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Be original. Or at least, derivative.

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Be original. Or at least, derivative.
A guy falls from the sky and lands on a girl. Her face ends up on his dick.
Enters alternate universe where President Obama is his biological mother.

Your name.
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Cute girls travel around looking for spicy foods, eat them competitively and then suffer on the toilet in cute ways.
space bounty hunters
Okay here's one:

It's time for Rin-chan's high school debut!
Problem is, the girls that she was friends with in middle school distanced themselves from her and became really mean!

When walking home one day, she finds an injured black cat with glowing red eyes laying on the side of the street.
After taking it home and nursing it, it reveals itself to be from another world, and offers to repay her kindness with a contract: the magical girl that he was supposed to be in charge of tricked him and stole powers for herself, so now he needs to find a replacement.

He explains that although he's a devil, the demon world is trying to improve their PR with pranks and games, rather than torturing the souls of the damned for all eternity.

While pondering the decision, the three former friends bust through the roof of her house, intending to kill the beast, because the actual mahou shoujo have become a big bureaucratized scout/cult organization that intend to wipe out all things fun and silly, because child labor by the ignorant is funny.

Not going to stand for this, Rin drives off the mahou shoujo with a combination of rubber spiders and water balloons.

Strenghtening her resolve and accepting the creature's offer, join Rin and FACEMURDER in a bouncy and totally-not-edgy adventure as she becomes...
The Maou Shoujo!
>Mc is up late playing games or watching tv when the tv shuts off
>it's a power outage
>there's a knock on the door, dogs start barking so he knows he's not just hearing things
>mc looks out the window to see if he can see any unfamiliar cars parked outside
>everything seems fine so he opens the door to see who it is
>there's nobody in sight
>he shuts the door and decides to go lay down since its late and the power is out
> when he is about to drift off the power turns back on and he sees a figure in the middle of his room
>cuts to black and the mc wakes up in a dungeon or something
Idk where to go from here
The daughter of a shady but successful corporation is friends with the daughter of the head of the police department.

Both give each other help on making each other's groups become respectable and successful by throwing each other pointers (e.g. shady daughter gives location of discreet competitor, department daughter gives areas that need business).

As the stakes get higher, negotiations become even more risky.

Gradually, the girls begin to question the morality of their decisions while leaks and rumors about the conspiracy start to spread.

It becomes a mental trial for both the girls as they try to cover their tracks without losing out on earning something beneficial for their side.
2 Main Characters. A man who is from modern day japan working a boring factory job day in and day out, and A man who is a knight in a fantasy world. They look the same only difference is one wears glasses the other doesn't. One day they wake up and swap places, and have no idea what is going on. Every now and then they swap places going back and forth. Having to use eachother's friends and relations to find out what is happening to them.
Id watch it
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Nerdy girls discover the powers of black magic in some dusty old tomes they bought from a new shop that wasn't there yesterday.
They use the powers to become hot and make all the studs in school into their toys. Their messing with the fabric of reality has summoned demons into the world, however, and now they have to capture them and seal the rifts in reality.
Turns out all the demons are Succubi and Incubi, since the girls only used erotic and sex-related magic. Now these infernal nymphomaniacs possess people and turn them into horny fornicators, raising the question why the girls should bother with getting rid of them.
And then the Church sends edgy purgers into action.
A anime adaptation of Atlas Shrugged
>prophecy about the return of the evil goddess about to come true
>heroes journey to her tomb
>seal breaks, nothing comes out but they can feel the powerful presence inside
>try raiding it, but magic fiercely keeps them out
>make a big ritual to force the goddess out instead
>it works
>goddess falls on the floor sweating and breathing heavily
>ages of imprisonment broke her into a sorry pile of gomenasai who's scared of the outside
>heroes can't find it in themselves to attack someone so defenseless
>some of them decide to stay to keep an eye on her
>comfy SoL about frustrated heroes who trained for nothing, the few not-quite-lackeys-anymore who were also imprisioned and the retired evil goddess


Sounds a bit painful
raped nefariously, end of show
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The pasta is ban worthy now. I would press your luck.
MC tries fapping one day and finds out his spooge won't come out anymore. Turns out his spunk's being magically teleported to other dimensions to sire hundreds of millions of offspring, saving planet populations across the multiverse

now MC has to avoid paying child support at all costs

You just Got a viewer Anon
MC was was disabled with severe dyslexia and several learning abnormalities that made it difficult for him to succeed in academics. Without good friends or a supportive family, he becomes angry and spiteful, skipping classes and getting mixed up with bad people. When a fight breaks out, he discovers he has a natural talent for fighting with his fists, and drops out of school to begin a career in bare-fisted martial arts.

After years of fighting in underground clubs and illegal boxing matches, MC goes too far with an important fight and ends up permanently disfiguring an opponent. For the first time, the cheers of the crowd don't make it any better.

He tries to go straight, but as a disabled man in his mid-twenties with no skills except hurting people, he can't find an honest job or even a decent place to live. After months of trying his best, he finds himself falling into old ruts, and no longer enjoying the rush of the fight. The old feelings of abandonment and resentment he thought he'd gotten past start to come back after years of suppression.

Just when things start to really fall apart, MC meets two very important people: a stray dog with a limp, and a young woman who just won't leave him alone.

The story follows MC as he tries one last time to join the rest of the world, accompanied by his loyal dog and the strange girl who shows him a new way of thinking, unfazed by his quirks and fascinated with everything he says. MC discovers he's not the monster he once tried to be, and that maybe the world isn't such a bad place after all.
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Immortal Knights

-In a high fantasy world there exists a group of elite heavy infantry of Knights known as the Immortals.
-They are called that due to heavy experimentation using magic on them that made their bodies far beyond a humans; one member loses an arm, it will just grow back in a few seconds. If another member head is cut off, it will simply grow back on the body and the member will continue to fight.
-The Immortals have nothing more than their regeneration factor and the wills to keep retrying to complete their tasks.
-The Mc is captain of a small squad to the Immortals who has been given orders to investigate happenings across their country with lovercraftian creatures, a strange cult, and the politics of the nobility.

Nips probably wouldn't buy it since there wouldn't be that many cute girls in it/moe things.
A hobby anime about golf, with lots of cute girls in shorts. Throw in one handsome dude with a stripping compulsion to attract the fujos.
A virus breaks out turning everyone on the planet into a loli
MC develops abrupt, unexplained affection for a maiden he is personally unfamiliar with, under undefined circumstances. He is ultimately unable to act on these feelings, due to the brevity of their encounter perhaps, but miraculously obtains a numeric code corresponding with the communication device in said lady's possession. I hope it's not one Apple's products, though that might explain a lot.

The regional identifier in the number doesn't seem to match any the MC associates with the neighboring areas, but he nevertheless pushes his luck without delay—what an alpha—and somehow confesses his feelings over a phone call, which Haruhi Suzumiya wouldn't approve. And, most surprisingly, receives a favorable response at once. Guess he just has a voice like sex god. I mean, Tom Jones.

When they are again reunited under—again—undefined conditions, this feminine pedestrian, or is it a classmate, maybe, doesn't seem to recognize his story at all. Why is that? Did the sex god magic wear off? We shall leave this thrilling tale to a cliffhanger here. Please tune back next week.
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MC is a dirty schizophrenic homeless man with Don Quixote delusions, seeing the world as a fantasy setting.

One day he witnesses a kidnapping of a schoolgirl by the yakuza lead by a man with a dragon tattoo. Determined to save her, he fashioned his armor and sword from trash and begins his quest to find and kill the dragon and rescue the princess.

Along the way he recruits several unlikely characters for his party; a barbarian warrior, a high school delinquent in real life; a cleric, a kindhearted soup kitchen volunteer; a cynical mage, an ex-cop private detective; and a rogue, a con-woman on the run from the police.

Story fluctuates between what happens in real life and what happens in the MC's fantasy land.

Man good thing you are not a writer
I feel like this one could go in a number of different directions and get really interesting. Nice work.
In the year 20xx, an alien invasion forces the top minds of Japan to develop magical weapons to defend the Earth. The problem is that for some reason, the weapons can only be wielded by adolescent girls. The world government handpicks the most heroic lolis in all the world to help them combat the alien menace, and they successfully defeat the evil invader overlord and save the day!

Fifteen years later, the son of the leader of the magical girls (who's now a single mother drunk dirty slob who was unable to adapt to a world without enemies and now only does shitty late-night informercials for money) is staring at the starry night when an alien drop pod lands in his backyard. From it comes an alien assasin looking for his mother. He panics and grabs his mother's former magical staff (which she kept as a memento) and to the surprise of both, it works (complete with mahou shoujo transformation). Now he must lead the new generation of magical girls while trying to come to terms with his mother's expectations and the fact that his dress is way too girly.
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How would you improve it? I know there's some cliche in there that I didn't put much thought into, so let's refine it.

I am a writer. I was just spitballing but shit stings when I miss the mark.
It's the prequel to John Wick. Calling it.
A boy, excited to make his high school debut, crashes into a girl on his way to school. As he tries to help her up, he notices that... her leg fell off. He helps her up, awkwardly tries to apologize to her, says something along the lines of "break a leg", and, not wanting to sperg out any further, just bolts.

Of course, this girl turns out to be his new classmate. While he seems to be terribly remorseful, the girl just flashes a big grin at him, repeating the 'joke' he told her. The two sit together, and end up becoming friends.

The girl, as it turns out, is not phased by her disability in the slightest. Even with that, she is one of the best runners in the entire school, and if it weren't for her small limp, many wouldn't even notice that there was anything off about her.

Hijinks ensue as the boy somehow never runs out of terribly-timed leg puns, drama ensues as the girl grows to hate being doted upon and wants to be seen as more than just her disability, and romance ensues as the boy and the girl end up falling for each other.

One of the arcs involves the boy thinking the girl has trouble with bullies; ends with the girl beating a delinquent up with her leg.

One of the arcs involves the boy and the girl getting into a big fight; the boy wants to protect the girl while she doesn't really need to be protected and is more upset thinking that the boy is more interested in her disability than her.
>The series starts with the Hero and the demon Lord with their respective parties monologuing and fighting in Ufotable-Tier animations
>Demon Lord is a qt, make her good in the chest area, not exaggerating anything, wide hips
>MC looks Smug, and is just an ass to DL
>When The finishing Attacks connect, the Screen turns white
>Both of them are in school Clothes, wrestling in the ground for a Muffin or some japanse cake
> The old Wizard of the hero party is a old man in the park
>The Chimera of the DL is her Dog, who eats the cake and makes them Gloomy
Plot: The DL And the Hero are descendant of the first DL and Hero , so they keep fighting for generations, but along the ages they lost their powers and now they are normal people in Japan
Follows the adventures of the DL and the hero, bickering a lot but Falling in loveand the bizarre hijinks that come along
>One of the side characters is an Alien, who is constantly making shit up so people dont realize, yet he looks exactly as an ayy lmao
>Another one is a talking Bear, which everyone except a girl thinks is big hairy dude, since the bear is pretty chill, everyone likes him, except this girl that desperately tries to ''uncover him''
An actual reverse harem the MC has a harem from episode 1 but due to how dense and indecisive he is he slowly loses his harem to the pervy best friend over the course of the show, except for the childhood friend who is now fucking the MC's mom.
A harem where the childhood friend wins.

She's also a cake.

Not that guy, but it really is cliche. You structured it like a pro, but I fail to see any original ideas. Are you a scriptwriter in Hollywood?
Same Anon, completely fucked up the spoiler, MB.
First text post, altough i've been lurking for almost 2 years
Shounen pov, literally all though the MC's eyes. MC is actually competent too
I published an honestly shitty book a few years ago, made a little money off of it. I've spent my time since then trying to improve.

I generally think of things in terms of tone and atmosphere first, then try to fill out and improve the core idea through dialogue and descriptive language. It probably sounded less generic in my head because I had already written characters and specific events.

It's been a while since I posted an idea here, but people liked the last couple.
Keep going anon
There's promise in your trials

...And if you don't mind me asking...
Judge me?
This reminds me of some ideas I had for my own comic but without the romance. I'll have to steal the "break a leg" line though.
>I generally think of things in terms of tone and atmosphere first, then try to fill out and improve the core idea through dialogue and descriptive language

Well, I personally think the atmopshere should serve your idea first and this way of going about it risks incongruence, but hey, whatever works for you. No matter what anyone says, it's ultimately all about whether your prose engages or not.
MC of the story dies, leaving the title of "MC" up for grabs. This is the story of all the side characters attempting to become the new MC.
It's a near-ish future where magic was somehow unleashed upon the world. The plot follows various professionals in the field whose work sometimes overlaps. Sometimes the things they're dealing with are relatively harmless, and sometimes they're far-reaching and absolutely horrifying. Some of them are basically modern-day "adventurers", or just murderhobos, who sometimes have to stoop to clearing demon rats out of cellars in order to make ends meet.

Each episode usually follows a different protagonist with different specialties, though the characters all interact fairly often. Some are relatively grounded and the matters they deal with are close enough to home, while those others just go full wizard and fight demons across a variety of different dimensions and whatnot. As the story progresses, it becomes clear that everything each character is involved in is connected somehow.

I think this has two big strengths.

First, the idea that two outside parties could accidentally get involved in organized crime and cause a police corruption conspiracy to manifest is great. Second, this has allowances that would make a TV anime adaptation easy. Since the main cast isn't directly involved in the major events of the story, things like action wouldn't necessarily have to be animated and the show could be very dialogue-heavy, making it a bit cheaper to produce.

