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Young Black Jack

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Just caught the whole run. Picked it up hoping to scratch a body horror itch. it wasn't what I was expecting,

I really dig the historical fiction setting; I have worked in public health and it's really amazing how much modern medicine has progressed in the last fifty years. The nod to Japanese stigma about transplants in the first arc is a great example of the kind of engagement with the setting that gave this show a Mad Men vibe. I would have liked to see them explore the limits of surgical practice at the time more thoroughly -- experimental endoscopy and ice-pick lobotomy arcs in S2? More of other surgeons being mere butchers.

It was great to see them avoid the trap of aping MASH or House.

The Shigurui arc at the end was a big disappointment, though.
>scratch a body horror itch
Why did you think this?
>Frankenstein's monster with a scalpel

I haven't read the source material.
It's based on Black Jack. Like the fifth most best selling manga of all time or something. By Osamu Tezuka, the guy who helped build the industry. By the guy who created Astro Boy and many other classics. Lots of people haven't read it, but they know it.
I just took a brief look, doesn't seem like my kind of thing.

The original lacks the perspective of historical fiction, being a product of its time.

I am uninterested in detective arcs about mysterious diseases.

I appreciated the gritty realism of this treatment, even as the gore was dramatically reduced.
But it's obviously not some body horror.

Said itch remains to be scratched.
You read Franken Fran yet?
That might do your itch some justice if not.
I have not. BakaBT has seeds, cheers. That's something to look forward to.
Anybody else catch the show this season?
Did you read Franken Fran?
I think that was what you were looking for or already read and threw you off.
The episodes were really hit or miss. And what's with all the fujobait? Two grown-ass men blushing under the cherry trees?
If you couldn't tell from the opening there would be fujibait then you need to reassess your criteria for warning signs a bit.
>i thought the mecha katana hand was a girl with big breast from OP
>it's his hand

I started watching it, but I felt that the episodes were quite "empty".
Also,can someone answer me?
> Who the hell is the samurai?
>female character in unique position to observe the relationships of the MC
>damaged male mentor MC needs to care for
>characters whose relationships with the MC are defined by the MC's choices (patients)
>characters whose relationships with the MC drive the MC's own development (other physicians)
>focal ratio of eye:hand in close-up shots

What did i miss?
One last bump for mysterious native woman with mysterious connection to mysteriously helpful Viet Cong.

I'm pretty sure I did see that episode of MASH, but it didn't involve nearly as much rope torture.
Some cripple maniac batman out for revenge.

His arc was hard to keep a straight face with.
>Theme songs you never skip.

Anyway, biggest complaint with the series was how compressed everything was. "Oops, he's suddenly in a war zone! Now he's a POW for five minutes! Nah, he's bored with that, back to Japan for an episode until he decides to visit America so we can talk about race relations for a little while."

Also, it was a bit annoying how everyone he argued against instantly capitulated after he shouted. It would have been nice to see some real debates. But overall, it was a pretty solid anime if you can get over how anime-ey parts of it are.
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I think it's mostly because everyone he argued with was a revolutionary of sorts, and they most of the time have doubts about their cause.

Case in point episode 3, it's where it's most apparent I believe.
I dropped this right after the last Vietnam episode.
The one-sided depiction of the VC as villains and americans as heroes was something you really would not see in Tezuka's work.
That they make a big deal of revealing that the american surgeon was Kiriko was also pointless if you don't know who he is to begin with.
And yes, the fujobait elements were really distracting.
The OP is the gayest shit I've seen awhile
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