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We getting another OVA or not?
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Is it bad that I like this Nagato more than the original?
I want more ASSakura
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>And Nagato is just a super-shy bookworm. Well, most of the time, anyway. But if she heard some stupid joke, she'd laugh, and then she'd blush. And as she got older, she heart would open more everyday. You never know. She might have been like that.
I see no problem with it.

They should just remake the franchise out of the viewpoint of a hopeless moeblob everyone thinks is an alien.
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>hopeless moeblob everyone thinks is an alien
That would be fucking hilarious, a remake of Haruhi where everything is the same but Nagato is the Disappearance moeblob that is so terrified she ends up being speechless most of the time.

How are you gonna write the Asakura fight though?
My problem with the disappearance world is that Ryoko keeps taking care of Yuki all day without actually living with her. My ideal solution would be to have them be cousins, emotionally as close as sisters, live together and Ryoko more or less being expected by the family (likely a misunderstanding on Ryoko's side) to take care of Yuki.

Ryoko isn't an alien either.

I don't like Canada, so Ryoko freaks out after realising she's hurt Yuki (parrying the knife), and is then disarmed by Kyon in the tumult. A shocked Ryoko stays at home on sick leave for about a week where she develops quirky feelings for Kyon as an extension to her obsession for Yuki. The knife incident is reluctantly painted over as a case of overburdning stress as Yuki doesn't want Ryoko to get locked up regardless of what just happened.

She's a moeblob after all.

Creepy yandere Ryoko joins the SOS Brigade as a part timer when she doesn't do student council work. She scares the pants of Kyon as she has no concept of personal space around him. Haruhi accepts Ryoko as a competitor, as does Itsuki.

Yuki learns to cook some food.
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How will the Disappearance movie and Endless Eight unfold?

Will Yuki win the Kyonbowl?
never ever
Well, definitely the bowl.

She would be dead last in the final heat, completely eclipsed by all other girls until Taniguchi of all people asks her what she wants to do and what's keeping her.

He may actually be asking himself this, with his crush on Kuyou, but even a butt monkey needs some glory.

The endless eight would be only marginally changed with added service shots of Ryoko's ass.

Disappearance is reversed into a world where Yuki is an alien, Itsuki an esper, Mikuru a time-traveller, Ryoko went to Canada and so forth. Kyon decides he wants an insecure moeblob with glasses.... because moe. A know-it-all alien with magical superpowers gets on his nerves.
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She won
Oh fuck it's monday already.
Wait, so the rest of the crew are also Disappearance'd? Huh.
What chapter does the anime leave off on?
She gets a giant clit boner over that turkey.
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Disappointing anime.
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>you will never a qt shy bookworm
>you will never be a qt shy bookworm
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Asakura and Tsuruya were the only good things about this abomination.
If I could have a spin off of just them, I'd potentially take it over a proper season 3.
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Those were my favorite episodes of Haruhi-Chan
I wish there could have been a whole series about mini-Ryoko getting trolled by Nagato
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Is it me, or did Nagato eat A LOT in this series.
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