Depending on how involved these characters get in the events they've been influencing, the show could take a very different direction by the halfway point. How long do they have before they go from chatting with heir dads to becoming actual cops or mobsters and finding themselves on opposing sides?
You're not wrong. My idea as presented here didn't have the impact of the one in my head with a soundtrack and lighting and such. I just wasn't sure what I could really go into detail on, since this one would be so reliant on sound and visuals.

Maybe I'll repost some old ideas. It's been probably six months since my last trip to these threads.
>anime is a spaghetti western set in space
>Story revolves around the young, eccentric owner of a space cafe frequented by mercenaries, assassins, and other space rogues
>One day as the MC is about to close up for the night, he hears something moving in the dumpsters
>As he opens the lid he is pulled in by someone with a knife at his throat
>The person with the knife reveals that she is an escaped slave who stowed away on the last supply caravan that left the cafe a few days ago
>She has been living off leftovers thrown away all that time
>She lets go of the knife and apologizes for assaulting him
>MC promises to give her refuge and lets her sleep in the cafe's attic, she warns him that slavers might come looking for her.
>Turns out she's actually not a slave at all, but the daughter of one of the largest slave traffickers in that sector of the galaxy

This is all I got
You take one you give one, the biggest issue with my idea is that I'm having a hard time coming up with leg jokes.
Step up senpai
>dialogue-heavy, making it a bit cheaper to produce
Damn, I didn't notice 91 Days was rubbing off on me already.

Thanks for the feedback, looks like I'll be storing this one for later.

It's time to get a leg up in the game
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>In 2XXX magic is reintroduced to a world of science transforming it, and starting conflicts across the world.
>The focus of the story follows a special task force in the Federal Bureau of Investigation that investigates the activities of magic and technology in the world.
>The entire thing will episodic dealing with religious cults both magical and sci-fi, the impact of advancing magic and technology in the world, discrimination against thing fantasy and sci-fi, and etc.
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I'm down for a shadowrun anime. Just yoko Kanno on board and you're all set for a modern classic.
Kick it up a notch then.
>normal kid
>"I want to do this thing" The kid says
>turns out he isn't a normal kid
>people impressed at young kid doing impressive thing
goes on for 100+ Episodes, and is every shonen pretty much
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A single knight wanders the land. His identity is unknown. One day, a single girl that comes from Earth is summoned to this world by the kingdom to fight the demon king along with the other heroes. As she's about to die in combat, the knight saves her while the other heroes were not giving a single fuck about her. In this world, the world does not need a hero, they need a true knight. This is a journey of the girl and knight she fell in love with as they go on a journey. Only one thing, he never talks (uses gestures), every morning he gets up under the sun and praises it. And most of all, his helmet is never taken off, ever.
Old repost.

The main character is an athletic, cool-headed college student with a love for running. It's the only thing she takes seriously. When she's not on the track working up a sweat, she's slacking off at work, sleeping late and fantasizing about someday getting a big, fluffy dog to run with.

Just when the show starts to look like SOL, MC meets a group of rebel girls who do hardcore parkour and freerunning all over Tokyo, at the risk of injury, arrest or in some cases death. Seeking a new thrill and challenge, MC gets tangled up in an emerging street athletics scene, where an adrenaline rush like no other is found running, jumping and sliding through the dense urban jungle of modern-day Tokyo.

Lots of light-hearted comedy, and extreme sports that approach DBZ level intensity, all backed up by a distinct, colorful art style and jet set radio style soundtrack with a mix of hip hop. Some rooftop martial arts and a city-wide race with a rival running group round out the story and give the characters a goal. Fanservice is in the form of sporty, sweaty girls doing sporty, sweaty things.
>a knight and his loli
Eh I'd watch it.
Goblin Slayer
Sounds dope
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reposting my dream from the last thread:

>be me
>actually be two characters (I think; I don’t have a clear memory)
>one character is a man while the other is a young girl surviving with her younger brother
> there’s a war at my homeland and I’m in a 1940s setting
>various cultures in my world are vastly different (Celtics, there’s a lewd culture, Elves, etc…)
>one culture has weapons inspired by some 21st century shotguns designed by my male character
>turns out he's a dimension hopper but still chooses to be stuck in the 1940s war setting
>I suddenly get detached from my chars and events shift to a third-person perspective
>The man is shown sitting down somewhere when the girl arrives with a motionless brother, who I don’t think is actually dead – she looked determined to be there. She ‘reports’ something, I believe.
>The man looks up in awe and begins scribbling down in his notebook
>View shifts from a general perspective to what the man sees, albeit still in a third-person view
>Multiple people are doing the same thing as the first girl and it’s implied that they’re from different universes
>Wake up

no concrete plot though
>if it weren't for her small limp, many wouldn't even notice that there was anything off about her.
Does she wear thigh highs?

Also, do they try anal?

A young intern joins a major news organization run by a greedy old slime ball who surrounds himself with beautiful girls to host the news along with perverted old men co-hosts. MC is moderately beta so the old men give him shit but the young girls think he's cute. Halfway through the series the top slime ball is charged with sexual harassment and is going to be fired. The intern has to use his business knowledge and support of the girls in the news organization to take control of the company and build a new, just media empire.

Yeah. I was inspired. Fuck Roger Ailes.
That fucker removed his helmet and talks too much.
Another old one.

MC is a mute girl, around college age. She became unable to speak when she was in an accident as a young child and there's still a pair of jagged scars on her throat. She isn't particularly bothered by her muteness anymore, but she's a little self-conscious of the scars on her throat and prefers to keep them hidden with a scarf or bandana.

She speaks primarily through sign language, but also likes to paint and play piano. The show is mostly a slice of life about a cute mute girl's pursuit of the arts, and how she expresses herself without words.

Main appeal lies with an adorable mute MC who relies on facial expression to emote, which can sometimes come off as dramatic and silly. Think Chaika.

highlight episodes:
>MC teaches someone to sing using a piano, in order to help them build confidence
>MC and a friend go to see an opera, end up spending some time with the lead actors after a show
>A friend who's into fashion and photography gets MC to model some goth-lolita clothes

Animation style would be like this, Ideally.
Oh fuck yeah she does.

save that for the doujins
This is awesome. Kind of reminds me of the premise of the Maxx.
Enchanting. Sounds exciting to watch and get into, especially the different moral perspectives of each character.

Has potential. Would probably take a "let's change the world" route.

Reminiscent of Psycho-Pass.

>Be original

Sounds like it was made by the same people who wrote Lucky Star.
That's not intrinsically a good thing.

Action-packed. Sounds great for adrenaline junkies, surprise surprise.

The plot of the show doesn't seem too entrancing.

Seems beautiful, charming, touching, and very relaxing to watch.
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Got a lot of written up plots for short stories.

Wolf in Red

>Terra is a fertile land with plenty of food and the envy of all kingdoms.
>After the coronation of the new queen however, the land has started to die. Many put the blame on the Cursed Wolf who has entered the land and taken refuge in a sacred forest, and the Queen of Terra sends an axe man and many others to vanquish it.
>A little girl encounters the Wolf and after hearing their story about them trying to save the land of Terra from an evil sorcerer (The Queen), the little girl does her best to protect them from harm pretending that the Wolf is her grandmother as they travel about the land restoring it and trying to clear the Wolf's name and other people.

-Cursed Wolf dies in the Sacred Forest after eating the Queen
-Terra is saved, but the Queen is worshiped as the Hero.
-Sacred Forest is burnt to the ground.
-Axe man goes back to being an axe man
-Little girl grows up and revisits the Sacred Forest to find a new tree there with a red cloak.
Would probably work best as a demo for really good animation, with no dialogue. Like a short film for a festival or maybe a music video.

I like it but I feel like this would be best delivered minimally, and the concept would be wasted if it had to have fluff to fill time like a normal TV series. The pretty imagery would either be spoiled by TV animation or would overstay its welcome otherwise.
>anime about hitler's rise to power
>season 1 is a light hearted hikki sol about hitler vagabonding in vienna. Goes into some emotional flashbacks about his mother dying and failing art school. at the end of season 1 we have hitler in munich signing up to fight in world war 1
>season 2 is a complete 180 degree shift in tone. We have skipped forward in time and we are now following Ernst Junger as well as Adolf Hitler, shifting between perspective. The battle of somme is a five episode long spectacle. The second to last episode of the season is of hitler recovering in a hospital and having a mental breakdown as he receives the news that germany surrendered. The last episode begins 3 years later with hitler as an intelligence agent in germany. He meets Dietrich Eckart and over some beers they discuss the formation of the new national socialist german workers party. The last scene is of hitler designing the infamous logo on a bar room napkin.
>the show does not get a third season
A drama that vividly illustrates one's descent into madness. Soundtrack subtly changes from grim, serious tracks to more playful, silly ones.Visuals begin to slowly become more colorful and abstract,
File: hitlerart4.jpg (90KB, 1092x813px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
90KB, 1092x813px
>Failing art school
Fuck art schools back then. Hitler's art was pretty damn good, they could've trained him with the talent he had.

Also I wouldn't watch another documentary that is now an anime.
>Not including the scene where he was stuck in the trenches and some ass actually stole his sketchbook full of his art.
His perspectives all wonky in a few places there. Look at the fountain, or the steps. He had potential. Should have kept working at it and applied again in a year or two.
Another virtual reality MMORPG anime where the hero gets trapped in the game. But he finds the person programming it. He realizes that the game programmer has had the software turn on his own consciousness so now he's just the droning shell of a human being who pumps out code from his brain. The MC takes control of the programmer and controls him from the game to try to set himself free in the real world.
MC is a 17 year old girl and mechanic who's tired of life in her backwater hometown on Mars. One day while repairing an old hovercar she discovers it's a rare model with an on-board AI unit. With her new car she convinces her friend to act as her driver and enter with her into the trial of the red sands, a massive race across the entire martian equator. If they can beat their competitors and the martian landscape itself, fame and glory await.
A millennia ago there was an empire whose populace betrayed the realm of the flesh. It was their pursuit for perfection, which led them to the blasphemous union of meat and steel. For over a century they held reign over all the pitiful sacks of bone and fat until one fateful event which would completely wipe out their existence from the world. There were no records or accounts of the disappearance, it was all too surreal. So the rest of world simply forgot about their mechanical overlords.

Little did they know that the empire's foothold on their psyche would extend far into the future.

In the dark quarries of a quaint mining village it rises. It is otherworldly. It is looming. It is cold. It is alive. It ponders. It rises and walks away. It is the remnant of a time long a gone. It realizes this fact.

The old rustic gears turn as it surveys the current state affairs. A thousand years is a long time, the world's population has taken the route of immense magical superiority. The arcane has been tapped long and hard. It was a deep trauma caused by the empire, which led the world to go off tangent in its advancement. The clunky joints squeak in laughter at the thought of one of the flesh bags being struck by a deep-seated fear at the mere sight of its grim metal visage.

And so it moves. It now knows its objective. To rebuild the empire. To once again hold dominion over all.
To revive the Machine. One bolt at a time, it thought. The journey begins.

Messiah of the one true religion.
Envoy of the one true ideal.

The last bastard son of the techno demon.
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>a girl who claimed she got transferred to this world from another world, claiming she had an ability to go back in time by dying, she mostly wears training jersey.

>a girl who claimed she got transferred to this world from another world, claiming she can always win any games (in actuality by making up new rules during the game), and a neet.

>a girl claiming she always solves another person problem but will make herself looks bad, a self proclaimed loner because of that (even though she always hangs around with a handsome and popular guy, but she said she want something GENUINE)

>a bland and generic girl who somehow attracts a lot of handsome guys. Somehow always do some accident like (accidentally opening bathroom when the guy is bathing, or when the guy is changing, accidentally touching guy chest, crotch, etc)

>MC a regular soldier who refuse to open his helmet, or speaks. Very loyal to its motherland and a bros before hoes kind of guy, and will do any assignment bestowed upon him if it was an order from the kingdom.He only communicate with his gesture

>One day in the castle, all those girls are gathered there by the king. Royal Priest said that one of them bears the power of hero who can saved the world from the upcoming demon lord. The soldiers and MC have to tend all those girls in the time being, until it revealed who is the real hero among them.

You know the settings
Story revolves around a school for the magically gifted. The MC is the great grandson of a famous evil wizard. His family has spent the last 150 years in a land where magic is forbidden. The MC makes up his mind that his family shouldn't have to live in exile anymore. He enrolls at the top school under an assumed name. Hoping that he can shine so bright that he can single handedly salvage the family name. Upon taking the entrance exams it's found out by the attending staff about the MC's lineage. The headmaster being a sporting man bets the MC that he can't become the student council president. Having to beat the incumbent, The powerful and well liked Queen B. He accepts the terms of the bet but quickly realizes that he is without a teacher or staff member to endorse and sponsor his campaign. He makes his way to the Nurse's office and finds the nurse asleep in her chair. Pouring his heart out to her,she agrees to help him in his endeavor.

