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Tari Tari

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What did /a/ think? Saw on the 2ch ranking thread that back in 2012 it didn't even make it to /a/'s top 20 but it was 2ch #2.

Did anyone notice how much the characters failed at most of the things they did and wanted to do?

Even at the end when Wakana was throwing the coin into the wishing thing she missed, I'm genuinely worried for the future of these children.
Fat tits Hayami horse bitch was the best.
Unironically much better than hibike.
Love the soundtrack so, so much.

That Hayamin.
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I sure do hope kyoanifags don't shit up the thread.


I really liked both the ED and OP. If I remember they started changing the arrangements of the ED by episode 6, but I preferred the one where her VA does the part for "ni natteru, jikan~".
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I don't understand how their friendships worked.

So Wakana, horse girl, Konatsu, and badminton were already close friends, but only Wakana and Konatsu weren't really that close when the anime starts, right?

Did he really confess to her before she left on that plane? Did anyone lip read that part?
Fly Fly Fly... without "uhe?"

It was great for us 10 /a/nons that watched the show while it aired.
Only Sawa (horse girl) and Konatsu are very close friends. Taichi ("badminton") is a class comrade and practiced in the same hall as the choir club, so he had more contacts with Konatsu. I don't remember if they new each other from before (they are in 3rd year high school). Wakana transferred recently from the music department, so she's only a class comrade (they call her with her family name in the beginning of the series). And Wien is a completely new transfer student that got help from Taichi (and also had remedial classes with Wakana - for a short time).
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They tried to Hanasaku the Iroha a second time, but they failed. Maybe they shouldn't have ditched the writer beforehand.
Low quality bait
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The only thing I remembered.
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It was okay.
Motherfucking Wien was the best thing in this anime.
Have you ever been so mad that you just start taking off your clothes?
And I watched the first 7 episodes again...
I don't remember anything about this show. They want to sing a song for some reason but the school is closed and then they sing it anyway? What was the main story?
The main story was about Wein becoming the best boy
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I need to rewatch this since I don't remember much of what happened. I suppose it was rather forgettable, though I still enjoyed it.

I remember that most people didn't like Wakana at the beginning but were converted by the end.
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>Fat tits Hayami horse bitch was the best.
One of the very few instances where a girl posted by Lelouch is best girl

Yes, actually. Of course after I've taken them off I proceed to ragefap myself to sleep.
The comedy was hilarious. Wien's dogeza introduction, Wien and badminton training in the music room, Wien chasing a thief in a sentai outfit. All that prime manzai material and yet the writer/director never gave in to the urge to tsukkomi.
The story did a decent job fleshing out the cast with drama. The true charm of the show is the quirkiness, however.
Thread posts: 24
Thread images: 10

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