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This season

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Nipple Mod tier

Top Tier
One Punch Man

Above Mid tier

Mid tier
Young Black Jack, Heavy Object, Gundam

Low tier
Asterisk, Cavalry

How Can You fuck up that badly tier
K, Aquarion, Revolutio

Didn't watch but was probably alright tier,
Yuru Yuri
>How Can You fuck up that badly tier
Was always shit.
Same as above. At least this one is better than Evol.
Only if you're a retard.
Revoltuio is garbage that tried to be something the creator just wasn't good at

K had a good first season that was interesting now everyone is even more fucking retarded and less loveable

Evol had a great first half, shit second half. This is just... absurd all around with things just randomly happening whenever the cast feels like it
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Top Tier
One Punch Man
>How Can You fuck up that badly tier

Oh look another OPM shitposter from /v/ was retarded again.
>Top Tier
Yuru Yuri
Itoshi no Muco
>Also top tier but QUALITY
Shomin Sample
>Mid Tier
Onsen Yousei
>Fun tier
Lances and Masques
Hidan no Aria AA
>Why am I watching this
Comet Lucifer
>Do you even lift?
Anitore EX
Everything else.
ur a cute anon
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Seraph is too high
Mid tier seems more fair

And about K

>the anime where no one gives a single serious fuck about what goes around them

I never saw so many inconsequential characters in any anime
Good: Owarimonogatari, OPM, Gundam
Bad: K, Revolutio
Index and Railgun died for this: Heavy Object
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This season:
Osomatsu-san > everything else.
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I like you.
>Do you even lift?
My sides.
>Top Tier
>One Punch Man
pic related
Good: Hackadoll, Gundam
Alright: Osomatsu, OPM, Revolutio
Bad: Garo
Haven't watched other shows.
Osomatsu, Owarimonogatari, OPM, Hackadoll, Seraph, Taimadou, Utawarerumono
Top tier: Osomatsu san
Great tier: Owarimonogatari, OPM
Good tier: Noragami, Gundam

Haven't watched anything else.
>I can't stop watching it tier
Comet Lucifer
Concrete Revolutio
Heavy Object
Noragami 2
One Punch
Seraph 2
Rakudai Kishi
Black Jack
>Why am I even watching it tier
Subete F
Shinmai Maou 2
>Anime that nobody watched Tier
Fafner Exodus
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Kyouya Anime 3.jpg
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Adaptation-wise: Taimadou > Asterisk = Rakudai
Harem: Taimadou > Asterisk> Rakudai
MC: Taimadou >>>> Rakudai > Asterisk
Side Characters: Taimadou > Asterisk > Rakudai
Main Girls: Ouka > Julis > Stella
Best Girls: Mari > Kirin = Shizuku
Plot: Taimadou > Rakudai = Asterisk
OP: Rakudai > Taimadou> Asterisk
ED: Asterisk ≥ Taimadou > Shit > God fuck please stop Ali Project
OST: Taimadou >>> Rakudai > Asterisk
Animation: Asterisk ≥ Rakudai > Taimadou
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>Seraph being above Gundam
It's a damn shame people not giving enough credit how good this Gundam show actually is compare to recent past shows of the franchise. (not counting spin-off like GBF)
Mikazuki is also definitely top 3 Gundam protag.
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Backlog season:
The rest
So nobody's watching Valkyrie Drive? It's fun
Great Tier
Lupin III (does it count?)

Nobody watches this series with both hands tier

Political Parties tier
Asterisk, Rakudai

Meh tier
Everything else
Just admit you watch it for the enormous juggs.
That might be his type of "fun", you know.
>top 3 Gundam protag

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Not the big jugs per se, I just like strong and pretty women. My favorite girl actually has one of the smaller bossoms in the series.

Valid point. I'm just not fond of how obsessive /a/ can get over these sorts of series.

