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Post your plots, stories, ideas, etc.

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Post your plots, stories, ideas, etc.
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Delinquent girl gets in trouble and is sent to live with her grandma during vacation. As she bonds with her grandma she discover that back in the sixties she was a mahou shoujo. Soon after the grandma gets sick and she asks MC to become meguca.

There, money printer.
Kazuki Jeisu, a 16 yr.old highschool student from the prestigous Magica Military Academy and known for being the sole Rank-H in the academy. His magic skills are on the bottom so he compensate with his intelligence.

One night, a meteorite which he soon find out to be a pod, crashed in front of him while he was walking. The pod contains an odd-looking green wristwatch that latched itself into him. After finding out how it works, He soon turned into a plant-like creature that ignites flames.

With his newfound power, Kazuki bowed to himself that he will defeat the strongest of the Proteeges and be the number 1
Dasarabi-kun was just your ordinary 1st year high school student in Hawabababwa, Japan.

That is, until he wasn't.

Now Dasarabi-kun has to use the power of the demon heart to find and kill all the spirits before it is too late and he loses Hanukkah-chan forever. Luckily, he has his friends to back him up. Also, there's, like, a girl or two. I don't know. I swear they're the same characters from another anime but with different hair. Whatever. You'll still swear they're strong, likable characters anyway, just to cover up the fact that you're a socially awkward retard with no friends who only gets off when looking at chinese cartoons. Fuck off.

Also, the final antagonist is his brother.
reverse battle harem.
Not really an anime, but here's a story I wrote:
>Before reading, please play this song and listen along. It is the “theme” of the work and carries the feelings inside.

And dropped
I don't see what's wrong with that. I wanted to have a song to go along with it.
Cute girls doing cute things.

They're orphans from a war-torn city that were adopted by a couple whose apparent youth belies their world-weary eyes.
Red Dawn, but officer workers in Sapporo Japan.

It was just another day in Fujisawa Industrials officer tower. Then the Russians invaded. The salarymen and office ladies didn't know what to make of it until they paratroopers comne in and start shooting everyone. When the MC gets 15 other people in the office to follow him down to the basement parking complex. Where the steal the company's shuttle bus. They dodge Russian road blocks and gunfire to escape into the mountains. Damage to the bus causes it to crash through some bushes and it stops at a hidden JGSDF armory. They push the bus into the Armory hidden in the side of a hill. Then wait around thinking the soldiers will show up in hours to save them.

After a few days no one shows up. Winter is coming so the officer workers decide to just live in the hidden armory until the Japanese and American military defeat the Russians and then find them. While living there they get some radios going and can listen in on Japanese, American, and Russian communications. None of the officer workers know Russian. Yet they just know they are getting closer to them because of the Japanese place names the Russians are using. Then one day the Russians get really close and are sure to find them. They are mostly in a panic when MC and a few other of the salarymen manage to break out the firearms and ammo. They set up an ambush a bit of a way away from their hidden base. The Russian patrol is small and office workers manage to take them before they can radio alarm.

How would that work?

Later radio transmissions let the office workers know that the Japanese and Americans are still having trouble because of nuclear weapon use by the Russians. The Russian patrols have got more frequent around them. By now MC has taken over as leader of the office workers. Since their manager turned out to be a complete coward. MC convinces them that they are really on their own and it is up to them to fight the Russians. Not just for their own survival but for Japan and those the Russians have already massacred. The officer workers start patrolling out in the deep snow covered forest and picking off Russians. They also start picking up more and more Russian language. They know the Russians are looking for them and that the Russians think the are a JGSDF infantry unit. They by chance come across a American Seal team. That is scouting out in advance of the final offensive to remove the last of the Russian, in the spring. They Seals want the officer workers to sneak back into Sapporo and find the locations of key Russian command and control facilities. '

So all but the manager a two oldest officer ladies sneak back into Sapporo. Where the see the horrors of Russian occupation. The cities is ruins, raping and pillaging by the initial wave of invaders. The horrible reprisals the Russians have taken out on the captured civilians. The officer ladies sneak into a russian camp as a base labor party. While MC and the men go back to their office to use the height to map out everything. Until one of the office ladies has to fight off and ends up shooting a Russian trying to rape her. Everything starts going to shit. The office ladies scramble to get off the camp but one of the is shot. The mc and his men get a radio signal from the ladies and in their rush to meet up at the bus. They come across a patrol and one of the men gets killed. They managed to get out of the city back to the Seal team with the information.

