an anti-clutz, they have an extremely low power level, the pair that needs consentual sex has a fatass tumblr woman and the man will never consent to sexual relations with her, the pair which needs unconsentual sex have fetishes which make unconsentual sex hard to achieve.

And humanity has to rely on them to save the world
This guy gets it
File: hongqi-zhang-[2].jpg (439KB, 1600x899px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Limbo. A land inbetween life and death. Sometimes when people die, instead of going to the "ever after" they instead go to Limbo. A land in which spirits can touch and interact with physically. The reason for this is unknown, but it only happens to very few people. However, because they can interract with this world physically, they can also have children. And so, at the beginning of time, ever since humans came into being, this world has slowly built itself up. And because of the constant influx of people from Earth as well, the technology has stayed the same. The only difference being, that people in this world can use Spiritual Energy to shape reality (essentially Wizards). As well as strange monsters and beings in this world.

It is now the modern era.

The story followers two best friends from two different worlds as they become stronger and adventure around this strange world.
One, a natural born to Limbo from a large noble clan. However, he possesses and affinity with Dark Spiritual Energy, as such, is shunned by the clan, and since his parents died when he was a baby, he has almost never had people to love and rely upon. Although instead of going the evil route he was assumed to go with his affinity and relations, he turns into a "beta" hermit and basically avoids everything, until he runs away at 12 years old.
The other being a kid from earth who died and got sent to Limbo. Having an affinity for White Spiritual Energy, he is assumed to be a "beautiful soul" who loves people and heals all. Except turns out to be a complete ass hole.

It'd probably end up being generic shounen. I mostly just want a show about two best Wizard Friends Travelling a strange world.
Iprefer WING tbqh, senpai desu
An adventure series in a High Fantasy world with two best friends. Both Wizards. One with a specialisation in Arcane Forging and the other with a Specialisation in Enchanting. A large slot of their adventures would be spent making things, and explaining how they work and selling them.

The series would spend a good portion of it's time on world building. How magic works, the economy, what items do what, what types of races and magic types etc. etc. As well as making sure to establish the world, including a map, names of places and cities and factions / kingdoms.
The rest would be on Adventure and the relationship between the two mains. The small part left over would be for action.

I have a thing for when they spend an overly long time explaining things in high detail. World Building is top tier. My favourite all time parts in Hunter X Hunter were; when they were training Nen and learning how to use it, the Auctioning, the money making, and all those overly long explanations on how things worked. And lastly, Gon and Killua's relationship.

World would be extreme high fantasy. Giant Mountains are actually sleeping Titans, Flying Islands, Gods walking around, real crazy shit. etc. etc.
I was going for more of a Lupin vibe, but I can definitely see the similarities.
A series about a Yakuza member hiding the fact that his sister is a Magical Girl from her so he can protect her by fighting demons in her place while he has no powers.
Fight scenes are gory as fuck, and extremely violent. Yakuza guy gets stronger by taking the armor and weapons off of the demons he murders.
He goes full Doom Guy on Demons and rips and tears everything.
>brother and sister lose parents when they're young
>brother drops out of school because they have no way of surviving without being taken by the state and being separated
>as such, he joins Yakuza
>becomes hard as fuck
>becomes biggest criminal ass hole badass in all of Japan
>earns lots of money so hit cute little sister can live a normal life
>sister is an airhead
>gets chosen to be magical girl, but doesn't even realise because she's stupid
>Brother realises
>he takes up the mantle in her stead

It's not going to be special or deep in anyway. It's just gonna be about a Tough as Nails guys killing demons in brutal ways, all the while trying to keep with the anime / Japanese theme
>The MC then questions the nature of religion. Why are there many religions and why do they all claim to be the one true religion?

well, I would bet my money on the guru with the wristwatch's faith

Please no. Think of the backlash if Keit-Ai were to become an anime just because it was copypasted enough times.
image source?
Fun show about two bros who just do fun stuff. Never explain what the setting is either. Just have buddy come over to his friend's house in modern day all the time but with wacky Anachronism's like a dragon and never explain it to the viewer and then someone will mention a normal invention like a TV and they won't know what that is.

>hey bro this dragon got his princess stolen by a knight wanna go save her?
>fuck yeah I do
>episode is just them screwing around in a castle
>yo bro that guy stabbed you pretty good
>scene with them arguing about where in the table of contents of medical manual a stab wound would fall under

Just banter and fun all the time every episode is different adventures
Comedy about a lazy several hundred year old 'Chuuni' royal blood vampire (Victor Frankenstein, who has the body of a 16 year old kid for comedic value) and his faithful Zombie assistant, an ex-human, 20+ year old, and their adventure to take over the supernatural world.
>Chuuni Royal Blood vampire gets kicked out of his clan for almost revealing the supernatural to humanity by creating Frankenstein
>basically he just wanted to create a loyal servant without all the vampire mind control stuff and a working capable mind, but he created Frankenstein and it fucked up everything
>hundreds of years later, he's still looking for a way to create his servant, but now with new goals, he will take over the supernatural world
>in comes secondary MC, 20+ year old human who gets killed off for witnessing the supernatural
>Vampire uses his corpse for his experiment, and for some unknown reason, the revival is a success
>human agrees to be his servant (he was about to kill himself or he just hated his old life, who fucking cares)
I didn't really think this through. I don't know. Vampire is lazy, zombie-kun spends most of his time taking care of him and dealing with his stupid experiments, all the while vampire-kun creates stupid elaborate plans to take over the underworld and they somehow succeed from time to time.

I guess I kinda based it on a more comedic take on The Black Butler.
I'd watch it. But I'd probably stop watching it after a dozen episodes if there was no over arching story or just random arcs that appear.

Like Gintama. I love it, but fuck, those singular episodes are great at the beginning, but after a while I just want another story arc.
>get princess
>the dragon is evil? That's a new one on me? Why would I just assume the dragon was evil?
MC is stuck in a time loop that he can only escape/break by communicating with himself through cryptic messages, trial and error, and luck. The loop is the result of him entering a rip in spacetime, which is the result of time itself ending.

Every time he gives away information to himself that he is in a loop, the loop starts over, and every time he does something that results in him unsuccessfully breaking the loop in the future, it starts over.

First episode is MC reading a letter addressed to himself with "Open in Case of Temporal Anomaly." When he reads it, the opening line reads "to my past self," and is only what appears to be gibberish and random words, but, unbeknownst to MC, they all resonate within his subconscious and very subtly affect his actions. First episode ends with MC fucking up somehow and the loop starts over, leading to MC waking up in a panic, feeling strange but he doesn't know why.

Rest of the series is the adventures of MC gradually piecing together that things are starting to seem off, and he realizes that he's done it all before, and this is not his first time doing whatever he is doing, so he writes more letters to his last self in case he fucks up, with more cryptic, subtle messages to hopefully solve his own problem. Add characters where necessary.

>this is me trying to put a series of dreams I had into words
I'd watch it, I love tender brother-sister interactions when they aren't hentai.

Archived thread link please. I want to read the full thread before making my full reply.
Can't you read the post numbers?
Two vastly different people in a Modern High Fantasy world slowly become the closest of friends in Magical Harry Potter school. They later become super holy paladin knight bros together.
>world similar to ours, only with Magic (think Hunter X Hunter)
>Everyone can learn every magic, but everyone has "Affinities" which are basically two different types of magics, you're best at
>Two MC's, Second Prince (not in line for the throne) and some Street Kid
>Prince is super nice and caring, but arrogant since his birth, Street Kid is aggressive and violent, even a bit of an ass hole, but really nice to people who he befriends
>Both MC's have an affinity with Holy Magic, however, prince has also affinity with Thaumaturgy (which is Magical Enhancements, Curses as well as the ability to use Multiple Elements) which has only fueled his arrogance
>while the Street Kid has affinity with Earth Magic (heavy on handicraft skills, heavy on enchanting, heavy on smithing, but most of all, the ability to control massive amounts of earth in violent ways as well as lava and metal, think earth benders)
>street kid works his ass off to go to Holy School
>they learn holy magic and how to be paladins and shit
>they hunt demons and monsters
>two MC's slowly become best friends
Basically, a weird combination of Naruto and Harry Potter. Only with the Two Mains NEVER going the Sasuke route and instead becoming Holy Paladin Bros together. Lots of Bromance and Fujo bait.
At the center of the world there exists a mirror.

