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How does she prevent her breasts from popping out?

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How does she prevent her breasts from popping out?
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Read the manga
Anime magic. Go back to bed.
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Although Foxtail manga is better
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How far we in Saber's CCC manga?
Did BB show up yet

adhesive paste
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Its only up to meeting Gatou
Wait there are two CCC manga?
Well that's not too bad
One with Saber, one with Caster.
I don't know, Foxtails art just doesn't sit right with me
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Nero manga is probably going to do Saber's normal route and nothing else

Since they basically already did as much as the ending of the original Extra manga. It makes it even more boring because the Extra original manga already ended on a scene similar to it. They like to do it fairly boring.

Seems a shame we won't see anything true route related. Its like getting blue balls, as you only just get a glimpse that there was something beyond this entire plot and you made a huge mistake all along, only for it to never be followed up.

Although they may just warp the normal end so "No, this person is just evil and there's nothing really beyond it". I've certainly seem worse anime original changes perhaps.

It would be like ending Tsukihime on Hisui's route, except they just cut out Kohaku's monologue at the end in order to make it feel like its all wrapped up.

On the other hand, no one knows what might happen in Foxtail since its an entirely new route, and MC has managed to get a few Sakura points already.

So you might get an original ending here, or an ending where he saves everyone this time. You need to get the Sakura points, in order to even get into the doorway to possibly saving a lot of them.
True Route is best with Gilgamesh anyway
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Its way better than other manga's art from my perspective.

I always see the other manga's art as kind of flat somehow.
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It's definitely more dynamic but I just don't like the general style the artist for foxtail has for the characters
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>Last update was one and a half years ago
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I'd probably just say its all around better, and is more fitting.

Could just be a difference of seeing things.
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Hakuno still has mild PTSD after the last few chapters.
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Caster has a rare moment of serious
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We've seen the same same Foxtail chapters dumped.

Dump the Saber one or something
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No one has posted it online yet that I've found, and I mainly just have volume three of foxtail for now.

Another few chapters of that have come out recently as well, but I don't have the full pages of volume four until it comes out as a batch.

If you want some new shit, then these two are going to be on the cover of next months magazine. Maybe it was this month's magazine, but still. I think it was Takeuchi art.
The seems to have improved drastically.
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Last chapter of Foxtail I have is short enough in terms of what happened

Caster changed clothes and hair
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Relationships and stuff
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Gozen and her man share a moment as well
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That's pretty much it, aside from Sakura moment.

Apparently in the actual newest chapter we have Caster and Saber fight again, as Saber uses her second NP.
Clearly semen is sticky.
Spirit gum. Cosplayers use it all the time, *especially* for costumes like this
>implying its explained in the manga
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Want to get Grailed again, Gawain?
It's a non-toxic, non-irritating adhesive. It's been used for costume work since the 1890s. You can ask /cgl/ about it.
yea but why use it
So one doesn't end up being led away in handcuffs by the local police?
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In a German version of the Grail Quest, its Sir Gawain who completed the quest and obtain the Grail. I already have your shiny cup.

You certainly have more than a bit of it after this.
>no consecrated bread nor bleeding spear
Shit-tier Grail
>Drink from this, for this is my blood

Seems accurate enough
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Sakura Beam.webm
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Shitty webm time
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>Grail webm too big
Fuck, take dance instead

Gets me every time
That reminds me, I've been meaning to bring this up in these threads, but I recently reread the Faerie Queen by Spenser, and it actually features the 'corrupt grail pouring poison on someone to completely wreck them' when Duessa, an evil sorceress, does exactly that on Arthur (as in, King Arthur)'s squire to completely incapacitate him.

What I'm getting at is that Nasu seems to have read him some old-ass poems.
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If it means anything to you, Nasu went all out for CCC

Oh yeah and I forgot to mention but he also seems to have taken inspiration for the activation mode of Avalon from that very same scene when Arthur is knocked down while fighting a giant, and right at the worst moment when he's about to be finished off, his shield is revealed, and a massive, blinding light protects him from the giant's attack and actually completely paralyzes the giant to make him unable to harm Arthur at all.
Imperial privilege
>Nasu went all out for CCC
Shame he can't do the same for Grand Order
He's going all out with the memes in this one
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With how many characters there are, writing something nice would be exponentially tougher.
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That he is
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Thread images: 35

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