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Due to dwindling interest and strained budgets at an all-boys school, clubs without a minimum number of members will be deregistered and lose their benefits.

In desperation, the drama club and the wrestling club combine and create their own amateur wrestling league, with elaborate ring personas, faces and heels and long-running plots.
fuck I'd watch it
not him but

MC starts out with a harem. The girls then fight to see which one has the unfortunately fate to be married to hi. Loser has the shame of becoming the bride.

Russians followed them this time and attack their meeting with the Seals. One of the Seals gets away with the information . One hangs around with the office party. The other seals and a couple more of the salarymen die in the escape.

Fastforward a month to the spring and the day of the liberation assault. The office group is tasked with going back into Sapporo and assaulting a Russian prison camp and getting the Japanese civilians out of town through a train tunnel.

The Japanese and American assault begins. The officer party successfully breaks out the prisoners in the confusion. They get them to the train tunnel. Then they all come across a fierce battle between the Americans and Russians. Safety is just on the other side of the battle line and they are being pursued from behind. So the Officer party and the prisoners fight their way across the lines. The battle ends up killing all but the MC and one of the officer girls. Final episode ends with MC and the surviving office girl somewhere in Okinawa. News about the aftermath of the war on the TV.
The future becomes a dystopia, and people manage to find a way to travel back in time to kill their ancestors in efforts to spare themselves the fate of having to live in a terrible society.

While people are beginning to die by the thousands by their very own hand, a small gang of people attempt to kill their future selves in the past they are living in, while also attempting to do it in a way that their future selves won't recognize, since everything their past selves would do, the future selves would recognize.
That sounds like it could be a really funny.

Also sounds like it could get really gay but not necessarily in a bad way.
>That sounds like it could be a really funny.

I meant to say a really funny series.
Future. Around 2100
World is just after 3rd world war.
Instead of atom, ningens used powerful bio weapon that wiped out 95% of human race.
Only people somehow immune to virus due to random gene mutation survived.
People are finally ended research, and are ready to time travel.
Time travel research group founded by british goverment decides to sent 1 man into past to avoid massacre, by not letting bioweapon be finished. Mc kun is standong in a tome travel machine ready to be sent, but in this time lab is being attacked by guerilla that are against messing with timeline. Countdown to activation begins. Last thing that mc saw was a lone rebel breaking theough main lab and pointing a gun at him. "shoot"
Mc-kun, a fresh biology phd graduate, skilled in combat(was fighting during war) was sent 5 years back to nippon where bioweapon was invented. He came to lab, explaining his mission, but everyone treats him as freak and tells to leave.
Everyone but one. Young chemist girl aware that bioweapon might not work as intended (it should wipe only units marked by special substance) decides to helps mc kun and sneaks with him to lab at night to destroy all data. However they were spotted. Imprisoned in the lab they witness finalizing the bioweapon and releasing it. It had a 6 month incubation time untill full lethal power, so mc and chemist chan joins another side of conflict working to make a cure, untill bioweapon reaches ultimate stadium.
They fall in love with each other. After 4 months, enemy troops invades their lab killing nearly everyone including chemist chan.
Mc goes rampage, starts to killing everyone in a facility no matter of allegiance. After this he moves to a time travel machine to kill every person that was involved in a war of revolutions in a history, to cleanse world from war. after he came back, he founds out that new world is even worse, dominated by religion, kings and rich and millions lives in a poverty. He stops his past self from cleanup, and decides that there is only way fo retribution. He moves back to his time, to a day when he has been sent. Using guerillas assault he sneaks to a main lab, killing guards and points a gun towards his old self. Pulling the trigger, to kill his past self and prevent all changes in history. But bullet hits a wall as his past self jumped already.
Dawn, an average girl, tries hanging out with Alyra, Nene and Katia, the hottest group of girls in the class. They're actually nice girls who like her and become good friends with her.

Weeks later, they have a sleepover at Alyra's house. While they all bathe and get ready for bed, there's some sexual tension as AN&K casually go naked in front of her and admire her body.

Then before they go to sleep her new friends decide to show her a secret. Alyra turns into a catgirl, then Nene kisses her and Katia licks her pussy juice, which turns them into catgirls too.

Dawn freaks out until cat-Alyra explains. She has a trace of werecat blood giving her some power to transform herself and other girls, just enough for a few small temporary changes. They're sorry for scaring Dawn and she doesn't have to transform if she doesn't want to.

Right now she doesn't, and though she stays with them she keeps her distance a little bit. They are understanding but a little sad.