Everyone in the world, all races, animals and less sentient beings is born with an alignment at birth, there are 9 major alignments and 50 or so minor alignments.

Everytime that someone belonging to the bad alignments does something genuinely good or someone belonging to the good alignments does something genuinely bad, the mirror spins, alignments are reversed, good is evil, and evil is good.

In this chaotic world the only people trusted to protect the World are the True Neutral.

True Neutral are blessed with brilliant magic.

The good and bad alignments would suck any dick imaginable to secure the aid of a True Neutral.

Strange people have been coming lately, common sense of this world seems to evade them and they evade it.

They don't seem to act in the alignment system, some call this place a game.

This is a time for True Neutral, a time for all True Neutral, the wardens of the world's balance are needed once more
Might make a good short-form anime.
Ever since Isekai became more and more popular, I always imagined what a series would be like from the point of view of a regular of that world.

Not some random loser like most Isekai protags either. I mean a full fledged, seasoned warrior or Wizard or something.

I am, but I need the original OP post number.
Why? You can still get the thread with those numbers.
>no one comments on your story
>no constructive feedback

;_; ____________

>inb4 it's shit
That's normal, keep it with you and repost when this thread shows up again. Make some changes to attract more readers.
Usually people only reply if the idea interests them. It isn't really a measure of it being good or bad.
The Cold War goes hot in the late 80s and the story follows the rising tensions between Japan and China, ultimately culminating in a combined invasion of Japan by the Chinese and Russians after the US navy in the Pacific is destroyed by a nuclear weapon.
It more specifically follows the life of a 17 year old Japanese conscript, and the show holds no bars when it comes to violence and gore.

Oh also all the characters are cute girls. No men at all in the show.
File: hurr.png (135KB, 307x295px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Also I totally flubbed that saying, it's supposed to be no-holds-barred when it comes to violence and gore.
>no selfinsert that gets the girl(s)
Maybe some flub at the start where a doomsday weapon by the US accidentally turns the entire population of the planet female instead of destroying the USSR as planned I dunno.
gobling slayer meets overlord? looks good

Might be passable as yuri hentai then

This guy knows what's up, I added some silly stuff to an idea I've reposted a lot of times and this time I got a reply.
One day we should really pick an idea and do at least a LN together. If you don't want to pick an idea from here, we can add things to the setting until we like it.

It would probably fail, trying to write something with so many people with different tastes, but who knows, maybe we can pull off something. I like some of the ideas in these threads.
Part of the reason I post these ideas is because I know I'd never be assed to actually do anything with them.

For what it's worth, I like it
I really want to get that Virtual Sky Lantern pasta rolling, but it turns to generic romance real quick.

>switch dudes to gals
>have a prince get kidnapped
>when they mistakenly save her from the knight he is bitching them out
>they laugh and call him a faggot for being a man and letting a dragon kidnap him anyway
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>Nobleman raised in a rich family
>Late autumn, trees have dropped their leaves
>One day he happens to find a fortune teller at the marketplace
>Young man, would like like to see thy future?, she asked
>He hesitates at first, but then agrees, sure why not, like there's anything else to do, he said confidently
>That will be 10 gold, teller reached her hand and took the gold
>Teller looks into her crystalball, I see, you seem to become your wife's son
>What..? Hahaha.. that's nonsense, give me my gold back!
>Teller shaked her head, keep it then, crook, nobleman said and left
>He haven't found love of his life yet, hence the anger
>Ripped off nice and clean, he pondered
>On his way home he notices a woman, a bit older than him, maybe a 8-12 years older or so
>Instantly he knows she's the one
>He goes to her and not a few months pass, he marries her
>Spring time comes after a long winter, not far from summer
>Nobleman and his pregnant wife visit the marketplace to look something for their soon-to-be-born child
>He sees a familiar face
>I remember you, young man, has thy future come forth yet?, she asked
>That nonsense?, he asked, obviously not, but here's my wife
>His wife walked to them puzzled look on her face
>So I was right after all, teller said
>About what? he asked
>She's thy mother
An immortal with supernatural abilities lives until the modern era. Nothing really surprises him anymore until he sees a 16 year old boy fighting some others.
He follows the kid and then protects him later from "insert monsters"
He takes him as a student and teaches him super martial arts.

Their relationship is basically fujo bait. Lots of bromance and other questionable things, but we never see anything happen.On camera

The master doesn't die randomly against some villain later on. That shit pieces me off.
Already a thing.

A young man wakes up in his future. To his surprise, he has a wife and a teenage daughter. With a huge amount of responsibility thrust upon him, the MC must adapt to his new surroundings and slowly uncover the past he never got to experience for himself.
Generic Salaryman (because this seems to be popular) loses his family to gang violence.

He goes insane and becomes Japanese Punisher. Just so there is a semblance of story or dialogue, he takes in some kid off the street and trains him and becomes a father figure for him
mc has the ability to see through objects. because of this he has dyslexia and no friends

one day he sees people playing a card game. mc decides to try playing to make friends. he uses his ability to see which card packs contain rare cards and to see people's hands. eventually he joins a team heading for the national championships.

There he discovers there are other people with superpowers as well. For example a mind reader and a person who uses psychokinesis to make you play the wrong cards

it's a card game anime. each episode has a scene where mc sees through a girl's clothes
Did anyone here actually managed to come up with something creative?
MC goes back in time to impregnate his school bullies' mothers, effectively becoming everyone's father. (he makes sure to take pictures as evidence)
Hired only if you add some mascot abuse.
So the plot goes like this: Earth was attacked by an alien race. Between the attacks, half of earth's population escaped into outer space while those left on earth were forced to survive an all out attack. All humans on earth were united under monarchy. The brilliant leader of the UEF (United Earth Forces) led an assault that drove the aliens back into space. There, the aliens were wiped out by the people that left earth. Now a presidential democracy called the HSP (Humanity Survival Project), they claim that they were always planing to help, but the UEF does not believe them, and refuses to let them return to earth. A war breaks out, when the HPS changes into the more radical SHSP (Space-Human Supremacy Policy). that is led by a ruler who is elected for a lifetime. 300 years pass. Both sides have reverse engineered the alien tech. SHSP has also colonized most planets and moons in the solar system. Both sides are still in a bitter conflict. The 14th ruler of SHSP is ready to face off against the 5th king of UEF. Two fleets meet near mars. Both fleets have one city sized spaceship, smaller battle-ships and an army of planes/mechas. The battle starts, but when the two main ships clash, an experimental weapon goes off and teleports both ships (along with few extras) outside of the the solar system. Both ships are now in a race to make it back to earth. The main story follows the huge crews of both ships, as they follow each other back to earth, while engaging in battle, when a good enviorment pops up (Asteroid belts, Gas planets etc.). There is alot of strategy, politics, real robot action, no plot armor (even the mc can die) and most of the huge cast has development, interactions and things like betrayals, conspiracies happen on a regular basis. Idealistic young soldiers and heroes are broken by war and loose faith in humanity, while veterans and aces pilots try to find something to fight for.
I did, at least I think I did
I refuse to post any of my good ideas, since those ideas my get published in the summer.
Chuuni vampire living in modern japan

