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Black Clover thread

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Edition: Niggastream finally picked it
They did it again.
best manga ever right guys! this is da shit so good well at least its better than most of the shonen crap this days rifght guys!
Why do people do scanlations for series that have easily accessible official translations each week?

Where's the HorribleSubs of manga?
more like 11/10
Black Clover
Black Butler
Smoking Parade
Dragon Ball Super
Platinum End

they love ntring Jaimini
Of course it's translated by Dzy.
The actual worst offender in terms of why Niggastream is called Niggastream.
black cover before one shit, boku no pico and tosh ???

what happen with niggastream ??
I want them to cuck Jai of Twin Star Exorcists.
That way we'd get more than one chapter every three months.
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>Murderface Mcmaddo
>Dagger-staring Stink-eyed Soul-Sucking face

Niggastream truly has a way with words
Jaimini provoke them

they released One piece before them
Good. JB take too goddamn long with their translations. I hope Niggastream keeps doing it from now on.
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Harem shit.png
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Hey there!
With niggerstream picking up Black Clover you may wonder if you should bother reading it.
For your sake only im gonna walk you through of the first 5 chapters so you can see what you will expect from this manga.

Chapter 1: Meeting Narudo and Succske
>In a world where every human is born with magic capabilities and the strongest among them become magic knights there is only one person that can become Hogag- I mean… Magic King
>We start out story with getting a good feel of our Main character Aster
>Short, energetic, sort of blond, currently liking a girl way out of his league with that fucking stupid sparkle eye shit that the author keep pushing to no fucking end holy shit, and everybody in this godforsaken barnyard village making fun of him for being so fucking useless.
>Next we are introduced to Juno
>A tall, calm, cool, black haired, handsome guy with a lot of talent for magic, interrupting Aster in hitting on their caretaker, while everybody sucks his dick as he proves just how superior he is to Aster in every way while also making that retarded emotionless face that not even Sasuke can top in annoyance factor
>After this we are get some original backstory about how these two boy was left on the doorstep of the church in this pigfarm of a village and how they grew up together as brothers.
>We quickly learn that our MC Aster has always sucked at using magic, making his entire existence questionable since people that suck at using magic are the lowest of the low in this world
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>BUT fast forward a couple of months to the ceremony where every kid at the ripe age of 15 gets their Zanpakuto from some old fart in a I a library
>Being the shitter Aster is he gets no Zanpakuto because he has absolutely no mana in his body making him unable to use any kind of magic
>Naturally Juno gets the special snowflake grimoire with a 4 clover leaf on it that some dead Magic King once had
>Everybody sucks his dick and laughs at Aster yada, yada
>Next day however Juno is attacked by some salty fag that want his lucky charms
>Aster tries to help but promptly gets put to the fucking wall
>After a little motivational speech form Sasuke of all people the true plot armor of our MC starts to show itself as a fucked up and burnt grimoire comes flying out of nowhere
>Can you guess what is on the front side of the book?
>That’s right people not 3, not 4, FUCKING 5
>Aster then displays his newly found asspull power by showing off his new Bankai
>Dragonslayer from Berserk
>He then goes Touma from Raildex on the poor faggots ass and fistbumps Sasuke as the sun goes down over the land.
and tried to do that with 7 Sins too

but tbf manga$tream ntr'd Red Hawk first
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Chapter 2: Chunin exam
>Now that every kid in the country has their own personal ninja scroll it is time to see which one of them is fit to become the best Shinigami
>They have to gather up in some big arena where the captains of the Magic Knight order will look at the livestock and decide if they want to buy them or not
>There are a whole 9, yes 9 captains, a whole 4 less then in Bleach! Where they are ranked from highest to lowest with 1 being the Obelisk The Tormentor rank and 9 being Slyther The Sky Dragon tier
>While the captains look upon Aster and his shot, pathetic (but very muscular) being in disgust Juno is busy being the Mary sue that he is
>Not until Aster beat some smug fuck in a battle without even breaking a sweat would the captains acknowledge him as not human trash