The awkwardness continues in class, and AN&K's fans see a chance to get back at Dawn and maybe take her place. They start with subtle hazing and shit-talking, but AN&K can see it coming and protect Dawn. But then while Dawn and Alyra are walking home from school, someone assaults Dawn with a fork.

In the nick of time Alyra gets between them and takes the cuts across her cheeks. And Dawn's rage boils over.

She kisses Alyra hard to become a catgirl so she can tear up the assailant. But Alyra picks her up and runs off before the assailant sees her change. Cat-Dawn roars for the assailant's blood, but Alyra holds her tight and keeps running.

When they stop, cat-Dawn settles down and cries in Alyra's arms. She's sorry she made things weird, got Alyra hurt, and almost let out her secret, and if they don't want to be her friends anymore she'll accept that.

Alyra's answer is to turn catgirl and kiss her back. Thus begins Dawn's adventures in Alyra's "catgirl club" where she's a catgirl every weekend.
Pretty Cure
Ben 10
Chuuni shit
Nothing cute about sorrow anon
Too western for Chinese cartoons
Too western for Chinese cartoons too
Would be great if mahou shoujo

Godly, pure, sacred storytelling
I had an idea for a it would be great if I got feedback.

The story takes place on a continent that 80 years after this single empire was broken up after a revolt caused by 7 Legendary Heroes, and many nations/monster hives/nations were created on it.

The Protagonist's is a Paladin looking for hire as an Adventurer since their Order was disbanded for going bankrupt, and they want the funds to create their own Order of Paladins.

While looking for a job the Paladin comes across the Adventurers Guilds who run a lot of human cities and who high ranking guilds are corrupt, Council of Lichs & Vampires, Evil Cultlists, and all those other fantasy creatures/groups plotting to defeat humanity/each other for control.

And either by trying to do good/accident/the situation forces them the Paladin gets involved in the happenings of the continent while taking jobs, and keeps bringing down the Big Bad/Big Strong Heroes which starts a lot of shit while they save money.

Overtime the Paladin starts to make friends with people he would never before, forming a party and
I'd give it the three episode chance.
A number of young people have been born with Guardian Spirits. Most of them are helpful, cute spirits able to perform minor miracles, such as making light, small fires, recharging cell phones, and generally giving good advice. The spirits have no explanation for their existence, they just say that it's an extension of their host's soul, it's evolution.

Our protagonist does not have a normal Guardian Spirit. For starters, no one else can see his. It doesn't perform any miracles for him. And it's the Grim Reaper, whispering in his ear about the sins of those around him, urging him to exact justice upon them.

The story starts when he witnesses the suicide of one of his classmates by jumping off the school roof just before classes start in the morning. Death tells him who drove her to her death, and for once he obliges. Following Death's instructions, he tails the yakuza wanna be through the night, ultimately killing him with a construction site "accident".

The next day a girl transfers into his class, getting the seat of the deceased girl. And she's the first person to see Death other than him and freaks out.

The course of events brings the two of them in contact with several other abnormal spirits as they discover the very unnatural reasons for the appearance of these "Guardian Spirits" and the heroine is pursued and hunted as one of the few people able to unravel the secrets. And the protagonist is one of the few people able to protect her.
Threadly reminder that you should stop posting that because it's a thing.

MC is a salaryman who takes cares of his imouto ever since their parents died.

Because of his busy schedule he is a hopeless virgin whose only hobby is playing eroge to fill that hole in his life.

One day upon loading up the latest and greatest cute girl simulator he discovers that the best girl has an awfully familiar voice.

Turns out that when his imouto said she wanted to become a seiyuu she specifically meant an eroge seiyuu.

He agonizes over the fact that he can't fap to a girl who is voiced by his imouto.

To make matters worse she becomes immensely popular and ubiquitous in the industry as well.

The MC must face a dilemma between giving up his hobby or learning to be aroused by his imouto's sexual moans.

Of course this is all an elaborate keikaku by his imouto who is a huge brocon.

Would probably be titled something like "My Little Sister is now my Waifu and That's Not Okay at All?!"
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I never got this joke.
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It's Ai-Phone. Get it right faggot.
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So what I'd really like is a curling anime.

Why curling? A few reasons.

1. Curling matches are fun to watch, believe it or not. They're all about trying to plan out your moves and then execute them properly. So there's lots of strategy and judgment involved.
2. Curling involves a lot of teamwork. If you watch curling you'll see the people on a team watching the trajectory of the rocks and having to help the sweepers know when to sweep - which they tell them by shouting "Hurry! Hard!" and so on.
3. A lot of people who watch the anime would be unfamiliar with curling, so there'd be that level of intrigue where it's introducing you to a foreign concept.

