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>OP by LiSA

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>OP by LiSA
I remember when only a few people including me knew of her thanks to Angel Beats.

Now she's everywhere. It's not cool to like her anymore.
>not available in your country
>OP by Hyadain
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>OP by Ali Project
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>OP by Fear and loathing Las Vegas
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dick is diamonds.png
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>OP2 is even worse
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>OP is autotuned screamo
>OP1 is great
>OP2 is terrible
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>OP by Minami Kuribayashi
>OP1 is great
>ED1 is good
>OP2 is shit
>ED2 is terrible
>Both seasons are shit
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>ED is engrish
I saw her in concert. It was pretty cool except for all the weeaboos being awkward.
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>OP by Aimi Tanaka
>ED by Aimi Tanaka, Akari Kageyama, Yurina Furukawa, and Haruka Shiraishi

>mfw I saw her during her concert and I was even able to talk to her
What country?
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>OP is shitty hype rock
>ED is comfy romance song
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>Anything JAM Project
>+1 if it's not Mecha
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>Ling Toshite Sigure anything
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>OP by Juno Reactor
I feel so bad for her
Why? Her career is doing pretty well.
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>OP by angela
>OP by nano.RIPE
>OP by nano
>it's a Chill Project OP
Fafner and uchuu no stelvia had great openings fuck you.
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zero fafner.jpg
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>OP by angela
>ED by angela
>Inserts by angela
>OP2 by angela
>ED2 by angela
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>Band and or act is awesome but only did stuff for one series
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You don't appear to understand that image.
Oh i'm sorry then. Is that image easily misunderstood or i'm being autistic?
I admit I could've picked a better one.
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>OP by the cast
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>OP by ear.RAPE
>Not mentioning Mami Kawada
So why you got this name?
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>cast can be divided into two main groups
>OP by group 1
>ED by group 2
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>OP/ED by cast composed by ZAQ
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>OP by fhana
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>OP/ED by ZAQ in general
Just because I love her doesn't mean I have to post her name in every single thread. I'm not that obsessive.
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>ED by Boris
>Two different songs

Thank you based Ninja Slayer
And again you have no passion.
Why not when it's relevant?
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>OP by Mami Kawada

Happy now?
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>each episode has a different ED
>current one is sung by the worst character
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manami's evil plan.jpg
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>Implying Kirino is shit
>implying the worst and only bad Oreimo isn't Manami
sounds like shokugeki
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>ED is a pump up jam and not a slow song
>ED is a catchy upbeat song performed by the cast(Bonus for female cast singing it)
>OP/ED is hip hop with random English thrown in
>OP/ED by Nana Mizuki
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2MB, 640x360px
Go away, I wasn't even implying those things. Everyone already knows Kirino is the best.
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>tripfag has shit taste
In other news, grass is mostly green and water tends to be wet.
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>OP by an idol group
>They sound like nails on a chalkboard
I'm looking at you, Shomin Sample.
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>OP by fripside
>it sounds the same as every single song they've ever made
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>OP by Nasheed
Omg yes.
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>tfw no one will ever tell you to hurry home soon
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>ED by the cast
>Any show in which there's a new ED per episode
There aren't many that do this, but goddamn are the ones that have it great. By the way, do you know where I might find the second ED compilation album? I fear the thread where it was posted a few months ago is dead in the archive.
>Preview plays before ED
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>Final scene of the episode transitions smoothly into the ED
Every time.
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>OP by the GNU Project
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>OP by KitaEri
>ED by Ali Project
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>OP not by Maaya Sakamoto
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It's really great isn't it
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>op by Eir Aoi
>op by LiSA
Thread posts: 63
Thread images: 47

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