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>The K-On anime turns 8 this year This show is getting old

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>The K-On anime turns 8 this year

This show is getting old
Yes it is.

But that's life you see, you can't hold Kyoto Animation to their earlier projects forever. They were small fish in an ocean when they released K-On, it was that series plus the popularity of Haruhi that would inevitably launch them into stardom.

And as time went on, they got more and more successful and rich. Yet the drafts for these old shows were stored away in a closet, gathering dust. Inevitably the series will be forgotten to all but a couple of people who were actually there to see it in all it's charm. Unfortunately they too will pass on and the spirit of K-On! will be left to roam our humble planet forever.

Of course this doesn't apply to Haruhi as Tanigawa has painfully noticed by this point that P A C H I N K O S and KyoAni teasing the weebs too much will eventually force him to switch off the fucking TV and make another novel, letting Kadokawa licence Haruhi to KyoAni so they can make a third series.

But yeah, R.I.P K-On!
Is it really that hard to shit out another Haruhi book? The guy is a native japanese speaker; that's half the struggle.
>Lucky Star turns 10 next year
How time flies.

Also, what's Kakifly up to these days?
Continuing to be a fat neckbeard and listening to 80s music. The royalties from his series alone have him set for life; what is he supposed to do?

Make a third season centering around the Wakaba Girls?

That fucking gaijinbux shower won't last forever.
Actually it probably will, considering how much of a massive hit the series was in the entire world.

Hopefully he just wastes all of it on dumb expensive shit though, so he feels the need to write a proper ending for the manga for easy cash.
Even people fairly new to anime are at least aware of K-On--it's practically genre-defining and unlike, say, Lucky Star, hasn't aged a bit. By all accounts, it will have a much longer shelf life than 99% of anime.
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Daily reminder:
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January 20th

If only you weren't pulling this out of your ass. It would fucking dwarf the Code Geass S3 announcement.
Should I watch the Live House episode today or tomorrow?
There exists people who hadn't watched this series over and over again years ago?
Yes, but daily garbage threads and shitposting aren't.
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oh my,op, is 8 too old for you?
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K-On is like the most beloved modern juggernaut of all anime of all time and I think expectations would be too high and Kyoani simply knows they no longer got what it takes. I think they're scared of making a third season out of fear of screwing it up, same way some people are scared of success and rather amount to nothing. They probably go back and look at all the details that went into making the first two seasons, and notice that even the support and background characters have personality and are likable, and listen to songs like "my love is a stapler", and "rice is a side dish" and shit their pants thinking they're supposed to top THAT, and they just start sweating and walk away from it knowing they simply can't top it and all they're good for nowadays is using lots of photoshop filters to release boring, polished turds with no substance
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8 is not that old
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>tfw no S3 with Sumire
I'm killing myself if this doesn't get at least an OVA within the next 2 years
Considering KyoAni has been making shit S2s for most of their shows in the last couple of years, I'm glad K-ON didn't get a third season.
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Imagine a Shonen K-on
K-on should get a remake of season 1, not a 3rd season. At most, a reunion movie, for things after the ending. The ending was perfect, I don't want them to mess with that. More content should be in the form of a multi cour remake of season 1, while bringing up the quality to season 2 levels.
Mitsu Love Story
D-damn... I never thought of it that way. Guess I'll switch from Yui to Mugi then.
Idiot. KyoAni is better than ever. They can't make s3 because the story is over.
What about the university arc
Plus asuza side-story
>azusa side-story
nooo fuck off she got too much screen time in S2, she would ruin everything again. S3 needs more Ritsu and Mugi.
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