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Hideo, hail Hydra.

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Hideo, hail Hydra.
more like where's fucking Mengsk
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fuck it posting


chapter 3

if any based anon wants to translate that would be sick. because some other anon translated chapters 1 and 2
I did some typesetting and posted them last week

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to this anon from the other day, DM5.com is where i get chinese scans
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up to chp 242
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i love how dangerously deranged yamanda is
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this is a flashback, reffing him and his friend as kids talking about gakenjima island where they plan to hideout
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i like this spinoff
guy is a schizoid maniac

its also sexier than normal I AM A HERO
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last panel on this page is him snitching
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like, deranged to the point of being a fucking liability
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this hikki asshole, keeps trying to ditch her to be alone, she keeps saving him my fuck
Osaka was generic action flick garbage. Why would anyone translate Nagasaki if it's going to end up being more of the same?
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nirei-san a cute
shes seen some shit

this is a flashback to this page from chapter 1
judging from context, they were bff
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because nirei-san a cute
and yamana is a fucking deranged asshole

and panties

also, based/king anon already translated chp1-2
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and theres fat dicks next chapter
File: 003_001_19.jpg (279KB, 715x1013px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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shes loosin it
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naked zombie fighting, and they arent even kurusu's....in chp4
i dont think
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and because kenny cant draw sexy ladies,
he talks a sexy game, but can deliver on the sexy images
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also, what is it with kenny and girls with moles on their face?

is that some kind of plot device for hideo? or is kennys wiafu have a mole?
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this one also has way more lewd hand holding
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she also runs track n field
way to good for yamanda
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end of chapter 3

fat digs
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chpt4 i bet this is yamanda's friend
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yes panties chapter
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i dont like the looks of dickguy
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think there will be a cure for the ZQN? everyone says cure cure cure

but, they kinda look dead as fuck. maggot eyes n shit
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nirei-san, best hero
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fuck this old man
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Fuck, that girl had a nice body. What a waste.
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I AM A HERO IBARAKI is way more gorey
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nirei-san a cute
so cute
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nirei-san your loose socks do it for me
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i dont know what this says, but i dont like the look on his face...
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If I were her I'd shoot his dick.
>his face is screaming rape
I's a little scared.
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File: 1346317643003.jpg (47KB, 500x374px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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i mean, why the fuck is he still naked

did you happen to gander over at the semi final product? I just have to clean it up a little more but i dont think its half bad
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This guys seems like a cult leader
At this point i'm starting to believe Hideo was always infected and his crazy glitches and imaginary friends are related to the whole ZQN mess. He's connected to their collective consciousnesses yet rejected by Kurusu, kissed and fucked an infected girl and was bitten at the very beginning of a manga and can control ZQN.
I just really don't understand how the fuck author gonna end this manga without it going completely over the fucking top into Evangelion territory.
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so much snot in this one, i cant find anything on this mangaka either, says hes young
Not yet, I'll look at it later.
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takashi and naked emporor are cool with him, edge-lord teenage kurusu is the only one not cool

he was wearing condoms when he fucked her
yeah, ever since he went to the point where the ZQN are other worldly beings it went too fucked up, especially that Italy chapter
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k, its here
i mean, i guess you know what happenes anyways, thanks again.

k so
nirei-san kills kanoke in class
yamanda and his child-hood friend, something something cellphone
meet dickguy who has some kind of boat and is checking for bites
dickguy something
yamandas friend is already headed to gukenjima?

is that the jist of it?
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italy chapter was the best chapter
it gave us italian kurusu
best boy

and we found out why kurusus dont wear pants
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best shot

>>143263483 its here i mean
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i mean, i guess, but have a little more tact
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pretty sure i dont like dickguy
italian kurusu eats zombies wut wut
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man, i love how fucked yamanda is, hes on like, a less functioning tier of mental illness than the other MCs. hideo is less mental illness, and more just cowardly and its fucking great. latest english chapter(230? idk i just read it though) talks about how hes always running away. like 5 people died in the first 2 volumes as a result of him running away. its him or them.
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battleship island would have been the perfect place, if not for his asshole friend being infected and getting there first.

his dick better not be saying
i am a hero in english

fuck Gunkanjima looks so fucking cool. james bond probably ruined it for everyone
that was the end of chapter 4 of I AM A HERO NAGASAKI
next one is out 2016/7/21

speaking of which, for a fucking weekly, its been over a month since new I AM A HERO chinese scans came out what the fuck is this
Why the hell does dick guy only have one face?
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make it rain
rain on dem hoes

when i figure out how blingee works, imma do one for this
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this guy has a thing for eyeballs
way more gorey, also sexy, but its like rapey, and replace sexy with zombie

2 faces
I started to get seriously worried when super otaku zombies were dukeing it out naked in the rain, then I lost all hope when aliens became the answer to everything. I don't think I've read anything that train wrecked this hard since Gantz. Is this spin off any good?
Aren't eyes full of liquid? Wouldn't it just "pop" when cut?
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no idea, sounds gross as fuck.
even the latest chapter has eyeball shit 4 chapters in

. Is this spin off any good?
i like it.
>>143263483 have a read. king anon translated it for us
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also, i think thats his sister, i wanna know what happenes to her.

this one looks touching in a "boy and his dog" way those kinda feels

>brings her to school nurse
>to molest her
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