Imagine an extremely weak vampire who barely has any powers and her vampirism shows only through her fangs and raw-meat diet (most of this raw meat she just buys at the grocery store). But because she's technically a vampire, she insists she's a very powerful and dangerous mistress of the night to anyone who cares to listen.
For bonus points:
- She's a middleschooler or a highschool freshman at most
- A scene where we see her snacking on some raw chicken in front of the TV in a dark room, watching cheesy old vampire movies
- She has a stereotypically victorian and high-class bed, but the rest of her bedroom is painfully ordinary and is filled with modern junk and trash
- She tries biting and sucking blood off someone at some point, but is really nervous because she never actually did it before
fund it
we need more good time loops
>we need more good time loops
Time resets are the worst plot devices ever created, and they are ruining anime right now.
Time loops are fun as long as it's not 6 episodes of same shit like in haruhi
MC is an artificial intelligence trapped in a construction robot and falls in love with an ordinary girl.
thats berserk you are not fooling me
dxm is one hell of a drug huh
Self aware MC is in a story with SAO tier writing and tries to kill the writer to end the story
>MC was raised by cult trying to bring about the apocalypse. Is effectively their Messiah and destined to bring about the end times.
>Just wants to live a normal life
>Escapes temple compound and flees to the city
>Enrolls in a local school
>Meets a group of friends
>Cult is trying to relocate and capture their messiah
>Only the first 12 minutes are played straight as a supernatural thriller after that it's a straight up comedy with slice of life elements as the cult tries more over the top ways to recapture their messiah
has anyone updated the screencap with the more recent ones that people made?
MC's a qt little middle school girl outcast who's heavily into shonenshit.
Hilarity ensues when she dies and gets ISEKAI'D. Immediately waking up in the middle of no where surrounded by trees and greenery she starts nerding out thinking she's been isekai'd. It's always been her dream to be a princess and thinks she can realize that dream in your generic fantasy world. The twist is she woke up in an oasis and she's actually been whisked away into your generic manime desert setting filled with macho martial artists, bikers, oddballs, warlords, random gunmen, vagabonds and depraved people.
After wandering around for seemingly hours alone and dealing with all kinds of scum, fighting thirst and hunger, she runs into a boy around her age, geared to the brim in travelling gear, who just so happens to be lost in the desert. His story is that he's searching for a princess, and that he can't spare any supplies or food. She capitalizes on it by pretending she's a long lost warrior princess solely to get shota traveller gunman boy wanna-be-protagonist to give her water and food. Instead he defies all of her expectations and instead of being a nice guy, he's a delusional retard who "kidnaps" her and monologues on and on about how he's a valiant hero who's going to return home with a hot babe princess. The plot twist is that traveller boy is literally another person who got isekai'd and through a dumb twist of events lost his memory and thinks he's always been a part of the world, so most of the animu is just MC and her unwanted "hero" aimlessly travelling through the desert on a beat up buggy to the traveller boy's supposed home, which doesn't even exist.
MC learns quickly that her "knight in shining armor" is a terrible shot with a gun and just carries one for bragging rights, he always gets comically BTFO in nearly every encounter trying to protect her.
Konosuba is half of that
>magical girls
>futuristic glowing neon city eyecandy
>they all carry instruments as magical weapons, specific to their character's personality
>they draw their power from the genre of music and instrument they play
>MC's a violinist
>best friend and childhood rival is a hotheaded electric guitarist
>and so on
>magical girls flinging magical manifestations of music at eachother, collapsing buildings and destroying entire blocks of the city in the crossfire
>Fantasy Arabia
>Fantasy Ottoman empire

Maybe if it was a fantasy central Asia/Siberia
Fuck backlash
Only literal fucking autist scum get mad when a character dies
It's not your fucking story so you don't get to decide
Our protagonist is the typical harem MC's best friend. Glasses, smart, knowing more than he seems, the works. However, even though his best friend is harem MC, harem MC is actually terrible with women so, out of debt, the protagonist is the one setting up all the classic harem events like tripping the MC into women and other wacky scenarios. Wacky comedy but could get serious if it wants to be because the life of an MC's best friend is tough. He actually has strict parents who care about where he is and works at a part time job and all that jazz.
Oedipus: The animation
The guy with the time travelling jews that have to save hitler had a pretty creative story imo
Within the Mid-ring there is a deserted rock -- a shell of a planet, known to the inhabitants as Dumater. It is here that the greatest conflict know to us ended, and it is here that the previously tyrannical Jians will once more mount an exodus unlike anything the galaxy has witnessed.

MorsusLactea has seen fit to provide the Jians with the means to inhabit Polchrome, YOU have donated to make it possible. The condition? The Nephilim, the last great and standing achievement of the empire will be eradicated in the process. Mind you, not by any easy means. Weapons causing mass harm to the planet are prohibited.

We ask you then to join us then.

Witness this unprecedented undertaking, unedited and completely raw. See firsthand the emotion, the death, the destruction, the bravery, and the sacrifice as the Jians commit genocide against their own children in order to be born anew.

>You will not want to miss these Worlds In Collision.
Alright, so it's like... a guy, and he's got spiky hair, and he plays... arcade games? No that's already been done. Okay Jenga. Yes he plays Jenga, and then one time his Jenga tower turned into a fucking dimensional rift and so now he's gotta do some extreme brick pulling each of which are guarded by some dumb quirky stooges so that he can make his way to the top and face off with the reigning champ once and for all or else the fucking youkai armada coming out of it is going to rape his reputation of being the best at stupid fucking board games. Just smear his ass all over the board, he'll never play Jenga in that town again. He'll be fucking devastated. Guest starring ass sometimes I guess, I think it's what the kids are into these days. Yuri Lowenthal can make a cameo as a one-off bitch enemy because industry connections, but nobody's going to care about that episode.
There you go guys. It's my magnum opium or whatever. Lieutenant Limbo dies in the eighth episode by the way. He's a fucking knob so that's not really important.
Give me a dystopian Nagasarete Airantou with cute kemono girls (both bipedal and sentient quadrupeds) and Tenchi levels of fun/atmosphere. Make it lewd at times but not fan service. Make me feel like shit, make me mad. No more female slice of life shit, please.

I don't care about specifics, just do something that ISN'T:

Female MC
Slice of life
Set in a high school and generic as fuck
Shitty low effort harems (tenchi level OVA1/2 or better)

Do more:
gaping cunts
cute kemono girls (but not boys/gay/bara shit or gijinka)
oppressive themes like Now and then, here and now or FMA
Mudnigger, African nigger and American nigger have a fated encounter in Europe and become best buds.
After strolling around, they realize they are getting way more bitches then usual so they decide to pool their ho money and live in Europe permanently.
After a while they get noticed by drug dealers and take the jobs, they're now making some serious moola which they are saving.
Episodes of drugs, hos and violence continues for each of them as they strive to get to the top of the drug business.
Ends with all 3 of them getting offed and their saving taken by a high class white ho who was riding all 3 of them.
A young girl is killed by a Japanese truck and wakes up in hell, with a demon girl trying to poke her with a pitch fork. The MC waking up startles the demon girl, who then hides behind a stalagmite. The MC looks around and asks the demon girl where she is. The demon girl tells her she's in hell. The MC then shouts out asking why she's in hell, and the demon girl apologizes, crying, telling her she doesn't know. Taken back at this timid demon, the MC asks her why she's so scared. The demon girl explains that she was bullied by her older siblings and classmates and she could only get a job as a low ranked demon who greats new souls to hell. The MC then makes a deal with this demon, she'll help her become the most fearsome demon in hell in exchange for going back to Earth. The demon girl happily agrees. The two of them set out to make the demon girl into a proper demon.
File: 1409521634808.gif (686KB, 480x270px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
686KB, 480x270px
In a post-apocalyptic society akin to Mad Max or Gundam X, there is a civilization that continues to exist solely because of a grand wall built around their territory that keeps them from being attacked by anything but the strongest of raiders and looters. Because of that, they've managed to exist in a society that's STALKER-like, with a combination of meager crops and looting the outside world by force keeping them alive, if only barely.