So as for the plot of the curling anime, I think the best way to go about it would be sort of like Free! or Hanayamata where the girls decide to start a club at their high school for some reason. As for the reason itself, it can be deeply personal from the main character's perspective: say, she loves winter sports but she can't skate. Another character, maybe a Canadian transfer student, somehow introduces her to curling and it seems like the perfect compromise since it doesn't involve ice skates.

Now, they'd have to start attending a local rink and I'm going to assume there are recreational curling rinks in Japan - so we'll set the anime wherever those happen to be. The girls enter a curling league and become decent at it, build rivalries with other people, and most importantly bond with one another as they play. The curling matches themselves can be tense and detailed in their presentation - with the girls having to make split-second decisions, choose whether to trust one another's judgment, and so on.

Anyways you get the idea. Please Japan give us our curling anime. If any industry professionals are reading this thread please, I beg you, make this shit happen.
hmm, I thought I had an alight idea here for a school edgy shounen
The Sun Goddess Amaterasu has cursed a high school delinquent girl to live the same day over again and again. As punishment for her and her friends trashing of a shrine. Every day she will wake up and and suffer a horrible death. She is not told about this, why, or how to escape it.

To get out of her curse. She must figure everything out on her own. Stop being a delinquent. Restore the shrine. Do right be those she has wronged. Then finally have a spiritual awakening.

Problem is that she is stubborn, crude, ignorant, greedy, and lacking in empathy. It will take her a dozen repeated days before she even becomes aware of her situation. Then hundreds of repeats of her being really horrible. Since she thinks she has a free pass to be bad.
6.5/10 Idea. I personally wouldn't watch it, but it is something.

7/10 Idea. I would watch to see where the plot is heading.

8/10 I would watch this shit, and you know who be there to be the instructor? JOHN CENA



6.5/10 Just watching it to be watching it.

6.6/10 Just watching it to be watching it.

7/10 Watching it to be watching it.

8/10 Sounds like Overlord except a Paladin and good stuff.
I kek'd.
Old uni-bombers are reborn as cute high-school girls and form an idol group. AKB-17.
All living things absorb magic as they grow, stored in the carbon that makes their bodies up. As they grow, and die, they pass down through the soil and becoming oil and other carbon deposits, these deposits continue to absorb magical energy, slowly turning into Sigil.

Sigil is the lifeblood of new world, magic empowered crude oil and coal which drives steam/dieselpunk mecha called Derricks: steam powered multi-legged arachnomotives, Iron Horses, dieselpunk wargear armour called Sidearms, etc. In order to "suit up" into the armour you need skin to metal contact through a special oil medium, and only women can use the armour, so there's lots of scenes of western cowgirls in underware/bikinis rubbing each other down with oil and squeezing into tight-fitting mecha suits.

The heart of the story, though, is a family's tale of vengeance painted against that backdrop as two sisters fight a greedy, evil land baroness to regain the rights of the land their mother, a Texas Ranger, died trying to protect.

Art direction will be handled by Satoshi Urushihara. Because who better to handle glossy, oiled up lesbians squeezing into mecha suits... except maybe Shirow.

Episode Ideas...
An anime about a petshop. Each episode explains different aminals in detail including its diet, how to take care of it, random facts about it, etc

All the pets are dungeon monsters.

This is Dungeon Meshi but about how to take care of monsters as pets instead of eating them.

Petshop owner is a cute girl with a tiny golem chia pet.
Cute muslim girls doing cute muslim things in Japan, praying 5 times a day, avoiding pork, accessorizing their hijab.

In the final episode, they join ISIL and allahu akbar the Diet, Imperial Palace, Yasukuni, and the Akiba

Even if you cut the last part out and make it 100% authentic with Ramadhan episodes and what not, Muslims will still find it to be insulting, somehow.

I'm a Muslim, I know. Any vague reference to Islam in anything like a short clip or an obscure picture and it's automatically an "insult".
A piece of trash NEET fujoshi is forced to become a mahou shoujo and save the Earth. The deal is: if she ever gets a nosebleed, she dies.

Her enemies? A bunch of alien bishies who purposefully get in a lot of homoerotic situations because they feed on fujoshi life force. She has to learn self-control and kick their asses to survive the whole ordeal and make sure the Earth isn't destroyed by these fujo eaters.

