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2017 is the 50th anniversary of the Lupin the Third Franchise.

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2017 is the 50th anniversary of the Lupin the Third Franchise. How will you be celebrating it this year?
By pirating the series and watching them free of charge.
I don't celebrate anything anymore.
support Lupin. theres lots of cool shit coming out.
More like Poopin the Turd

Ha ha
that doesn't make any sense since the name of Lupin isn't pronounced as "Loopin" therefor it cannot rhyme with "poopin". the proper way to pronounce his name is "Lupan". anyone who knows the character is aware of this. I don't understand why that's complicated for some people. The joke doesn't work because you would have to say "Poopan The Turd". If I recall that's from Shin Chan anyway.
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>50th anniversary
Oh no WAY.
I hope there's a stream somewhere for all of us.
Marathoning the entire series without sleep.
That reminds me I never watched the Blue jacket series. Was that any good?
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thats a great idea. someone should do this. technically the 50th anniversary isnt until august BUT it can be a year long celebration. >>151743204
you gonna be up for a couple weeks
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well it was AOTY. has some really amazing episodes. my favorite still being the haunted house one.

cool. Ill get on that ASAP then
>Lupin gets a lot of cool stuff
>While Golgo 13 has only two ovas and boring tv series
How does Daisuke Jigen's Gravestone tie into things
I'm always mad green vs red isn't on there because its hands down flat my favorite one.
i believe its the sequel to the fujiko anime which ties into blue jacket lupin.
to be fair the ovas and tv series were fun. the problem with golgo is he doesnt resonate with people. he has no personality. not good or evil. you cannot relate to the person or understand why he does what he does which is why he isn't nearly as popular.
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Jigen's Gravestone is a sequel to the Fujiko Mine Spinoff prequel series. the upcoming Lupin movie Blood Spray of Goemon is a squel to both Gravestone and fujiko. i might be able to find the trailer. here it is.
yes it is a sequel but it doesnt so much tie into blue jacket since blue jacket takes long much later into the timeline whereas fujiko, and gravestone take place very early into the timeline. Fujiko takes place before the green jacket series and gravestone takes place not long after the green jacket series.
it is on there though. look at the picture again.
Now Ive always wondered.

How strong is Lupin continuity wise. A lot of what Ive seen from the adult swim showing was mostly episodic stuff so Im guessing everything is basically stand alone but not quite reboot eitehr
every series is basically episodic with the exception of the Fujiko spinoff series and the blue jacket series which have episodic episodes throughout its run, but they both end with a main story that unfolds in the last few episodes.

with that being said, continuity can be confusing but also simple at the same time. this is how it should be looked at

Fujiko series
green jacket series
Jigens Gravestone
red jacket
Goemon film (possibly)
most movies
pink jacket
Gold babylon
maybe a few movies
blue jacket
some more movies

done. if you want to be specific where all the movies take place you'd have to look at the year they came out and the words said within the movie. obviously movies like cagliostro and voyage to danger take place later in the timeline where as hemingway and bye bye liberty may take place earlier in the timeline.

Cool. But in terms of home work it seems like it's fine to just hope in anywhere
thats no fun.

just start from the beginning. green jacket series is the best series anyway. then red, then start on the movies.
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you just wanted a reason to post that image.

By reading works of Maurice Leblanc

Yes. Yes I did.

Lupin the fiiiiiiiiiiiirst
the fuck is this. never in my life ever heard of this. what country was it made in...

France. Says right in the fucking credits. Goddamn illiterate
i didnt watch the whole video. only skimmed through it while focusing on the art.
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anyone buying red jacket? i think its out next week. looks cool as fuck
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does anyone remember what episodes were the miyazaki ones?
Lupin is extremely charismatic. golgo is just a souless heartless killing machine. theres nothing to really grasp on to.
except the pussy
i always found that to be unrealistic though. no white girl would ever fuck an ugly as shit japanese man with thick eyebrows and a constant mean mug. lets face it. he's unattractive.
asian men in general are ugly fucks.
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