Then, one day, from the horizon, they see a road paving truck going on the ruins of the highway. It's actually repaving the road system, for some unknown reason. The paver is bulletproof and tank-like, with no way to see the driver. But what they do know is, once the paver goes past, more things start showing up. Stronger bandits that pose a challenge to the defenses, but also merchants, that come with wares and food to sell. They learn that this paver is slowly going through the ruins of Japan to recreate the road system (why, nobody knows), which seems to be creating conditions needed for multiple civilizations to start rising up again, by means of trade and easier access to good land.

The anime stars a former looter/scavenger, who takes to becoming a protector for the merchants and occasionally paver, so that civilization can continue to grow. He faces down roving bandits, eventually coming into contact with more structured roaming bandit societies. He's followed around by a specific merchant (I don't know, probably a cute girl) who he saved from a bandit tribe, and slowly gathers a party of other protectors, merchants and travelers.

Tech level would range from middle ages to S.T.A.L.K.E.R. levels, but the world would gradually get better/stronger.
>MC is an old fisherman
>he fishes a different kind of fish every single episode
>make one episode for every fucking existing species of fish
kimi no wa but with stands in berzerk world except the main character gets isekai'd into an average office job in japan
>Reverse Samurai Jack/IGPX type anime
>MC is a Top Tier Spaceracer who has just finished winning his latest championship
>Bored of racing, wishes that his next race will be more exciting and goes to sleep
>Wakes up in a Magic and Monsters Fantasy world
>After he gets over his shock, he gathers from the various beings that something big is happening
>An old man befriends him and tells him whats going on
>A Cosmic Being calling itself the Wishmaster has come to their world and is holding a Grand Race, the prize at the end being a Wish from the Wishmaster itself
>MC needs to win that race but He needs help, turns out the Old Man is an Inventor and scholar
>Together they construct a SteamRacer for the MC to pilot
>It begins as a small skateboard-like ridable racer with wings on the side and using steam for propulsion but it grows as they improve upon it and it ends up looking like his SpaceRacer
>Competitors include wizards and witches and spellcasters of all kinds, beastmen and beast riders, Storm Elementals, and even Dragons
>Pretty much everyone but him can use magic and are encouraged to use it against their fellow racers, so MC needs to be creative to survive
>Racing locales include a Local kingdoms great plains, the catacombs beneath the Kingdom said to hold a Sword of Legend, across the great sea and passed the Leviathan that calls it home, through an ancient jungle where a long dead civilization's magics still hold sway, across a battlefield where stone giants wage a war for reasons that none alive can recall, and even into the volcanic home of the Dragons
>Final leg of the race is to the Wishmaster's Palace, where the winner will make their wish, ON THE MOON
>MC wins because it turns out he can race in Space well, who knew?
>After he makes his wish, The Wishmaster congratulates him and wishes him luck in next years race
"Why Is My Isekai Adventure Just Summoning Crazy Chuuni Schoolgirls From Other Dimensions?"

An anime fanboy but otherwise normal Japanese highschool student discovers he has a strange ability when he is confronted by a magical beast from another world. He summons to his aid... a rather normal looking schoolgirl, who proceeds to speechify in a flowery, kind of crazy way before she busts out a giant dragon of black lightning to obliterate the beast. As the boy talks to her, he soon realizes she's completely nuts; an utter chuunibyou case, she never had any powers before. But now, thanks to him summoning her to his world, she has gained magic abilities matching her delusions.

Over the course of the show he summons a combat harem of deluded crazy schoolgirls who inherit magical powers thanks to being summoned by him. The final battle with the summoner of the magical beasts reveals the truth the boy is secretly from another world, it's why he's being targeted. Season 2 will feature the boy and his harem returning to his home dimension and exploring it for his real parents.
>It's about a guy, but he's not a guy, he's a dog
>He's a Corgi, because bitches love corgis
>Everyone is some kind of animal, but the world is still made with humans in mind
>You've got a flock of birds working a car in tandem, an orangutan on a trike, and a Kangaroo pushing her joey in a carriage. cute shit like that
>Hammer it home that MC is stuck in a rut
>One day, he sees a human
>never seen one before, freaks out but no one else can see it
>gradually more and more animals turn into humans
>that flock of birds? A Carpool. The Orangutan? Some old balding guy. The Kangaroo and joey? Normal mother and child.
>tries to figure out whats wrong while juggling the fact everyone around him thinks he's going crazy
>eventually, even his GF turns human and he's left all alone
>still nobody realizes
>starts notcing how everything seems to be made with these human things in mind
>thinks he'll turn human soon, so he starts copying everyone else
>starts trying to walk on his hind legs, and using utensils when eating, cute shit like that
>Doesn't happen, he may very well be insane
>He wakes up
>He's an actual dog, it was all a dog dream
>His GF is actually his owner, ends with him humping her leg
Meet Yashiro, he may look like your typical high school boy, but this time he's not the MC.The story unfolds inside his body, where everything seems as if it were part of a factory or rather, a department store.

Meet Furomaru, an anthropomorphic cell and also the MC of this story. Due to certain circumstances, he was relegated to the appendix and become the manager. At first glance this position looked very good, but he'll work alone on that section and the job is boring as fuck, just pressing a button every so often.

After months of constant button pressing he had enough and decided to visit the other "sections", leaving his post unattended. In his travels to each section, he then realized that his work wasn't as stressful as his co-workers' and learned new things about this "department store" (in this case the human body), without knowing the danger arising on his section.

Suddenly the alarms were triggered, there was an imminent danger near the colon section. He knew what was happening, so he ran throught all the sections, dodging cells and tissue until he arrived at the appendix and quickly pressed the button. Everything was under control again.

And from that day Furomaru learned that each section was important. He would never question the NATURE of HEALTH.

Anime sponsored by the Japanese Health Association.
>MC teenage girl that lives with her single dad, mother died when she was very young
>Girl learns that her father is a criminal, and pulls off heists/robberies for a local organized crime association
>She comes to terms and accepts this, she doesn't see what he does as all that wrong

>Her father and his heist crew get set up by a snitch and are caught by the police
>The Mob Boss that runs the heist crew, rather than risk them also snitching on him, uses his influence to get the crew out on bail (which is exceedingly rare as it is)
>He gets them out on bail so that they are out in the open, in which then he uses his most trusted hitman to kill all of them, including the MC girls father

>Girl vows vengeance, plots to kill the Mob Boss, a Lawyer that set her father up to die, the initial snitch that got her father arrested, and the hitman.
>The initial snitch is killed by the hitman to tie up loose ends, despite being in police protective custody, but because of this MC is able to learn more about him
>She scouts and learns everything she can about each of her targets, and the best times/places to kill them
> she learns the lawyer is a drug addict, and ambushes him pretending to be a drug dealer
>she manages to kill the Mob Boss at a nightclub he frequents, by using a disguise and seducing him to have sex in the bathroom. Killing him in there and then changing out of the disguise and calmly leaving
> she decides the only place to kill the hitman is in his apartment, as she learns he is always on edge and that the only place he possibly lets his guard down is at home
> she breaks into his apartment while he is out and waits for him to return
> unfortunately because of his paranoid nature, the hitman is able to determine that someone is there. despite her efforts, she fails as she is simply no match for a highly skilled murderer, he kills her
So he isekai's offscreen then
I think this could work as an anime.
0/10. Not Keit-ai.
No, it isn't. Also spoiler, the MC ends up stuck dressing up as a girl.

Here, post your favorite psychotic mash up.
Why did this give me a boner?
A typical fantasy anime featuring everyday christmas cakes fighting crime with magical cell phones only our heroes used to be girly shota, but were transformed by science.