In the end, BL isn't as fun to her as it used to be. She becomes an unamused person who moves on from fandom to live a boring life as an office lady.
It's a slice of life comedy called Dr Otaku.
It's about a kiss under achieving genius otaku named Toi who wanted to be an animator. However his strict Jap parents made him follow the family tradition of being a doctor. He chooses to become a gynecologist. The first 2 eps are a summarization of his childhood to his medical school graduation at the age of 21 to help introduce his character.
In the 3rd episode he starts his job and moves in with his younger sister who goes to college in the area. In spite of the fact they are complete polar opposites that always have been close.
He has an unpleasant surprise when he starts getting settled into his career as a gynecologist. Most of his is patients aren't as young, pretty, thin, ect as in his favorite harem animes. Then there's also the odors; they are smells so rancid and foul he thought he was gonna die at times. Over time he starts getting more used to it. Besides work he has no social contact with anyone but his sister. Eventually his sister convinces him to start going out with her and her friends. It is very awkward for him at first but it starts to become slightly more comfortable each time. One night she decides to take him to a dance club. He ends up dancing with a very cute girl and one thing leads to another and he ends up banging her. He felt a level of happiness he never felt before. She doesn't call or answer his afterwords When he finally finds her she explains it was nothing but a drunken one night stand which is crushes the heart of the young man who thought he was in love. This causes him to start to regress to his old self.
A couple months later his sister shows up for an appointment. Even a hardcore otaku like him doesn't want to finger his sister no matter how hot she is. He can tell by the serious look in her face that she needs him right now so he sucks it up, straps on his gloves and gets up in there. He finds what appears to be a tumor on her clitoris.
He takes a scraping and sends it off to the lab. When the tests come back it confirms what he feared; cancer. They hug each other and cry.
This tragic experience helps motivate him to get out of his slump. He decides heget out and socialize more a find a girl. He wants his sister to have a brother she is truly proud of. He has a hard time since before that one night stand he was a kiss less virgin. At one point a nurse at his doctor's office decides to set him up on a date with one of her cousins. She's a total normie but they end up hitting it off great. They end up becoming bf and gf. Near the end up the anime there is a 4 year time skip. They are now married. His sister's tumor is gone but her cancer isn't yet it's manageable. He promised her that he'd always be there for her like she was for him.
While this show has its share of corny comedy it's also a very serious story about leaving your past behind you,evolving into a new person, and making to most out of the only life you have.
This song will be perfect for the ed.
Speaking of which...

A man on the run gifted (or cursed, take your pick) with the ability to see a person's "karma" targets lolicons/pedophiles for assassination with dogmatic hypocrisy, unable to reconcile his own perverted attraction to underage girls with his moral outrage at what he sees as the most disgusting evil and his burning desire to protect them from it.

He blames his affinity for the forbidden on a demon he believes is hellbent on taking his soul, which can only be accomplished if he defiles the very thing he wants to protect. He explains exposition-style as he drives in his unmarked van that his targeting of lolicons is really an attempt to confront the demon, who manifests herself in the bodies of the children he "saves" upon successfully murdering his fellow lolicon for a few moments to mock, torment and tempt him. As he follows his demon, law enforcement follows the trail of blood, stacking up the bodies as it goes. And as if that wasn't bad enough, he panics and kidnaps one of the children he "saved," and is subsequently burdened not only with bridling his raging wildfire of lust but with providing for her needs in addition to his own. Hilarity does not ensue.

It is never revealed whether the demon is real or the product of his twisted imagination until the series finale.
Each of 4chan's boards are personified and all go to a high school together. The plot follows /a/ and /b/ as they go about their high school lives, having various run ins with other boards such as /c/, /v/, and /pol/ becoming friends with them. Things deteriorate from there.
The show would be okay if you remove /b/ and few other boards.

