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Girls und Panzer und /ak/

Senshado is fun, isn't it?
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first for freezing Erika
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I want to make Miho sing "ahn ahn ahn ahn"
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Senshado feels good.
I want to straighten Yukari's hair!
That's just terrible.
I'd warm her up, if you know what I mean.
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Is Miho capable of monogamy?
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>bullying garupans
Worst thread ever.
Not all of these are Bullying. Darjeeling enjoys it, for instance.
Though, Darj just enjoys any attention she can get.
I take offense to the notion that you consider my offer to "warm" Erika up as bullying. I made this offer out of the goodness of my own heart.
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Why are her headphones upside down?
Is her head too small?
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I want to loot shoes and coats off dead Russians and cuddle with her until we slowly pass away cold and hungry in the harsh winter.
I want to make a barn bonfire out of live russians with her to warm us both up.
No it's more lewd that way
Shave the fluffy?
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Leave the top fluff alone but trim the bottom fluff.
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All fluff must go!
Well now she's just got nigger hair and a sixhead.
It's times like this that I wish I were actually good at GIMP
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Still looks like shit but at least now it doesn't quite look like she still has hair.
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I have your heresy right here faggot.
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Those are some short skirts.
What's underneath them?
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Hopes and dreams.
'Cause I was bored
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What's the color of hopes and dreams?
All of them Mein Freund, all of them.
Is that manga Carpaccio?
I dunno, haven't read the Manga (Yet)
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Purge it.
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Which Duce is best Duce?
I'd say the OVA, as that is the only version of her that I have seen.
Yukari should stop being such a coward and just fuck her already
trick question, every duce is best duce
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>not posting best pravdas
Godamnit tovarish.
Clara is cute but I wish they fleshed out Alina more instead of introducing another character.
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I want to kiss her on the lips.
>tfw wasted my first kiss on some ugly 3D because of pity
>tfw I will never share my first kiss with Yukari
I knew I had missed something.

Sailor-fuku to Juusenshq Vol2 ch 5


Got an extra double quote at the beginning.

Also I would recommend removing the periods from the titles. Definitely leave the exclamation points, but periods don't really make sense in titles like this.

>Middle School Girls with huge tits!
"middle school girl with huge tits!"


>You've got some nerve to be so impudent...
"You've got some nerve, being so impudent..."

>this much
"that much"

>⌾Fifth shot⌾
"⌾Fifth Shot⌾"

>Fifth shot: "Let's Party! Mariko's Grandpa is a Colonel."
'Fifth Shot: "Let's Party! Mariko's Grandpa is a Colonel"'

>Why even I had to be invited?
"Why did I have to be invited?" or the significantly more awkward:
"Why did even I have to be invited?"

>Is this Mariko-san's house?
>That's right
These are both sort of scrunched up in the top of their bubbles.

She's a quadroon.

>That's a real thing!
"That's the real thing!"

>Is it "THAT"?

>What am I saying?
No fucking clue.

>m-muh cool image...

The way this second panel is drawn is so fucking confusing.

>For a Japanese
"For a Japanese person"
This flows more naturally. Referring to somebody as "a Japanese" has sort of fallen out of favor, to the point where it doesn't sound right to a native English speaker anymore. "Japanese" is now used pretty much exclusively as an adjective.

>you were a one fourth?
"you were one fourth?"

"So... soft" Drop the dash, add a space.

>Only this night,
"This night only,"

>Wave you hands,
"Wave your hands,"

>from here on I'll leave the rest to you
"I'll leave the rest to you" or
"from here on out it's up to you"
Currently redundant.

>And so am I,
"And so will I," or
"And so shall I,"
The other girl just said "I will take on this fight," not "I am taking on this fight."

>This is what you call tank riders!
"These are what you call tank riders!"
"They are what you call tank riders!"
"This is what you call tank riding!"

>Breaking through is a heavy tank's passage to the stage!
Don't really know what this means.

>Tank Corps
"Tank Corps,"
Need a comma here.

>What should we do in case no one stops?
"What should we do if they don't stop?" I think?

Dash does nothing.

>So it"s
"So it's" bad apostrophe here

I assumed so as well.

>not half-bad
"not half bad" not generally hyphenated.

Thanks g_z, sorry I'm late on this.
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I want socialism in my dick NOW
In or on?
Not sure if you could have done that anyways buddo.
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Thread posts: 49
Thread images: 30

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