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Throw it at him not me
Would watch.
A Japanese boy gets godly powers from a magical loli and goes back in time to help Japan win WW2

Everything is going as well as expected, with the protagonist wiping out American armies with his energy blasts and defending himself from nuclear bombs with his energy shield.

Suddently, the sky cracks and Donald Trump breaks out with a mexican loli on his shoulder

"I won't let you change how I created my big beautiful wall you damn Jap!"

Trump was fast and powerful, to the point that the protagonist was forced to use self destruction of kill himself and Trump.

Thanks to him, Japan won WW2 and America is now a thing of the past.
>暴動 or The Uprising

A massive rebellion explode in Japan with it's indigenous people formed an alliance called The Tribe and seize National Diet Building, execute the Prime Minister, then take hostage of the Emperor. The Tribe itself consists of many various native people such as : Azumi, Hayato, Koshibito, Kumabito, Kumaso, Mishihase, and Saeki. After the fall of Japanese Parliament, the country was thrown into confusion and chaos. The mainland itself is divided into many region where each member of The Tribe ruled them. Even after that, the member of The Tribe conspire against each other and intend to take the whole mainland for their own native tribe.

The Tribe capture most of current modern people, which The Tribe dubbed them as 'Yamato people', and turn them into slaves. But some of them managed to escape from getting capture and form a resistance called "Children of Amaterasu".

After the mainland rebellion was over, The Ainu and The Ryukyuan declared independence and claim Hokkaido and Ryukyu islands as territory of their own respectively. They refused to join The Tribe because the resentment to some of The Tribe member for past invasion. Both of them are ruled by young High Priestess Regent, chosen to lead their own people according to each native's belief.

Our MC is the last descendant of Aterui from the Emishi people. He did not join the rebellion and prefer to remain at his home (somewhere in Tohoku region) to wait the current event passes and continue on his comfortable life. However he got tangled deep into this mess as he stumbled upon Ainu High Priestess Regent herself, whom just lost the war with the Koshibito and tried to escape from the rest of her pursuer.
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The MC is a loose-cannon cyborg ninja police girl, who's full of energy, always looking for action and doesn't play by the rules!

She's put in charge of a rag-tag team of cyberpsycho war vets, spies and investigators, and told to stop bad guys in the crime-ridden future streets of Newport City!

She doesn't like it when people give her orders, but she doesn't want to disappoint her boss cause he reminds her of her gramps.

One of her teammates has a crush on her but she's too shy to get engaged and prefers having fun with her other friends than reciprocate his advances. However, she soon realizes that she needs him, when a weirdo robot girl starts stalking her for creepy reasons...

Will she be able to carry out her mission without ruining her social life?
A boy falls in love with a girl.
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A dog runs a bakery, the bakery is a large corperation very influential. The dog wants to be a big player world leader from the shadows so he strikes deals with big spenders and does some sketchy/risky moves. Dog gets hit by a car in the street and dies
what happens next?
MC died and was transported into a fantasy harem world. However, the God fucked up and our MC reincarnated as a tsundere love interest and whenever (s)he tries to act against her "role" she gets error messages and punishment by divine retribution. Other girl archetypes are former citizens of the third dimension too and the only way to return home is to win the dense protagonist's heart.
that's horrible
Loser MC buys a new vr game but something weird happens and he is transported into the game.
He becomes bad ass and grows a harem and has a nice time.
3 episodes in it is revealed that he actually is in a hospital bed after having a stroke, he dies at the end of the episode.

Next 5 episodes we find out that people don't actually die but they live on in another dimension. Our hero makes another harem of pseudo ghost cuties and work together on resurrecting themselves by synchronizing their spirit with the physical body.

They succeed but they notice something weird.. the world has small changes, they don't think it's a big deal but the changes become bigger and bigger. One of the harem girls is a dorky smart nerd and she realises that they changed timelines.

Somehow the only way to jump on their original timeline is to use a old russian dishwasher that was made in limited edition. They are not excited about going to Russia but it turns out that in this timeline Russia is a technologically advanced country that uses a scan system to identify potential threats and spies. For them to return to their timeline they need to think and act like a russian. So for another 3 episodes the cast is drunk but they eventually find the dishwasher and they return to their world.