Fucking really?
Chapter 3: Deal or No deal
>Now we get to the actual elimination process to find out where each kid end up
>The captains will call out each and every one of the numbers each kid has individually where after they will step forward and see if anyone of the captains want them in their squad
>Ofcourse Juno being the best, just the best, every captain even the feminist Soifon one wants him
>Naturally Juno goes with the #1 ranked captain that gives off some wired Griffith-esc vibes
>Aster is saved by captain Nip land which backstory is that he just washed up on the clover land that he now lives in from some foreign country referred to as, and I quote “land of the rising sun”
>Try to guess what kind of weapon he uses
>After Aizawa on crack is done talking to Aster he really needs to shit to he finds a restroom where the faggot that lost to him in battle tries to play a prank on him
>Juno doesn’t like this and tells him to fuck off
>This is the part where you mentally correct yourself in thinking of Juno as Sasuke and start thinking of him as “Sasuke if he wasn’t a giant edgelord all the time”
>Kakashi then calls his bussboi to take them home to their headquarters with his space magic n shit
Yes. That's his real name. Asta, short for Astaroth. The JB translator was just being a stubborn retard, referring to him as "Aster".
Viz uses Asta.
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Chapter 4: welcome to Soul Society
>Now that they have arrived at the 9th division headquarters it’s time for Aster to meet his new squad mates
>We have
>Frankenstein’s son
>A gluttonous loli that will literally eat anything that looks even remotely like food
>Some big guy
>Bussboi as seen before
>An alcoholic slut
>And a very easily irritated siscon
>And the joker
>Oh yea and some gigolo looking faggot that still hasn’t shown up even in the recent chapters
>after captain Zaraki tells them to shut the fuck up they take Aster out to give him the ceremony to become a fully fledged member.
>Aster wins blah blah blah nothing interesting happens
Chapter 5: Book of water
>Now that everybody has become well acquainted it’s time to show Aster around the block
>On their way to Aster haystack of a room we finally get to meet Ingrid form Capcom Fighting Jam
>True to fapbait fashion she’s a snobby tsundere with an inferiority complex made to appeal to babies first waifufags that don’t know any better
>You will learn that as the series go on she is in fact even more useless then Sakura or Orihime (but boy does she have some soft looking thighs)
>Her backstory is that she was made fun of by her older brother Byakuya Kuchiki one of the 9 captains for being unable to control her water bender powers
>Seeing as Aster don’t have a harem yet she decides to go out and try to drown in her own kiddy pool made of self loath and hurt fefes so he as an excuse to save her
>Capitan Yami then sends Aster on a one trip flight to battle harem town so he can save her
>after that everyone in the squad become goodie goodie with each other and a rainbow appears over Korra and Aster as he gives some “muh friends” speech

And that's it!
Now you too have the knowledge of whether or not to pick op this horrible manga that servers no other popures then to be a guilty pleasure that replaces Blach.
Have a nice thread!
>That replaces Bleach
If anything it replaced Naruto since it started around when that ended.

And why go to the effort of posting all that if you dislike it?
The manga itself have his name Asta written in English

Jaimini's translator is retarded
>Viz uses Asta.
The official Japanese volumes use Asta even, his name is written in English in literally the first volume.
>And why go to the effort of posting all that if you dislike it

I like BC and have been reading almost since the beginning, and I thought the whole thing was pretty funny.
So the guy complaining is just an idiot (Or Jaimini's translator)?
Definitely the former, possibly the latter.
Wait, diamond is a good guy now?
No, BnHA is the Naruto replacement, down to being a 100% copypaste in terms of plot.
When the series starts isn't really relevant to it''s replacement factor.
>mentioning BnHA
>in a Black Clover thread

Oh boy. Here we go again.
>MS translates Black Clover before One Piece
>Their translation of The Promised Neverland comes out after WSJ
>After WSJ
Why do they bother?
Black clover is the most original shonen manga
Black Clover is the REAL deconstruction of the shonen genre.
How is BnHA a naruto replacement?
This should be interesting.
It publish after naruto ended
No it didn't.
MHA = July 2014
Naruto = November 2014
niggaclover getting translated by the guy who's the reason mangastream is called niggastream. Well fucking played.
Only people who bothered translating this manga in the beginning went by Aster, some loyalty thing despite it being wrong. Reminds me of Aerith, Aeris in all honesty.
>Niggas peeing translating nigga shit
Zabuza and Haku died in BnHA?
>Aster healed in like two seconds after only a couple chapters of looking for a cure.
>Characters you had to read side material to know who the fuck they are playing a pivotal role with no explanation for them in the manga.
>Guy randomly turns traitor against his own guys after a short backstory chapter.
>Now we have a reunited childhood friend he needs to save.

Why has this arc been such a clusterfuck? I mean seriously, I actually enjoyed the series before this but this arc gets worse with every chapter.
Maybe they don't have the raws until then?
The plot is literally the exact same
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Finally, Jaiminisbox has retarded translation
m-maybe finally /a/ will like it
Black clover is original because bnha is copy paste naruto plot
>Smoking Parade
>Platinum End
They dropped these fast
Wow, they even picked Yotsuba
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>m-maybe finally /a/ will like it
I wonder when Nips will notice the shitfest they read and ranking plummets
Thread posts: 55
Thread images: 11

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