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I am a Hero

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How many of you guys have read the manga? Any thoughts?
Pretty great but it peaked at the shopping mall arc and was stronger when it was more character focused than spectacle focused.
Is that where it's completely swarmed everywhere in the mall?
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holy fuck check this new chinese chapter out
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>You Are a Hero also closer to the final chapter. It is a work which is also decided movie at Hiroshi's starring Oizumi. Thank you very much.
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shit is going down
I can get the raw easily practically everywhere, why would I do that?
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will nakata end up having to kill ZQN hiromi?
heido is a coward

or will nakata kill kurusu and fly away
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then shut the fuck up its not like i can read it either way

this is manga im looking at the fucking pictures
So what the hell is going on here?? Last chapter I saw was where Hiromi got sucked up by the hive mind
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last english chapter

chinese chapter is 247, last week we had a battle on the roof of the sun ride
Looks neat. What is this about?
So what has happened since then??
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battle on the roof of the sun rise
oda-sans zombie sister
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right, and clut guy is gonna get the kid to pull the switch and kill all the old people
Then enjoy your watermarked garbage, faggot.
oda-san dead hive mind convinced her dead ZQN sister (she was the lezbo in the kuki shogunate) not to kill heido and she killed all the other zombies for him
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post tthem then faggot and read them to me
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or else shut the fuck up

because shit is goin down
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I must've missed a lot of chapters cause I am FCUKING lost anons
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alright faggot i looked a little harder but this is the best im gonna do
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is kurusu gonna fuck hiromi
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ZQN is the real hero
i stopped after the volume with the giant aliens attacking europe and you saw that other character's pov

did it get really good after that?
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ayy lmao.gif
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i hate that kid
Thread posts: 42
Thread images: 31

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