Wouldn't work as an anime. Go vidya or go home.
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No Phone Allowed.jpg
75KB, 448x473px
>Keit-ai is more dangerous than CP
>The setting is parallel world where there is no electricity AKA Stream Punk.
>Lead MC is Mechanical Engineering grad in his late 30 who was a brightest student in his class.
>He's a player for sport similar to Battlebots of this World.
> Our MC could get the best job in the World. He passes up that opportunity and wound up do only part-time job in local for 20 years.
> He have a longtime girlfriend, his college sweet heart. She became a Christmas cake who work in coal company. Sometime a Sugar Mama.
> After College reunion party, they end up having sex after getting drunk. His girlfriend told him afterward that she wants to leave him. The social pressure is too much.
>They end up breaking. Soon they are learned afterward that she become pregnant. His ex-girlfriend decided to become a single mom anyway (the coal job paying very good at that point)
>Out of nowhere… the coal price drop, she got laid off.
>He decided to retired from the sport and seek a full time job.
>Got one, he make mistake on controlling the machine in the first day of the job.
>Bitchy Daughter of his boss give him a second chance is given. If he wins the next battlebots tournament he will keep his job.
> all the way to semi-final then he face another robot from the same company.
> His boss told him to took a dive for the newer and better robot.
>His children are still born. He resigned from the company and back to part-time job again.
> Got surprise news from his former boss’ daughter, due to some situation he got chosen as an alternate.
> Meet the same company robot again.
> Got beat up badly in the first round. The problem he’s very bad with the new control interface, the one similar to the machine he fucks up on the job.
> Revert to the oldie NES-like Controller and win the fight by KO.
> In epilogue, he gets back together with his ex-girlfriend>Former Boss’ daughter the him that she leaves her father company too.
> She become a masked robot controller. An urban legend.
Suffering from a severe case of eight grade syndrome, young Itaka Izumi is convinced she will one day be summoned into another world as a magical hero. When other high school girls went to karaoke and shopping, she took up martial arts classes and survival courses. When others would read isekai light novels for fun, she studied them as instruction manuals.

Then, on one miraculous day, Izumi's impossible dream actually comes true and she is transported into a medieval fantasy world full of valiant knights, maidens in distress, magic and mythical beings.

There's just one problem. Izumi is not young anymore. A 38-year-old NEET, she's a Christmas cake well past her expiry date—mentally anyway.

On the other side we have Yuliana, a runaway knight princess of the kingdom of Langoria, who wishes for a brave champion's aid on her quest to save the world. Instead, she gets partnered with a borderline sociopathic lady, who simply doesn't give a fuck. And who also happens to be freakishly strong!

Has the summon spell brought the world of Ortho the unlikely hero it needs—or a demon that will watch it burn?

The series is a mix of Murcielago and the Witcher, with episodic stories exploring life in the new world.
would anyone read a manga/anime version of alan moore league of extraordinary gentleman?
>Cute girls doing cute things in a post-apocalyptic dystopian society

>Little cute girls who believe to live in wonderland but actually they live in a barren land

Gakkou Gurashi.
>It was a deep trauma caused by the empire, which led the world to go off tangent in its advancement
Fuck I love this. What series are out there where the reason a race chose the magic route was because they were so fucked in the head and asshandled that they didn't want to delve into the technological marvels of machinery?

That tingles my OMNISSIAH boner so hard.
Holy shit I am watching it.
So in the future, all of the criminals in the world get sent to a different dimension. There are now guards in that dimension, no women, no law. It is a place inhabited by the scum of humanity. The prison dimension looks like a desert wasteland, and every city there is either mining city, a power station or some other kind of industrial town. The people who get teleported there either join a gang of their own or get raped and turned into slaves. Every city is ruled by a gang and every gang is ruled by the strongest member aka warlord.

One day, a young man gets sent to the prison dimension for a petty crime. The boys martial arts teacher who everybody calls 'sensei' commits a crime and goes to that dimension for his pupil who he has raised as his son for a good ten years. Once he arrives there, he does something that nobody has ever done before. He shows kindness for the weak and protects them using his top tier martial arts. He soon gets a group of young and weak followers and even some stronger criminals who either have a code of honour or were falsely accused, join him in his quest. They form a small army and start attacking an taking over settlements and city's. They loose many people, but after every win their army grows. The various warlords soon take notice of this conquering army and start to challenge them. This is a war story about the lesser of two evils, the weak and the righteous taking a stand against oppression.
Five acquaintances from very different walks of life decide to form a rock band.

The vocalist is an eccentric American woman who, after getting over the weeaboo obsession that brought her there, is starting to get sick of Japan. She sees her very loud, aggressive lyrics as a call-out to japan's reserved and traditional culture, and she enjoys insulting or teasing her audience in English.

The bassist is a well-learned student of Judo and Aikido, who never says a word and consumes a dangerous amount of alcohol without ever getting drunk. Doesn't seem to do anything other than eat, sleep and bass when he's not training. Probably the most skilled of the lot, never misses a beat and stomps in perfect time to the music. An enigma who everyone seems to know and have very different stories about.

The rhythm guitarist is a prettyboy who has worked at probably every host club in town. While he acts perverted and incredibly vain, obsessively working out and fixing his hair, he can't deal with it when a woman actually returns his advances. Never wears a shirt as long as he's performing.

The lead guitarist is an older lady, a teacher who, after getting transferred to a high school, finally snapped. Realizing she threw away her youth being too serious, she set her papers on fire and made a run for it. Maybe a little too eager to reclaim the wasted years, she dedicates herself entirely to being the best guitarist and biggest party animal there is.

The drummer is a kind old man who, after his wife left, his dog died, his store went out of business and his kids all moved across the country, decided to try something new. Normally very traditional, living in an old-fashioned house and hosting tea ceremonies, he takes on a totally different personality when he's at the drums. When he puts on his headband he becomes a very vigorous, roaring, high-energy drummer who can play faster and louder than any other. Obsessed with his dead dog to the point of tears when he's mentioned.
A karate master falls in love with a meme.

Unable to confess, he is gifted by a deus ex machina with a new special move.
A man ferociously surviving the post apocalyptic environment of Earth finally creates his long awaited space and time machine only to be banished by his AI into an alternate world where magic exists. Having to learn how to survive and recreate a way back home struggles to adapt to the new world of generic fantasy bs.
But his original timeline slowly starts to disappear along with him.
Can he make it back? Or succumb to the natural correction of time?
Did someone come up with this idea yet?
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An ordinary Japanese housecat is tragically killed by a truck while playing on the streets.

It is reincarnated in a parallel world as a monstrous cheat-like existence, a sabretooth tiger with teeth and claws sharper than a demon's blade and fighting strength rivaling that of full-grown dragons, the product of years of careful breeding by a certain genius monster tamer, all for the sake of defeating the dreaded Demon King.

But what should've been a ferocious and faithful companion to the Hero's party instead ended up disappointing failure that only wants to roll around the house and play with yarn. Faced with such a result, the monster tamer can only put her faith in its next of kin and surrounds it with promising mates to breed with.

It's an isekai chiirem (cheat harem) story about the lazy life of a reincarnated housecat and his pussies.
>The continent is split between the human kingdoms and the demon empire.
>After a large battle the demon king is slain, with his only heir being his eight year old daughter. With the backing of the empire's generals, she becomes the new demon lord, a person feared by humans and demons alike.
>She is not cruel like her father and is a squeamish, lonely little queen, but due to the nature of her position, showing such weakness will cause some of the less loyal generals to rebel.
>As such she acts like a tyrant, dispensing merciless slaughter and execution throughout the land, eventually becoming even more feared than her father.
>An ordinary Japanese housecat
Stopped reading there.

Fund an anime with the premise that is just those four words.
Everyone on the whole planet seems to want to be the first to reach a holy destination.
At the end it's revealed everyone is a spirit of the dead in purgatory and have been unknowingly competing to have their souls be reincarnated into a king's soon to be born child.
I guess it's kinda symbolic of the sperm racing towards the egg.
I dunno I kinda made it up on the spot.
>what is Chi's Sweet Home
I don't know who you are quoting, but Chi's Sweet Home is a good show that fulfills the premise that I set forth. My point still stands. More must exist. Different interpretations. Different budgets. Different cats. Differents studios. Different settings.

Never enough cats.
everyone has 2 heads
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MC is an indirect heir to a declining empire that lasted a thousand years. Has to fight off the hordes invading what is left of his empire while juggling internal politics with powerful polotical figures all looking to stake their claim on the land. And it is up to him to either restore the empire to its former glory, or b see it fall before his own eyes. While his only true friend in all of this is his fraternal twin sister and acts as his foil. The two siblings are too close some would say.

2 seasons of 12 episodes each one
10% of sales on blu ray , deal?
four yew
A slut falls in love with a vegetarian boy who, in their past life, ate her.

Title: Man-eater Falls For The Herbivore(童貞)
could have serious and funny moments

>two big sides
>one with an evil dictator who has a mask/helmet where his eyes are visible and wears a big armor
>a rebel group trying to take their system down
>(maybe futuristic setting)
>rebels raid the dictator
>one of the rebels finds the privat sector of the dictator
>takes his clothes and armor
>while the other rebels fight the dictator they manage to loosen his helmet
>dictator about to win when the sneaking reblel triggers an explosion and steals the helmet
>sends everyone flying
>dictator falls; armor is scattered trough impacts
>minions come in to the fighting room and see the sneaky-rebel dressed as the dictator saying he took care of the rebels so his friends are safe
>true dictator (now looks like a normal strong guy) wakes up in a rebel healer-tent
>realizes what happened
>both, true dictator and rebel-dictator try to sabotage future missions
>both realize their enemys points of view
>last episode it gets revealed
The younger of two princesses is in love with a peasant, until the king finds out and puts the peasant to death. In her grief the younger princess runs off into the demon realm. There she's found by monstergirls, but instead of attacking they just watch her get changed into a succubus by the demonic energy in the air.

They befriend her and show her what the demon realm is really about: an utopia of infinite pleasures (food, play, friends, sex, immortality) without costs, conflict, or consequences (work, rivalry, disease, death). She joins a faction dedicated to monsterizing humanity in order to end their suffering and bring them paradise.

The next time the king's army tries invading the demon realm, the former princess leads the defense and then the counter-invasion. She and her faction fly about the human realm, changing women into succubi and men into mindless sex slaves, from the kingdom border all the way to the throne room, where her older sister and the king are waiting for her.

They both missed her terribly. He regrets killing a good man, and he knows his people are paying the price for that decision. But for the society he's built - the only way he believes humanity can thrive in a world where nothing lasts forever - he will fight to the death. When she defeats him, he falls on his sword before she can take him.

With his last breath he prays for a miracle. Light beams down and turns his oldest daughter into an angel. Soon the sky is ablaze with one final battle between demon princess and angel princess. The demon princess wins, blowing off her sister's halo and wings. Then she catches her sister out of the air and gives her the choice to be a demon with her or not.

Her sister says not yet. First she'll become queen to repair the human realm and make peace with the demon realm, in the hope that eventually both realms can be formally united. The demon princess agrees and returns to the demon realm to await their reunion.
MC is a hikki abducted by an evil organization of fat girls that are angry because guys want to date only skinny bitches and the clothes and food portions are too small. He needs to seduce them all and win his freedom.
>Keit-ai is bannable
>but >>144430977 isn't

I mean holy shit this exact thing has been posted every single Write a Plot thread. And this already sounds like a cheap knockoff of that OTHER story about mute knight and bunch of magical girls that get posted again and again here.
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if anything, they could be extensions of each other
Our protagonist is an apathetic teenager in high school who constantly mourns over his lack of a proper social life and failed romantic relationships. One day, he finds a weird cellphone number on hos shoe locker with a written message that says "By texting this number, your wishes shall be granted."

Before going to sleep that day, he wishes for a more interesting life, and after waking up, a Djinn tells him that he will now go travel to another dimension every day, and then get out of it before he goes to sleep.

As he travels through both exciting and perilous worlds, he starts to know himself better and discovers how social relationships work.
>copying the title of the link instead

You fucked up BIG.

Well, you're still going to get banned for Keit-ai anyway, but still fucked up big.
I kinda miss shilling the fanfic desu
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Eh, you'll only see me in plot thread, and I only post one time.

Know courtesy, fagguette.
Hmmm, not bad.
Guess how Keit-ai started before retards started making it into Mad Libs the Plot.
Shit still baffles me at how long of an incubation period it had where it was purely posted in these threads until it suddenly blew up.
So you had a nice idea but couldn't stand on its own?

- A Kingdom ruled by a mage upper caste. Non mages are second class citizens and treated like complete shit. Noble status depends on passing magic tests as a child (around 12 years old). Money can make it easier to learn magic so most noble houses remain noble but occasionaly some real fuck ups lose their status.
- Some mages 'secretly' hunt non mages for fun and capture non mages to fight to death in slave camps for betting and entertainment.
- The King of this country has a beating heart for justice and wants to change things but he doesn't believe it's possible without changing the will of the people. He prefers to wander around fighting the worst evildoers and bringing them to justice instead of governing the country. He is hated by the mage upper class but loved by the lower classes.
- The highest government positions (the Four Lords) are distributed on basis of magical ability so most of the highest ranked officials have little interest in governing and pursue their own things instead. Because of this bureocratic institutions dominated by old nobility actual control the government.
- There is an organisation consisting of second class citizens that was set up to fight for equal rights. But as time goes on it has become more and more extreme and now seeks to crush the nobility instead of pursuing coexistance. We'll call this Pentagon.
- A splinter group formed out of people leaving Pentagon when it became more extreme. We'll call this Ice Flame.
Setting Part 2

- To the west of the kingdom is the monster realm which is full of monsters. This border is defended by a large scale automatic magical fortication defensive built on old and barely understood magical technology. It is powered by four mana batteries each one protected by one of the four lords.
- Monsters are ruled by immortal beings called demons that are far stronger than the strongest humans. Demons can create apostles by giving them blood. Apostles no longer age and will live forever unless killed and gain a boost in strength. They are bound to their masters and obey their orders.
- About 80 years ago there was a large scale demon invasion that managed to break through the defensive line but was eventually forced back and the defenses improved.