Them doubles don't lie. 7/7 Show.
From the battlefield, a girl lies in the midst of corpses. Dying from hunger, she was on the verge of death. To that extent, she sees the shinigami that collects the souls of the living. Intrigued that she lives, he asks her what she wants. She says,"I want to eat" and devours death.
During the Saxon wars of the 780's a Frankish soldier is raping and pillaging a village and is cursed by a germanic shaman to have eternal youth. For the first decade or two he doesn't really notice it or think about it and just lives his life normally. But as time goes on and seeing his family and friends aging he realizes some is wrong and remembers the shaman and discovers his curse. Knowing he can not stay in his village he decides to move around the country to avoid discovery. For the first lifetime or two he has a great time and acts recklessly since he has nothing to truly fear. He fights in what wars he can due to his love of battle and is awarded in multiple kingdoms some honors for his valor. This culminates in the crusades when he does makes the same mistakes as he did at the start. He isn't changed by it right away but over years of chipping at his morality he sees his crimes for what they are.
Thats what I have planned so far but basically after that he spends the next few centurys wandering around being on the outside of different major events while hearing about others while tales of him so happening as he times goes on and how its getting harder to hide who he is as people get more civilized and the world becomes more connected. He gets captured by a group (most likely Turks) and is tortured and imprisoned for years to get him to spill his secret he eventually escapes and goes to get revenge on the Turks and almost makes the same mistake a third time but he shows restraint. Then another couple of centuries bumming around the world exploring and trying to learn what he can about different subjects and cultures. Eventually the show gets to the modern era and he is captured by the US government and is told they know his secret and decided the best use for him is to be put on a ship and sent to the closest inhabitable planet and to send the world back information when he lands. The series ends with him writing his tale in a journal as he drifts through space.
The show will have a different style of animation to find the tone and time period its set in with one season being a slice of life, another being focused on action, ect. There will be an entirely new cast each season as expected and some characters descendants will appear from time to time as either background or tertiary characters. The overarching themes would be about coming to terms with lose and the lose of new frontiers as time goes on
Just curious what the point of these threads are. If you suggest its to kill time / have fun while reading other anon's ideas then sure. Beyond that though..
Best idea in the thread.
A hundred years in the future, the world is celebrating "extinction day", the day that the earth would have been wiped out by a giant meteor, if not for the scientists who vaporized it several months ago when it was first spotted. In the midst of that, three seemingly random young people from around the world are abducted and brought together.

They're told that the only reason the world exists, is because of time travel. Someone from the future accelerated the pace of technological development, built the foundations of the time machine, and left instructions for who to give it to. These three strangers, have to dive into the past, and make sure the world survives.

Girl A, an american, has been implanted with a perfect encyclopedic knowledge of history, the way it's supposed to happen. Girl B, japanese, can read the "auras" of people, people who will have a huge effect on the timeline glow radiantly, while people who are about to die appear black and empty. Our MC, a russian dude, can read the timeline and detect all the places where time travel has occurred, leading them to all the places they will eventually visit.

Together they use their future knowledge to save lives, conduct assassinations, start and stomp out religions, protect ideas, and plant the seeds of the modern world. Along the way they pick up new party members, get romantically involved with each other, fuck up the timeline, try to prevent their own deaths, and come to terms with all the power that's been thrust upon them.

I haven't put that much thought into this one, the idea sounds a bit too simple. Someone else has already written this, and probably done it well, I just don't know who.
Would be fun to watch, but the ending might ruin it.
Meet Yuu a seemingly ordinary highschool boy, but for some reason, on the outside he is a sad and completely broken lad but on the inside he is actually happy and worry-free what could the reason for this be?
The Killer Nine

"There's no future for killers..."

A story about nine person whose jobs (or former job) concerning on human mortality. They know what they are doing, and doesn't hesitate. Their motivation is varying : money, power, lust, survival, etc.

These nine people often cross at each other when they're doing their job. Most of them develop animosity at each other, but some of them may form a partnership.

One day, eight of these people was kidnapped by group of mysterious sponsors and brought to a strange offshore facility. They eventually told to hunt down certain targets in this facility and fulfill their "kill count" quota. If the quota is met, they able to get out from the facility and receive their reward. They may able to find partners at hunt. The targets are vary, ranging from all age and gender, some of them are able to defend themselves and dangerous, some of them are not.

However, if the game drags out too much, the mysterious sponsors decide to do a pre-elimination face-off : The Killers who meet face-to-face at each other first must battle until one of them died. The Killers are given a certain time limit to meet their opponent. At this point, the Killers are not allowed to touch the targets or the other Killers who've meet at each other, and vice versa. If they don't abide by this pre-elemination rules, the sponsors will kill both of the Killers and the targets. Once one of the Killers are killed, they can resume the hunting.

And thus the killing game begins... but the question is : Who will emerge victorious and be branded as the most vicious Killer?

Main Cast :

1. The Hitman (British college sophomore)
2. The Serial Killer (Japanese highschool girl)
3. The Executioner (Chinese Buddhist monk)
4. The Femme Fatale (Russian prostitute)
5. The Mercenary (American Special Forces soldier)
6. The Mad Bomber (Chechen terrorist)
7. The Cannibal (African witch doctor)
8. The Assassin (Iranian cult leader)
9. ?????
Hateful Eight is out now and is so desperate for publicity that its verified Twitter account followed mine and several other random accounts.
Setting: Unspecified future, several decades after a major cataclysm that shifted the face of the Earth and caused massive migrations, and while much smaller in numbers surviving humanity managed to recover almost present-day technology and resources by the time of the story, old nations, borders and political relations are no more but history at this point. New leaders, new groups, new opposition.