I'd watch it.
secret organization creates harmless game but secretly is used to train people and only those skilled enough are chosen for a mission to fight against another organization that uses game for crimes
my story has only one common thing to Oedipus
>A typical slice of life anime featuring robotic girly shota playing board games while trying to fall in love with grown men .

>A dark fantasy anime featuring sexy everyday bratty bunny girl onee-chans working as police with magical laptops where things slowly shift to fighting crime as time goes on.

>A typical slice of life anime featuring everyday milfs playing video games while trying to fall in love with girls.

Anime is saved

>MC is an ordinary high schooler
>gets transported to a fantasy world with video game mechanics
>gets OP powers, the ability to level up by eating monsters and can steal other people's skills
>MC is instantly 10x as powerful as the most powerful heroes
>He instantly gets multiple love interests in the first chapter, consisting of the generic stereotypes like elf, tsundere, etc
>The two main girls will have a big boobs vs DFC rivalry
>MC keeps acting like he is scared shitless of girls, but this doesn't turn them off and they keep throwing themselves at him
>The girls love the MC forever even though he shows zero romantic intentions towards them
>MC signs up at an adventurers guild and hides his true power, pretending to be a rookie adventurer
>The story is basically about the MC using his OP powers to impress girls while refusing to progress his relationship with any of the girls

At least 4 anime series like this will be released within the next 1 year.
>A carefree science fiction anime featuring sexy everyday shy cat-ear loli fighting crime with help from companion robots when suddenly everything switches tone halfway. Made by Gonzo.
>A typical harem anime featuring sexy everyday cat-ear milfs working at an office against rival effeminate bishonnen . Made by Studio A1.
>A retro fantasy anime featuring everyday grown men working as military soldiers while trying to come to terms with their families's past as aliens when suddenly everything switches tone halfway. Made by Kyoto Animation.
>A nostalgic cyberpunk anime featuring sexy everyday christmas cakes fighting against a rogue AI while learning about themselves only our heroes used to be shy onee-chans, but were transformed by magic. Made by Kyoto Animation.

How am I supposed to pick one?
Has keit-ai been posted yet?
read the thread
Take all of my money.
File: 1441611993181.gif (176KB, 507x340px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
176KB, 507x340px
>female knight MC is pretending to be male and has achieved a good deal of fame for her capability and strenghth
>returns home to find her family slaughtered and gets placed under arrest for a fabricated charge of high treason
>while en route to her execution she soon discovers she's being taken to a remote island
>turns out the "execution" was just to kill her on paper while in reality she would be forced into gladiatorial combat with other such girls
>the one in charge? the prince's precious exiled sister who is a futanari with a lady boner for eugenics and in possession of a good many shady connections that extend far beyond the confines of the island
>MC vows to avenge her family and escape, trying to win the favor of like thinking combatants behind the scenes

Bonus part: the fighting + training would be brutal and fairly realistic/educational, the girls varied and suspense being a key theme.
>a comedy short about an Otaku
>every episode is at most only a few minutes
>random funny hijinks
>ends with the otaku turning on the tv and watching the scheduled show
I always thought that commercial time shorts like the ones from Nick and Cartoon Network were cool
glad you seemed to enjoy it

I haven't really thought out the gimmick for the MC yet. Like iduno she might play piano at a local bar or somethin iduno

as well as various aspects of her life falling apart after her dad is killed. her struggles with that, with going about her plans, with never knowing her mother, etc.

the Hitman I imagined something close to Leon in terms of badass/skill, but he certainly does not care about 'no women or children'.

his character being fleshed out that way as the series progresses.

I picture him doing a job for the Mob Boss, but it doesn't go exactly as planned, so they have a falling out.
Hey what the fuck man what makes you say that
Guy dies and goes to hell. He hasn't done anything really wrong, he just didn't really believe in god, and lived a life of lust and greed, but most of all, laziness being a NEET. Like most modern people.

However, hell isn't what it seems. Lucifer is sick of Gods rules and sending people to hell who aren't truly evil. And so, he creates two parts of hell.
One is for the truly evil. It's basically a giant prison where demons torture them. However, the other half is basically a giant modernised earth lookalike. Demons, monsters, humans, demi-humans and other such creatures live in harmony in this strange, bizarro hell.

After a series of unfortunate events for the MC, he ends up being the personal servant of Lucifer himself. But Lucifer isn't how he is portrayed, he isn't a evil monster or demon god. He has the personality of a teenager, is somewhat lazy, and dislikes humans, though not to the point of causing a Biblical Apocalypse. He mostly just lazes around while managing hell, all the while his position is under threat from other equally power demonic beings.

And so begins a strange, but comedic relationship between the two, in hell and their adventures.
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What if we made a generic isekai show but the MC is a shoujo male love interest yandere?
Loli finds a magic rat and fuck it.
>shoujo male love interest yandere?
Shoujo male means he's good looking, right? Love interest means romance? And Yandere means he's fucking insane.

So you're saying, this insane guy gets Isekai'd? Does he already have a love interest on Earth? Or does he find one on new world?
File: 1475521758400.png (607KB, 1042x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
607KB, 1042x720px
I don't know Anon, I gotta go now so I will leave the rest of the story to you.

Just make it good, okay?
I'm not that bored, sorry anon.
MC lives in an idealistic utopia nothing much of note really goes on but there is no suffering and everything from the lakes to the mountains are beautiful. Too bad it all starts crumbling down as a calamity befalls his world. Everyone tries to survive but to no avail. All of MC's friends, family and lovers die in front of him.

He wakes up and finds himself still alive but in a different world. A Desolate world where the strong destroys the weak and violence runs rampant. The first person he finds in this world is an old but mysterious man and the first thing he says is "Your world has been destroyed, but you can get it back! all you have to do is help me out a little."
File: latest[1].jpg (147KB, 1600x1316px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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MC lives in a post apocalyptic world (set in what looks like Victorian England) and is known as a Plague Doctor. They're alchemists who use poisons, toxins, viruses, diseases and other such dangerous chemicals and substances to hunt "The Devourers", monsters that come from beyond what is called "The Rift". The Devourers come from a world called The Heart, a world completely covered in flesh, a living, breathing hell dimension that births these very monsters from the ground, sending them through these rifts to consume the worlds they enter. The MC's world has been mostly destroyed by these things, however, the MC being a doctor before the great war, found out through experimentation on the corpses of the ones they managed to kill after a good long time was that they were extremely susceptible to diseases, plagues and poisons. And so, he creates the Order of the Plague Doctors to fight them.
Within years, their world is mostly destroyed and his order almost completely wiped out, but there is only one Rift left.
And so, seeing as he no longer has anything in this world, he enters the portal and shuts it behind himself to save what is left of his world, and to destroy The Heart forever.
Basically Doom Guy

I was planning on saying he somehow makes his way to an alternate dimension (which is our Earth) through a Rift Portal and ends up as the protector of that world, and starts training some guy to help him fight these monsters after his parents were murdered by them, and this is basically where the anime would start. But I wasn't sure I wanted to. So I'll just let anyone else figure it out.
>look into this oedipus thing
>see greek mythology further
>almost(?) all gods have incestuous relationship with each other

This is my fetish.
Every user on 4chan is summoned to a game world and given godly powers.
Within half a day the world has been reduced from a high fantasy setting to a post-apocalyptic one where "boards" wage war against each other for the so as to claim the title of "GOAT".
Episodic slice of life about a late night Tokyo Uber driver. Each episode would be stories told by his passengers about their day.
>crossboarders are considered as traitors or spies
>all of /a/ spend their time learning magic and alchemy to turn into cute little lolis
>all of /v/ do the same, but instead for turning into traps
>/d/ spends all their time experimenting on crosboarders
Fantasy ss harem
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Assume you, as a gaijin, write a rather successful WN that in it's way to be officially published as LN. When someone ask, you mention a few titles that become your inspiration for the story.
If they find out you've been pirating anime all your life, including the one you mentioned, how fucked are you?
Do I live in Japan?
This is important as piracy is jailable over there.
>Run of the mill fantasy world with magic, monsters, and one demon lord having enslaved the realm of humans.
>Legend has it that a Chosen One will free the people from the demon lord
>MC is a mediocre magician and a born slacker, who's happy being the magician of a small count in one of the remaining human kingdoms
>But MC has been chosen by the gods... to bodyguard the actual Chosen One, a little bratty 7 yo girl who's got raw magic power but no control yet.
>MC will accompany Chosen One wherever she goes, protect her the best he can, will teach her some magic, has to do with all the people who want to manipulate her for power, and develop friendship.