Major Characters

- MC - An adventurer coming from outside the country to take on a job tracking down a thief
- Main Girl - The adventurers white mage companion.
- Ninja - a ninja from a neighbouring country the MC has had a lot of interactions with. On an espinage mission as her country is considering taking advantage of the domestic woes of the magic kingdom to invade.
- Tsundere - a strong mage with history with the MC. When she was a small child her father was murdered and her mother was kidnapped by a mage who had loved her mother. She seeks revenge for that. The culprit lives in the magic kingdom.
- Former Prince - A former disgraced and exiled Prince from a neighbouring despotic empire. He used to be extremely ambitious but dependent on subordinates to do anything. Tried invading other countries to stabilise his position in the imperial succession but was defeated and many of his closest allies killed. Since then he has wandered around and begun to realise that he didn't deserve to be Emperor and that both he and his enemies were horrible people who didn't care for the people. Living as a non mage adventurer in the magic kingdom has opened his eyes up a lot.
Cast Part 2

Magic Kingdom
- King - see previous post
- Four Lords - The four strongest mages in the country. Only one really pays much attention to governing while the others just want the powers that the position is. One (Red) has been driven insane by her magic research into forbidden stuff which she got obsessed with after getting a book shortly after becoming a lord. This drastically changed her personality. Another is the half sister of the tsundere major character and wants to kill her sister to prove herself to her father. She constantly pursues ways of getting stronger.
- Strongest - on raw magical power actually the strongest mage in the country by far. However she is an idiot and prone to using too much power in fights making her a massive liability. Despite this she is always keen to help out and gets depressed when she accidently injuries her allies as colateral damage. Loyally serves the only Lord who tries to govern the country but her continual fuck ups just cause her master problems. Deep down she knows this so is really insecure.
Cast Part 3

- Leader - The leader of the movement. A former noble who lost his position due to having no magical talent. Actually the father of (Red) he invested a lot of time and effort lovingly raising her only for her to violently reject him shortly after she became a lord. Became convinced that it was impossible for mages to ever accept non-mages so seeks to crush the mages. Still carries a photo of his daughter with him at all times.
- Girl A - The right hand woman of the leader.
- Mercenary - A mercenary from elsewhere who decided to join the movement after visiting the country and seeing how non-mages were treated. Actually a very good person and has rescued many people and spends most of his money on orphanages. Has stayed in Pentagon after it became more extremist to try and act as a rational voice.
- Orange - A girl who proposes an extreme method of deactiving the magic defensive line in order to blackmail the mage government. So far this plan has been vetoed by the Mercenary.
Cast Part 4

Ice Flame
- Girl B - The leader of Ice Flame. Her parents and brother were major leaders in Pentagon but left after the split. However they were ambushed and killed by the army and she barely escaped with her life. A reluctant leader who is mentally broken and only keeping on for the sake of her family.
- Daniel - An elderly man and a former member of Pentagon and a friend of Girl B's parents. As a young child he travelled extensively with his father who was searching for something. He loved his father a lot and soon believed his father was sick which made him want to become a doctor and led him down the path of wanting to help people. The de facto leader of Ice Flame and a father figure to Girl A.
- Man A - A young, handsome and charismatic member of Ice Flame. Is introduced to people as Daniel's son but is actually Daniel's father. He does not age. Woke up 80 years ago badly injured from an explosion and without his memories. Has a complusive urge to search for a strong, beautiful woman who calmly deals with problems without bending or breaking. He reveals this in a talk with the MC who thinks Man A is a sub but Man A explains that it isn't really it. Has secretly tested woman with the traits he desires to see if they are who they are looking for. Red failed as she was unable to cope with the forbidden magic book and Girl B couldn't cope with the death of her parents and family.
Cast Part 5

- Camilla - A powerful female demon who likes collecting handsome men to be her apostles and she treats them like pets. A strong, beautiful woman who calmly deals with problems with bending or breaking.
- Sieg - A demon that specialises in infiltation. Can transform into things. Working with Camilla on something.
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If I had unlimited money, here's the anime I would make, and would have everyone from the studio to broadcasters sign non-disclosure agreements ahead of time:

>It's "Found Footage" genre (but not revealed as such)
>Giant robot show
>The real-life TV broadcaster announces they are airing from the vaults a recovered and re-mastered show from 1976. They were not allowed to air it in 1976 due to litigation and fear of public reception.
>Seed false info online a year in advance about the "staff", specifically about rumors of a deranged director who died at the end of production and took his company with him.

For the show itself:

>The show perfectly replicates a 1976 giant robot show, with 70s music and everything. Very unremarkable and simple.
>First episode is happy, colorful. Pet mascot, etc.
>As episodes progress weekly, the animation gets better and more detailed. Music becomes more experimental. The story gets more and more modern, with obvious nods toward plot developments that would not be seen in anime for years to come.
>Becomes progressive darker and symbolic. By the end, we're full Patlabor movie level of detail on some scenes (in 1976) while others are symbolic Anno still-scenes.
>Ends Ideon style.

>Audience thinks they are watching the descent into madness of a 70s director and staff.

Could it be done with enough money?

I was in the very first thread, where it was posted, and a lot of people were right away like, "WOW, ACTUALLY GOOD PLOTS ON MY /a/, NO WAY" and "mail this to some animator in japan" and what the fuck, trying to find a writer and shit. It was instant success, and I still can't understand how.
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This from a thread long ago
Plot Part 1

The MC and his companion journey to the kingdom to earn some money. They take on a job tracking down a stolen item which they do so quickly.
They go to return it to their client who treats the MC like shit and acts like being in the same room as him is filthy (because MC isn't a mage). MC is angry but gets arrested and soon wakes up in a prison of sorts.
The prison is kept as an entertainment/betting zone. Non mages are forced to fight and kill 10 monsters a day to be allowed to eat. Occasionally super strong monsters (the result of Red's experiments are released and they kill a lot of people)
This happens. The protagonist teams up with another prisoner (the former prince) and kill the experiments.
Man A approaches them and reveals that he knows an escape route and that he is here trying to recruit members to take part in a resistance. He recruits the MC and they escape and go to Ice Flame where they meet Daniel and Girl B.

Protagonist starts working with Ice Flame at first doing small missions fighting evil but then working up to more dangerous missions. Along the way he reunites with the main girl as well as the ninja and the tsundere. The former prince also figures out the MC was the one who crushed his ambitions but realises that he holds no grudges.

Interaction with the protagonist has helped Girl B show signs of slowly recovering.

Due to Pentagon's extremism their relationship with Ice Flame worsens. Ice Flame believe that Pentagon's worst acts of terrorism (attacking banks/hospitals etc) are widening the rift between mage and non-mage. The two groups end up fighting.

The mercenary reluctantly fights and is unfortunately killed.

Because of this there is no voice of reason in Pentagon and they decide to implement the plan of destroying the automated magic defense by attacking the four lords and their mana batteries. Only the tsundere's half sister is able to fight them off because she's obsessed with getting stronger.

A young ordinary boy realizes he is not so ordinary. He gradually improves himself with a close friend and ends up doing something really important.
Story Part 2

The automated defense line is deactivated. And a flood of monsters lead by two demons invades and quickly occupy the capital city and most of the country.
Orange who came up with the idea was actually the apostle of the demon Sieg.

The leader of Pentagon is driven insane when he realises what he has done and has a mental breakdown.
Ice Flame and the protagonists are under attack as well and Daniel dies saving Girl B. His last thoughts were memories of the most fun times of his life - when he was a young boy following his father (Man A - he never realised that his father is a villain though to be fair nobody else has realised that yet).

The MC however is captured by the Demon Camilla. Camilla also tracks down Man A. He is her long lost apostle. Having finally found the strong master he has been searching for he rejoins her.

Camilla forces her captives to try and show her something amusing or die. Some sing some do magic tricks but they fail. It's MC's turn. He approaches her. She lets him because she views him as not being a threat. He is going to try to attack her but realises that her apostles will kill him before he can so he forcibly kisses her instead. This actually amuses her a lot and he gets to survive. She's interested in him as a possible future pet.

However MC does end up managing to escape and reunites with his party.

At the same time Girl B manages to gather up what is left of pentagon to fight back against the demons. Man A is impressed as she fits his mold (even though he has found his master he seems to still be searching). He manages to arrange for an uprising among her forces (using her loyalty to the former leader who caused the whole mess in the first place) which she's unable to deal with.
You haven't been here during Sky Lanterns, Ghost Slide, and Doors.
One can never rule out skateboarding lolis.
A boy falls in love with a girl.

Unable to confess, he is shocked when the girl is suddenly punched into a door by a stranger. But before he can be punched as well, he is saved by a skateboarding loli who calls him Daddy. It turns out she's his daughter from the future who's there to help him get together with her mother so that she'd be born. However, since the mother is lying on the floor as a door, the two wonder what to do, when they are suddenly recruited by an agency called Supernatural, Paranormal, and Extraterrestrial Countermeasure Agency (shortened as SPECA). The agency, comprised of Christmas Cakes that can adapt and adjust to magic or ESP, is investigating the sudden increase of doors in the world, and has narrowed the cause down to a murder club that makes doors by punching people so hard they turn into a door. Each day, a person is turned into a door by them every 0.56 seconds.
The future daughter is initiated into the Yuri Cake harem, but the boy, not wanting to cause an uproar among the Agency female operatives, joins only as a Top-Secret Operative. His assignment is also entirely different; he is given a V.S.L.D (Virtual Sky Lantern Device). This device contains six chambers, each chamber can hold a 'LANTERN'. These LANTERNS contain energized prayers that can obliterate targets when shot.
Unfortunately, the director's daughter, Takumie Sudo, knows of the boy. She fell in love with the boy long time ago, but unable to confess, she becomes an Androgyny Dyke, and she is all out to destroy whatever relationships the boy has with his daughter.
The boy, his daughter, and Takumie now have to work together unwillingly to stop the leader of the murder club from turning more people into doors. But WHY is he doing all this? That's right, the bastard wants WORLD PEACE!!

I think I'll call it 'Kono KEIotikku Monogatari wa TAIhen na mono desuyone'(This CHAOTIC Story is a Big Fucking Mess).

Damn it, forgot all about Ghost Slide.
Story Part 3

Meanwhile the neighbouring country has begun it's invasion. The MC meets up with the Queen of that country who he has history with and convinces her not to invade. She has at this point realised that assisting and giving loans to rebuild the country after the demon attack will be more beneficial for her country anyway.
She agrees to help feed the refugees and sends her strongest soldier to assist the MC.

Meanwhile the tsundere is still stuck in her own subplot with her half-sister which she doesn't want help with. She is lured out but is easily overpowered and captured. MC however follows her and helps her defeat her sister. The sister escapes but leaves the country because she doesn't give a shit about fighting the demons despite being close to the strongest, non retarded mage in the country. Tsundere had never realised she had a sister before (only knew that her mother had been kidnapped b the man who killed her father) and instead of been satisfied with revenge feels broken about how her and her sister are enemies. She feels better about the MC and finally shows a sign of dere.

The MC goes to fight with the Demons while the King and the Strongest Mage (the allykiller) are going to sneak in and use the last activated mana battery (the one protected by the half-sister of the tsundere) to reactivate the others through using their own magical power.

They manage to do so while the MC first fights the demon sieg who transforms into whatever his opponents fear. MC tricks sieg into thinking he fears insects and crushes insect sieg.
He then goes to fight Camilla. He's losing as first but Man A thinks that even Camilla needs to past his test and intervenes at a critical moment which then enables the MC and his party to overpower and seal Camilla away.

The King is highly impressed by the MC and wants him to marry his daughter and become King but the MC wants to continue adventuring.
Are Doors, Virtual Sky Lanterns and Ghost Slide bannable offenses, too, now?
Story Part 4

But there is one loose end left.

Man A is an apostle so understands how demons work. He devours the blood soul of the recently killed demon sieg in order to become a demon himself.

By praying on the insecurities of the strongest mage (the allykiller) he convinces her to become his apostle.

He ends up fighting the MC and mainly because of his apostle is an even stronger opponent than Camilla but he is defeated and killed.

MC then escapes the country (fleeing the marriage) to go on a hot springs vacation with his slave in JAPAN
Haven't seen them posted yet. Go ahead.

Also missed skateboarding lolis. Why did I forget that?
A random man from a generic medieval fantasy jrpg world is by chance or other strange occurrences, transported to our world.

Both hilarious hijinks and drama occur as this man tries to adapt to modern society.
How many of you in this thread actually write books/novels/short stories?

I do my fair share of writing, I have done 2 short stories, one novel and one book.

How about you, do you only write on plot threads, or do you also write for yourself?
Well I done some short movies. Though the plot just simple as fucks. Won twice though
I am. Though I mostly scrap them because boredom.
I've written shitty fanfiction that I don't want to look at ever again
I've written mostly for myself. Short stories are my favorites in particular.