(How? I think something like predictable, but unstoppable large-localisation virus outbreaks or something like that - that makes a country-size area uninhabitable for some time without doing much damage to it - will do.)

Two MCs:
1) A girl of middle school-high school age with an ability to read/hear other's thoughts, without any significant limits to range or any visual or other time of contact, but she have to be aware of person's existence in pretty much any way. If she loses concentration on whatever she might be doing and lets her mind wander, she would hear thoughts of people available for 'aimed' reading at random, which she doesn't like. As the result she becomes mostly asocial, always immersed in a book, a game, a movie or anything that she could focus on. She becomes increasingly distanced from her parents, who refuse to believe her power exists, and moves to another city for school, where the main story takes place.
2) A guy (age ~25) who belongs to one of the new gang-like formations, one focusing on directly opposing a widespread religious terrorist movement, bypassing non-working government legal action and basically waging a gang war on parts of terrorist movement they can reach - not very efficiently due to lack of information sources. He believes in his group's goals, but is somewhat hesitant considering such direct and cruel methods as assaulting them for elimination without really knowing enough to ensure everyone's guilt.. Somewhat asocial, but totally living-capable.Enjoys fighting and violence, but not meaningless killings and excess cruelty.
Story: Female MC gets caught in a terrorist attack, survives, but loses her right arm, gets hospitalized. Male MC gets tasked with obtaining information about the attack from people who got caught up in it, meets the other MC. He is initially surprised by her lack of apparent emotions towards the incident - she just calmly takes what happened to her as a given, believing there's nothing she can possibly do. The guy feels like he should try to compensate in some way for not being able to stop the terrorists before the attack happen and ends up visiting her in the hospital as she doesn't have any relatives or real friends in the city. When she tells him about her ability to read thoughts, they realize that she can be an invaluable asset for the anti-terrorist group. Having not formed any real connections with anyone to that moment and not viewing lives as precious or violence as unacceptable (and actually having quite a detached understanding of both), she agrees to join the group.
The rest is focused on her recovery and the guy's interaction with her and his allies who are fighting terrorists with all new possibilities now available to them. She encounters an inner conflict of trying to understand terrorists and realizing that a terrorist is a person too, with their own reasoning and their own truth, but gets over it, deciding to follow a path that would make her and her friends happier, not random people, whoever they may be and whatever their ideals may be like. Eventually she gets an arm replacement, gets discharged from the hospital and gets properly welcomed to the group.
God, you people are shit at writing. Almost all of these read like the descriptions of shitty light novels, unnecessarily detailed and cliche-ridden.
What else would you expect from /a/?
All you can do is pick out few actually good things that sometimes do appear.
In Alternate Earth, Magic & Battle Academy have been erected to protect humanity. However, MC is not employed on one of those schools. Instead, he learn how to fight and do magic in unorthodox way : adapting, combining, and even crafting new magic from each academy. In fact, MC lives his life as a Hunter (which is seen as an obsolete job in this world).

Hailed from a hunting village on northern continent, MC usually partakes in hunting beasts, monster, or animals with the remaining elders in that village, as most of the residents already migrated to the main city or central continent.Until one day, a mysterious elder invites him to become the Craft Watcher, a mysterious and discreet organization whose purpose to observe and keep an eye on Magic Academies then report it back to the organization. In case of emergency or severe accident occur in those school, Craft Watchers will be dispatched into said school and neutralize the situation, without being recognized (meaning he has to go undercover, just think this as Secret Service for Magic).

Feeling bored and languid in the village, MC agree to join said organization and will be given the code name "Kothar" (Or Kotaro in Nihon, MC's real name will not be revealed for a long time). Now MC, along with the other Craft Watchers, will travel the entire world to visit Magic Academy then observe the situation in there. While at it, MC will learn Magic or Battle of the said school, which he will use for daily hindrance in his task. The other job is to seek illegal, forbidden or obscure Magic Academies that have stayed hidden somewhere in this world then ban them down (or destroy them if they resist).

