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Ujiie Tozen

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Time for another catch up thread. SYD is tomorrow.
Going to school

"Miho, morning"
"Morning, you're early today"

"Today's first subject is math right? So I have to ask you for a favor, Miho-sama~"
Specially drawn comic
An innocent normal lifestyle

"Please! Since you and I are friends, Miho!!"
"You didn't do your homework? Just do your own sometimes"
"I'll definitely give it back afterwards!!"
"Huh? .... give me back your body....?"
You're a les?


"I'll show you my homework, so let's hurry to the classroom"

Third period
Ding dong dang dong

"Okay, for this problem here--"

"Kanou. Could you do it in front of the class?"
"What's wrong? Your face is red. Are you okay?"

"This chalk kinda looks like a tampon.... yeah"


Ding dong dang dong

"Whoaaaa you made all that yourself?"
"That's amazing"

"Miho, you'd be a good bride in the future"
"Like an apron would really suit you"

"Whaaaat, but see"
Naked apron
"It'll definitely be cold in the winter"

Oh you're early. Or maybe I'm late.
Science materials room


"I look up to you as a mentor in romance, sensei, and I ask you to guide me every day but..."

"How do I say this, well.... don't I just get more pathetic each time instead!?"

"Oh, you just noticed now?"
"But you're growing to be my favorite girl now"
And yet for some reason, tomorrow I will once again drag my feet to the science materials room.
Had something come up so it was good timing. Will try to do one more chapter after I deal with it. Might be a few hours though.
Alright then
Well, might as well start some Imouto while we wait. Can't access archives, so I'm assuming that I'm starting at the elementary part of vol 7.

My Future self

I'm writing my wish on Tanabata paper.

"Uhhh.... I wanna be an announc..."
"Oh, the characters won't fit"

"Why don't you try shortening 'announcer'?"
"I see"

"I wanna be an anus" [TN: The joke in Japanese is shortening 'announcer' [アナウンサー (anaunsaa)] to 'anus' [穴(あな)(ana)]. It surprisingly works well, but be free to change it if needed]
"Hey hold it"
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Any chance of Suzu getting some proper loving here?
Comic 1

So Kana-chan

So Mina-chin

"I give nicknames to everyone"
"So could you give me one?"

"Kyaah, it's wonderful"
"She hates you"

Comic 2
Unyielding opinion

"It's 'a'!!" [TN: Be free to replace 'a' with hiragana あ since the joke is related to the kana shape]

"It's 'o'!!" [TN: Same as above, but use お for 'o']

"Hey now"
"Why're you fighting?"

"The shape of an onahole opening"
"Is 'a' right?"
"It's 'o'!!"
"Punch each other out and decide between yourselves"
Comic 1

"I'm practicing my English now"
It's still broken though

"Manaka-chan, let's plaayyy"
"Then let us play on the rooftop" [TN: Just emphasize 'play'] [TN2: When you say プレイ in katakana, it usually means sexual acts. Not the regular playing, which is 遊ぶ in Japanese]

"What should we play?"
"Let's see. Why don't we play with the rope?" [TN: Emphasize 'play']


Comic 2
Old nostalgia

"Say 'key' ten times"
"Key key key key key key key key key key"

"What's this?"
"Key... aaaghhhh" [TN: It's actually supposed to be 'elbow' (ひじ - hiji) and 'knee' (ひざ - hiza)]

"Say 'swish' ten times"
"Swish swish swish swish swish swish swish swish swish swish"

"What's the sound of you peeing?"
"Do I really have to meet your expectations?"
Comic 1
Loves vegetables

"I hate vegetables"

"You have to eat your vegetables or you can't get any bigger"

"Thanks to vegetables, I didn't just grow in height, but also in my spot"
Now it's all loose
"Step out for a bit"

Comic 2
Stopping the itches

"What's wrong?"

"I'm got bitten by bugs everywhere and it itches"
"That's why you don't scratch yourself"

"I'll bring some medicine over"
"So if you pinch yourself like this, you can endure it [until I come back]"

"Wow. This feels good"
"Was he really bitten by a mosquito there?"
Comic 1
Playing with fire

We have a fireworks display with everyone tonight

"Okay guys? Playing with fire is very dangerous"
"Make sure never to do it when you're by yourselves"

"It's dangerous for adults too"

"Dear, don't go playing with fire too!!" [TN: 'Playing with fire' (火遊び) can also mean having an affair]
"I won't"
"We won't lay a hand on him"

Comic 2
Hot night

"It's so pretty"
"So true"

"Does it feel good?"

"Good kids, please don't copy her..."
Comic 1
Squirming poop

"This is the correct play to play with snake fireworks"
"If she finds out, you're getting your butt whooped"

Comic 2
It's the fireworks

"Oh, they're having a real fireworks display on the other side"

"It's so biig"
"So wonderful"
"And there's a lot coming out"
I think I'll call it quits here since it's late. SYD tomorrow. Maybe also another Imouto chapter tomorrow too.
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Thanks for the work!
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Thanks for the translation.
Thread posts: 23
Thread images: 17

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