Though as a hobby I do write relatively longer tales all set in the same universe I've been building up for probably almost a decade now. Probably won't ever publish it though, world building is just something that calms my mind.
Probably been done before, but:

The story begins with a guy who has it all - the looks, the wits and the body to be the best protagonist that has ever lived. He however wants nothing to do with any of it. Hijinks ensue as goes out of his way to avoid every possible flag that could trigger certain events that would lead up to him being a main character of a story before he realizes that he already is a protagonist.
-The Mc is an African American goes to Japan in order to teach English at an extremely rich private school.
-Upon doing so he finds the school for some reason at the hands and knees of the Student-Council who has plans to spread their influence across the world.
-Mc is told to fall in line like the rest of the teachers, but refuses by saying fuck that shit.
-The story follows episodic adventures of the Mc as they do their job as teacher with nonsensical adventures with some of their students while things ranging from fantasy to sci-fi made by the student council to take over the world break out across the school, and the student council tries to capture the Mc to make them submit to their will.
I got plots to a lot of stories written, I doubt my writing ability though.

Then again with the way Nips are able to write shit stories I might try writing.

Boy 1 meets Girl 1, Girl 1 is an alien, Boy 1 is a mutant, and they try to kill each other.

They fight until Boy 2, who is an angel, kills them both, but then Girl 2, who is a ghost, possesses Boy 2, as revenge for killing her in the past.

At that moment, Girl 3, who is a demon and the love interest of Boy 2, tries to rescue him, only to be killed by Girl 2.

Then Girl 4, who is a psychic, called by the supernatural energy, shows up and kills Girl 2, killing Boy 2 at the same time.

But Boy 3, who is the reincarnation of a death god, been called by so many deaths, appears and kills Girl 4, who in her final moments uses her psychic powers to summon Girl 5, who is a dragon god.

Girl 5 battles with Boy 3 until they are both killed in a surprise attack by Boy 4, who is a super scientist, who created a technology to kill even god-tier beings.

Relieved to have freed the world from supernatural dangers, he is killed in a surprise attack by Boy 1, who, in a surprise plot twist, used his mutant powers to revive himself, revealing that everything was just a plan by him in order to get rid of anyone whose powers were great enough to oppose him and his quest to gain the love of Girl 6, who is his childhood friend.
Tell me Anons how do I get into writing?

You put one word after another until it's finished. It's that easy and that hard.

-Niel Gaimen
I'm currently writing a long form quest for my friends, because the quest format allows me to get away with lighter plotting due to the fact that my players are choosing the direction of the MC. It also fits better with my experience as a story teller, considering the fact that I'm normally a GM for my RPG group.Unfortunately, at my current pace we'll finish in 10 years.

Anyways for the thread

A standard humanity under siege by some unknown alien force, with the Earth uniting and developing new weapons of war to survive. Except, instead of following the experimental weapons pilot or some special snowflake solider, we follow a new engineer, working on the R&D team. And the mad dash to develop something to turn the tide. Conflicts with the mechanics, misplaced drawing, dead test pilots
The world is a generic sentai world with over the top villains and over the top heroes.

Villains decide "fuck it, let's conquer the world together" because they all come to a reasonable deal on who gets what parts of the conquered world. Heroes don't come together because they all fight for different things and can't work with each other because of it.

Heroes get defeated one by one, until villains are one hero stands against them: Generic Highschool hero No.7000000^3. The villains then get defeated handily.

At this point they reveal that superpowered people have an item that gives them the said powers. Villains have generic villain weapons and heroes have weird items that they utilize as weapons. Except the last guy who appeared to carry nothing special with him.

Villains search for what his item is after finding out who the hero is, but since the rules of battle dictate that a villain and a hero can't fight unless in costume they just can't assassinate him. Why the villains follow this rule is never explained or will be explained.

They search his house and school and find nothing. It's not his suit, not his belt, his school uniform, shoes, spoons, his hair dye, nothing.

Eventually however one of the villains who is window cleaner finds out by accident what his item is, which the MC has his mother keep in her office: A thick, 10 inc purple, sparkly dildo.

Villains are flabbergasted on how the MC is able to hide the dildo on his body since it's so large. Suddenly it dawns on all of them.

In reality, however, the dildo is inflatable and the MC carries it pressed against his chest by his suit, but the villains still try to enter from behind and become ridiculed for being a bunch of faggots and child molesters until they have to abandon their villain personas in shame
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MC tries to get a harem , fails , turns to escapism for a while , gets angered , buys weapons and hunts down his waifus' boyfriends.
Do as I do and write at least 5pagrs every day.
Do as I do and write at least 5 pages every day*
I've written a couple of short pieces that probably won't go anywhere, including about a hundred pages of something I never want to see again because of how gross and poorly-written it is.

I've had an idea sitting in my head for months now and really the only thing stopping me is that I'm busy being a faggot instead of actually putting words onto a page.

It's the one with the spooky skeleton and his loli necromancer master
5 paragraphs? That won't be that big of a de-

It's easy to write.

It's not easy to please an audience.
>Do as I do and write at least 5 pages every day

>Font size 72
>line spacing 3,5


I've written 4 novels, 2 short story collections, one web novel, and one fanfic. And some dozens of unfinished drafts. Am I cool yet?
>no source
>post as anon
How about... no?
I'm not a tripfag and I don't want to get accused for shilling, so you're just going to have to take my word for it, bro.
ReLIFE actually gave me feels and some nights of high school dreams.

but i would like to see for real an anime that handles huge fucking cast of high school peep.

for all these high school settings, sticking around a few notable individuals really shits at the highschool atmosphere,
which is the feeling of living in a densely populated place, where atleast in a class, no one will get ignored, everyone in some degrees participates in everything.

If i couldn't make up a huge cast in mind, atleast i can trace back to my own HS life.

>MC literally Me the Character
tracing from my life
>the school will be one that covers chuugaku and koukou
>Series starts at 高一 where classes of 55 stud formed, and stayed relatively constant throughout three years.
>the year starts in Jan ends in Nov (because i'm in fucking equator)
>literally sticked with the same group of people 7am to 4pm , with two 30 minit recesses for drama and thrashjokes.

the dramas:
>the girls will formed three close knitted groups of around 6 people, the remaining aren't really into "BFF" and stuff.
>the boys will be one big group for all. And mainly thrash jokes which eventually becomes sarcastic insultjokes on the expenses of the dudes in group. Karma the needle spins, and everyone gets the limelight of insult some moment. Some will eventually left out and concentrate on studies, and some will came to term with the insults and play clown.
>Insult jokes includes, Jake being the calculative academic cunt, and Gary the gay exposed, Derp the braindead who don't deserved to be in the class. Dick who thrashed group works. and else
>For the girls, the groups will be divide by big trenches. With each group having both hardworkers and laybacks. Those who unhappy of losing will soon throw accusation of exam cheating and stuff, bitching across social media
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Shota & Story.jpg
385KB, 577x800px
A shota magician trying to earn money using cheap magic tricks on the streets acquires a harem of yandere nobles, knights, witches, assassins, and etc.

He forced to do things like go to war, suffer, and etc because of his harem, and he learns to be more alpha and manly than other MC's and not take shit from people.
Fuck pleasing the audience. I am not writing for them. If they dont like it, they can go fuck themselves.
So i wrote two short stories.

First is called Kariya paradox part II: spiritual suicide. It's about a boy named Kariya who dislikes everybody because he thinks that everybody is shallow. He also hates the fact that he will have to work is whole life doing a job that he will prolly dislike. One day he meets a misteyous girl that gives him some good advice. Kariya gives her his coat and stays out in the rain. He spends the next three days being really sick and when he finally wakes up, three days have passed. He is madly in love with that girl and starts looking for her. At first nobody pays attention, but when his obsession with finding the girl that nobody has ever seen before turns into madness, people start to hinder him. He gets locked up in his room by his strict father. He spends some time near insanity and tries to paint a picture of that girl, but he just can not remember the face of that girl. Everybody is convinced that the girl does not exist. Kariya returns to school and rejects a friendly girl who was being nice, because he thought that the girl was hitting on him, and he would never cheat on the girl he truly loves. He then gets into a fight with his friend because he tried to say that the girl he met was not real. He gets locked in his room again. In his room, he goes insane again and is hunted by the negative word of everybody he has known. He contemplates suicide, but decides that what comes after death is unknow, but the world, tho terrible is still familiar. He decides to devote the rest of his life to searching the girl. His sister tries to talk him out of it and asks him to stop doing that. He tells her off and runs away. He goes to the train station and waits for the train. His sister finds him and asks him once again to stop chasing his dream girl and to come back to reality. He pushes her away, and gets in the train before the doors close. He rides off into the unknown while wandering what dreams may come.
Sounds hilarious, I'd watch
Extra points if he falls in over with a fat girl
A Japanese high school boy decides to try the new mmorpg that everyone at his school has been playing, which focuses on a feline companion. But before long, our hero makes a horrifying discovery:
if you die in the game, your cat dies in real life
Picked up
An isekai show where the mc is a civil engineer who hates his life and just wanted to be a wizard. He is then transported to a medieval world where there's NO magic, and uses his knowledge in stem stuff to pass as a wizard and finally realize his dream.

In one of the episodes he uses his knowledge in soil mechanics to make a whole city be engulfed by a crater.

Intense use of actual physics and some asspull convenient situations to make all that shit possible.
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2MB, 1196x920px
MC is an average Japanese college dropout NEET who is hit by a Japanese truck and gets isekai'd.

He's no expert gamer or anything, but learns to make use of his new fantasy world's rules and soon develops the cliche party of adventurers.

But then he gets run over by a Japanese truck (despite him being in a fantasy world), catching a glimpse of the driver right before he dies. A driver he recognizes...

MC suddenly comes to in a cold sweat, and finds himself in a whole new place. The horror dawns upon him that he will probably keep getting transported to other worlds and settings as long as this truck keeps hitting him, and it will probably run him over before he gets to settle down into a new lifestyle in whatever place he gets sent next.
>Everytime the Mc dies he gets sent to an alternate reality of the reality he was just in with different casts and different outcomes based on what he did in the other reality.

I would watch that so long as the Mc suffers.
>Hero and Demon Lord are having their usual good vs evil final battle
>There doesn't appear to be any clear winner
>Hero gets in a lucky strike and appears to have killed the Demon Lord
>The Goddess decends to show her gratitude for the Hero's triumph
>Turns out "The Goddess" was actually just working on her own agenda to wipe out both of her enemies while manipulating the entire thing behind the scenes
>Demon Lord wasn't dead actually
>Hero and Demon Lord unite to defeat a common enemy
>The daily life of the chosen hero as he and the demon lord try to unite their people to defeat a false god
The Goddess did nothing wrong though.
A young man with the mindset that working 8 hours a day for the rest of your life is a waste of the one and only life you have and that society as we know it is rotten, and as such, sets out to change it with whatever means necessary.

I seriously want to change the world but that's never going to happen so I might as well watch an anime about it and self insert instead.
Quantum Truck, then?
by enemies did you mean the hero and the demon lord or like their race entirely?
Yeah I meant the people as a whole, should ahve clarified that a bit.
Remove the truck aspect and you get paid.
This is great.
Ok, so there is this guy who likes fighting games. He plays them casually now and then, and thinks he is really good since he beats all his friends. One day, at a houseparty of some friend, he is not really having a good time. Just walking around not really talking to anyone.

In one of the corners, he sees this one other guy playing fighting games on a little TV. It's a game he knows, and he asks if he can join in. The other guy looks at him with a skeptics eyes, but goes along with it.

Enter MC getting absolutely destroyed. He cannot even follow what the other player is doing. The combos seem to never end. He can't even land a single hit through the block of the opponent. He is crushed.

This is how our MC enters the world of competitive fighting game Esports. His way of learning is to challenge strong players, who he could never beat, and get destroyed by them, only to come back and beat them with what he learned from the game.
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I'd love this is it was the most silly, dramatic insanity possible. Like he puts on a headband and powers up before a match, or he brings out an extra fight stick to double his input speed. He gets extra meter from his friends losing their shit in the crowd, and the Yakuza start betting on him at EVO as a means of money laundering. I want to see light fixtures fall down and lightning strikes at the end of matches, and some crazy rival characters, like a one-handed fighting genius or guest appearances from real players.

This could be great if you really push everything to 11. If you got footage from real games, it could also pay for itself as a promotion tool for upcoming fighting games, too.
I think I've seen this idea before except instead of it being on a normal console and tv, the fighting game happened in real life with sci-fi technology and you could load in shit from fantasy to reality to fight.
The mc dies and is sent to a fantasy world. At first he thinks that it is some kind of a video game. He fools around, meets a cute girl an establishes a group of friends. One day he discovers that he can change everything with his mind. He can control people and their destiny. He is immortal and his powers grow every day. He also discovers that the people there are real people who died. This fantasy realm is actually a place where grey people (grey people are the ones who are not evil enough for hell, but no good enough for heaven. They get a chance to show their true selves in that realm and if they should die, then they will be sent to either heaven or hell based on how they choose to live with their second chance. After the mc is done has abused his power long enough (by doing all the evil deeds) he finds out why he is there. He knows that he won't go to heaven and he is jealous of all the people who get to go there. So he uses his divine powers to make sure that all people turn evil, either by temptations or by getting screwed over by fate. The mc enjoys his dvisted mind games until he notices that a young man has entered the realm who does not bend to his will. That young man is so good that he is incorruptible. And he has already assembled a crew and he is coming for the mc. The mc loves that and tries to do everything in his power to break the will of his new rival by using the vilest means possible.
The history of the Mongol Empire, but everybody is a cute girl.
i.e. Cute girls raping and pillaging cute things.
That is really interesting, you have talent.
Cute Chinese girls celebrating the Christmas of 1937, in Nanking.
A Japanese salaryman goes to sleep one night and wakes up as the president of Zimbabwe.
This idea came to me because of Freeter from Hero Message Board, but still.
>Old man lives in a hut in a fantasy world, just tenda to his farm all day.
>Wears all sorts of strange trinkets and his clothes are a jumbled mismatched mess.
>House is filled with random items, weapons, armor and other souvenirs from his travels.
>Young child asks him about his strange attire and random items in his house
>Turns out he was a hero summoned to different worlds, saving one then getting summoned to the next shortly after.
>Every item is a souvenir from each world, all of them holding different memories to him
>Starts recounting his journeys to the child.
>During his time as a hero, he starts growing bitter at the fact that he will always be separated from his friends and lovers of each world when his job is done.
>Different events happen as during that time he tries to abandon his duty, but he is mentally conditioned by the gods to save the world's regardless of his will.
>Starts just grimly speed running the worlds, but eventually starts to lighten up again at the smiles of people he's saved, becomes a true hero once more
>Eventually allowed to retire, but is unknown and lives alone.
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The Mc is a 4th year college student about to graduate with a retail job, and girlfriend. The Mc has been dating his girlfriend for awhile (3 years+) now, and rather indecisive if he wants to keep being with her (As she's rather pushy and trying to direct him) or try to seeing new people/do new things on his own.

