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Am I allowed to like this anime by the mighty hivemind?
It starts out pretty good. Somewhere around the end of the Vietnam arc though it just starts to get repetitive and unsatisfying. They way the protag seems to make every girl around her gay can be pretty funny though.

the best part of the show
I watched the English dub and I loved it.
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For I second I thought it was going to be the shota rape scene.

But indeed, the openings are amazing
You can like it all you want. It shit. Only good Blood anime was the original. Then it's as if they said.
>Saya is way to competent and badass!
>lets make her a whiny magical schoolgirl
>then lets make her a completely inept school girl
If they make a new Blood anime i expect her to be full drooling retard
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Saya from the movie is just an emotionless and personalityless mannequin. If that's the sort of thing you like, "badass" but empty and pointless characters, then a drama like Blood+ of course isn't gonna pique your interest.

Go fap to pretty cure or something, i guess.
It has at least one top tier OP
It's a great anime, I enjoyed it a lot, but some characters were a disappointment. What I didn't like about it was Haji being a stone-cold statue.

8/10, would have been 9.5/10 top 5 anime tier for me if it weren't for the shitty ending. Saya returns home for a short while only to go back to sleep again, worst thing they could come up with
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2MB, 720x480px

He was asking for it.

But seriously, Blood+ is begging for an even more Sci-Fi reboot, like David Weber's Out of the Dark.

I loved the ending. To me it was not only about Saya, but also Kai growing up and giving a good life to the babies. which is in direct opposition of the hellish life their mother had

Cross over with Legend of the Galactic Heroes? Now that Production IG is in charge of both.... a man(child) can dream.
They already made a second Blood anime and it was complete shit. Worse story, worse action, worse Saya, it made me really appreciate Blood +
I was awesome in the beginning but then kind of got a little boring towards the middle. It's pretty good overall.

LoGH may be going too far out, but similar spirit though.
The thing is, Blood-C was not supposed to follow up or be like Blood+ in the first place. Other than having a swordsgirl as a protagonist.

It's an entirely different universe, and instead of being a plot heavy show its more of an experimental "trolly" anime. And damn good at that. It seems most people missed the point.
I pretty much think that this is the "accepted" list.
>Blood the last vampire
God tier.
>Blood 2000
Little weird at first, but things get awesome at the end. Has the added bonus of taking place immediately after the end of Blood the last Vampire.
Started out "not bad", had its ups and downs, shota rape, terrible ending.
We don't talk about Blood-C.
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saya bloodc.jpg
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it was a good dub especially since this is one of the few dubs where they actually used the same 5 or 6 people.

no seriously.


Blood-C was so bad, i liked the first half of the movie though.

Blood+ is far superior to Blood C.
Blood+ is good. Blood C is a meme.
How terrible was the Blood-C movie?
the shit that bugs me about blood C is that Clamp couldn't help making it a part of there fucked up incoherent shared universe.

it's not your original property in the first place you dried up cunts leave it fucking be.
If you're so stupid and pathetic that you can't think for yourself and can only whine about some apparent hivemind that somehow prevents you from liking things, no, and you should also kill yourself.
The shared universe was a shit idea in the first place. It didn't make anything better.
Not that bad really, just boring, and it went off on a tangent rather than delivering what the ending of Blood-C promised.

This might be triggering to some of you but Blood-C isn't really bad by itself. The first 3/4 episodes are cringy, that's true, but it really pays off in the end.
Thread posts: 24
Thread images: 8

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