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Baki Dou 101 HAPPENING

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also, the SpinyBack website should be repaired by Friday. Down but not out, etc.
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Just look at this shit!

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is that pickle?

why didn't pickle ever fight with yujiro?
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>is that pickle?

>why didn't pickle ever fight with yujiro?
No opportunity arose, and Yujiro was never particularly interested.
jesus fuck, finally a worthy opponent against yujiro. i was tricked back then into thinking that kaku kaioh was his match but now I'm sure musashi will end his reign.

Wasn't there a guy named Baki in this series, what's happening with him
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>Wasn't there a guy named Baki in this series

punked by le rusemaster, bet he will feel some competetiveness anytime now
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Kaku *is* his match. He can't beat Kaku because Kaku has an unbreakable defense (death), which was why Yujiro was angry and refused to hit him to end it. He (Yujiro) didn't consider it a real win because he couldn't kill his opponent with his own powers. Any attack besides the last one which Kaku killed himself to prevent could have been Xiao-Lee'd, thus rendering them technically dead-even.
I was thinking about this yesterday when I was looking at the raws

Shouldn't imagination do nothing to Pickle when he has no concept of a sword?
Pickle has served his purpose, he's now fodder to any top tier.
Musashi's imagination works a bit differently it seems, it's more like he forces people to imagine being cut somehow, kinda like a generic shonen killer instinct or something.

But yeah I don't get how he could force it on Pickle anyway, guess Itagaki has to hype Muh Sashi and Memetobe, inb4 Oliva comes back and Musashi can't cut his super high density muscles.
Why is the translation so fucking slow?
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He doesn't need to know what a sword is, just the concept of being cut. He was fucked up bad by at least a Tyrannosaurus Rex, so he presumably understands how cutting flesh works.
utter shit, I have seen it all, the claws of a fucking reptile less threatening than a katana, MUH KATANA!
Man, I really don't like Musashi. It feels like the Ali Jr. Arc where he embarrasses our entire cast for a while.
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Spiny does not have constant internet access and has a very occupying full-time job. He didn't even know our site was flagged until yesterday, which is why it'll be until Friday before it's fixed. We do *try* to keep a good pace for the translations, but they'd be quite a bit faster if people stopped fucking with our site. Dealing with that stuff takes up a lot of his time, since he's also the webmaster.
Okay B/a/kis, who's got the worse hype?

Ali Jr.
Muh Sashi
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It's not katana, it's Musashi's hands. Remember when Musashi told Baki to think of him as a sword? That wasn't intended to be a metaphor, that was quite literal. Spiny hasn't done a translation of it yet (although we're getting to it), but the "final form" of Niten Ichiryu *is* Musashi's hands being used as literal blades. He imparts as much in his fight against Yujiro.

Keep in mind that Pickle was bombed and just woke up like 5 seconds before Musashi jumped him. We could very well see him turn this around.
Pretty much and in a few years the Samurai is gonna be in the same position.
so kaku > musashi?
Not entirely sure what you mean by "worst hype", but I'm gonna go with Oliva. Didn't really care for him at all. Especially after his bitch version of Kaku's "draw".

>rolls into a ball
>can't actually attack Baki unless Baki does something first
>"you can't technically win unless you can beat me in ball form!"
Flashback or did he just murder 8 people in present time?
Musashi'sfface is hilarious.
pacman mode is the best dog
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That's entirely different. Xiao-Lee has much more trouble facing weapon users, but it still *can* work. Then again, as I said, Musashi's most dangerous weapons are his hands, but they still cut instead of inflicting trauma. We can't really say unless they do face each other.

The problem with Retsu's fight and Xiao-Lee was that Retsu failed, as Motobe predicted. The Xiao-Lee "broke", because Retsu was not nearly as skilled with it as Kaku was and is. That is what allowed Musashi to cut him (and why he was cut quite a bit even while training for it with Kaku).
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Flashback, as you can see from this page. Until we get a Japanese raw I can't really translate what's being said about it, but it appears that he's comparing the physical density of human bodies from his time to the human bodies he's encountered in modern times. He could cut through 8 people with a katana then, yet couldn't slash through Yujiro's neck. It appears he's confused that he *could* slash Pickle? Not sure.
Yes, I know that, but the fact that Pickle is shown in one of his fights being scarred by the dinosaurs makes the whole imaginary katana stuff seem stupid, expected something completely different and not some hand slashes
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I'm honestly not sure the slashes are imaginary.