One day when his girlfriend tries to confront him on their relationship and if they should continue pursuing it, before the Mc can say what he wants to do his girlfriend is isekai'd through a portal and kidnapped. The Mc follows her and ends up in a fantasy land where he runs into a fantasy version of his girlfriend who is not his girlfriend and is involved with a conspiracy.

The only power the Mc has is the ability to set 3 check points.

He sets Checkpoint A in his bed in the fantasy world.
He sets Checkpoint B in his living room in the fantasy world.

Mc can load Checkpoint A or Checkpoint B whenever he wants and watch things unfold/change how things turn out from A-B.

His power does have some limits. If he died on Checkpoint A, B, or C he loses his saves and is forced to go back to Checkpoint A no matter what. He can only save on A for the next 3 days as well.

If he dies again after having his Checkpoints deleted and going back to A he will die for real.

The main plot is the Mc tries to locate his girlfriend that got kidnapped while hanging out with the fantasy version of his girlfriend who is everything his original girlfriend is not, and him deciding if he really wants to save his original girlfriend.

Also he dies alot, hangs out fantasy counterparts of people he knows/other odd character, and there is suffering as he is outclassed by other members of the cast, and has to rely on his wits and natural skills to win.

So what's the rating of this story Anons?
A girl falls in love with a boy and dies at the exact same moment. She becomes a ghost and is about to confess to the boy she loves, but to her dismay finds out her body resurrected as a zombie and he fell in love with that instead.

The title would be ZTR, where the Z is actually an N that's fallen over. Also because ZTR can mean zettai ryouki
>Getting cuck'd by yourself.
stranger things have happened
The mechanic with three checkpoints seems convoluted
Not really. Think of it almost like save scumming.

MC fucks up on C he can go back to B.
Mc fucks up on B he can go back to A.

If the Mc can't figure out a problem in C he can get extra time in A or B, and so forth.

The main problem for the Mc is when does he know to set a checkpoint up so he doesn't have to repeat boring shit/fuck up badly and accidentally shit over his progress. Also what do you think of the main plot?
It was a dark and stormy night. Our hero travels to a far away land in hopes of finding his destiny and to save the world from evil. However, things do not appear as they seem when he realizes it is all a dream... within a dream, within a dream. Awakening, he discovers that he is a biological experiment with no memory of his past. He is sent to attend a typical Japanese high school, but not everything goes according to plan. He is actually a she and only discovers this after meeting a ghost in the boys bathroom. The two of them become immediate friends as they go about their day-to-day life and death. Although, something isn't quite right when it is discovered that everything they see is actually a massive fabricated world built by science to discover the effects of a biological weapon... A weapon that makes people see ghosts. The line between reality and fantasy quickly become blurred as they begin to question whether or not they themselves actually exist. Joining the light music club, our protagonist learns how to play a trumpet that smells of many colors. Little does she know that this weird trumpet is the answer to everything.
Looks shitty enough to make it into this gen
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some of you niggers need to work on your elevator pitches. boil it down to a few sentences that can hook people
>two nations at war for decades, nation A used to be significantly larger than nation B but has been steadily losing land in the past decades
>set in low fantasy/medieval land
>strength of your emotions = fighting strength
>bunch of kids from a village in nation A grow up together and become friends
>get chosen to assassinate evil king of the enemy country
>the group gets handed magical heirloom weapons to help in their quest to save their land
>travel to nation B's capital while having adventures and succeeding because of the power of friendship
>get to enemy capital, curbstomp nation B's soldiers and fight their way to the throne room
>nation B's king greets the kids and explains to them that they have no chance of winning against him and that nation A sends to many groups of kids to try to kill him that he stopped counting
>pleads with them not force him to kill more kids
>kids don't believe him and want to fight
>king says that he feels sorry for them but that no matter how strong their bond of friendship is, it'll never compare to how much he loves his country, his citizens, his family, but what gives him his strength is his hatred for nation A and the atrocities if committed in the past and the fact that it uses child soldiers
>king proceeds to deliver the most one sided beatdown in anime and kills all the kids
>last episode is showing the atrocities that sparked the war and how pretty much everyone in nation A supported those atrocities and continued to do so by using child soldiers after most of their armies had been decimated
>series end with nation B finally destroying nation A and becoming a utopia of sorts
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War Powers

-In an alternate world the Soviet Union never collapsed and their economy never stagnated in the late 1970's-80.
-The arms race between the US and USSR continued with both super powers building Armored Assault Weapons (AAW's), basically Mechs along with other advance weaponry.
-An uprising in East Germany with the attempt at unifying with the Western half causes the 3rd World War.
-The story follows 2 MC's one is a Soviet who is stationed in the European Theater of the war, a commissioned officer in the Red Army part of the push into West Germany and other campaigns.
-Another is a US sailor in the Pacific Theathre taking part in the Defense of Seoul, later Taiwan, and other campaigns against Communists forces.
File: 1464394100475.png (962KB, 1000x1000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
962KB, 1000x1000px
>Armored Assault Weapons
So cold war gone hot with more advance toys and mechs? You better have good combined arms warfare or into the thrash you go.
I don't dig the bear and ayy lmao, but otherwise I'd watch the absolute living shit out of that
Funny you say this. A while back I posted in a thread like this with just the single letter "A" and got a warning for it
Sci-fi story that revolves around the events in a planet that is a complete ice desert. Think of Dune but make it icy. I think it would be cool and comfy.
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1st Episode End: German cities/Seoul are raped in destruction, Allied forces retreat, Soviet/Communists forces march forward.

Its an anime about war and politics why wouldn't there be combined arms warfare? Closest thing you will to comfy in the show is when everyone is base and are at lunch, or talking during work.

Or they get shifted out and go back home to see their girlfriend/waifu.
I've always wondered if authors ever posted here to get a sign off on whether their plot was shit or not.

I know I did once.
I'll give it a film.
Maybe, but I doubt it'll last Ling before the project starts being called pretentious. I'd still buy the BDs, especially if they released something later saying how they put it all together.
First episode is a typical isekai setup. You have your typical twenty-something NEET who wishes to be the main character in a world filled with swords and sorcery, and a world filled with swords and sorcery who needs a hero to fight the demon king.

However, the NEET is not the one brought into this world. Instead, it's his grumpy salaryman father.

The anime features two main plots - the father trying to find his way through a fantasy world which he's never seen before, trying to find a way home, and the son, who must provide for the house now that the father is gone. While the two plots never actually meet, they fit into each other in similar ways: for example, one episode could have the father be given the task of defeating a dragon, while the son is tasked with performing a perfect presentation at his new job.

As the series progresses, both protagonists find they are growing accustomed to their new worlds. The father has assembled a party of his own, which almost seems like a new family for him, while the son has found the courage to ask one of his coworkers out.

Anyway, then the last few episodes combine the two plots together. The demon lord finds that another universe exists which can fuel his power, which just happens to be the father's home universe. Together, he and his son find a way to seal the demon lord in a completely separate world, saving both fantasy land and the real world.

The father and son go out for a beer, trading stories about their own adventures. Afterwards, the father decides to go back to the fantasy world to start a new life, but not before giving his son a memento related to the fantasy world.

I call it Ossakai - The NEET's Old Man is sent to an Alternate World?
That's kinda cliché, mostly the part about the girl, but it could work if you give the Female lead dept and development.
Same Isekai overplayed bullshit where the hero needs to save the world from the demon king

The twist here is that it baits the audience into thinking that it's not generic shit
Praise the sun
Wow, maybe a light novel adaption.
Goofy SoL school anime based on Rhythm Heaven kind of like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9XbGoF3EmZA. It would probably be in the style of Nichijou.
One such that if it were a manga it'd be in the style of a 4koma. It would focus on the shenanigans of the characters from each of the minigames though they can also interact with one another. For example there'll be a part where the kouhai from the double date minigame is about to confess to the senpai, but then one of the two accidentally say "I suppose" and a bunch of monkeys show up and go "I SUP-POSE HEY" and he gets shafted.
I'd watch it.
So Steel Ball Run with girls on mars?
Ethereal beings called 'Seeds' plant themselves in the souls of newborns who they perceive to have potential. When the hosts reach maturity, they exhibit strange and unnatural abilities, varying depending on their personality. These abilities are typically very destructive in nature, sometimes tearing the host apart.
Is this from somewhere?
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A series that runs entirely on dream logic. Each episode takes place in a sector of a planet that has rules that only make sense in the context of the episode's plot. Pic related, as well as the artists' other works for reference.
A 10 year old loli genius skips grades into high school. However, instead of becoming a class mascot like Chiyo-chan, her classmates bully her out of jealousy or only use her to complete their homework.

Traumatised, the girl grows up to quit academics and star in AVs. Her former classmates are then shown disdaining her for "wasting her talents" or "she only acted like a good girl all along".
nah man, made it up. it's inspired by various things, but I think it's fairly original.
Little girls and anything that looks like a little girl, are exterminated forever.
gundam: seed
There needs to be a point where he takes drugs and goes full super saiyan
Jersey Boys, but set in Japan and about a female idol group. The songs are still the same though.
File: Zero Souls.jpg (2MB, 1920x1296px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Zero Souls.jpg
2MB, 1920x1296px
Literally pic.
A Galapagos style island where insects, birds, reptiles, and all surrounding aquatic life are feral humanoids, ranging from liliputian insect folk to giants. The series follows life on this island in the style of a nature documentary.
Pride and Prejudice, only in a Japanese high school.
The greatest man in the world is the greatest. he is the best with the best ideas and the best things to do. He is the best and the world is his oyster. He has a wonderful childhood and great things are expected of him, he has a great high school time and is going through the greatest college and sets the greatest records ever.

There is a problem, though.

He is the only great person in the world. He leaves college with the greatest things ever, but as he looks around he notices something that he has never noticed before. Everyone has a routine, a perfect routine, and everyone is content with their lives. It is a perfect utopia... Right?

MC remembers back to his history class with all of the great inventions and things made throughout history, and how far the world has come. However, they all use the same fax machines, the same cellphones, drive the same cars, and fly the same airplanes, and build the same bridges, and watch the same television programs.

MC then realizes that he, while great in this society, has not contributed anything other than typing strings to pencils so they don't roll off the desk when he was very young. Everything he does, everyone else copies. There are no new ideas, no creativity, no progress, and everyone now ties strings to their pencils.

MC realizes the horror of his situation and decides to leave the city, where he suddenly finds himself alone at the bottom of a pit in the middle of a forest arguing with a country farmer from Kansai. The two of them journey out into the world to discover where the progress had gone only to find massive abandoned silos and a small community of people living inside one.

Aliens came to Earth and harvested all the creative and independent people's brain energy. They left the Earth behind a hundred years prior because there was no creativity left due to over-harvesting. The threat has long since passed, and the MC is left struggling to figure out how to fix things.
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Somebody has watch that stops time

In the future, people genetically modify themselves in order to survive on other planets. The Saturnian Empire and the Jovian Confederacy then go to war, dragging the rest of the solar system along with them.
how is that in any way like gundam: seed? Besides the fact that I called the things 'seeds.'
Draw a girl call it a boy.
Have the boy do kawaii things for 20 episodes straight

That is my anime plot.
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In the year 2xxx, the world is mostly ruins

Official governments are few and far between, consisting only of walled off giant complexes surrounded by lawless ruins.

Cyberpunk adventuring parties from the cities go out into the dangerous ruins in search of artifacts from before the destruction of the world, but must battle with ruin dwelling savages, robots, mutants and other parties in their search for loot.

