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Sengoku Youko: Chapter 80

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New chapter of Sengoku Youko, a bit late again but not as late as last time.
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The best time of the week is here again.
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Tsukiko x Mudo getting skrong.
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And that's it for this chapter. A happy ending for everyone.
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Not really though.
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As always, we could never have enough redrawers with how action heavy some pages can be.
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Thanks, faggot. It's nice when /a/ delivers.
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Asura strike?
Thanks for the chapter.
Why couldn't you protect his smile senpai?
Don't worry, I'm sure he'll be happy in the next reincarnation.
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you did this page? i forgot to finish it
No one did that page yet.
Spin-off on their lives as monks when? Damn Mizukami being good at writing everything, I just love it when he uses それでいい.
Archive: https://u.pomf.is/uulyux.zip
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is this ok?
It's very good. Do you plan on doing more, and if yes, do have an email I can contact you with?
The translator sent them to me (10 pages) the last time with the translation. I didn't have time to do it, sorry. I will contact you in the thread if something is done.
Ah, I see, well thank you very much.
Thanks for the update. Any news about the raws? Has it already ended?
Not yet, two more chapters left. Next one is coming this 20th.
Do you guys have raws past chapter 87 (volume 15)? Is there magazine scans anywhere?
that was a long chapter, thanks for the chapter
Reading bump.
Much thanks.
Thank you.

It's nice to see how they hung out before things got serious
If it weren't too late in the series for a reveal, I'd expect Yazen to be behind whatever happened.
Hope not, already really disliked how Yazen was handled at the start and would rather not keep around at all.
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What happened to the other 2?
I don't remember the details exactly but I think they got scared away by Senya.
When Senya first defeated the group of 5 inside a mad god's head, 3 of them gave up and lost their connection to the present time and then it was just 2 of them for a while. then the short one showed up as reinforcements and took charge of the group.

You forgot?
That we do. Tank scans of vol 16 and web raws for the rest.
I guess the short one with the heterochromatica is going to turn out to be jinka's brother
No. Jinka is a distant descendant of the tribe of Void. All the Void members have the Fairy Eye like Jinka. The tribe of Void is time traveling to the future to take Jinka and Senya to use as tools to stop their fated destruction in the far past. How much have you forgotten?

So, what kind of price is Hanatora making Shinsuke pay for helping out? She's not going to eat his soul.
Obviously it's reward from some kind of drunken game the two of them played at some point during the years they lived in that village.
Become her husband and settle down with her

A heavy price to pay considering he already has a rock waifu.
He has his mortal wife and then his immortal wife that he marries on his deathbed.
Comic Blade has some high tier stuff
>Hanatora kept trying to make them do strip poker
>Shinsuke had to point out she never wore clothes
>Offers to give herself to him for a day instead
>He uses it to save demons instead of lewd stuff
>She will never be deflowered
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Heh heh
It's not even her real body isn't it?
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