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Aoko anime when?

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Aoko anime when?
Sakura > Aoko
Arc > rest
Mahoyo doesn't need an anime 2bh
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HF when?
>There are people who unironically believe this
>he don't read 3rei
Yes, they're called patricians.
When she gets a decent hair color.
>he thinks blonde is bad!!!
After the Tsukihime remake anime remake.
i want to slice her tits off and roast them with a bit of chianti
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Like that, he had reached the clearing.
His disordered breathing and heaving shoulders, signs of the time spent running, calmed with eerie immediacy.
Without any exhaust or inertia, his thoughts halted as if time itself had stopped.

There was a second time, after all.

It was unclear if he felt the same dizziness and nausea as he had during the first.
All of the grumbles that had been piling up, all of the doubts that had thrown his mind into confusion, left without a trace in the face of even stronger emotions. They were forcibly and completely expelled from his cranium.

...The sound of his own heartbeat was like a wedge that pierced his chest.
Those were the conspicuously loud, primordial beats that roused his consciousness.
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Letting out a deep and thin breath, Soujuurou took a step into the clearing.
His eyes met those of the boy with the golden hair, but his consciousness was turned inwards.
He was telling himself again and again to remain calm.
With all the concentration he could muster, he tried to synchronize his breathing with the boy's.

The state of the clearing told of the girls' defeat.

Aoko was lying face-up on the ground.
One of her legs was painted a bright red, the thigh crudely smashed.

Her eyes were turning hazy, yet she still possessed enough strength of will to focus her gaze on him.
From the way she coughed weakly, she must have been struck with force in either the abdomen or the back.
'No', Soujuurou determined, 'it was both.'

Alice's wounds were not as grave as Aoko's, but she too was on the ground, unable to move.
Unlike Aoko she was lying face down, and her figure as she earnestly tried to push herself off the ground with her elbows was painful to look at.

In front of the old school building enshrined at the far end of the clearing stood a familiar magus.
Not paying her the slightest bit of attention, Soujuurou started moving.
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He walked in Aoko's direction, his expression more composed than when he had arrived.
Touko didn't do anything to stop him.
She simply watched as, unbeknownst to everyone else, the look in her eyes turned into one of grief.

"Are you one of their friends too, mister?"

Was this the composure afforded by the victorious? The adolescent werewolf spoke up in a friendly tone.
All he seemed to be concerned with was the arrival of a new prey.
Soujuurou walked on towards Aoko, not responding.

The boy's smile faded at this complete disregard.
Soujuurou moved onwards, seemingly unconcered with the fact that he had just insulted a devil.
When he finally reached Aoko's side, his face darkened into a pained expression.

...Unusually for him, no spontaneus words came to mind.
After a brief moment of hesitation, what he barely managed to put into words...
Can Aoko kill servants?
is she biggest non-servant tiddies
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"This won't do, miss student council president.
Aren't you supposed to say something before you leave?"

...was a clumsy appeal somewhere between scolding and concern.


Ignoring the pain in her abdomen, Aoko shot Soujuurou an insult as if to defend herself.

"That's a relief. So you still have some strength left over, Aozaki."
Maybe he had taken her tough act seriously, as his voice was bright.

...In reality, she didn't have any strength remaining at all, much less any to spare.
And yet Soujuurou had replied just like he usually had, so carefree that next thing out of his mouth might as well be 'that's Aozaki for you, you wouldn't die even if someone killed you.'

"Now, you-"

Aoko spoke without thinking, but the words caught in her throat.
...Soujuurou wasn't misunderstanding anything.
No matter how stupid he might have looked, he knew painfully well just how dangerous this situation was.
The proof laid in his expression, which was frozen so stiff that it made those optimistic words all sound very hollow.
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"...Why, in the world..."

'...did you come here?' began Aoko, but was interrupted by a coughing fit.
Soujuurou raised an extended index finger to his mouth and nodded.
Aoko found the gesture hard to understand, but it appears he was telling her not to force herself to speak.

"Don't you see? The situation is exactly like it was back then.
If you get killed it's my turn next, right? That's why I came here to help you.
...I guess the fact that I can't actually do anything hasn't changed either, though."

