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AKB49 202

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>It's an Okabe chapter
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Posted it last night, but this thread is also something.

It needs more attention
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Ah, so they released early this week! Pity I missed the thread; I was kept busy and didn't get to check /a/ last night.
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Just as keikaku
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According to Batato it came out about 21 hours ago, so I think I just managed to spot it around the time it was released by chance.

Wasn't the "crush the gods" deal just about ranking in the top 10 or so? Did it get renegotiated into taking #1, and I just forgot?
Its still getting in within the top ten
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We're a few chapters away from the war arc at this point.
Dat costume budget
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Whenever girls are on stage, there's an unseen battle going on with their spirits, to the death.

This is how they determine who's the cutest
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I could swear Minori goes bankai four times during this arc.
how is this anyways? if its gotten 200 chapters its gotta be doing something right
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Ignore that last one
Why doesn't the guy go after Okabe?
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It ended around chapter 260

It was fairly popular, although rather niche as a series.

In terms of style, it feels more like a sports manga rather than an idol manga at times. It has this weird mixture between reality and exaggeration that feels right at home within Eyeshield 21.

It has an entirely shounen feeling to it, where the villains are dicks, but at the end of the arc they're converted to allies.

Its an underrated series, most people get into it expecting it to be something else entirely.
He's committed
Someone still needs to find that final volume and see if there's a bonus chapter.
I'm surprised not much of /a/ talks about this. It has everything. Idolshit, reverse trap, best girls, and hilariously over the top hotblooded bullshit.
AKB49 is regular trap, rather than reverse trap.

Unless you mean Mayuyu.
Ah fuck. I meant to omit the reverse before positng it. Fucking phones.
Anyway, it always seems like it's the same 8-10 anons that post in these threads. A bit sad but also endearing.
During that one story-time when nineteen volumes were posted for nineteen days, I think we were up to twenty IPs at one point.
I can't recommend it enough. It has great character development, wonderfully despicable villains, and emotional moments where I genuinely teared up. It is criminally underrated.

She's a bitch, Anon.
>[ ] Marry
>[x] Fuck
>[ ] Kill
Her body looks kinda weird there.
I don't want to wait for scanlations but I don't want to look for raw scans.

A conundrum for the ages.
We get a new chapter scanlated every week now, you can wait.
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Probably one of the best arcs
Thread posts: 44
Thread images: 28

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