Look at how many MonMusu threads we have daily.
>top tier
>watching and enjoying
Monogatari, OPM, Valkyrie, Osomatsu, Seraph, Garo, Komori-san
>about to drop
Rakudai, Subete F
Everything else
It's not bad, but nothing is happening, it seems more like slice of life in space.
>Great tier:
Owarimonogatari is really good, I thought I was tired of the series by now but Shaft always manages to get me hooked back. God damn you Shaft.

OPM is also really good. I don't care if people are upset about it because normalfags also watch it, I never interact with normalfags so i wouldn't even notice if you faggots weren't persistently talking about it. The anime itself is funny and the animation is good.

The new gundam is also great. There isn't really anything to say about it though that hasn't been said about gundam a million times already. Anyways, thanks to Sunrise for keeping the genre alive.

Shomin Sample was a really pleasant surprise. The characters are all likeable, the humor is good and the girls are cute. I just wish the animation wasn't that fucking atrocious.

Still i don't want to list it in mid tier because the source material is amazing.

>Mid tier:
Asterisk, Anti magic and Rakudai, because I will never get tired of school battle harems where I can self insert and imagine a bunch of girls chasing after my dick.

Gochuumon has really cute girls but as usual with SoL anime it is too slow paced for my taste. But I guess for those who like it this is really good.

Shinmai because the girls are hot.

Fafner is also decent.

>Shit tier:
Mermaid was really disappointing. I like yuri but it is always too soft for my taste so I was really looking forward to it. But the main characters are just so dislikeable. The blonde girl is a massive bitch and doesn't talk enough, the other girl is a useless shitty blob who has an annoying voice and should talk less. It sucked.

Comet Lucifer
What a waste of a really cute character design.

Owari no Seraph
Why did I watch this garbage a second time? Fuck.

Anything else I didn't list so far. I am getting tired of writing, fuck.
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>Only thing I'm watching tier
God Tier
>One Punch Man

Good Tier
>Young Black Jack
>Taimadou Gakuen
>Heavy Object

Meh Tier
>Onsen Yousei Hakone-Chan
>SnK Chuugakkou
>Gakusen Toshi Asterisk
>Comet Lucifer

Shit Tier
>Komori-san wa Kotowarenai
Still waiting for MC to do something useful.
>mfw binge watched all 9 episodes today

Holy fuck.
This show is so much fun! It's the best thing since Dragon Ball!
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>The blonde girl is a massive bitch and doesn't talk enough
I generally agree with your analysis of the show, but this part jumps out for me. What's wrong with strong, stoic girls who express their affection through deeds rather than words?

>Osomatsu san

Great taste.

For me

Only thing I'm watching tier: Osomatsu san

Backlog tier:
Noragami 2 (I haven't watched season 1 yet.)

Everything else.
Dumbass... adaptation sucks and rakudai clearly has the better animation. Mc of rakudai is more well versed. So stop. Just stop. Platoon needs to know the anime sucks.
Yeah yeah, you have shit taste, we get it. Please be quiet and let the adults talk now.
Because a girls voice is sweet and I want to hear it. I don't mind if she isn't so talk active and more of a stoic personality, but she is on a completely different level than Ayaka. She literally only says a few words the entire episode long. She sucks. The entire anime sucks.
Normalfags don't watch so many shows.
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What the fuck are you even trying to say?
Sale: Rakudai > Asterisk > Taimadou
Remember after this season: Rakudai > Taimadou > Asterisk
Japanese rating: Rakudai > Asterisk > Taimadou
Normalfag rating: Rakudai > Taimadou > Asterisk
/v/ rating: Rakudai > Taimadou > Asterisk
tumblr rating: Asterisk > Taimadou > Rakudai
>Remember after this season: Rakudai > Taimadou > Asterisk
Asterisk has second cour so should be first
>no mention of dragon ball super

fucking tryhards
>Implying that you watch that hot steaming pile of garbage
But Anna is the MC this season, she even sings the OP
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>caring about the order of 3 of the worst shows this season
>Nipple Mod tier
Mods didn't like mermaid?
Hiroshima Nagisaki had to step in and smack the mod
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Thread images: 16

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