That's it.
File: Schoolgirl-Smoking.jpg (38KB, 615x409px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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It's normal magical girl show, except:

>the characters don't act likely cutesy NEET fantasies but real people
>the characters are dumb rude deliquents
>there are no transformation sequences and no fancy costumes, they just start to glow or something as they power up

Otherwise, it follows other magical girl tropes like protagonist and deuteragonist both being dykes, secret organizations doing secret shit and having zero accountability, monsters being people's bad feels etc.
If you don't live there and they can't put you in the jail, what will happen to your WN? Seems like at worst they cancel your publishing contract.
On the other hand, if you're a devout weebs who actually buy the original, what will happen?
How come rappers don't get arrested for bragging about thier criminal career?
How would they find out?

They wouldn't, unless you tell them yourself.
Basically the question is, how slim is your chance to make extra shekel this way if you:
1. a gaijin
2. a pirate
>MC is a fat fuck who wants to date a grill
>gets rejected because he's fat
>plots to get revenge by getting super hot and turning her down
>lifts like crazy
>eventually becomes enthralled with the high octane world of bodybuilding
>becomes a horrifying flesh monstrosity like those roids guys you see and competes in competitions where he does dramatic poses and flexes
>oh also the author forgets about the girl half way through
Typical neet gets summoned to magical world. Dubbed hero, hes sent to rescue princess from a dragon. While failing to do so, since he lacks any strengths whatsoever, he finds out that dragon is a female and childhood friends with the princess. He fails to persuade her to come back and stays at the dragons castle. Since he misses comforts of modern world, he tries to make castle a more habitable place.
Just get a Japanese pseudonym, wear a mask in public, and lie about pirating your Japanimation.
>I farted in bathroom when I was alone at home
>What if they find out?
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Neet loser gets Isekai'd. Only he isn't the hero. The hero already exists.
Neet does however get powers. He gets healing magic, protection magic, but mostly, creation magic through earth elemental magic.

Basically he's the Heroes Armor / Weapons crafter, and personal pocket healer.
The hero is basically Zorro.
Lots of Spanish Guitar music. All episodes will be similar to Rage of Bahamut: Genesis first episode. Seriously, if you haven't seen at least the first episode, it's really good.
Music like that will be playing every two secons. (At least listen until 1:30, it gets good around 1 minute)

Despite that, they become best buds. The show is basically two bros in cool as fuck Pirates of the Caribbean tier adventures. Lots of bromance, lots of comedy.
faggots from anonymous image board rise together in arms in order to overthrow normie government
Just looked this up on google.
This actually sounds like a creepy pasta I wrote years ago.
goblin slayer and konosuba hybrid sounds good to me
Fight club with office workers.
The lead is a regular recent graduate who can't bear the horror of the life he'll lead till his grave.

He gets into a fight with a mailman. We see in a flash back that reveals his highschool days as a fighter and how he saved the world by beating a man who was possessed by a dragon.

He and the mailman both had similar stories of heroism and decide to make a small "club".

They eventually begin to get new members and gain new power they all have normal day to day jobs and lives but at night they have to put on costumes to cover their secret identity and become heros. They're basically the Japanese Avengers.

It's not a series, it's just a short movie.

It's not in archive but it's still on desu.
In a world where one's life-worth is determined by predestined "frequencies",MC is a low-born that attempts to change his fate by starting a relationship with The Girl, a high born savant.

Despite teachers and parents who tell MC that The Girl and he are opposites which will never attract,MC attempts throughout his youth to court The Girl with no success.The Girl,being of high frequency,is unable to feel emotion;however, her goal is to feel love.MC's friend,Suzuka,tries to help MC raise his frequency,a feat claimed to be impossible.During his teenage years,MC uses magnets and other methods with no avail.

Upon returning as a young adult to The Girl's birthday,he claims to be able to raise his frequency and eventually manages a kiss from The Girl. The two walk home together.MC discovers with Suzuka that sound waves,when combined with gibberish 2-syllable words,are able to temporarily raise one's frequency.They create a phone device which,based on the atmosphere,is able to determine which words can raise one's frequency.

However, MC and The Girl discover that the words actually have mind controlling properties which caused their love. A government organization detains MC and his associates, revealing that this phenomenon had been known throughout history and was slowly forgotten. Unable to contact Suzuka, MC uses the words to paralyze his captors and escape.

He escapes to Suzuka's house,where Suzuka's father reveals that music,specifically that of Chicago,was able to balance everyone's frequencies and nullify the mind controlling power of words.Suzuka is able to calculate an equation based on music and discover that fate exists.He is able to predict the future and the destinies of others.MC and The Girl realize their love was caused by fate not choice.Finding this romantic,the two hold hands while Suzuka watches and realizes he can take over the world!
Real Steal: Folded One Mirrion Times.

Kyomanis Kenton used to be a master rogue but lost his chance to become king of thieves when rogue robots stole his jebs. Now working as a small-time apple salesman, Kyomanis pieces together scrap metal into low-end panty pickpockets, barely earning enough to make it from one otaku ghetto to the next. After hitting rock bottom, Kyomanis reluctantly teams with his estranged musume, Goyoyo, to build and train a uber-rogue robot for a last shot at redemption.
A 30 year-old MC is an otaku and /vr/ gamer who returns back to his hometown to find it completely changed,except for a 2-storey manga rental store/house.When he enters the manga store,it looks exactly the same,like in the late 90s.He goes upstairs to browse the comics like he used to;it is also filled from random toys from the 80s and 90s.He unexpectedly sees a cute halfu(half nippon/white) loli named Meru whom he used to know and chats her up.Strange thing is,she didn't seem to have aged since the 90s,then again the oba-san running the store also looks like she never aged.Soon he meets the loli's sister who is now grown up with a daughter(Oga) who's slightly older than Meru.Oga causes awkward moments since she likes running around naked,masturbating and saying adult-like things.Meru asks MC about Oga's adultish antics,and he keeps trying avoid them and tells her to "just google it" which puzzles her.After a few days,newer post-90s manga and toys start appearing upstairs,and MC discusses with Meru about how newer manga is shit and panders to moefags with shit taste.

PLOT-TWEEST: MC eventually finds out from oba-san that he is actually dead and haunting the house while blinded by his own 3deep5u tastes.IRL the house is no longer a store,and Oga and her mom are the only real people living in the house.
Takumie Sudo is a 13 year old shy girl who originally lived in rural Obama,Fukui.1 day she found a boy who's a nerdy otaku and instantly "liked" him,and started keeping a diary recording all her fantasies about him and how they're going to be perfect for one another.She never found the courage to confess her love...I mean "feelings" for him until she found out he's transferring overseas.She tries to talk to him in a library on his last day in school,but instead bumps into him and drops her diary.

The boy picked up diary but never found the chance to return it back to her. After he'd moved to Paris, he opened up the diary in curiosity,and read it all in one night while masturbating... while imagining himself living the perfect live with Bob Sapp, and realises that he is in fact a massive faggot.He eventually gets a black north-african boyfriend to re-enact all the fantasies in the diary.

