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Forgotten Manga

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Generic manga that everybody forgot about but was popular at the time and still worth a read today.

Black Cat is my choice. Been rereading the series for the first time since I was a young kid and I'm surprised at just how much I'm enjoying this. Reminds me of HxH desu.
How an arc about the crew fighting a giant dinosaur at a dinner party was followed by an arc where the villain and his crew commit a terrorist attack at a conference and kill all of the worlds political leaders.
It's really fun. So fun that it keeps the general concept of a battle manga with guns not feeling edgy.
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One of my all-time favorite Jump series and I'd kill to see it (and its sequel series) scanlated. Luckily the whole anime is dubbed and most of it is subbed so it's still accessible for those of us not fluent in moonspeak.

The art-style is odd and make take some getting used to, and it's pretty generic, however the charm and atmosphere however are just standout as fuck. The anime speficially is of incredibly high quality due to being directed by Noriyuki Abe.
Clearly has been a massive influence on a lot of future Jump series as well.
Also, it's a real shame that we never got another battle manga from Yabuki.
I like TLR and all, but he had so much talent with battle manga...
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Unfortunately there are no scans for this, but I've heard great things about it and I really like the mangaka.

Rising Impact ran in Weekly Shonen Jump for 17 volumes. Same mangaka as Nantsu no Taizaki and Kongou Banchou.
shame the anime is so terrible
Nice rec thread
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90's Jump battle manga about Tarzan.
Initially a gag manga.
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I miss how manly Jump battle manga used to be.
It's weird how unknown this series is in the West when it was a pillar of Jump back when it was running, and it a pretty fun adventure battle shonen.

Same dudes who did Beet: The Vandel Buster.
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33 volume series, one of Jump's highest sellers.
Not even a Wikipedia article.
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Mangaka of Hoshin Engi is currently doing a new adaptation of Legend of the Galactic Heroes in Weekly Young Jump.
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How is Hoshin Engi, anyway? Worth a read?
High School girls was great stuff, totally hilarious.

Pity there are no good scans for it though.
Damn these were great. All battle series, but each one brought something different to the table. The mid 00s really was the last great boom of the the tournament/battle genre. It's just not the same now.

What are these Mangaka doing now anyway? Maybe Shonen Sunday wouldn't be in the funk that they're in if these 3 came back.
Yes. I personally am not a fan of the art-style, but if you can get past it or even dig it yourself it's a pretty good shonen.
Just avoid the anime.
>Dragon Quest manga
>Not drawn by Toriyama

It's weird. Wonder if Toyotaro can do that too.
Makoto Raiku of Gash Bell is doing Vector Ball in Weekly Shonen Magazine.

Kekkaishi chick is doing Birdmen in Weekly Shonen Sunday.

Law of Ueki guy is doing Saike Mateo Shitemo in Weekly Shonen Sunday.

All three are really good.
Although Birdmen is a monthly release despite being in a weekly magazine, and Saike is weekly but takes breaks after every arc.
Yeah Black Cat was pretty good. The last time I read it was about 3 years ago, but it held up. One of the few manga I own where I haven't seen the anime for it, and from what I heard I'm not missing much.
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City Hunter.jpg
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City Hunter.

Black Cat is great tho
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I remember seeing that and 3x3 Eyes mentioned a lot back in the day. Still never got around to reading or watching any of them. Might start one day, I just hope the scans aren't too bad.
Is the ending good or did it get canceled?
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