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So i noticed that in the new evangelion that asuka is completely

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So i noticed that in the new evangelion that asuka is completely watered down and yet rei acts like an updated version of herself. Interesting...
Original Reicipe is deliberately miserable in her self-isolation, pauses to articulate what she's trying to say, and reads biology/philosophy mashups in German. In Rebuild she acts like she was decanted a week ago and can't wait to try these things she's just heard of, blurts out baby talk, and has children's books. The movies crushed the nuance out of everybody.
She may not be reading college level books (which is probably bc of plot) but she is more emotional and cares for others
Friendly Reminder:

Rei actually has sex with Gendo regularly. Thats why he left his glasses at her apartment and also why her bed is bigger than single size.
It is for plot, she doesn't know what she is, does know she has died and something is wrong, and Ritsuko and Gendo talk weird shit in front of her. Rebuild lost that for nothing.
You are one delusional shit my friend.

Think about it. The undertones were there. Studios just arent allowed to broadcast something like this because its taboo. So it was subtlely done.

Why would the improvished and minimalist Rei have a double bed?

It would be more consistent with her apartment if her bed was single sized. But it wasn't. And she has his glasses in her apartment.

Imagine as Gendo pumps his mongolian rape dick into her synthetic cum socket while she lies on her back staring at the ceiling with her souless eyes
What the fuck do you think you are talking about, its the sick rape of a child you fucking monster who the hell do you think you are? Do you think that shits funny? Thata fucking sick and i hope you pull the trigger as the anticipation rides up your fingertips you sick pathic rapist. Seriously, there is NOTHING going on with rei and gendou gendou is just creepy and rei would at least protect herself from him
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Senpai, there was an episode in the elevator where asuka called rei a doll, remmeber that? Asuka said if Gendo told rei to kill herself rei would follow the order.

You going to pretend Rei is going to put up any rĂ©sistance whatsoever? She taking Gendo's penis from whatever depraved position Gendo orders her to be in. That's right, Rei the RealDoll(â„¢), exceptional eva pilot and self-warming sex-doll exclusively for Gendo only under Gendo's orders.
Asuka only called her that bc she was thinking of the doll who replaced her as a daughter /thread
Asuka also said rei would kill herself if told to. Rei confirmed she would. She's not resisting Gendo's assault, she just takes it with that blank stare on her face
She only aaid that because thats her character, its just gendou doesnt even see her as a love interest cuz he is trying so hard to get back with yui HAH
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What a gorgeous smile. Just warms the heart.
Gendo doesnt see Rei as a love interest. He just uses her to alleviate his feelings and obsession for yui until he can get Yui back.

This is what realdoll Rei takes care of on a regular basis.

>Rei staring towards her bed frame as "Commander Ikari"power drills her gushy wetwet from behind, no condom of course. Afterwards, she puts back on her school uniform awaiting further orders
Really your fantasy is getting out of hand so why dont you fuck off somewhere else
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HOLY SHIT YOU ARE MAD. You cannot accept your pure and obedient Rei is pleasing Gendo on the reg in her own apartment on her larger than single sized bed. So you resort to insults. Weak.

Pic related. Look at her blush when Gendo's hands come into contact with her boobs. She's not blushing out of embarrassment, why would she? She had no problem having her clothes taken off by Gendo. The blush is the author conveying Rei's arousal. Her arousal is a conditioned response from when Gendo had been power drilling her synthetic vagina from the start
now thats some imagination you've got there
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Rebuild was always about destroying the original Eva from Anno's point of view, in the TV show Rei was forgotten during that part while Asuka was taking much focus.
>kuudere/edgy-teen trope intrinsically deeper with more body than a realistic approach to a creche-vat grown child

No man, you just have zero experience with the human condition outside of chinese cartoons, video games, shitty literature, and this place.
Feel free to articulate your position then
Thread posts: 19
Thread images: 5

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