The story follows one beginning adventuring party as they quest to look for a fabled artifact that supposedly has the power to restore the planet
K-On but with Futas
Sounds interesting. Idea needs to be fleshed out more.
What do you mean? Collective pseudonyms like Hajime Yatate, Izumi Todo, and Saburo Yatsude exist and solve mysteries together?
MC is14 years old and has op powers that can only be granted if people worships him or at least have faith. In the ancient world, he ruled the world for ages and followers worships him, constantly making him a god. One day, while blinded with overconfidence, he got betrayed by his subordinates for letting his guard down and teleported one way ticket to another magic sci-fi world (earth). He finds himself in japan and now powerless because no one follows him. Now he sets out to reclaim godhood again by establishing a house of worship in a random magical high school through means necessary.
>Prophecy about a new overlord appearing
>godddess chose a hero and his/her team
>Prophecy didnt account about other 6 overlords coming into activity at the same time
>each overlord is different, like a ancient lich reviving, crazy magic emperor going on conquest, daughter of a past overlord comanding legions of demons, etc
>MC is actually one of overlords using the hero to eliminate the others
>midway he strikes alliance with other overlord and leave/kills the team
>plot focus on his attempt to win the war and complete his objective
>His objective is a mysterie but clearly isnt about conquering the world.
Let me take a stab at it

Mc dies and is reincarnated as himself and is aware the moment of his conception though things take a turn and is kidnapped from the hospital a month after being born he's taken to a third world country where learns to fight by being pitted against other kids, animals and professionals of that country. He earns the title of the raging demon due to all the evil people he's killed in the corrupt 3rd world's country. He's caught and tortured to near death states multiple times all of his time in this country and has taken a toll on his body and mind.his body covered in wounds from bullets, knives,people and animals and due to the physical strain has halved his life.his mind developes a split personality disorder between a smart introvert who can't speak and a fighter who can speak and only switches out if in trouble or enraged that destroys anything that threatens himself or gets in his way. At 15 years of age He returns to his original home before reincarnation and finds his mother missing from where they live though nothing else changes and decides to not persue her due to knowing where she might be and tries to settle back in his former life as best he can and encounters new problems that happen due to his new life.

The everything is explained and has reasons. all the plot holes have explanation but thats a lot of writing so i wont write it
Self rate 7/10
Its the year 2102, the colonists of the Space Colony 77, called "Taurus",in orbit around Titan suddenly find itself isolated when Earth and the other colonies of the inner solar system falls prey to an extra solar invader who destroys all human civilisation in the space of a few days, but Taurus seems to be forgotten about by the invaders so they seem to be the last remnants of the human race. Problem is: they have water for a only a few months, after that, they all will be dead; food is also a problem, because Colony 77 was founded just a year ago, agriculture isn´t completely functional and they depend on regular supply drops by the inner colonies for almost every item. They don´t even know if they are the last remnants because the central comm networks had their servers on orbital facilities around the sun, and those are among the first things destroyed by the invaders, so they can´t send messages for help.

Everything is chaos from this point on, the colonial government collapses and lose control of the situation, smaller factions form and die and MC is among those who got in the middle of the cross fire, he is a intelligent young man who desired nothing but peace and tranquillity to study history and philosophy, but in the end, he reveals himself to be a brilliant leader.

In the first few episodes, MC is shown gathering people to his group and pacifying Taurus, after a few days, MC is capable of unifying the survivors to rebuild the colony, but his problems aren´t over: the food and water situation has gotten worse because of the loots and waste caused by conflict, now MC and his followers have but a month to solve this situation before they all die of starvation, and beyond that, they don´t know when the mysterious invaders will be back to finish the job. Worse, even after MC unify them, there are a few of disgruntled elements among the survivors will make his job even harder. How will (if ever) MC save humanity?
How feral does it get? Wild Child feral or essentially human animals?
Already wrote a short novel and starting to write another one. Feels good man.
I've put out a bad novel, and have done a few short stories and some smut here and there in the past year or so after a long absence from writing. Working on a VN right now but it's slow going.

I just write out whatever ideas I have and if I like the way it turns out I share it where I think it'll be appreciated.
>I share it where I think it'll be appreciated

Not Deviantart I hope.

I mean my own composition skills would be so shitty that it would be on par with DA level, but still.
Dank memes doing ebin things
Why doesn't anyone do ratings on ideas posted in these threads anymore?
A 20-something MC has everything gone wrong for him - fired from his low-paying job, evicted out of his one-room flat, all that. He wants another chance at life, when he suddenly gets hit by a truck. He is sent ten years into the past, but still in his adult body.

Through some convoluted happenstance he gets a new identity and job as a high school teacher, and one of his students turn out to be himself! Not being an edgy shithead, the MC now decides to make his younger self more prepared for his future while not raising suspicions from other students and co-workers.
Go for it, fagguette.
Go on then.
The daughter's ultimate ability is ghost sliding
You didn't rate mine ;_;
Which one?
Rate mine to, if it isn´t a bother. >>144468939
im thinking about actually writing it.
The one that you didn't rate ___________;_;
Nah, just 4chan. Fanfic and short story communities are filled with the sort of people who rub me the wrong way. I gave them an honest try, and I have no issue with fanfic and such on principle, I just don't like the high school-ish attitude present on those sites.

-Would be better if all of Humanity wasn't a kill.
-Mc didn't sound like Yang from Galactic Heroes, and the the colony was in the process of surviving the Extra Solar-Human War and you can have the colony split up into factions of who to side with and how will they survive.

Just my 2 cent.
Not the anon you asked for, but for me it seems like Terminator, John Connor from the future but with aliens instead of robots.
>Only one thing, he never talks (uses gestures), every morning he gets up under the sun and praises it. And most of all, his helmet is never taken off, ever.
Why must he praise the sun, though?
MC is high school student at getting ready to go on a plane for a foreign exchange program. He thinks he's going to Italy, but discovers that due to a typographic error hes been sent to Mexico instead (because japs cant tell ltalians and spanish apart)

Afterwards insert cute Maria Suzana female lead, a psychotic cartel connected male BFF, token fellow japanese person and round it out with some gunfights and maybe a cockfight too.

Oh and throw in some tequila, lots of tequila
File: NRsqjmG.png (319KB, 500x375px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
319KB, 500x375px

After growing up poor and going through an angry delinquent phase, MC meets a wise, cool homeless man on his summer break who gives him a new perspective and makes him reconsider the direction his life is headed. In his senior year he turns a new leaf, becoming student council president and a top scoring student with a good scholarship and excellent prospects. When it comes time to go to college, he decides that rather than being angry with society, he should use the opportunity to change it. He begins working toward a career in politics, and finds himself leading the charge at the center of a series of controversies.

We follow MC as he tries to advance his political career so he can make Japan a better place.

Will he stick to his ideals and be true to himself, at the risk of his career, or will he give in to the previous generation's demands and do as all politicians must? Political marriages, collecting campaign funds, addressing tough issues, forming alliances and making public appearances and speeches are all part of the drama. At the end of every season, a vote is cast and the viewers decide who the main rival and opposing parties will be, as well as what MC uses as his main platform to garner votes and the trust of the people.

If all goes well, maybe his influence could take him to the top.
>Would be better if all of Humanity wasn't a kill.

I wanted to make it all the more desperate, and i never said there are any other survivor groups, scattered on the solar system, just that there isn´t any way to know at this point.

>Mc didn't sound like Yang from Galactic Heroes

lol, you saw right trough me, guess i can´t hide my inspiration, but what is your issue with him being similar to Yang? is he too Gary Stu?

>the colony was in the process of surviving the Extra Solar-Human War and you can have the colony split up into factions of who to side with and how will they survive.

About this, the population of Taurus is fairly low, about 10 thousand people survived, so i don´t think its impossible for someone competent enough to unify them in a single polity. Also, the focus of this story wouldn´t be the war itself, but the moral dilemmas MC and his friends would face to survive in this harsh situation and about how small administrative and technical issues could become major threats to Taurus and how they will solve it. The "aliens" are out of the picture for now.

Is that a bad thing? also, its different, there are not threatened by the aliens, only by human nature and impossible odds. At least at this point in the story. Also, there is no time travel, i was thinking in a pretty hard SF for this.
Is the MC Japanese highschool Jackie Chan?
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Slice of life.

But focus is on 20 somethings that are on an Aircrew for an Airline

Comedy duo Cockpit, along with Cute cast of girls as the flight attendants. Plenty of chances for costume changes in various locations include beach episode.

Sometimes see other flight attendants and crews on their journeys.

It'd be very comfy.
File: 1448758142773.png (157KB, 298x390px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
157KB, 298x390px
Is that a bad thing?
Never said it was, just that the idea of a person uniting all people and trying to overcome impossible odds is just the same as the idea behind John Connor
>Eventually however one of the villains who is window cleaner finds out by accident what his item is, which the MC has his mother keep in her office: A thick, 10 inc purple, sparkly dildo
Well that escalated quickly.
Girl fed up with her despicable father, a Bank director who used accounting tricks to amass a fortune, arranges to be kidnapped by a second-rate thief and then plans to rob her father's bank to give that money to charity.

Basically Ocean's eleven with cute girls.
So Working x Service in a plane?
Sure. Also cute flight attendant outfits
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Isekai where the MC is Hitler who went to another world (Thule) with Nazi magic and had his death in the bunker faked. He must fight monsters with a variety of Wonder weapons that he can summon, learn the True origins of Aryan Magic and the Black Sun, Defend his newfound village home from a Jew who came from the future Earth (The Jew mentions in supervillain fashion that he is the last Jew left after Hitler returned and that the lives of his entire race gave him the magic needed to reach Thule in the past, accidentally causing Hitler to realize that he would be able to return after all) and took over a kingdom with his degeneracy spreading Kabbalic Magic, Raise an army to fight for him from the people he freed from the Jew's control, and finally Return to Earth only to be greeted by the EUSSR, a horrific Africa like urban wasteland (full of ghettos of various nonwhites living in squalor and run down cities, each shackled in slave collars) that was once Germany and the rest of mainland Europe, ending season 1.

By /pol/
Yea, i wasn´t thinking of Terminator when writing the idea, but i guess you can see analogous themes. But i´d rather write about the more "human" aspects of it, i was thinking Legend of the Galactic Heroes and Battlestar Galactica (and Knights of Sidonia), without the direct conflict of the unknown "alien" at first.
A prestigious school's Kendo Team is send back in time to the Meiji Restoration era and, full of themselves, are set to fight against Tokugawa's armies only to learn of the gruesome reality of battle.
I see then. Have you already wrote something?
What if a boy magically turned into a girl and had comedic but sexual escapades in highschool?
Not yet, im just brainstorming on paper, but i will try to write it and publish it on Spacebattle Forum.
File: 1450605310101.png (2MB, 2396x1876px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 2396x1876px
Several OVAs come after S1, starting with Hitler and the remains of his army fighting a losing battle against the forces of the EUSSR, 100 years have gone by on Earth compared to 10 on Thule, and the EUSSR has made powerful weapons to use against anyone they deem Bad Goys with their swarms of mind scanning drones that patrol the ruined countryside. A flashback shows that Hitler's army was found within a day and engaged from all sides by thousands of nonwhite soldiers in slave collars and huge mecha tanks. When things start to look really bad, a squadron of bombers painted with confederate flags flies over and kills a ton of the enemy soldiers with lightning bombs, Hitler's army cleans up the rest in the chaos while their mind control collars are disabled. Several hovercrafts come down and a guy in a fancy uniform steps out, says their sensors detected some crazy energy signature in the middle of the German wastes, then their sensors detected a major mobilization of the EUSSR forces so they came to see what had happened. He tells Hitler to come with them to America to help the American resistance stop the "King Nigger" (who fixed the election of 2024so he would be reelected for a third term as president with a supreme court ruling made by mind controlled judges saying it would be racist to not let him have a chance of a third term since so many whites have been president in the past) then declared martial law as soon as the election finished securing his place as dictator of America and starting a civil war that has lasted almost 20 years. In America, Hitler and his army fight like a hundred men each with their magic and the resistance's technology applied to Hitler's Wunder weapons, after a massive battle ending in the retaking of Neo New York, Hitler's identity is revealed by King Nigger's propaganda bombs, but the resistance doesn't abandon him, instead realizing he was right all along and pledging to help retake Europe once King Nigger is dead.
So, kinda like Boueibu if the teacher was a black dude instead of a dead old man?
A young woman suffers an accident and, after recovering from her coma, she transfers to a new school and finds herself surrounded by a harem of faggots who want to bang her.

She notices something is very wrong with this picture because:
1) They're very desperate despite being very hot;
2) She's ugly as fuck. A gonk, basically speaking.

Then, she discovers that due to her accident, she entered in a parallel dimension where all women are extremely rare and valuable due to a secret evil organization that's sacrificing women as to create the perfect being.

The remaining populace reproduce through very advanced technology, but even then, women are getting rarer by the second.

It's her job to try to untangle this plot and be able to return to her world.

Though, she's not quite sure if she wants to return to a place where she was bullied and disliked. But she also doesn't want her worth as a human being to depend on the sacrifice of innocents.

To make it worse, some of the guys in her "harem" are infiltrated agents of that organization, who want to offer her as a sacrifice; they believe a woman who comes from another dimension might be the key to create the perfect being.
A crew dedicated to playing as Cupid's role in the city. The crew includes a perverted leader, an insanely strong chef, an absolute genius, the God of Everything and the leader's sibling, who is a trap/tomboy.

Hilarity ensues as this crew get two people together and make them a couple. Of course there are rivals out there, including a space squid, a female writer and a guy with a wide vocabulary.