Everyone is happy and celebrating, we get a scene that is zooming slowly on MC's face, we see hes having the time of his life, suddenly the image and sound gets distorted almost like a TV giving it's last breath, screen is dark then we see a POV of someone opening his eyes, it's MC hes in a large facility and it turns out hes an android who just dreamed. Two shady looking guys enter the room smiling and one of them says: "The project is finally complete!", Second guy: "It's time to release him into the world" *evil laughs*.

An average high school boy is forced to transfer to a new school when he has to move in with his grandparents after his parents die from the deadly Japanese cold. On his first day there he's greeted by a beautiful girl who claims to be the childhood friend he'd play with when visiting his grandparents on summer vacation. However, the mc remembers the childhood friend being a boy. The MC asks about this, but the childhood friend just gives a sly smile and asks him, "would you like to find out?" Thus begins a bizarre romantic comedy.

Hints would be given throughout to support the childhood friend actually being a boy and actually being a girl, enough for supporters of either to point to and say this proves it, even though it's all inconclusive. At the end, it's about to be revealed for certain, but the reveal is interrupted with a to be continued. It will never be continued.
Oreimo but with his mother instead of his sister! Money stacks!
Boy loves girl cellphones alternate universe nature of love finds a way.
Help! My Big Brother's Magical Imouto Harem Doesn't Believe He's Gay!
A kindhearted, handsome highschool boy discovers that over the course of his life he's managed to assemble a harem of weird adopted little sisters with strange abilities who are all deeply in love with him. However, he's secretly gay, though none of his harem will believe him. His only confidante is his actual blood related little sister(who was raised by other relatives for several years before moving in with the brother), who works with him to foil the advances of the harem. What he doesn't know, though, is that his "sister" is actually a trap cross dressing as a girl to make it easier to express her feelings for her brother thinking he was always straight. Too embarrassed to reveal her deception to her brother, she slowly becomes friends with her brothers unintentional harem even as she secretly tries to dissuade their advances all the while searching for a way to reveal the truth to her brother.
Would watch.
Posting this in every thread till it becomes the new Keit-Ai

A long time ago there was a magical race of immortals known as Astrals, who mysteriously came to Earth one day. The ancient humans at the time thought they were Gods, and worshipped them. The Astrals created a rule that limited their interaction with humans to just allowing themselves to be idolized, as any thing more than that would be pointless since they were immortal and the humans were not.

Eventually a boy falls in love with a girl, but the boy was an Astral and she was only human. The two embraced their forbidden love, and hid it under the guise of a God and his servant. But soon the other Astrals found out, and as punishment for breaking the rule they sought to have the boy sealed away - their equivalent of death. However, the boy would not go quietly, so he waged war against his former companions for the sake of his love.

During this massive war, the girl visits an old witch who lives deep in the mountains after hearing a rumor that there was a way for one to become immortal like the Astrals. The witch tells the girl that she does in fact know of a way for her to become immortal, and offers the girl a chance to be with her true love. The witch advises that during the ritual the girl must keep her heart and mind pure, or it will not work. The two proceed with the ritual, but halfway through the girl's heart is overcome with impure thoughts, and whilst she is now immortal, her heart and mind became slaves to anger, lust, and other impurities.

Seeing this, the Astrals become even angrier - now determined not only to punish their former comrade, but to eradicate the humans for attempting to reach immortality. The witch, feeling guilty for making things worse, activates a powerful spell to seal all of the immortals away, effectively killing them and ending the conflict.
Part 2

Fast forward 2000 years to modern day Japan - humans are able to use magic (there are no schools for this shit, though. You're expected to have your family teach you or learn on your own). A girl named Yui is in love with a charismatic boy named Takeshi, the student council president at her school. Takeshi is generally adored and paradises by everyone, making him hard for Yui to approach. What neither of them realize is that they both like each other, and Are the reincarnations of the two immortals who waged a war for their love, chosen to host their wayward souls. Unknowingly they both set out to find each other, hoping to reconnect the lover's souls.

However, the other Astrals' souls have taken residence in their reincarnations as well, and seek to finish their battle. Now Takeshi and Yui must reunite the souls they host, as well as become stronge enough to take on Japan's strongest mages.
Thread posts: 21
Thread images: 4

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