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Knights of Sidonai / Blame! - General

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After just finishing Blame! and all related media,

I can safely say I have no idea if 'Blame!' is set either thousands of years before or after Knights of Sidonia.

Pick related is from the "Blame Gakuen! and so on" collection of one takes.

They do both have Toha Heavy Industries related to plot elements, but it never goes into detail on if KoS Toha Heavy is the remnants who left the megastructure prior to chaos, or if the Toha Structures from Blame! were created from remnants of Sidonia.

Pic related is from a 'Blame!' one take



Would the word "Thread" be any less redundant in that space?

I would have written "Tsutomu Nihei Thread"

But nobody would know who the fuck that is unless they were already familiar.

Doesn't grab attention of passers by unfamiliar with the topic of discussion.

And they are both series very much worthy of grabbing the attention of passers by.

Thanks for the bump.
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But Nihei is fairly known name on /a/.
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blame story is almost non existent.even if you try to make sense out of blame universe you can't because nothing is explained
It isn't very complex in that regard.
The original human megastructure creators dwell within the net sphere.

And they don't care about anything else because it doesn't effect them, so they leave the care of everything that can affect them to the authorities of the Governing agency and the Safeguard agency.

All humans encountered in Blame! are just remnants struggling to survive, held captive by the automata of the megastructure / Net Sphere, sharing their captivity with evolving modified humans who now identify as "Silicon Life".

Although it isn't stated in the series (because it is intentionally vague) it is implied that not all human life dwells within the megastructure, such as the humans from the "Zeb-noid" and "Sphingidae" one takes, who still exist in societies outside of the chaotic Megastructure.

I enjoy the grim reality that it was humanity that created the warped situation of "Blame!".

Realistically, if we were ever going to be destroyed as a species, we probably will do it to ourselves.
Someone has a capped explanation for this I swear
Nihei just likes using common elements in his stories. I can see why. It's a combination of fun homage and speculation fuel. Or, in some cases, it's a fun thing that you just want to re-use, like the GBE.

After all, why reinvent a futuristic BFG if you've already designed one?
Pretty much the only thing i'm not certain on, in regards to Blame! is when the first arc takes place.

And I was especially confused after watching the series of shorts, when in the second last short, the previously unnamed girl says "I've met you before Killy, my name is Cibo"

Which lead me to believe the first arc is based post calamity, which then begs the question, 'who was the child?'

That's pretty much the only part that wasn't clean cut for me.

and heres a link to translated commentary at the end of "And so on"

it explains a bunch of shit.

I was really taken aback when a unit of the Bio-mechs of the 8th United Planet Rescue Federation where referred to as "Red Sparrow Moths".
Thread posts: 13
Thread images: 6

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