The ones he does without moving are, with absolute certainty, imaginary. I think the ones he does when he actually uses his hands are the hand-equivalent of what he did to Doppo: pressure, but not force. With that logic, you can say he inflicts pain on the enemy in the locations chosen without cutting them and without using pure musouken.

>expected something completely different and not some hand slashes
This is just the start of the fight. We may see some crazy new shit go down, knowing that Pickle has bullshit pain tolerance rivaling Baki's. For reference, Musashi is only really here because he's unfamiliar with how "primitive man" fights - he said as much to Tokugawa in 99. I think he's more curious about that than he is interested in a serious fight.
wait, what happened with Jack Hammer, did he job?
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It depends on what you think jobbing is, and what you think this manga is. Yes, he "lost" the fight. No, he didn't lose a fair fight. No, he wasn't completely overwhelmed by Motobe. He was essentially told/shown that he can't fight Musashi if he can't beat Motobe easily.
exactly, in this manga if the character isn't killed or gets some talk time they aren't really outclassed/defeated for good, which seems about right
Seems to me they were already corpses.
That drawing of Motobe in mid dropkick always gets me.
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He has butchered everyone who could possibly pose a challenge except for Oliva, Kaku and the meme master. The Baki-dou fatigue has just set in on me
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The fight is just starting, nigga. Do you remember how resilient to damage Pickle was in his own arc? He's gonna go T-Rex mode before this ends, at the very least. And they're in a lab instead of an open area for once, which gives a great excuse for incredible, rampant destruction.

Regardless, I really do want to see Kaku fight Musashi at least to a draw. Oliva can go fuck himself tho.

It's an amazing page. Almost Kubo-like in terms of cinematography.
Fuck yea musashi is fighting pickle? The translation needs to catch up.
We'd probably be closer to caught up if someone could convince whoever keeps fucking with our site to stop fucking with our site. Any volunteers, anyone in the know?
There's no way Pickle will be able to given his dues

He is an a completely different level from everyone but the tippity top tier guys like the Hanmas. There is not going to be a dedicated Pickle vs Musashi arc I imagine and if Pickle goes full power right off the bat against Musashi and loses he is going to look like a jobber

Nobody Pickle has fought managed to harm him or go all out other than Baki. He can't lose so fast and the fight just stops after he or Musashi gets bored it's going to be another cocktease. Hopefully muh Retsu gets brought up and that's how Pickle loses if he does, rather than imaginary hand katanas outright beating him
I'm a semi-richfag and i love Baki, so serious question:
Would donations help you release faster and how could i contact you?
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>Would donations help you release faster and how could i contact you?
Yes. You can contact Spiny (Vino) himself at [email protected]; if you want to say something not to his face, [email protected]
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Oh, and be aware that the website has a few issues thanks to whoever keeps attacking and fucking with the site, so if he doesn't respond to an email within a day or two, leave a comment on the last Baki release on the website. He usually notices them quickly and responds whenever he's available.

Thank you very much for your patronage, if you do end up supporting him.
Why does someone keep attacking the site?
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We dunno. It's generally accepted that Ichido Reichan or someone near him is behind it, but we have no real evidence to support that beyond his hyper-aggressive toxic treatment of other groups picking up or sites re-hosting their content and his pure, emanating faggotry that comes up if you read anything he's ever written.

PHG linked an old blogspot conversation - last thread I think - that Ichido was involved in, wherein he pretty violently attempted to coerce someone who was scanlating the series for free to join Wild Fang so that he could keep making money off of Baki; and as Spiny is translating for free, it would stand to reason that he's behind it in some way.
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Thread images: 20

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