Meanwhile in Nihon,Takumie was forced to watch a LIVE! Nico Nico Douga video of a japanese boy fugging a BBC because her friends thought she acts too much like a virgin. She realises the boy in the video was the nerd boy she "liked". She goes into depression, but comes out of it full of rage against the penis and also she's an Androgyny Dyke now. She forms a counter-culture idol unit with other like-minded yuris , setting off on the mission to "Destroy all idols" and all 3DPD related to otakus and massive faggotry.

It's called "Love Lie!"
In a small town of northern Japan, Sukoshi "Suko" Mushimoro and Aika Mittsi, classmates since elementary, become high school students. During this time they begin to date and their conversations circle around the idea of what true tears really are, beginning after Suko's granduncle shares his story about a dead korean hooker with Suko.

After a trip the two take to New Zealand, Aika discovers she has key-AIDS, which limits her chances to go outside or see Suko. Once Suko learns the truth, he buys flight tickets to take Aika to Disneyland USA, a place she had always wanted to visit after missing a family holiday there, but she dies before she could board the plane.

The story takes place as a flashback through Suko's eyes as he and Aika's parents travel to USA to spread Aika's ashes in the place she had always wanted to see.

In 2063, space-cowboy Jack Taro and coolhand Annis Kyo are hired by rancher Joe Arigato as cuboid-pig herders in Neo-Wyoming.
One night on Baraki Asteroid-Field, Jack makes a drunken pass at Annis that is eventually reciprocated. Though Annis marries his longtime sweetheart, Alma, and Jack marries a fellow space-cowgirl Anne Hiroshi, the two men keep up their tortured and sporadic affair over the course of 200 years.

Its full title is "I can't believe a bunch of baka faggots broke their backs while holding hands but didn't gay marriaged."
The OP

ED is a cover of Glory Of Love sang by some random worst-corea youtuber.
Dubbed 4KIDS style by Bandai USA.
>MC is a 400 pound basement dweller
>shitposting around the internet he comes across the Redpill
>tries to reject it but end up swallowing it
>crawls out of the basement to find the race war has already begun
>a pack of feral niggers tries to kill him but ben garrison saves him
>he trains to join the right wing death squad
>defeats all kinds of minorities until the final showdown against the jews
>>>/polo/ pls!
File: 2LZiMb.gif (272KB, 500x281px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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holy shit people noticed me
way to fail faggot

>MC is an /a/utist
>one day he runs into a superior /pol/lack
>his bluepill triggers and tries to reject the /pol/lack
>tries to banish him back to /pol/ but his link spell fails
>the MC starts questioning the power of his tolerance
>however moshe goldbergstein reinforces the bluepill dosage making him fall back into docile acceptance of his own extermination
>the MC dies a virgin
>That butthurt

>One day MC shitposts on /a/.
>Bluepill, the master of the matrix world he lives in, offers him a favor.
>"Hello, Sanchez. Since you voted for Brexit and Trump, I want you to be more harpy with your life and not be so triggered all the time."
>Then he offers him a blue tablet that rooks like viagra.
>"Take this and all your worries will fade away!"
>MC refuses but that night, he keep dreaming of jewlords stealing his benis and muh guns.
>He takes the blue pill and instantly becums an Aryan indian with BBC and a harem full of white slav grills.
well, seems like Kek is with you
Kek is mother and father , Kek is the spice of life.
Guy gets smacked in the head on his way to a local store and damages his brain, resulting in his amygdala not working properly. Resulting in him "Suffering" from ataraxia. Which is basically freedom from worry, fear and anxiety.

Soon after, he decides to become a hitman for next to no reason. Though because he still considers himself good, at least, mostly good, he can't kill just anyone. So he only hunts down criminals. And at the same time, if anyone tries to hire him, he kills them too.
And so begins a bizarre story about a strange man.

He meets a bunch of equally strange people on the way, and starts training an apprentice who is somewhat insane and full on yandere.

It'd be a dark comedy action adventure
Oh so that's a light novel?
Very light.
it is not funny!
>Show by Rock
Novel so light that it can be fit inside 4chan comment field
File: 1451017205677.jpg (221KB, 560x420px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Battle shonen in a post-hiroshima-apocalyptic japan, Muscle girl highschool guard VS Radioactive delinquents

MC is a muscle girl living in a town where people struggle to find food, water, etc ...
Basically cut off map, no government, no laws, no electricity.

People do they best to stay civilized, and put all their anger in highschool
Highschool will give food and shelter according to your grades
Beside being an elite student, you can try being a guard, and beating up wanted delinquents and thiefs
Problem is delinquents and thiefs are mutants able to turn radioactivity into methedrine (because why the fuck not)

Muscle girl fight, become stronger, drug herself
Until she get raped by the gym teacher as he blackmail her for drug usage
She decides to fuck the school upside down.
>MC lives in present time
>MC hears of new cryogenic technology, and is offered ¥100,000 to test out the technology
>MC, being poor and needing the money, decides to go and try it out
>Accident occurs and MC is frozen for 40 years
>MC wakes up into dystopian metropolis controlled by (real robot) mecha police and soldiers
>MC has a hard time adjusting to the immense difference in society, and learns that he is a fugitive because he has to be registered in the civilian database and due to him not being registered he is seen as an illegal immigrant
>MC finds group of people who work on battle mecha to fight dystopian government
>MC joins their ranks and learns how a mecha works and how to work a mecha
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Reposting God-tier anime idea
File: corto_maltese.png (220KB, 390x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Just tell them my biggest influences were western movies and comics.
File: 1436379317518.png (290KB, 594x609px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>MC is a small child on a vessel of a massive space colony ship that his been sent from earth and has been travelling for eons
>communications from earth were cut long ago and mysteriously the data logs of the history of the colony ship and the events within it are nowhere to be found
>whats more there is no sort of construction facilities for machinery to create new infrastructure, and no prison system can be found
>because of this crime is beginning to run rampant and buildings are sliding into ruin
>most of non-colony parts of the ship, such as the networking and engine sectors, have been cut off by bandits who now call it home, and inexplicably strange fucked up creatures roaming around. These parts of the ship are now operated remotely, and this leads to problems in some episodes where manual control is required.
>overall goal is for the head captain, whos a bit of an asshole, to find a planet that humans can finally live on, while warring factions on the colony distract him, and also to solve all the mystery's listed above
>MC and his female friend get caught up in these shenanigans as they wander the slums of the colony getting caught up in faction wars and the captain's personal guard
>also some people on the colony are genetically fucked up somehow and this leads to basically race wars, and the MC's mother was one of the last people to have access to the missing data logs and she was murdered
>the answer to everything in the story ties back to a single key factor thats only indirectly revealed at the end
>MC is the son of a half dragon demon lord
>His father dies and MC has to take the throne
>MC is actually aslo a NEET so he tries to avoid the responsability that comes with the throne
>One day when he is playing vedeo games instead of tending to his royal duties he is sucked into the game word
>The game world is full of lolis and tan elves
>Since MC is the only male he has to pick a bride
>Also every girl likes him and he can change into a girl with his demon lord powers
>A boy falls in love with a girl.
>Unable to confess, he is gifted by a deus ex machina with the girl's phone number.
>Never minding the strange area code, he immediately calls her, and is overjoyed to find out that she has a crush on him as well.
>But, the next day, when he recounts the previous day's confessions to the girl, she only looks at him with a perplexed expression.
>After some investigation, he finds out that the girl he called is not the same girl he fell in love with.
>In fact, she doesn't exist in this universe at all. She is the girl's alternate universe counterpart, who has fallen in love with the MC's own AU self, who too is blissfully unaware of her crush.
>Hijinks ensue as the two strike up a deal to give each other their darkest, most private secrets in order to equip the other with the weapons they need to conquer the heart of their other selves.
>While the two chase their respective loved ones, DRAMA ensues as they begin to fall in love with each other instead and question the NATURE of LOVE.
>The setting is in a high fantasy world
>The MC is an adult man
>The story is neither grimdark or pure comedy
>There is no annoying comedy relief character
>The MC and his group are good, but not stupidly so, they will kill enemies to stop them.
>The villain is smart and never reveals his plan
>Villain doesn't suddenly turn good once defeated
>Teamwork helps, but the power of friendship does not
The Odyssey of Homer.
Circe best waifu.
A boy meets a girl that changes their life in one way or another.

