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Would you impregnate a yandere?

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Would you impregnate a yandere?
As long as she doesn't has the weird idea of killing our child so it wouldn't steal my affection.
the one in OP in particular definitely doesn't.
I don't think you have a choice.
What if there's more than one yandere around?

Would they try to kill her?Or would they try to get pregnant as well to even the field?
I'd probably find myself required to.
The latter

If they were killers they'd have done it already
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>even asking this
of course

>pregnant yanderes trying to kill each other, foiled every episode
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Lia's expression changed from being the normally being love struck towards Rance to being cool-headed.

Lia: ....... Darling didn't do anything wrong.

Rance: Until now you've had no issue with me fucking Kanami, You've even given me permission to do so.

Lia: Lia is madly in love with Darling.

Lia: You selfishly do as you please, you're a little stupid, lack common sense, don't care about how you bother others and hate troublesome things but Lia loves that Darling.

Rance: "Visibly shocked in regards to Lia's comments about him" ........ You, Do you really love me?

Lia: Lia does, more than anybody else.

Lia: ........ For instance, if Darling said he wanted the world, Lia would conquer the world and give it all to Darling.

Lia: If being royalty is troublesome then Lia can even throw that away as long as it's just us two, even it's just a small restaurant Lia is fine with that. Lia would resign being Queen.

Lia: That's how much Lia loves Darling

Lia: Lia loves Darling to the point that Lia feel like she's going insane

Lia: For that reason, Lia can't forgive this.

Lia: Lia wants to kill all the people that love Darling, It's better that Darling belongs to just Lia. Lia hates that she has to share Darling.

Lia: ........ But because Darling ordered Lia to stop, Lia has given up on doing so.

Lia: But only Kanami is a different, Kanami is a completely different matter.

Lia: ........ What's more! To go from belonging to Leazas to belonging to Darling? I can't forgive that.

Lia: By the way, no matter what Darling says this time Lia won't listen like she always does.

Rance: "Completely serious" ........ Are you serious?

Lia: If Lia wasn't being serious then Lia couldn't say such things to Darling.
I would force a yandere to whore herself
Fuck this bitch, she tortured a girl who did nothing wrong to death
The bitch killed herself
fund it
Now I need to know. Who is this cutie?
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Lia Parapara Leazas

Only girl Rance considers a 100/100
Wait, did she kill Kanami? If so, I have mixed feelings about that.
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She was just unhappy that her servant and best friend Kanami who always told Lia how much she hated Rance while knowing how much Lia love Rance goes ahead and hooks up with Rance without telling Lia.

In that route she ends up forgiving them and sending Rance and Kanami toys for their baby (Lia bought male and female toys when she found out she was pregnant and then sent the female version to Kanami)

In the canon route Kanami and Rance tell Lia before hand so she accepts it and even allows Kanami to become Rance's personal ninja instead
Thread posts: 19
Thread images: 5

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