The usual anime failure-and-unpopular-but-have-hidden-skill-and-will-attract-girls school boy is still there as a separate character and attend in one of those school, together with their harem hijinks and other kind of shit that you've usually seen in LN. But the point of view will be taken from our new MC.
Then show me yours.
Guys why can't we use the >
to tell the story. It is much easier to read
Properly greentexting an existing story takes a bit of thought and effort, and I think most people here are too lazy to do something like this if it's not to follow a trend.
I have done one originally in greentext (posted in unrelated thread - so it was more applicable), though.
Ok. Can we have a critic here of our work?
Well, you probably can, but... are you sure you want it?
It's /a/, after all...
Ok.. start with this one. This seems pretty interesting with its premise.>>135041460
And if it's anything. Critic the other work .
It takes a little too much time.
The tale of three people being summoned to a fantasy land. To defeat the demonlord and save humanity.

However this story takes place after, following the story of one of the heroes as he sets off to adventure the land. He tells the story of his journey with the others as they go to slay the demonlord.

Well in truth its more of him eventually ranting on how unfair it is to him. While he had to work hard to get where he is, the other two heroes received benefits like dragon-slaying to god slaying weapons, gods coming out of nowhere to give the two blessings, nobles giving them large amount of gold, the king giving them land and his (three)daughters to marry.
>boy meets girl at christmas party
>boy brings girl to love hotel
>boy undress himself, lying on bed waiting while girl gets in the shower
>girl out of shower, with only a towel cover her body
>"get over here, baby. I'll show you who's the daddy"
>"not so fast, cowboy. I need to ask you something first"
>"you remember the chubby girl confessed to you last christmas? Then you called her a fatass, made fun of her and left her crying in the middle of street?"
>"what about it?" - boy feels something is not right
>"well, she's dead. Killed herself the following day, jump off a building"
>"too bad for her. But what does that have to do with this?" - boy getting scared
>"she swore she never forgive you for what you did"
>"who are you? What do you want with me?" -boy lost his shit, shaking in bed
>"me? I'm her father. And now I'll rape you to avenge my daughter" - girls slowly remove the towel, showing her fully erected 12-inch dick
>until today, people still fear to speak about what happened in that room that day
Had a idea in the past. Reposting but with some modifications.

> Anime Title

> Genre
Cyberpunk, Mecha, Horror, Supernatural, Sci-Fi

> Overview
Delinquent child Kai Kazama and his younger sisters were orphaned very early in their lives when their parents were murdered by the corporation the two used to work for. Avoiding the fate of their parents, the trio got adopted by their mother's sister where they lived generally normal lives in the sprawling mega city that is future Tokyo. Only Kai remembers well the murder of his parents as his sisters were too young to remember it when they were hidden from the assassins.

One rainy night while coming from school, the boy is attacked by mysterious cyborg operatives that accidentally shoot him. Dying, the young boy is engulfed in a goo-like substance that comes out of his body and transforms him into a being made by the mysterious Dark Data Technology. A Shadowhunter - one of the super-soldiers that were known for their terrifying abilities and lust for battle.

With this power, Kai will unravel the secrets of his parents' deaths, as well as it will guide him towards a fight against something much sinister than the corrupt corporations that try to take in more power over the governments of the world.
This could be a potentially good comedy.
>MC did most the work while the other 2 pissed around
>MC and other 2 eventually win, but the other 2 do some janky shit to get all the credit
>MC starts telling his story and how he's been cheated
>No one believes him/gets angry that he's dissing the 'heroes'
>MC dunks on some guys who try to beat him up for this transgression
>Potential love interest takes hold of his story, starts asking more questions
>Eventually reveals as Demonlord/relative of Demonlord and asks if he wants revenge
>MC takes the offer and they start undermining the false heroes
>Finale is MC v. one of the fake heroes, in a grand venue that many people witness how shit the hero was, calling the other into question
>Other fake hero leaves the opening of a S2
Well, its more or less suppose to be a depressing tale. You know the standard cliché story where the MC gets things handed to him, this follows the side character that was around from the beginning taking on his perspective.
>Summoned to save the world, King offers the three heroes his three daughters.
>In the end, two of the daughters went to one of the others, while the second gets the last one. The MC just stands there in silence as though he doesn't exist.

>In their travels, companions started to appear. The two heroes basically have harems of followers. The MC only has two, one could be seen as a love interest.
>Love interest dies(killed by MC's own hands), and the other eventually left to live peacefully in a village.
Also none of the others are actively hostile towards the MC, they're just blind to how he feels and the shit he went through.
Actual giggle from me. Fun as heck idea, anon, maybe you can make a comic out of it?
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