Oh wait.

I fucking hate anime.
Little Witch Academy, but with both boys and girls.
MC is a Alchemist.
World Style reminiscent of Tim Burton style spookiness.
Focus on World Building and constant explanations.
What's the point?
LWA is good because of cute girls. Adding boys will just lessen the enjoyment.
Because I don't want it to be the exact same. Basically a darker version of Harry Potter, but more of a focus on world building than on that shitty story we had.
The main character is a depraved man and oddball in his presumable mid-20s and has made a life for himself skulking away in his basement creating robots in an attempt to realize his dream of creating actual artificial intelligence that think and act like people do. Not much context is given into his life story beyond him being loopy and eccentric. His house is lined to the brim with failed models, random parts, prototypes, schematics, and is essentially a pig sty. Every model that he's made has always resembled the same looking, long dark-haired, vixen woman, with each newer one appearing more detailed by the bit.

Other characters would include a rustic man who works at a nearby scrapyard MC gets his parts from, some random high school girl that hangs out at MC's basement occasionally who only got to know the MC due to her being the mailwoman, a shady businessman who's always bugging the MC about his robot, and the MC's disappointed, but loving titfu mother who lives up stairs, as well as a few other side-characters ranging from random childhood friends and neighbours.

MC finally completes his robot girl, and its finally explained that the robot girl in question is modeled after somebody he knew who just isn't around anymore, and it's obvious the MC has romantic interests in whoever it is solely because of his advances on his robot. His robot is really confused and doesn't share the same feelings as the MC. Despite being modeled after somebody on the exterior, the robot is essentially a completely different person in terms of personality, and really doesn't feel like she owes were creator anything and just wants to live her own life. After awkward scenes, she secretly leaves the MC's house for the first time and is introduced to the streets of Tokyo, overflowing her with all sorts of information since the only thing she knew beforehand was the MC's basement.

MC and the cast get caught up trying to find her, but does she even want to be found?

businessman is bad
owes her creator*
>picking Cirslut
>not Penelope

helot taste
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Anime Studio Employee gets transported into a world where everyone is openly shitposting in RL, he have to deal with these fags in his everyday life.
>bitch witch who submits to a man once he rapes her
fucking delicious
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The Catholic Church had shifted to a more liberal stance on various theological issues in an effort to please the growing left wing world. While church attendance still remain low, the exodus of catholics leaving the Church seem to slow down.

Soon, a new pope is elected. The first American Pope taking on the name, Pope Pius XIII

The college of cardinals see Pope Pius XIII as the start of a new Catholic rennaisance, leading the church in a liberal world. But to their shock, the Pope's first homily reveals a shift towards a more conservative approach, with intents to be more strict on abortion and a reversion to the pre Vatican 2 model of the church. The world was shocked when the Pope revealed the course he would steer the church towards but he is ultimately booed by the faithful at St Peter's Square, only for a storm to hit in soon after.

Pope Pius XIII also now faces growing opposition from cardinals and the threat of a mass apostasy with his more conservative approach. Cardinals now try to scheme to depose him. And the issue of abuses must be dealt with, in order to lead the Tridentine revival
>Little Witch Academy, but with both boys and girls

Sooo... Harry Potter?
>MC is a trader that meets a wolf goddess
>Wolf girls has to hide her identity from the church
>They travel the land and grow close to eachother
>It's the third season
The setting is a grimdark world where pain, blood and death fuel all the magic. The main characters are a Templar Knight, whose religious order was branded as heretic, and who discovered (like other Templars) that the power of self sacrifice can bring magical power in a cleaner, but more limited way; and a girl who's a necromancer, she's followed everywhere by the ghost of her older brother, which she can summon as an undead to fight (besides other powers, seeing ghosts in general, invoking ghosts with a grudge against a particular person and spealing to the dead). Since necromancy is forbidden and Templars are heretic, both are wanted dead and are on the run. The Inquisitors, the order tasked with killing people like them, are obviously powerful thanks to their line of work, but besides them, the nobility does horrible things to get more power and would do anything to kill them and hide their secrets.

Their objective is to travel to the Sacred City and summon the spirit of the Legendary Hero who founded their religion and supposedly had a pure soul, to ask him for a way to stop the madness and the source of his supposedly pure powers. He's not secretly evil though, but his powers aren't really clean, and the characters have to deal with the fact that he relied on human sacrifice to become as powerful as he was, and the fact that he doesn't know if God is real anymore than the Templars do.
This one is really old, it's been done several times as a story on 4chan. Do something original for once.
>girl who would scam a horde of angry guys who might easily rape and kill her before being unfaithful

Well, everybody has its tastes. Odiseo didn't deserve her.
Hope you don't mind but I archived this in the pursuit of lols
But I don't want that shitty story. I want it to be darker (not edgy, just a stranger world) and more world building and explanations for why things are the way they are. MC as Alchemist means we get lots of trading, information on shit.
I saw an unbelievably shitty movie a while back about mythological creatures fighting each other in a boxing ring.

One of those creatures were named bitch witch
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Well that was disappointing, okay then.

>Shoujo male means he's good looking, right?
>Love interest means romance?
>And Yandere means he's fucking insane
>So you're saying, this insane guy gets Isekai'd?
>Does he already have a love interest on Earth?
Yes, his reasoning to return back. She is actually dead though, our MC just couldn't remember for reasons.
>Or does he find one on new world?
Yes, our MC is a lady killer, literally.
Legend of the Great Cluckaroo

Their once was a cock who fucked his hen and chick daily.

One day he noticed that his hen felt unusual during sex, and even seemed bored.

So he did what anyone would do and fucked his chick's chick.

Later it is discovered that his chick was bored of his sex much like his hen so he instead fucks his chick's chick's new chick.

This is the story of how a cock fucks and gets cucked by autistic motherfucking cocks born from his seed going on through generations.

The family line is so irreversibly fucked over that they are burned through once and thirty more times that is as much as three tens.

The story delivers three prominent messages
- Don't cuck
- Incest is Binfest
- Fuck I just made a new fetish
After the apocalypse, powered individuals started appearing. The reason for this was never really understood, maybe it was evolution, maybe it was the radiation or maybe it was something else.
These powers however, are more akin to magic than straight out singular powers, to the point that even the users of these powers don't fully understand them themselves.

The story however, focuses on a soldier from the first wars, a broken man that has lost everyone and everything he once cared about. A powered individual that was once a member of a group of "heroes" to save humanity. The world now, nature has started to slowly retake the world. It is in this "new" world that the man finds a child with abilities exactly the same as him, surrounded with the bodies of dozens of soldiers, covered in blood, and an old ally he once thought dead on the verge of death. His old friend explains that he was protecting this child from mercenaries who want to use the child as a weapon, and he took a fatal blow in the process, and forces the MC to take the child to protect and care for. The boy is violent and has murderous tendencies and extreme psychological outbreaks due to trauma he received at the hands of those very mercenaries, now only put to the extreme due to the loss of the only person who cared for him.
And so begins a story of healing, and vengeance between the two broken individuals.
>MC gets transported into Isekai world
>MC is regular guy who watches anime now and then and hates Harems and Isekai
>Tries to run away and live a peaceful life
>bunch of stereotypical harem girls attracted to MC for no fucking reason and they say he has a super power
>MC spends the anime coming up with ways to get rid of his harem
made me think of a manga where the MC is in a ecchi manga and he is aware of that and not interested by sex
i don't know the name but it made me think of that
Why didn't he post on /v/ where he belongs?
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