Aoko had no response.
All she could do was lift her head and look back at Soujuurou in blank amazement.

The werewolf looked at the two of them with irritation. He possessed a ruler's self-consciousness. Simply ignoring him was an act that called for murder, and if Touko hadn't been there he'd be biting into Soujuurou's throat right now.

He was sure he was exerting pressure. And yet there was not a hint of fear emanating from his prey.
...It was hard to imagine but perhaps, just maybe...
Could it be that in this human's eyes, he looked like something utterly insignificant...?
Sorry who????
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"...Well, doesn't matter who it is. Sinewy meat has a nice texture to it, and most of all it's nice and filling. You don't mind if I start with you, do you mister?"

The boy called out once again. Not responding, Soujuurou very calmly raised one of his hands against his nose. His consciousness wasn't turned towards the boy, yet his eyes never turned away from him.

"...It reeks."

Everyone was confused by his displeased muttering. After all, there was not a trace of any smell in the air.

"...Ohh? And just what is it that reeks, mister?"

Composed as he was, irritation was seeping into his voice. The boy could no longer suppress his anger at being continually ignored.
Then at long last, Soujuurou turned his body to face the boy, standing far away and yet straight ahead of him.

"It's the crude smell of meat. This is exactly why I hate dogs."

His voice conveyed heartfelt displeasure.
For Soujuurou, it was a simple soliloquy.
For the boy, it was nothing but an insult.

Even if Soujuurou himself had intended no such thing.
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"... Hah."

For an instant, a gust did blow.
It must've been the change in the werewolf's mood.
Bestial spirit burned the atmosphere, drawing patterns in the snow with the wind.


Realizing that he would be killed first at this rate, Aoko put strength into her limbs.
However, about the only parts of her broken body that could still move were the tips of her fingers.
Perhaps Alice had heard his ill-advised words as well, because when she looked towards the other girl she, too, was trying to stand up.

Soujuurou's own appearance was quite contrasting to the girls'.
His standing figure even appeared calm.
That was the drop that made the boy's irritation run over.

"...I see. In other words, you're underestimating me just because I'm a kid, RIGHT MISTER...!?"
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...His time as a human was over.

With words full of anger, the boy's form changed.
His body grew larger and was wrapped up in a thorny fur that looked like the fangs of a demon.

His face and hands, once belonging to a human, swelled into twisted shapes.
They were those of a grotesque beast, absorbing the magical energy inside of the atmosphere to expand the scale of its being — a wolf in the shape of a man.

"I did not allow you to transform, Beo...!"

Touko, who had until now remained a silent spectator shouted, but the boy who had changed into a werewolf did not respond.
Only wild, ragged breaths escaped from his bestial snout.
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"That's...absolutely ridiculous..."

Soujuurou muttered, having witnessed the boy's transformation.
Just seeing a man turn into a beast was nightmarish enough.
Add to that the change in size from something smaller than him to something around two meters tall, and it was surely beyond the realm of comprehension. It was doubtful that his mind had any reason left at all.

"...I'm surprised."

The werewolf's mouth twisted into a satisfied grin at this murmur from his prey.
He had been a strange human but in the end, he was just like everyone else.
...However. His vanity was only appeased for a mere instant.
This mere prey, who was only good for hunting, breathed a thoroughly disgusted sigh and spoke:

"So you really are just a dog, after all."

She's tied with Arc and Rider. There are a few characters with larger sizes but they're mostly minor/spin-off characters.
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Best Mahoyo.

>"So you really are just a dog, after all."

Best line.
I got goosebumps the first time I read that scene, not gonna lie.
you forgot to translate the parts where aoko wets her panties while fantasizing about soujuurou
I wish.>>138600933
Realizing his shitty Type/Moon thread is dying the anon carefully resorts to samefag copypasting in order to resurrect it and force yet another one cause he knows sooner or later the fanbase with come to shitpost about it if he just gives it enough time.

.....Nearly 8 fucking hours later it finally takes.
I want to fuck the Aoko.
Sakura > the world
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Thread images: 12

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