The show could be a slice of life-ish comedy. There would also be romance.
Is it still cheating if you sleep with the fantasy version of your girlfriend?
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S2 Proper starts with the last battle between the cyber-zombified military forces of King Nigger and the American Resistance, the end of the first episode shows the Israel flag and the Communist flag being burnt off the white-house flagpole and the American flag being raised as the resistance leader, "Golden Don" is made temporary president and the propaganda satellites fall like shooting stars in the evening sky. Next episode, Don gets a secure message from Hiro, the leader of Japan, telling them that Japan is ready to fight alongside them if they can get rid of the Chinese occupying the island, beginning the retake Japan arc which lasts for 7 or 8 episodes of S2 and ends when the chinese launch nukes at every city in Japan out of desparation, but as they reenter the atmosphere, Putin wearing massive power armor appears on every TV in Japan and China, says he has been waiting for this for so long, and unleashes the Russian Winter, an atmospheric weather controlling super weapon that freezes all of the missiles in mid flight and forces the Chinese to surrender. The rest of the season shows the 4 forces of Hitler's army, USA, Japan, and Russia coming together for the first time, getting over old conflicts united by a new purpose, to stand against the EUSSR. Uniting themselves under the name of the "Four Reich", they use each-others technology and Thule's Aryan Magic to create a massive weapon, the 4 Channel, that conjures the quasi-elemental powers of Ice, Lightning, Steel, and Explosions to launch a devastating first strike that completely destroys the EUSSR's Swedish capital of New Lagos before burning itself out.
>make up 3 ideas
>have one idea in each tier
As she unveils the mysteries of this dimension, she discovers she has been summoned by the token trap boy, who believes in a prophecy that claims that an imperfect heroine from another dimension will save humanity from the curse of the chase for perfection.

She's granted grade A weaponry of the most advanced kind and then she proceeds to reunite a team of ragtag losers to kick Illuminati ass.

Though, one of the members of her squad is a traitor (and would probably be voiced by Showtaro Morikubo).

She's captured and offered as a sacrifice, but it doesn't work as planned... Because she becomes the perfect being. And SHE'S PISSED.

After kicking a lot of Illuminati ass, she decides she doesn't belong neither to this world, nor to her own, and decides to go on to saving other worlds.

Well, at least she became kinda cute in the end.
In the future VR has been invented, and with it VRMMOs now exist.
A group of friends buy the same game and log in at the same time.
Due to some mistake in the system, they are turned into level 1 slimes in-game, and all the noobs are trying to hunt them as a quest.
Eventually they decide to beat up a witch and steal her robe, hat and staff.
From that point onward, the four slimes, standing on each other's shoulders masquerade around as a mage, becoming the well known "mysterious sage".
I'd watch the hell out of this anime.
What happens next senpai?
A teenage boy dies

He reincarnates as a girl

He still likes girls but doesn't want to be gay

He is enrolled in an all girls school and gets embarrassed around other girls

When P.E starts and everyone is changing in the changing room, it turns out it was just a dream and he wakes up... or was it.
Basically Drifters
File: 2Deep3U.jpg (917KB, 700x1153px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
917KB, 700x1153px
The entity that manages time wanders through the timelines finding singularities and destroying them. During one of his travels he encounters a distortion that is an entity representing Space.

He protects the young girl and they go on adventures through different points in time, both sci-fi, fantasy, and modern while a being representing Anti-matter plans on fucking their shit up and ntr'ing the entity of time by stealing the young girl.
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The series ends with a movie, The Four Reich attacks the central EUSSR capital Neo Jerusalem, in Germany in a massive blitzkreig with lots of cool action, but then the dead EUSSR soldiers start to rise up from the dead as their bodies are puppeteered by the slave collars, the Four reich leaders realize they were lured into a trap and that there is no actual people in the city, just endless hordes of half braindead, racemixed slave soldiers working massive factories endlessly for their Israeli Masters. Even so, the forces of Four Reich fight on against the endless horde, destroying them with ease until the city's propaganda matrix turns on, telling them that they have done well to get his far, but they were fools, and that the city was actually built on top of a massive bomb, and then a timer for 2 minutes comes on as all the cyber-zombie slave soldiers crumple to the ground. The Four Reich soldiers fall into despair fearing that they had come so far for nothing. As the last minute begins ticking down, Hitler stands up on one top of an airship and tells them that he can save them by teleporting them out of the radius of the explosion by unleashing the full potential of his Black Sun and burning up his life force, but he would have to sacrifice himself to do it. He continues that they must fight on without him, that they can never give up, although he may be gone, his spirit lives on in every soul who would stand up to fight against the evils of international Jewry. As the timer reaches the 10 second mark, Hitler starts shooting black energy up into the sky, where it forms a massive Swastika the size of the city, the Four Reich soldiers salute him, and as the counter ticks down to one, they all disappear and the camera zooms into Hitlers face. He says "Mein brudders, mein family, mein Volk, I am coming Home." with a smile on his face and is annihilated by the explosion with the rest of the empty city.
>soundtrack by Sawano Hiroyuki
That's some taste.
>OP & ED by Kokia
A Date A Live-esque anime without the harem and much more darker

>Spirits from the other world are impervious to any physical attacks due to their immaterial form. Heavy weaponry like missiles and grenade launchers can simply stagger them.

>A lot of the Spirits simply wants a refuge from the chaos of the immaterium but some of them intend to enslave humanity

>MC has a special weapon made by the Apostles, Warriors from long ago that led armies to drive off the spirits. Now he must travel the world and find all of these weapons to drive back the spirits

>these weapons take the form of religious artifacts.

>Various Intelligence agencies and millitaries also hunt down MC as he tries to gather all the artifacts identifying him as a Spirit

>He is accompanied by a spirit he first pacified when it was on its rampage.
>baby boy is orphaned
>taken in by roaming band of mercenaries
>taught to fight
>raped by older mercenary
>betrayed by best friend
>best friend fucks his girl
>all his friends die and his girl is a vegetable
>starts hallucinating demons and fairies and shit
>gets put in insane asylum where he hallucinates that he's on a boat
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The rest of the Four Reich appears just outside the city as the entire city is annihilated inside a globe of energy projected from Hitler's Airship. Everyone has tears in their eyes, but they fill with determination as they finally understand the nature of Aryan Magic, to give all that you have for that which you must protect, and start on a war path with renewed fervor towards Greater Israel. The newly awakened army of Four Reich destroys wave after wave ofenemies that come upon them as they speed towards Greater Israel, they seem invincible until just outside the walls of Israel where a laser fires from the sky and destroys the biggest Airship carrier leading the fleet. The ship plummets towards the armies of the Four Reich, but the soldiers force their newfound magic all against it at once and plow it into the walls of the fortress, crushing through a massive section of the 40 story high wall surrounding the country. The Four Reich soldiers storm in, they destroy their way through thousands of enemies cleansing anything in their way until they reach the Citadel City of Old Jerusalem. As the battle rages, Golden Don, Hiro, and Putin assisted by the remnants of Hitler's Thulian army Storm into the Citadel of the Illuminated and battle their way to the top of the great pyramidal tower, where they find a circle of men, each looks to be hundreds of years old, kept alive by machines and Kabbalic Golem magic and bearing the crests of the 13 families of the Illuminati. The Four Reich leaders and the gigakikes shout back and forth about morality and etc, the Jews mindset that everyone being a slave is true peace, and that humanity has no role other than to serve the Jews, but the Four Reich leaders refuse their twisted logic and they all start fighting. The Four Reich leaders destroy them each until only Overlord Rothschild is left, at which point a Star of David appears under him and he disappears at the last second.
File: overman future.png (1MB, 1600x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
overman future.png
1MB, 1600x800px
The movie ends with the Four Reich leaders swearing that they will hunt Rothschild and his kind to the ends of the earth, then a flash forward to 30 years in the future. The fields of Europe grow green again, cities filled once more with the remaining Europeans who had escaped to Russia, America, Argentina, and South Africa. The Flag of the Third Reich flies under the Banner of Aryan Earth over the capital of New Berlin. A man named Newman who was seen several times throughout the series as a soldier from Thule Steps up to a podium and announces his acceptance of the role of Fuhrer, the camera changes to fireworks going off over Neo New York as the scene is broadcast in Times square, then goes to similar scenes in Japan and Russia, then up to a space station surrounded by massive space ships as a crew of cheering military men look up at a broadcast of the ceremony, a portal in the shape of the black sun opens up in-front of one of the space ships and it warps away in the background, the camera pans to follow it through to an orbit around a new, Earthlike planet surrounded by space stations and ships, the camera pans down to show the kingdom that Hitler freed in S1 with several skyscrapers along with the older castle buildings, the skyscrapers sides broadcast the ceremony, then the camera pans to the village where Hitler first came to stay in Thule, the old houses are filled with more modern technology and the village children watch the ceremony projected on the side of a barn, finally, the camera pans up into the sky, where Hitler's spirit along with thousands of other nazis from WW2 and the soldiers who died throughout the anime watch down with smiles.

Credits roll.
at the end of the credits, we see Rothschild in a dirty underground room, He stands over a star of David surrounded by runic letters and says "By the blood of my race, I, the last Jew renounce my name Rothschild that I may seek another path for my people!" and disappears.
Nice copypasta anon
File: 1451468279359.jpg (333KB, 1000x690px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
333KB, 1000x690px
i literally just wrote that all out, look at the time between posts
A superficial girl is murdered by a handsome serial killer, and is reincarnated in a fantasy world.
Fortunately for her, she is reborn as the daughter of a high-standing noble in a powerful empire and is betrothed to the Emperor himself.
However there's just one problem. The emperor is hideous.
Yeah I would watch it.
Wow anon, that´s some reprehensible creative drive you have there.
I feel like it could start off kind of fantasy-esque but quickly transition into a hardcore classic scifi feel when the Last Jew is introduced towards the end of S1
A boy becomes a magical girl. After each transformation, his normal body becomes more and more feminine. Realizing that he'll probably turn into a girl eventually, he tries to transform as little as possible and still try to defend the earth against invaders from the dark world.
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Well, some of us just have alot of anger towards those damned kikes that we have to let out sometimes. Can you really blame us with what they are doing to our countries?
Sounds like a trainwreck. I like it.
Can we introduce a love interest who secretly enjoys bullying feminine boys?
A cute ghost tries (unsuccessfully) to haunt an operator who killed her.
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A pair of delinquent friends, a boy and a girl, come across a young girl in an alley, abandoned, hungry, and scarred. The two of them, seeing that she has no family to go to, decide to adopt her unofficially and take care of her. The series centers around the three of them and their growing bond together, as an unorthodox, yet loving family.
Hey, im not the one to judge, do with your creativity what you will. As the great Gaylord Milo once said "Im a free-speech fundamentalist".
Incredibly obvious demon shows up in McDonald's. Asks for a meal 20. Pays and leaves like a civilized person. Anime is now slice of life.
>sorry pile of gomenasai
my sides
good one anon
Now that would be a funny 5 minute-long anime series.
So it's set in a fantasy world where everybody has their own unique power.
These powers require a sacrifice each time they're used (for example if your ability is to control water, you might have to drink 2 litres of water after using it).
Enter the MC. She has the unlikely power to control bananas. Yes, bananas. She can change the properties of bananas, making them hard as steel, making them into swords, shields and more. In return she has to eat a banana every time she uses the power.
In any case, she and her lesbian best friend decide to adventure around the world, picking up a cute maid on their journey as well.
Then editor-san says "we're axing Banana no Nana" and I'm still anally devastated.
MC travels the world in a quest to kill one of every endangered animal.
>Young lass of prime breeding age gets kidnapped and locked into a mad wizard's rape dungeon.
>Evil wizard is obsessed over creating life.
>Lass is to be bred by his most recent creation, a tentacle monster
>Tentacle monster has no sex drive and is disgusted by the idea of touching humans.
>Tentacle monster is scared shitless of the lass.
>Tentacle monster is a failure created by the mad wizard and is only keeping up appearances so it's not disposed of like all the other failed experiments.
>If mad wizard finds out, the tentacle monster will be killed and the lass will be handed to another, more rapey tentacle monster.
>Comedy ensues as the lass and tentacle monster have to work together to convince the mad wizard that she is getting raped daily and later, that she's pregnant.
>A budding friendship blooms as both the tentacle monster and the lass are forced into mutually humiliating situations.

I like it.
A loli becomes the demon lord.
However she is a cruel and merciless ruler who uses fear to keep the masses under control.
>A party of heroes tries to kill her
He executes them by Scaphism.
>A general revolts
Has his family tortured to death in front of him, his home village slaughtered and finally leaves him to die of dehydration.
>Orphan girl of recently acquired territory throws rock at demon lord.
All people under the age of 14 massacred in the city.
>Spy captured.
Forced to breed with various animals in order to produce minotaurs, centaurs and other hybrids.

Tags: SOL, fantasy, guro
A group of girls decide to form a school club called "The Hedonistic Outdoor Society" where they have masturbate in public places and cum without anyone noticing them. If they don't do it, other members are allowed to punish them by taking away their money at best, beating them up or publishing indecent photos of them during previous acts through school at worse. The only one free for this is the president, who is always the oldest member of the group, but also has strong delinquent personality.

Almost all of them do it for the thrill, until the newest member is forced into it through blackmail, after they find out she confessed to a very poppular guy in school the club members were crushing on didn't like it.

So it starts a story about indecency and bullying. Will the MC remain pure hearted after dealing with these delinquents and gyarus, or will she become a slut too?
I've read a doujin along those lines.
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A nuclear and bio-weapon holocaust happens. Humanity is reduced to simple hunter gatherers and subsistence farmers, apart from those who managed to survive in underground vaults.

The story follows a young girl who wakes up in one of these and explores the outside world. Can she survive in a world of harsh tribal kingdoms, armed only with her trusty pistol and a high school eduaction?
She eventually discovers or rediscovers a futuristic city governed by neo-Nazis.
She's also a loli, she has a high school education because she's the son of a rich businessman who pushed her to study every day.
Really? Could you maybe be so kind as to spoonfead me?
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