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Saki: Tanoshii

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Happy Birthday, Shizuno!
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Shizu a cute. A CUTE!
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Are we getting another Biyori OAD? Having Side-A characters just in the OP is wrong.
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Enough Shizu! Achiga had their own ova type thing.
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So will Shizu wreck face in the finals or is this just regular Ritz overhyping characters?
Hope Monkey choke on Ako's vagina and went coma.
Just toki already you shitty thread.
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>Not posting the correct version
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I want to see more monkey magic.
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Monkey magic.jpg
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Me too
Monkey a shit.
Shizu will forcibly evict you from your land just like what the militias did to the Indians.
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Niemann abducted Goldfish to keep Shino's mom company and to help pay off mahjong debts.
Miyamori and Eisui will see them all at the beach next chapter, but they won't know who they are until they return to Tokyo and talk about it.
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Barrel of Monkeys
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Why is Shizu so cute?
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Nodoka is Shizu's birthday cake.
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April 8 spreading across the globe.
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scene from the mahjong dressing room
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secret sukumizu under track jacket
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>"special supplement" (?)
>front cover
>Ritz delaying a Saki chapter
Shinohayu anime announcement coming?
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sponsored by Shino
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>Barely any Birthday pictures on Pixiv
What went wrong?
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Niemann promised to help Goldfish find a cure for her disability. The trade-off was that Goldfish had to win illegal mahjong matches to raise the money for the treatments. Somehow, things didn't work out, similar to Shino's mom. Maybe some magic was involved.
This left no money to finish the aquarium, so this is why Teru is aiming to become pro. From Saki's perspective, she has lost both Teru and Goldfish to mahjong, and just wants it to end.
People are burned by the fact that it's not Awai's territory anymore.

In before Awai never had a chance.
I can't wait to see Saki burning and drowning Nieman at Lake Geneve.
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2016 = Year of the Monkey
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The /e/ thread is finally full:
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Someday we will see the promised aquarium.
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>making a thread during Toki-time
>for a character a lot of people hate
You have guts OP I'll give you that
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A lot of people like her too senpai.
Name 2.
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Me and OP
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Thread posts: 41
Thread images: 33

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