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>"his body has regenerative healing powers!"

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>"his body has regenerative healing powers!"
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>"I sense a strong killing intent from someone nearby"
>"his balls have semen-regenerating powers!"
"SUMON senpai! my hips are moving on their own!
"no matter how many salvos we fire, it's still standing!"
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>"baka BAKA"
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>"our weapons are ineffective against him"
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>He's fast!
what does killing intent feels like?
Fuck you, Ruri is the best.
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>we attacked them and apparently won, but it was all part of their plan.
A tingle in your butthole.
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I always thought this was a warning sign for surprise buttsex.
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>we fell right into their trap
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"Are you really trying to save those pathetic useless humans?? FOOL. Your kindness makes you weak!"
It's okay when Logan does it.
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>he transformed and became even more powerful just when we thought he was finished
you sure you shouldn't see a doctor?
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>a boy falls in love with a girl
Please report low quality /v/ threads.
They're disturbingly common.
>a girl falls in love with a sailor uniform
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Something like this.
I can't see any Eva thread right now, senpai.
>h-he's actually pretty good
>takes sip of drink
>He has no talent whatsoever
>He is the worst

Proceeds to slaughter everything and everyone.
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>you will die if you use this technique
>in later sagas that technique is low tier and is used by everyone
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Chivalry of a Failed Knight for 200, Alex
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>he's fast
>This technique is unblockable!

Technique gets blocked or does no damage whatsoever.
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>im going to use my secret technique
>im going to explain how I did it

like human?
>"I guess it's time to use THAT"
>not having regenerative healing powers
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>his body has regenerative healing powers!
That shit's the absolute best when the author abuses the fuck out of it. Do you know what if feels like to get ready to jack it to a nigh immortal mc only to have him never be put in any real danger? Shit sucks
>Villain kills the MC without giving a speech of what his plans are

>heroine announces that she will confess to the MC after this great battle
>battle is over
>she confesses and they fuck
Does this ever happen?
Yes and the villain becomes the MC after.
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>"a certain person"
>Villain becomes MC after

Sounds like it'll go to shit anyways.
"We need to make the audience start liking this character!"
>He goes home and has 8 younger siblings he takes care of
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>Villian is revealed
>They start grinning
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>"So this is the power of ________"
>MC deals fatal blow to villain. Villain starts smilling.
>"a certain country"
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Nearly spilled my coffee

>"It looks like I have no choice but to use "that"."
>High level enemy appears, shrugs off all attacks
>Protagonist "beats" him after a short battle
>Turns his back to him to check on his friend
>Deals heavy blow to protag
>Explains the details of "special skills" during battle
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>"Find a way."
Thread posts: 55
Thread images: 24

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