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Baki Dou 104 translation

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Scans are unbelievably bad this week, dunno why. I'm bored, as usual. Here's that translation you didn't ask for.

>Payne's stupefaction!
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>I was cut...
>Musashi Miyamoto...
>didn't have any blade in his hand...
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>when he chopped me into pieces!
>I clearly remember it.
>The touch of the icy blade.
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Fuck, I just noticed I screwed up the splitting of the lines. Everything in the second post should be in the first post, everything in the third post should be in the second post. Might kill myself later.

Catching up with this one.

Page 3
>It easily slipped into my skin.
>The layers of fat and muscle were passed through without any trouble.
>That strong, sturdy bone was cut through.
>My fragile, nonresistant innards were also cut.

Page 4
>I felt myself being beheaded.
>My warm blood boiled out.
>This clear space was splattered with blood.
>I died...!!!
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>I just died.
>The brain...
>There are 37 trillion cognizant cells in our body. (Disclaimer: not true in any way)
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>At that time, I...
>The fact is, I died!
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>Baki Dou 104: What kind of a man?
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>He has shaken it off.
>Those eyes are...
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>Behind them was this feeling...
>The menacing fury of that place where he had struggled so. The image of that formidable enemy...
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>He shook it off.
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>As much as possible, this body [resists]...
>The bones have not yet been cut.
>What kind of a man is this...?
You're doing Ogre's work Anon.
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>As much as possible, this body [resists]...
>I have not yet seen entrails spring forth.
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>The hell?
>What kind of a man is this...?
>He doesn't resemble any one of them.
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>This guy...
>How am I supposed to fight this person?
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>I must end it immediately!!!
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I believe in the pickle
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It would be kinda cool to see Pickle shame Musashi, kinda take Jack's place if we're to equate this to Ali Jr's arc; but I also kinda wanna see him get shot.
>this is taking too long
>my feet hurt
>I just wanna be famous already
>I wish I was at Sekigahara
>I'm just gonna shoot him so I can leave early

Pic unrelated, but something I need a hand with. This is our fuckin raw for this spread. We can technically just use a crappier mag scan, but I'd like to first at least ask here if anyone knows if there's a better version of this same page upload anywhere. I'm not letting the cleaner publish this spread like this. It's not gonna happen.
>>I just wanna be famous already
Idol Musashi when?
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that'd be kawaii

I'm sure we'll eventually get a page where it looks like he's singing, and I can just shop a mic + stage into it or something
>cognizant cells
You mean neurons?
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He's referring to the entire body, so no. As far as I could tell, he was just reiterating the concept of 'every cell in my body reacted to x phenomenon' that Yuujiro has incited in people in the past. He's saying that his brain relayed to him the message of every cell in his body: "you are dead". That sort of thing. Not really something easy to put into line-by-line translations, but I'll write it to make a lot more sense in the actual release, whenever we get there.
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god it keeps getting better and better
I kind of want Musashi to just secretly care about women gold and getting famous.
>He's referring to the entire body, so no.

Then the number is not that far off.
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I saw that, but there's no hard evidence of that number. Go look up the study, you'll see what I mean.

>This is not a final number, but it’s a very good start.
>they see their estimate as an opportunity for a collaboration–perhaps through an online database assembled by many experts on many different body parts–to zero in on a better estimate.
Did the author ever learn anatomy?
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Erry tiem
He knows the book by memory. its legit
Man Musashi's Insight levels sure are weird.
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I do so wonder what he saw here.
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Where did yuhiro leanred all those table manners.

One of my favorites part of the manga are the banquets scenes, specially this one.

This mangaka could draw a great cooking manga if he eve finish baki.

>being kicked in the balls
>how did he know my only weakness
It literally spurs him to remember his strongest technique. Like, that's how powerful Yuujiro's ball-kick was against him - he's immediately at his last resort.
Thread posts: 44
Thread images: 32

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